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    Super Cookery System Chapter 825 - SCS 825

    Chapter 825: Entertainment Manor

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    "By the way, I want to come to Yuchu Restaurant to have a meal tonight. Three people, are you free?" Yang Song still didn't plan to go deeper on this topic, so he stated his purpose.

    Ouyang Mu chuckled and said lightly: "If it's someone else, there may be really no way, but Mr. Yang, you are different. Don't worry, you can come directly and report my name."

    "Well, at six o'clock in the evening, we will be there on time!" After Yang Song finished speaking, he hung up the phone. To be honest, Yang Song now has an idea of not knowing how to communicate with him.

    If it was good to say before, but now it is different. The relationship between Meng Shihan and herself is like this. In addition, Ouyang Mu is still her ex-boyfriend, the current boyfriend and the ex-boyfriend, no matter what the situation, the two people will always feel a little embarrassed when they chat.

    However, Ouyang Mu on the other end of the phone didn't seem to feel anything at all. He still felt the same as when he saw him before. He was always so confident and spoke slowly.

    This may be his attitude.

    Chen Ming saw that he was ready, and asked, "Should we go over at night, should we dress better?"

    "No need!" Yang Song shook his head and said: "How comfortable we are, and there is no need to show off."

    "The food at the Imperial Kitchen Restaurant is very expensive, are you full?" Si She is now concerned about this issue, she cares about whether she can get enough.

    Regarding the relationship between Yang Song and Ouyang Mu, Si She is not clear about it. When investigating, it was not as clear as the investigation, so she only cared about whether she could get enough.

    Yang Song nodded and smiled: "Don't worry, eat as much as you want tonight! Until you are full. Someone will pay the bill!"

    Does anyone pay the bill? Both of them froze for a while, but soon thought, Ouyang Mu should invite everyone to eat! Then I let go of my worries, and it seemed that I was still full at night.

    At six o'clock in the evening, the three of them drove to the Imperial Kitchen. Yang Song stood at the door and asked with some uncertainty, "Is this the Imperial Kitchen?"

    "That's right! All Huaxia is this one, that's right!" It seems that Chen Ming has also been here, and he also knows what he has to book before.

    At this time they were standing in a place similar to a manor. Yang Song thought that the Imperial Kitchen would be a restaurant, but now it seems that it is in a place similar to a manor, with a large area and many houses. Look It's not just for food, there are all kinds of places to relax.

    For some things in Kyoto, the snake is still very clear, including some things about the Imperial Kitchen, so I began to explain to Yang Song.

    "In the beginning, Yuchushifu was just a restaurant, and later gradually developed into a landmark building in China, so the boss here began to expand the Yuchushifu. Now in addition to eating, there are various leisure places. There is an accommodation hotel, but there are not many rooms. It seems that it is a task that is worthy of being able to live in the Imperial Kitchen."

    "It seems that after Shihan left, this place has changed a lot. No wonder Shihan will leave and change into such an imperial kitchen. I'm not sure if this is a place to eat."

    Yang Song shook his head and looked at the feasting manor. This look gave people a sense of nondescript, but there was one thing that didn't need to be questioned, that is, the Royal Kitchen Restaurant should be very profitable now.

    "Ouyang's family in Kyoto is considered to be a real estate business, so this piece of land should belong to Ouyang's family. Although it is on the Fifth Ring Road, the place is quiet and the environment is good."

    Chen Ming still has some understanding of the four major families, so he briefly introduced the situation of the Ouyang family to Yang Song. This is the land of his family. Ouyang Mu is the second son of the Ouyang family. I cant say how much power he has. At least the strength to get a piece of land is still there.

    "Let's go, let's go and see how the food at Yuchushifu is going!" Yang Song couldn't wait. Yuchushifu was very famous throughout China. He used to say that he was going to eat roast duck in Kyoto.

    After coming to Kyoto now, it probably means that if you dont eat once at the Imperial Kitchen, let alone claiming to have been to Kyoto.

    The restaurant of the original Imperial Kitchen Restaurant is now in the middle of the manor. It is six stories high and looks magnificent. After Yang Song got out of the car, someone soon came to help him stop.

    Walking to the door, the welcoming beauty smiled and asked Yang Song if he had a reservation. Yang Song shook his head and hugged Ouyang Mu's name.

    Miss Yingbin showed a hint of surprise on her face, but she quickly thought of the previous boss's explanation, so she immediately smiled and took Yang Song upstairs.

    The Imperial Kitchen Restaurant seems to have only six floors but still has an elevator. The lobby on the first floor is a place where people are sitting, basically small tables for four or five people. Chen Ming explained to Yang Song next to him.

    The second floor is actually a lobby. The lower two floors mainly serve ordinary guests. After booking in advance, you can eat here. As for the upper two floors, there are pure boxes, and they are all people with a little identity.

    The last two floors, that is, the top two floors. People who go up are at least worth hundreds of millions of people to be eligible to go up. As for the top floor, there are even fewer people going up. As for the standards, it is unclear. It is not clear how to get up.

    Miss Yingbin took Yang Song and the others to the fifth floor, led them to a box room called Caiyuanguangjin, and smiled at them: "Please wait a minute, boss Ouyang will be here soon. He said some of you can order first."

    After walking in, Yang Song realized that this place is really not bad. A room of 100 square meters has not only computer mahjong tables but also special toilets. The most important thing is that the big table inside can accommodate at least a dozen people. Above, let alone some other things.

    Projection 4K, stereo karaoke, any configuration you can think of is available here, and it is also a panoramic floor-to-ceiling window. Looking at the dark night outside, all the stars in the sky can be seen. Such a box is still very good.

    As for ordering, let them both come and eat what you order. Anyway, it doesn't matter. No matter how much he clicks, it is estimated that Ouyang Mu will pay, and he doesn't feel distressed at all.

    But you still need to take a look at the menu. After Yang Song looked around, he probably knew the prices here. The cheapest dishes cost more than one hundred yuan, let alone the top-quality beef that costs a few hundred yuan. Something like that.

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