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    Super Cookery System Chapter 832 - SCS 832

    Chapter 832: Understanding Dragon's Teeth

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    Looking for someone to borrow money? That's even worse, who is you? The eldest master of the Meng family! Its too shameful to find someone else to borrow money. What should I do?

    correct! Meng Shijia suddenly remembered, isn't her sister married to the Su family? My sister used to open a restaurant in Los Angeles. Last time I watched the news, it seemed to be quite profitable. Besides, I was with the Su family. I can still get 30 million yuan. Yes, yes, find my sister. Enough.

    Meng Shijia, who had thought about his retreat, immediately became happy in his heart. He hummed a song and drove away. He didn't seem to know what his sister was.

    The next day, after Yang Song got up comfortably, he heard a knock at the door, opened the door curiously, and saw the snake standing at the door of his room early in the morning.

    "I mean earlier, but you are too early now!"

    Yang Song looked at the girl in front of him helplessly. It was only half past six now, and he just habitually got up so early, but he didn't expect that this girl was even earlier, and now she has finished washing.

    "What you said was so early for me! When we used to train, it was all so early!" Si She looked at him for granted.

    "Come on! I know you guys have been training very hard!"

    After yawning, Yang Song let the snake in, and he started to wash, and soon finished washing. Yang Song stood here looking at the snake and asked, "How about? Shall we eat? Where's breakfast?"

    "Where is Chen Ming? Do you want to call him together?"

    "Forget it! This kid is definitely still sleeping. Let's go alone!"

    Yang Song and Si Snake came to the restaurant. The breakfast here is quite good, in the form of a buffet, Chinese, foreign, and everything else. This kind of occasion is obviously suitable for Si Snake. She is happy like a butterfly. Same, shuttle within the dining table.

    Before she knew it, Yang Song watched Si She had eaten four large plates of breakfast alone. From Huaxia's steamed buns to foreign sandwiches, Yang Song just ate one plate and felt almost the same.

    "Hey, hey, do you eat too much? Even though you have a large appetite, you can't eat like this! As the saying goes, eat less in the morning, eat full at noon, and eat well at night! Do you eat too much? ?"

    "How come? We usually eat so much, and now it's relatively small! Okay, you just eat yours, don't care how much I eat!"

    alright! Its fine if you feel happy, and I cant say anything! Yang Song shook his head helplessly, and had no choice but to watch the snake once again finished two dishes early! This girl's appetite is too terrible, I don't know who will marry back in the future, it will still be a problem if I can afford it by then!

    "By the way, I have a question I want to ask you." Yang Song was drinking milk after eating, looking at the snake curiously.

    The snake's mouth was stuffed with food, and he said bulgingly: "You ask!"

    "You people from Longya, aren't they always Longya? Can't you get married?" Yang Song never knew what a character like them would do in the future, so he was quite curious.

    "Of course not!" Si Snake strenuously swallowed the breakfast in his mouth. After all, this matter is about Dragon Tooth, so Si Snake must carefully explain to Yang Song.

    In fact, Longya is not as strict as the legend, because there are not many people who know, so little news is revealed. Although Yang Song has seen all the members of Longya, he actually only understood a little bit. I'm not sure what it looks like inside.

    Dragon Tooth Army, its a bit more awkward. Its the so-called type of working with your head pinned to your waistband. If you go out today, you may not be able to return. No matter how hard the training was, there will be various accident.

    This is why, Mr. Xu will work hard to improve the overall combat capability of the Longya troops, not to show our country's strength in other countries without a visa, but to improve their combat capabilities on the battlefield.

    There is also the war dog army. If everyone has a war dog around, then the possibility of surviving is greater. Maybe some dog lovers will say, is the life of a dog not life?

    Of course not. A dog is like a living life, but one thing everyone needs to know is that no matter how good a dog is, in fact, if you are really at the critical moment of life and death, if you choose one of the two, I believe everyone will still choose to be the country. Soldiers throwing their heads and blood.

    Going back to the previous question, a person's physical fitness is the strongest between the age of 24 and 35. As long as they reach this age, they can choose to leave the army or stay in the army.

    Of course, staying in the army at this time is not staying in the Longya army, but becoming various types of instructors, such as spear instructors, or Sanda instructors, of course, there are female instructors like the snake. It can be said that the current female instructors are the most scarce, because there are originally few women in the Dragon Tooth troops, let alone the instructors from the Dragon Tooth troops.

    Male instructors are not unable to train female soldiers, but sometimes, male instructors in many places are still inconvenient. The most important point is the difference between men and women. As long as they are two normal people, they are worried that something should not happen if they are not careful. Feelings, this is a problem that everyone is worried about.

    Even if he is an iron man, he is a normal person to be honest, and no one can tell what will happen.

    The Dragon Tooth Force is not the kind of form that has signed a contract of selling. As long as you meet your favorite object, you can get married, but at this point in time, unless you are seriously injured There is still no way to retire, this is one way of the Longya troops.

    So if you want to join the Dragon Tooth Force, you must first have a certain determination about your choice. No matter what, the Dragon Tooth Force still has a normal life, just like going to work. No one can control the rest time. , If you want to go out to play, go out to play, this is the only benefit!

    Of course, such a character can only be able to act like this after the Dragon Tooth troops have graduated and their strength has been recognized by the Chinese zodiac. There is one thing to pay attention to, that is, they are on call.

    "According to what you said, there is no problem even if you get married now?" After listening to Yang Song, he probably understood a little bit. He just asked a question about marriage. He didn't expect that the snake would introduce himself so much.

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