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    Chapter 834: Experience Playing With Guns

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    Now Yang Song, tell me that the method of cultivation is all the resources you have? Isn't this bullshit? Are you really here to do something?

    Yang Song guessed that he also thought of what Elder Xu thinks, so he waved his hand and chuckled: "Of course it won't be that simple. Normal feeding of beef is okay, but you still need specific vegetable **** every month. For feeding, this vegetable meatball is just fine once a week, and the nutrition is enough."

    Of course, its not enough to eat beef alone. The small four here not only eat all kinds of meat, but also all kinds of vegetables, and the nutrition must be balanced. Now it is definitely not enough to let these dogs eat beef. Various system vegetables are needed to ensure the nutrition of the whole body.

    After hearing this, Mr. Xu snorted and asked again: "So how much is this vegetable ball?"

    There was a hint of displeasure in the words, Yang Song saw this, and hurriedly laughed and said, "Why would you ask for money? Even if I gave this vegetable ball for free! Mr. Xu, don't worry!"

    It seemed that the people behind him were so scared of a person when they saw Yang Song for the first time. Meng Shihan couldn't believe his eyes. When he was with his parents, Yang Song didn't have such an attitude. It's really surprising!

    Actually speaking, it is very simple. Of course Yang Song's parents are afraid. Who is not afraid of his parents? But now his parents have handed everything over to Yang Song, and they usually just listen to what he said. It's just fine for you to enjoy yourself now. Why bother with so many things?

    As for Mr. Xu, Yang Song doesnt mean that he is afraid, but he respects such an old man. Now that he is so old, it is normal for him to enjoy the good fortune. Now he is still working hard for the country. The country is bothered. What qualifications does such an old man have to prevent Yang Song from respecting?

    Although sometimes Yang Song decides that this old man always wants to profit from himself, such as the current vegetable meatballs, Yang Song is still a little bit confused about what to do now, and there is no real sense in his menu. Vegetables.

    Boiled cabbage? This boiled cabbage is not that simple. The price now is 3,888 servings. It uses Chinese cabbage. Can this kind of cabbage be eaten? At least Xiaosi hasn't eaten it, because it's too expensive and the portion is not too much, so Xiaosi hasn't eaten it much, but Yang Song thought about it carefully and it was not a big problem.

    Strictly speaking, the vegetable meatballs belonged to Mr. Xu Yang Song. Beef and green bamboo onions are enough for these dogs. But seeing Mr. Xus attitude, Yang Song has no choice. At least he added another sentence. Vegetable meatballs.

    This is exactly what Yang Song remembered temporarily. Meng Shihan stood behind, thinking carefully about what this vegetable ball is, as if I had never seen Xiao Si before eating it!

    Regarding this point, although Meng Shihan was a little puzzled, he still didn't ask. It was better to see what Yang Song would do.

    Now that things have been settled, Mr. Xu no longer keeps Yang Song here, and Yang Song also confessed that these dogs must be taken care of, and no accidents should occur. Wait until the first batch of beef. After coming here, taking it for three days is better than getting any vaccine.

    Of course, I went to have a big pot meal from the military area at noon. Chen Ming was the first time to eat a big pot meal from the military area. When he was in college, the food there was really not very tasty, and the aunt's hands After shaking, there is not much left after cooking. So Chen Ming didn't feel much for the cafeteria.

    But the cafeteria here is really real. There is no such thing as shaking three shakings at all. There are as many as you want, and the taste is really good. I dont know if I think there are too many people. I originally thought it tasted like this, but Seeing that the soldiers next to me were all devouring food, I suddenly felt that it tasted very good! It tastes really delicious!

    Yang Song watched Meng Shihan and Chen Ming devouring food, and he probably understood. This is the so-called people eating more. The original taste of this meal is like this, not that its unpalatable, at least. There are no delicacies of mountains and seas, but it tastes very fragrant and tastes good when people eat it.

    After the meal, Yang Song was about to say goodbye to Mr. Xu, but Mr. Xu looked at Yang Song reluctantly. The latter showed a trace of helplessness on his face, so he had to promise Mr. Xu to come to the military area in advance during the New Year. Soldier brothers make dumplings.

    There must be no way to bloom dumplings. Normally delicious dumplings are not a problem. The troops of tens of thousands are all ready to bloom dumplings? Is this a joke? Where does Yang Song have such ability?

    Originally, the Chinese zodiac still wanted Yang Song to go to the Dragon Tooth Force for a drill. After fighting with Yang Song last time, he seemed to have improved a little bit, so he wanted to check it again, but he saw that Yang Song brought two of them this time. Personally, forget it. After all, this time, there are a lot of outsiders. It's fine if Yang Song knows the secrets of Longya's troops. It is better for others not to enter.

    However, before leaving the military area, Chen Ming still made a request, just to feel the feeling of shooting. During the military training last time, one person only fired two shots.

    When the military training was in college, their school organized to shoot outside, and Chen Ming also fired two shots. Meng Shihan also felt it at the beginning, but just fired three shots.

    Originally there was a shooting range in the city, but then it seemed that there was something wrong with the shooting range in Los Angeles, so it was closed directly, and then it was not opened again. There was no way to go to Kyoto for the time being. It happened to be in the military area. Can't feel it.

    Elder Xu thought there was something. Who Chen Ming was? Of course he knew him. It turned out that he just thought about the addiction to shooting. What's the matter? What kind of guns are there?

    "I want to feel the AK47, do you?" Chen Ming didn't really like the appearance of the AK, but as one of the most famous firearms in the world, I can't justify it without feeling it.

    Wu Ma stood next to him and smiled: "Don't tell me, there was no such thing, but when a friend came to visit last time, we gave us fifty AKs for free, just to give you a taste."

    Ten minutes later, everyone came to the shooting range. This is a shooting range for training snipers. It has a large location and a training ground for various firearms. Yang Song suddenly saw a few sniper rifles.

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