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    Chapter 829: Weird Invitation

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    Ouyang Mu picked up the red wine glass, drank it, and said with a wry smile: "Of course I know that Shihan told me when I met last time, and I also know that Los Angeles can't hold you in, come to Kyoto Its a matter of time. I just hope that the next time we meet, we should not be enemies."

    "That being said, I am still not interested in Yuchu Restaurant!"

    Suddenly Yang Song dropped an inexplicable sentence and said, "Well, it's getting late, we should go back."


    Chen Ming and Si She nodded again and again, and then finished the last meal on the chopsticks, stood up, followed Yang Song and left.

    Seeing them leaving behind, Ouyang Mu sighed and whispered: "Yang Song, we are still on the opposite side after all."

    After leaving the Imperial Kitchen, sitting in the car, Chen Ming said with some dissatisfaction: "You can talk for a while! I still haven't eaten enough!"

    "That's right! I haven't eaten enough, anyway, you can talk a little longer, so many delicious foods, eat two more bites!" The snake was also a little unhappy, and she was half full and there was so much on the table. It's delicious, why don't you stop eating it?

    "Okay, I invite you to eat something else, just say what you want!" Yang Song sat on the co-pilot and looked at the phone, searching for all the information about the Imperial Kitchen.

    As soon as the snake heard that he could still eat, he became interested, "Walk around, I want to eat braised and boil it on fire! Should I go?"

    "Go! I haven't eaten it for a long time, let's go!" Chen Ming nodded, and he felt better when he heard that he was going to eat it.

    For these two people, Yang Song took a cursory look at the information and put away the mobile phone. Looking at the two happy men and women who were going to eat, they reluctantly held their foreheads against the car window.

    These two people are just like children. When they were young, the adults in the family would say, dont be abducted and dont eat strangers. If there are such people now, these two people will definitely be boiled in a bowl of stew. It was sold.

    Snake took everyone to the shop that brought Yang Song to dinner last time. It may be late today. The supper has finished eating, and the supper is not so early, so there is a place when you enter the door.

    Yang Song ordered a bowl of marinade, boiled it, and sat down. The two excitedly ordered a lot of things. Yang Song stared at the two guys dumbfounded. Didn't he eat just now? With so many dishes, Yang Song only took a bite of each dish, not much.

    When he left, Yang Song glanced at it. The food inside was definitely less than half. The two people are so appetite now that they come to eat on fire. Is it free, and it tastes delicious?

    While waiting for the dishes to be served, Yang Song glanced at the two people, lowered his voice and said, "Yesterday, I went to see Uncle Chen and he showed me the invitation."

    "Invitation? What's so strange about it, don't you always have to make an invitation to invite people to dinner?" Chen Ming is not surprised at such a thing.

    Most people treat guests directly to dinner, and they will come after a phone call. However, people with identities usually make invitations first. Chen Ming has seen many invitations received by Chen Jianguo. It is not strange at all, especially After I came to Kyoto, there could not be more such invitations.

    For a dinner with friends, just make a phone call. Those who make an invitation usually have an identity. They are mainly for discussing or asking for something. The next invitation is more formal.

    "Hundred Poison Banquet's invitation is not that simple!" Yang Song shook his head and began to explain to everyone: "That invitation is not simple. Your father has been tricked by that invitation."

    "Successful? What do you mean?"

    Chen Ming was waiting for something delicious, but now that he heard about his father, he immediately got nervous on his face. Yang Song said that he had been recruited, there must be a big problem.

    Yang Song looked at the two people, and instead of directly speaking, he asked a question.

    "Do you know the mandala flower?"

    "Mandala? What is it?" Of course, Chen Ming doesn't know what it is. After all, this thing is not edible. If it is edible, Chen Ming would know it.

    When the snake arrived, she looked a little dignified. He looked at Chen Ming and explained: "Datura flower, this kind of flower is cultivated as an ornamental flower by many people, but this kind of flower itself is poisonous, smells too much, and is prone to hallucinations."

    "Yes, mandala flower is such a thing. The invitation that Uncle Chen received contains a hallucinogenic pollen made from mandala flower, and I think that invitation is made of this kind of pollen. Its made, and the taste lasts for a long time."

    Yang Song thought about the feeling of seeing the invitation before. Although it has been held in his uncle's hand for so long, the taste has always been strong. If it is pure pollen sprinkled on it, I believe it will soon disappear.

    "Then my father is in a hallucination?" Chen Ming still doesn't understand the effect of this flower.

    "It's not that serious, it's just that the whole person feels like taking drugs, confused. Fortunately, I found out in the past and helped him get in touch with the effect." Yang Song shook his head. Fortunately, he found out in advance, if the time comes. Upon discovery, it may not be able to be released so easily.

    Although the green bamboo onion has the effect of dispelling the hallucinations, it is only a simple relief. If the poisoning is too deep and you want to rely on the green bamboo onion to relieve it at once, there is no way.

    Si She understands this very well. Yang Song had her Ecstasy Needle at the beginning. Why didnt she faint? Only by relying on the effect of green bamboo and shallots can he recover as usual, but one more thing is to do a silver needle. To quietly, the original volume is not big, and another point is, how much Ecstasy can be stained with such a silver needle?

    This kind of silver needle is the size of an embroidery needle, so Yang Song can use the green bamboo onions to relieve it in the early stage of the recruitment. If you have several consecutive shots and eat it at this time, it wont work. Even if you can stay unconscious, but think There is still no possibility to return to normal.

    Besides, this kind of silver needle is mainly to quickly make the enemy lose combat effectiveness. Although it can rely on the short-term relief of the pain, the time is very short, so it is not very useful.

    "In recent years, hallucinogenic drugs have been completely banned, and some people have tested them. They want to use datura flower pollen to cause hallucinations. The dose is terrible. Now I hear you, just relying on smelling can make People are recruited, and there are definitely more than mandala flowers."

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