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    Chapter 828: Goodbye Is The Opponent

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    This is why Ouyang Mu wanted to take Yang Song into his pocket before. At that time, he felt that there was no such thing as priceless in the world. If there was, it was just that the price was not in place.

    Originally thought so, but after seeing Meng Shihan, he understood a little bit. Maybe there are people in this world who don't care about money? But he also indirectly investigated Yang Song's background and found that he was actually short of money.

    At least before the store opened, there was a shortage of money, so when I was studying, I would work crazy to make money. According to the truth, such a person is the best control. Once the money is in place, then I can control it. Got it, this is Ouyang Mu's favorite type of person. If it is controlled by other means, it is far better than someone who depends on money control.

    Later, he also learned that this matter was impossible. He had no way to put Yang Song in his pocket, so he had to leave this matter alone, just hope this and this matter in his heart, and dont let them. Two people become enemies, otherwise, Yang Song might really hit the Imperial Kitchen's Restaurant to nothing.

    In addition, there are still so many things going on that shouldn't be placed on the table, and it takes many years to complete. This time Yang Song came to Kyoto, this matter made Ouyang Mu feel a sense of crisis.

    Yang Song will not come to Kyoto for nothing. According to what Yang Song said at the beginning, this place should be the next development city. So now that he is here, it is very likely that he came to the market to investigate.

    In the area of market research, Ouyang Mu knew too well. Even if Yang Song didnt investigate beforehand, he would just run over to open a shop, unless he sent someone to stop him around the shop. Otherwise, as long as someone knew that Yang Song had opened the shop, they would come over to eat. Then there is no need to talk about the next business.

    What kind of publicity is there to rely on the diners to say that it is delicious? Ouyang Mu knows what Yang Song's craftsmanship looks like. If Yang Song does come, it will have a great impact on his business.

    "Mr. Yang, are you coming to Kyoto this time to open a branch?" Ouyang Mu drank red wine, pretending to ask Yang Song casually.

    Yang Song is not a fool, why can't he hear the meaning of Ouyang Mu's words? So he smiled slightly and said faintly: "No, no, no, I'm not here to open a branch in Kyoto. It's still early, not so fast. This time I came to Kyoto, mainly because Mr. Xu asked me to come over and have something to discuss. of."

    "Elder Xu?" Ouyang Mu heard this name, his expression on one side, and quickly recovered, as if inadvertently asked: "Is it that Elder Xu from the military area?"

    "Yes, do you know?" Yang Song seemed to be really surprised, and asked back.

    Ouyang Mu smiled as usual: "I know people, but what's the use if they don't know me? But I didn't expect it! I haven't seen you for a few months, Yang Song, you actually know someone like Xu Lao!"

    "Accident! It was an accident! Wasn't it on a show some time ago? I met Xu Shu, who would have thought that the old man Xu is her grandfather, just like this, I met him by accident." Yang Song said very relaxed. , But Ouyang Mu, who listened to the words, was not at all relaxed in his heart!

    Ouyang Mu doesnt want to be involved in any countrys power now. Yang Songs background can now be considered too strong. If he just knew Chen Jianguo in the past, it would be nothing. Although he is rich, he ranks among the top ten in the country. The tycoon is actually just a business man, and he doesn't have much real power. Ouyang Mu doesn't need to worry too much.

    But now I have directly said an old man Xu, who is Mr. Xu? If he stomped the entire Kyoto, the entire Kyoto would have to tremble for a while. Such a character knew Yang Song and was told by him. As long as Ouyang Mu was not a fool, he would understand that Yang Song was telling them that I knew Mr. Xu, the relationship may still be extraordinary!

    "In the past few months, I didn't expect Mr. Yang's life to be so wonderful and rich. I didn't expect it! I seem to remember that Mr. Yang can be regarded as an Internet celebrity now, right?" Ouyang Mu suddenly thought of Yang Song on the Internet recently. There seems to be a lot of hot searches.

    Although the Internet celebrity sounds very stylish, in fact, many times the Internet celebrity is a derogatory term, but Yang Song does not think that Ouyang Mu is deliberately belittling himself. The level of himself and him has long surpassed the average. The atmosphere is bickering.

    "What kind of internet celebrities, look at Kyoto now, who doesnt carry a selfie stick in the live broadcast! To put it bluntly, you throw a brick and hit the five people, four are internet celebrities, not at all What kind of!"

    Yang Song waved his hand and said humbly. There was a trace of indifferent on his face. Ouyang Mu thinks so too, but the key point now is that Internet celebrities are not terrible things. The terrible thing is that Yang Song is not here now. , It has already started to operate, so as long as the store opens, there is no way for me to do anything.

    Chen Ming watched the two people talking now, all of them seemed to have something in the words. From the bottom of his heart, he didn't like such a scene. He just shook his head helplessly and concentrated on dealing with the food in front of him.

    There is also a snake. How does this guy understand these things? The food is delicious. Although these dishes are not as good as the dishes made by Yang Song, they still taste good, especially this braised bear paw, which tastes really good. It is fat but not greasy, and the taste is quite good!

    If it comes to fighting, the snake is one of the top three, but now that these intrigues, how does she understand, she has to be like a silly Baitian, eating while looking at the two people in front of her.

    To be honest, Yang Song didn't like this feeling at all, so he shook his head and said directly: "Although I have no plans to open a branch now, brother Ouyang, my business opening a branch in Kyoto is a certainty. Whatever you think, things are decided like this."

    As soon as this sentence came out, Chen Ming's eyes lit up. He didn't have any good feelings for this kid, but now Yang Song has spoken harshly. Although the words are vague, they can still be heard. That is to tell Ouyang Mu, now I'm not here, but I'm not sure in the future. We won't be able to sit and chat like this at that time. The next time we meet, we may be the opponent.

    "I know!"

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