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    Chapter 823: Invest?

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    "Don't worry, I have time at this point. I have already seen the schedule. There is only one unimportant meeting that can be postponed. But are you sure about that banquet, Xiao Yang? Don't let us all go in then."

    "Don't worry! I'm already prepared!"

    According to Yang Songs previous observations, the first time he ate the Baidu Banquet, it would only reduce the sensitivity of his tongue. It is very likely that he would not be able to taste anything in the future. Why did he do this? Yang Song is still Some dont quite understand. If the customer loses their sense of taste, yes, they cant eat in my shop, but they cant eat in your shop either! Do you have a special way to let others eat the taste of your food?

    If this is the case, Yang Song really needs to be nervous. This Hundred Poison Banquet, the conspiracy behind it is not trivial!

    First of all, this Hundred Poison Banquet is not aimed at ordinary people, nor is it the kind of big money that squanders a little money. It should all be aimed at the real rich people who will come to Kyoto, less than a few. The kind that you dont see in your eyes. It means that ordinary rich people don't look at it.

    Another point is that its not that anyone can eat if they want to go. They can only participate by invitation. I dont know what they are planning, but it must not be a good thing.

    After discussing this matter with Uncle Chen, Yang Song thought about the things in his store, so he nodded, a little bit embarrassed, touched his head, and asked: "Uncle Chen, there is actually one more thing. It should be regarded as a private matter."

    "What's the matter, let's talk about it!" Chen Jianguo was still a little strange, what happened to Yang Song, there will be things hesitating today.

    Yang Song sorted out his words, chuckled, and said: "In fact, this is the case. We plan to open a branch in Kyoto for a while. We are going to buy a store by ourselves, but considering the housing prices in Kyoto, now our money may be possible. Not enough, just want to ask, would you like to invest?"

    "Are you going to open a branch? How much is one hundred million?" Chen Jianguo didn't think so much, so he directly asked if one hundred million is enough.

    Yang Song, who was almost choked by his saliva, waved his hand quickly and said, "No, no, no, it doesn't need that much. According to the housing price here, about 30 million is enough."

    Yang Song is now also calculating the housing prices here, plus the renovation, and leaving a portion of the funds to flow, so about 30 million is enough. Who can think that Chen Jianguo would say 100 million at once.

    Chen Jianguo hesitated and frowned. Yang Song who looked at Yang Song thought he disagreed with him. He only heard him say indifferently: "Thirty million is a bit less. I'll invest 50 million for you."

    50 million? Although it was a lot more, it was not a bad thing. Yang Song had no reason to refuse, so he nodded and said: "If you invest all the money for buying a house and decoration, then I will count as 6% of the shares in this shop. Ten is no problem, right?"

    Yang Song is a little worried that Chen Jianguo feels that the shares are low. Based on the current net profit of about 5 million a month, there is still no way to pay back in a year. It will take at least the second year to make money, so Yang Song does not Know if it is too little.

    Who knows that Chen Jianguo shook his head and smiled: "I don't want this share, but you can give Chen Ming a little more share."

    "What?" Yang Song didn't quite understand, how did he get in touch with Chen Ming?

    "Actually, this money, if you tell Chen Ming, this kid asks me for money, I will definitely give it, which is only tens of millions, but this kid is very rare to be willing to pay attention to one thing, although he does not He eats, drinks, and gambling, but he has no intention of working. I have always worried that he will be so muddled for the rest of his life. As a result, he will be different when he knows you."

    "This money is said to be an investment, but it is actually an investment for my son. I am optimistic about your business. In the future, Chen Ming cannot be said to be rich and wealthy. At least he has a worry-free life. He is not interested in money. , But it is absolutely impossible to have no money."

    With that said, Yang Song probably understood, smiled, and said, "Pity the parents of the world! If Chen Ming can understand your hard work, it would be great."

    "Okay, it would be nice if this kid can be more serious!" Chen Jianguo shook his head, thinking of this kid Chen Ming, he had also shown him a lot of business affairs in the past few years, who knew he was not interested at all in the end.

    In the end, he actually liked opening a restaurant, but this is not a big deal, as long as he likes it, he won't be a waste person.

    Thinking of Chen Jianguo here, he took out the checkbook and opened it as he said: "The check is okay, there will be delays in transferring so many funds, I will write you a check first."

    what? Do you give money now? Yang Song hurriedly shook his head and said, "No, no, no, I don't need it now. When you need it, you can just transfer it to Chen Ming. For the time being, Los Angeles is not that fast.

    "Then you take it first, isn't it 50 million? What is it called." Chen Jianguo is worthy of being the big boss. For 50 million, it's like we said fifty yuan.

    In fact, empathy is the same. Yang Song did not understand why a rich second-generation student spent tens of thousands of dollars on games every month. Doesnt it hurt? As a result, I understand it now. People spend 100,000 yuan a month on living expenses. If they don't go to gambling, they just like to play games. They can't eat tens of thousands of yuan for meals. Why not just play games and play the extra money?

    Yang Song is now worth tens of millions, and he earned it hard. If he spends hundreds of thousands at once, Yang Song will not feel distressed, just like when he bought the necklace for Meng Shihan. I feel distressed!

    Chen Jianguo is worth hundreds of billions, 50 million. It's like you have a thousand dollars on your body and you spend fifty dollars on something. Do you feel distressed? No way.

    After Chen Jianguo wrote the check, he tore it down and gave it to Yang Song, saying, "Don't tell Chen Ming specifically about this money. This kid is now able to make money. I don't feel like asking me for money anymore."

    Yang Song is not a hypocritical person, nodded, and carefully collected the check. It seems that today I will find a time to get the money into the account.

    Originally, this check could be given directly to Meng Shihan, but now I haven't figured out how to tell Chen Ming, what if this kid is unhappy? Put it on your side first.

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