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    Chapter 830: Tulip

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    The snake is still very familiar with these things, and he knows some things about drugs, such as preparing psychedelic drugs by himself.

    When Weiyang used Ecstasy against Yang Song for the first time, it relied on the sprayed powder to attack. It was still very different from the silver needle of the snake, and many things were used in different ways.

    The sensation of a snake like a neurotoxin, if you breathe in, the effect is not obvious. The Weiyang is a powder type, after inhaling it, it will dissipate on the mucous membrane, which will make people coma.

    "I guess it is too. This smell makes me feel very strange, very coquettish. I have also seen Datura flowers. The taste is quite clear, but it still has a hint of other coquettish flavor." The unexplainable feeling, this smell is obviously very familiar, and I can't remember it for a long time.

    "If I could smell it, I might know it!" Si She shook her head, and there was really no way to determine some of it just by what she said.

    At this time, the food was served. It was almost the same as the last time. It was mainly fried and braised. Looking at the delicious food on the plate, Chen Ming couldn't help it. Anyway, his father didnt have any major issues. Must have been worried.

    The relationship between the two of them is not such a hypocritical feeling at all. As long as they know that the other party is fine, there is no problem, so Chen Ming is now back to being carefree again.

    Yang Song suddenly thought of one thing, that is, when he went to the Imperial Kitchen Restaurant today, he passed by a large flower bed with many tulips planted in it. After carefully thinking about the information on flowers like tulips, he really remembered it. Up. Tulips don't look so beautiful, so pure and beautiful, but they are not a kind of kind flower.

    So Yang Song suddenly slapped his thigh and exclaimed: "I remember! I smelled this smell before at home, it's a tulip!"

    Chen Ming was shocked to this guy and almost choked to death, but after hearing the tulips, he asked a little strangely: "Tulips? Is it possible? I have grown a lot of tulips at home! I have been watching tulips since I was a child. , There is no problem!"

    "Where are the tulips in your house? Are they in the room?" Si Snake asked helplessly looking at Chen Ming.

    "No, it is cultivated in the garden. When I was a child, I thought it was pretty and wanted to grow it in the room, but my dad refused." Chen Ming shook his head. There are still many tulip flowers in his garden. Pretty.

    Yang Song then explained: "Tulips are originally famous for viewing flowers. There are many people who breed them, but because of their toxicity, they have to be cultivated in ventilated or outdoors. They cannot be cultivated in rooms. The toxicity of planting flowers can cause a coma!"

    "Yes, this kind of flower does not seem to be a big problem, but in fact it is still very powerful. If you stay in the same room for a long time, it can still cause hair loss problems!" Si Snake nodded, this is still very clear.

    When the Ecstasy was configured, tulips were specially added. Together, the stun effect was surprisingly good, and it was a brand new reform of the Ecstasy of the Silver Needle in the Dragon Tooth Force.

    Yang Song seemed to let go of the big rock in his heart, and said in a sigh of relief: "After thinking about it for a long time, I didn't expect it to be something like a tulip! The two flavors of flowers come together, and this feeling leaves only two words. Coquettish. !"

    "Then the day after tomorrow's party, are you still going to it?" Chen Ming asked curiously while sucking and cooking the stew.

    "Of course I am going!" Yang Song remembered that when he went to the Yuchu Restaurant, there were a lot of tulips planted in it. At first he thought it was for other reasons, but now it should be purposeful thinking about it: "If not for the Yuchu restaurant today At the restaurant, I really cant think of another flower that is a tulip."

    "Yes, I thought it was just for good looks before, but now listening to you, it seems that it is really used to make this peculiar powder!" The snake also nodded. The people who breed tulips in Kyoto are really real. It's not too small, so I didn't feel much after seeing it at the Imperial Kitchen.

    After eating the braised and boiled fire, the two of them were finally full. Yang Song checked the time and it was ten oclock. Lets go back to rest early. Tomorrow, everyone will go to the military area to see some puppies prepared by Mr. Xu. Where's the dog!

    "Okay, let's not be so early! I still want to sleep more late!" Chen Ming was a little unwilling to get up so early, it is hard to come and play once, can't you sleep well?

    Yang Song shook his head and resolutely refused: "Either you don't go, or get up early, let's go early and return early."

    "Fine, I'll just get up early!" Chen Ming had no choice but Yang Song was so tough sometimes.

    Originally, there was no problem if I went or not. The main reason was that I wanted to see the military area. I saw it on TV before, but now I finally have the opportunity to see it. How can I not be interested?

    The main point is that Yang Song accidentally mentioned last time that the food in the military canteen is also very good! Chen Ming is now facing this worry.

    Big pot rice, it should taste very fragrant!

    Yang Song, lying on the bed, called Meng Shihan and asked what was going on. He didn't expect that Shihan was in a good mood now, and he cheerfully explained to Yang Song what happened after returning home in the afternoon.

    It turned out that after Meng Shihan returned home, he was still a little worried that his father would force himself to be with the Su family, but he did not expect that the first thing his father saw when he saw him was to apologize, saying that he shouldnt let him be for money. She married someone else, so let Shihan forgive herself.

    Later, his grandfather walked over and asked Meng Shihan in a low voice, what did Yang Song do? Why did Meng's father seem to be a different person after he came back? He never talked about what happened at the engagement banquet, and even cancelled the engagement.

    But the Su family doesn't seem to be very comfortable now. The entire Su family has now lost orders from the military area and is looking for a home! But how can a military-industrial group find its next home? So now I am thinking about the transformation. No matter what the result is, it has nothing to do with Yang Song anyway.

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