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    Super Cookery System Chapter 1 - SCS 1

    Chapter 1: Roadside Stall

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    "Bah! What did you grill, kid? You want to poison me!" A table of guests who just came up directly lifted the table, and a table of skewers scattered all over the floor.

    One of the guests rolled up his sleeves and wanted to rush up to beat Yang Song, but was quickly stopped by a friend next to him: "It's alright, let's change the house, and in a good mood, don't be ruined by this kid."

    Several people threw down some money and turned around and left.

    When he left, the guest was still cursing, looking at Yang Song constantly, wishing to beat him severely.

    Looking at the mess of stalls on the ground, Yang Song sighed, picked up the money from the ground, and reluctantly cleaned up the stall.

    Yang Song, who had just been admitted to university, was thinking of working-study and earning a little living expenses for himself, so he found a skewers stall to work.

    I had delayed my salary for two months and agreed to pay it today. What Yang Song did not expect was that the poorly managed boss threw the stall away and ran away!

    Perhaps the boss still had a bit of conscience in his heart, and he left a note on the stall, saying that he really had troubles, and gave him his stall as his salary for two months. I believe he will be able to do a good job.

    Seeing this note, Yang Song was almost furious. He was an ordinary college student, and his life was not so good!

    But what else is going on now, Yang Song looked at the stall beside him, bitter, angry, and helpless. This is what he earned in two months, and he can't throw it away. Even if he sells scrap iron, he can sell it for a hundred. Dollars.

    But in the past two months, Yang Song just helped the black-hearted boss to do hard work, and did not bake anything at all. This was the first time to bake, and the stall was almost broken down, let alone making money with this stall.

    Yang Song was tidying up on the ground. The lady who was selling pancakes next to her couldnt stand it anymore. She couldnt help but said, "Young man, youre pretty young looking at you. Dont waste it on this mess. Rent the stall and do something. What's bad?"

    "Thank auntie, I'll pack up later and see if I can sell it." Yang Song reluctantly pulled out a smile that was even worse than crying.

    "Anyway, it's all in business, so you might as well just sell the stall to your aunt." Seeing Yang Song's face was a little moved, the lady hurriedly asked: "My aunt doesn't cheat you. How about you sell it to your aunt for 300 yuan? It's useless for you anyway."

    Three hundred dollars?

    Yang Song felt a pain in his heart. After working hard for two months, could he only get the three hundred yuan?

    The aunt who had been staring at Yang Song hesitated, and pretended to say cruelly: "Auntie knows that you feel uncomfortable, so I can add two hundred yuan to you, how about five hundred? You can't sell scrap iron. With these money, can my aunt lie to you?"

    Mosquito meat is also meat. Five hundred yuan is money at any rate. Yang Song thought about selling the stall, which is also a good choice. When he was about to speak, he didn't know who suddenly shouted, "City management is coming!"

    All the stall owners nearby quickly packed up, and Yang Song was no exception. He quickly packed up the stall and prepared to run away. The lady at the pancake stall hurriedly pulled him: "Let's say it's OK, then you will bring the stall over to your aunt, and your aunt will give you the money." After that, she ran away.

    Yang Song pulled the stall and stopped after running for a few minutes without any movement. Only then did he find that he was running next to his school.

    Looking at this messy stall, Yang Song felt very uncomfortable.

    I finally got admitted to the university, and now I'm cheated at a job, how will I live in the future?

    "The system is being installed!"

    "The system is installed!"

    "The super cook tycoon system is starting!"

    "Ding Dong, the game started successfully!"

    system? game?

    Yang Song shook his head fiercely. He was really fooled. Now he has hallucinations and he still thinks about the game, but the game is indeed much better than reality.

    But what kind of game is this super cook tycoon system, can it also make one's cooking skills skyrocket in an instant, turning into a superb cooking skill like in Stephen Chow's movie "The God of Cookery"?

    "Ding Dong, the system is started for the first time, please complete the novice task and receive the novice gift package."

    Yang Song now feels that he is really crazy, and he has started to fantasize about this messy game. When he has time, he really has to find time to see the doctor, otherwise he will really go crazy.

    "Whether to perform the novice task: Juewei roasted gluten."

    Gluten? There are indeed a few gluten skewers left on the stall, but it's absolutely delicious... it would be nice if someone can eat it when it is baked.

    Receive novice tasks.

    "Master, please prepare gluten and ingredients. The system will automatically produce Jewei Roasted Gluten and sell it within two hours. After completing the task, you will receive a novice gift package."

    Returning the novice gift bag, Yang Song shook his head, what time is it, and still playing with this clich method, direct krypton gold is the kingly way.

    But I am a poor man!

    Try it out.

    Yang Song cleaned up the stall casually, took out the only two strings of gluten, and gathered the ingredients in front of him.

    What's next?

    "The ingredients are ready, the ingredients are ready."

    Yang Song's eyes flickered, two swarthy roasted gluten appeared in front of his eyes, he was stunned, and pinched himself again, it was actually baked out!

    I rely on!

    It turned out to be true!

    Really system!

    Yang Song was stunned!

    But when he saw the roasted gluten in front of him, he couldn't help but curl his mouth. Although the gluten was roasted, it looked like... it was dark, it was obviously roasted, and it was usually thrown directly into the trash can. How could it be possible? Will be sold.

    "The system will make corresponding finished products according to the master's ability."

    Forget it, games, happiness is the ultimate goal.

    Yang Song looked at the dark roasted gluten and got a headache. Although this kind of gluten smells good, he would not buy it when he saw it. Who else would buy it?

    I waited for almost an hour, and as expected, people passing by just looked at it and turned around immediately. At this time, there was no one on the street.

    "It's so fragrant!" A girl with a ponytail floated along the fragrance. Behind her, a tall beauty with a long wavy head followed helplessly.

    Yang Song couldn't help but take a second look. He was probably a student in the school. They looked really pretty, but they probably just took a look and left.

    "Boss, do you have anything else to sell now?" The ponytail girl looked at the gluten on the stall and asked unbearably. The wavy beauty who followed, saw the roasted black gluten, not only frowned, and stretched out a hand to pull the ponytail girl: "Xiaoqi, don't eat this kind of food at night, it's not good for your health."

    Although she had spoken very tactfully, Yang Song still felt embarrassed.

    "But I'm so hungry, I just want to eat skewers." The ponytail girl said coquettishly.

    The beauty of the waves couldn't stand it, and asked, "Boss, can you blow up other things?"

    Yang Song felt a big head for a while, smiled awkwardly, and said: "Just these two roasted gluten, it should be... still delicious."

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