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    Chapter 827: Braised Bear Paw

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    Of course, what I saw didnt explain anything. I picked up a piece of chopsticks, put it in my mouth and tasted it. A burst of rich and plump meat immediately filled my mouth, and the bears paw was simmered very softly. It's rotten and melts in the mouth, and it won't be a problem even for people with bad teeth.

    The problem of bear paws, Yang Song also saw it when he read the encyclopedia before, saying that most of the bear paws are fat, if it is not handled properly, it is quite tiring. This bear paw will taste fat and mellow. It really smells like a bear's paw.

    Why is there such a taste of bear paw? Because when Yang Song ate it, there was still a hint of bean flavor that was almost negligible.

    Bean flavor refers to the taste of tofu. This tofu should be somewhere between old tofu and dried tofu. It is full of willfulness, but the taste is closer to meat.

    The taste can be said to be quite close to bear's paw, but there are still a few things missing. The first is the production of tofu, which is slightly less heated. If the taste can be tightened, it would be great.

    In addition, when removing the beany flavor, some processes are missing, resulting in a slight beany flavor in it. If Yangsong is used to make it, these shortcomings are not acceptable. If there are these shortcomings, There is no way to get the Baifeng Pavilion menu.

    After eating so many dishes, Yang Song is sure, that is, only this braised bear paw can be compared with Baifengge dishes, but it is still a bit worse.

    The Royal Kitchen Restaurant can become a famous restaurant in the country, and it really does not rely on bragging to be able to blow it out. The environment is a factor that can attract others to come and feel that eating here is a symbol of status.

    But being able to taste such delicious food is also the main reason. Yang Song can now be said to have a certain understanding of the Imperial Kitchen Restaurant. Yes, this place is still very good.

    Si Snake and Chen Ming also tasted this so-called braised bear paw, and their faces all showed puzzled expressions. Isn't this the taste of bear paw? Although I have never eaten bear paw, the taste is meaty, there is no taste of lamb, and there is no taste of beef. It is completely in line with the taste of bear paw in my mind.

    "Isn't this a bear paw? Do you still want to quibble?"

    "No, if I didn't guess wrong, this should be made of tofu, right?"

    Yang Song shook his head, waved to signal Si She to stop talking, and interrupted her words. The latter heard what Yang Song said and was shocked on his face. He quickly put the chopsticks up again and picked up a large piece. Without the taste of tofu, how did Yang Song get it?

    Hearing what Yang Song said, Ouyang Mu was taken aback. He was quite surprised. Originally, he knew that Yang Song could guess that he was not a real bear's paw, otherwise he would not be taken seriously by him and think that he was his opponent.

    But I never expected that Yang Song only ate a small piece of chopsticks and tasted it. This ingredient uses tofu. This can be said to be amazing. You know, this dish has been launched for more than a year. It was the secret recipe that Ouyang Mu bought from an old chef at a high price, but Yang Song did not expect that it was made of tofu in one bite.

    Even if they know that bear paw is made of tofu, its not uncommon. Many people know it. Basically, when many people wonder if it is real bear paw, someone will explain that it is made of tofu.

    But Yang Song was the first one who could taste it with just a small bite. Even when Ye Lao tasted it, he didn't taste what it was.

    The number one food critic in the country, the tongue is so precious, it seems that it is still no better than Yang Song's tongue!

    Yang Song knew that Chen Ming and the others couldn't tell the difference. Although the taste had reached its peak, there were still some flaws. They were able to taste it. Although Chen Ming and their tongues had been transformed by Yang Song, they were quite expensive, but they were still so much worse, so it was normal not to taste them.

    "Tofu? This is actually made of tofu? Yang Song, you can't fool us!" Chen Ming didn't even feel it after eating a few bites, but the taste of this dish is really good! Some of the dishes at Baifengge, but it is still so much worse.

    Ouyang Mu reluctantly shook his head and gave a wry smile. This time it was a wry smile. I thought I could rely on this dish to give Yang Song a good start. Unexpectedly, Yang Song tasted it in one bite. This is really true. It was a failure.

    "Then, Mr. Yang, is this dish still flawed in your eyes?"


    Yang Song took a sip of the drink, looked at Ouyang Mu, and said thoughtfully: "How to make this dish, I probably understand in my heart, if I were to make it, the taste would definitely exceed one third of the current one. The most important point is that this dish will not have a beany taste."

    Beany smell? Ouyang Mu has eaten this dish many times, and has never felt it smells bey, why does Yang Song feel it? So he also started to pick up a piece, put it in his mouth, and tasted it carefully. After eating a large circle, he still didn't feel the taste.

    "Okay, don't bother with it. My tongue is very precious, and no other smell can escape my tongue." Yang Song screamed at everyone here rarely.


    Yang Song turned around and looked at Ouyang Mu seriously and said, "Do you believe I can make this dish now?"

    "I believe it! Why don't I believe it?" Ouyang Mu took a sip of red wine and nodded, indicating that of course he believed it: "Although I opened this Imperial Kitchen Restaurant, I have to say that I have eaten the best in my life. The food you have eaten, the best wine you have ever drunk, are the dishes on your side, and the ten-flavored wine."

    The red wine Ouyang Mu is holding now is the 82-year-old Lafite that was brought up by the waiter when he called Bear's Paw. It was worth 70,000 yuan, but now it tastes different from the ten-flavored wine made by Yang Song. Two points.

    At the time, Ouyang Mu even felt that his Royal Kitchen Restaurant was the best restaurant restaurant in China, but after seeing the live broadcast room when he was bored, and after a trip to Los Angeles, he knew the original taste of his restaurant. Can't be regarded as the best in the world, the taste of Yangsong Hotel is not too good.

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