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    Chapter 96: .hunting Game 09

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    In the banquet hall, handsome men and beauties are intertwined, the crystal lamps hanging above sprinkle bright light, and the spotless floor reflects the elegant figures of the guests as they walk. (((Cartino Novel Network

    The young man who walked in from the door wore a white suit and a light red bow tie. His shapely and slender figure was vividly outlined by the suit.

    His appearance is more beautiful than any celebrity in the entertainment industry, black hair and red lips, white and greasy skin like a good suet jade, a pair of black and clear eyes filled with radiant water, soft And gentle.

    He stood at the door and looked around, as if looking for someone, harmless and innocent, looking like a delicious lamb alone.

    Everyone in the banquet hall was immediately attracted by him. Just when someone wanted to walk over to talk to each other, the banquet owner who had talked with a group of company bosses suddenly dropped them and strode towards the youth at the door.

    The others with secret thoughts sighed silently in their hearts, and withdrew their eyes regretfully.

    After all, not long ago, Yuan Chen, the host of this banquet, was just engaged to the young man Jiang Fu at the door.

    One is an S-level sentry, and it is very likely to be the next head of the Yuan family. The other is the best guide. Now they are engaged in psychoanalysis in the national laboratory. The two are not only highly compatible, but also have outstanding looks. It is also a good match, which can be called a match made in heaven.


    The man in a pure black suit was tall and straight, with handsome faces. The moment he looked at Jiang Fu with a forceful aura, he melted into a soft spring water, overflowing with affection.

    Jiang Fu tilted his head and looked at him, then reached out and straightened the light red bow tie that was exactly the same at his neckline.

    One black and one white, with the same bow tie, the couple's outfits show their intimate identities openly.

    Yuan Chen stretched his hand around his waist and walked toward the center of the banquet hall. From time to time, he turned his head and whispered something to him. The smile on his mouth never fell.

    After taking Jiang Fu and the characters in the banquet hall to say hello one by one, Yuan Chen handed him a glass of champagne, Jiang Fu blinked, and shook his champagne glass, making a crisp sound.

    "Didn't you say that the old man ordered you to hold this banquet with Yuan Ren? Why don't you see others?"

    Yuan Chen glanced at the people in the banquet hall, and then said.

    "I don't know where he went."

    After two years of military training, the three people who stood out received a sum of money from the father of the Yuan family, but the other was deprived of heir qualifications for privately using foreign aid. Only Yuan Chen and Yuan Ren were left to compete.

    But after Yuan Ren came back from the army, he looked like a different person. His ambitions for the heirs of the Yuan family were not as enthusiastic as before. Yuan Chen heard that he would often disappear from the company without being visible, even at important moments like today None of them arrived on time.

    "It's weird, but that's okay, no one will fight with you."

    Jiang Fu shook the champagne glass, the clear liquid was dyed with a flowing and gorgeous color by the light.

    Yuan Chen smiled, his words were calm and arrogant.

    "Even if he fights with me, he can't beat me."

    "Know, know, you are the best!"

    At the end of the banquet, Yuan Ren was late to arrive. He was wearing an iron-gray suit. His expression was impatient and Yue Qin next to him was saying something in a low voice, his tone seemed to be about to quarrel. .

    The people in the banquet hall were frightened by his full face, and they avoided his sharp eyes and moved away.

    Yuan Ren looked around the audience for a lap, staring at the location of Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu and frowned quickly, then he said a few words with Yue Qin, and walked towards them in stride.

    Yue Qin's face was ugly when he stayed in place.

    "You are late."

    Looking at Yuan Ren holding the fighting spirit, Yuan Chen spoke first.

    "I know."

    Yuan Ren replied impatiently, but his complicated gaze quickly swept across Jiang Fu's face, as if he wanted to talk but stopped.

    Jiang Fu thought he had something to chat with Yuan Chen privately, so he pulled Yuan Chen's sleeve and took the initiative.

    "I'm going over there first, I want to eat something."

    Yuan Chen nodded, warmly instructed.

    "Don't walk around, I will come to you soon."

    After Jiang Fu's figure walked away, Yuan Chen, who had been staring at him, slowly opened his mouth.

    "I reminded you not to be late tonight, the old man will send someone to find you."

    "Look for it, I'm afraid he won't make it?"

    Yuan Ren sneered.

    In the eyes of the people in the banquet hall, the two remaining candidates of theirs must be violent when they talked together. Although Yuan Chen has a 90% chance of winning now, it is not easy to look at the moody Yuan Blade. The character of giving up, who can become the heir of the Yuan family is not certain.

    But in fact, the atmosphere between the two is very peaceful, even because they know each other's secrets, they are more intimate.

    "The one-year period is approaching, so you can't focus on business first, and talk about other things later?"

    Yuan Chen felt a little unhappy about Yuan Ren's prevarication attitude towards business. No matter how they were competitors, Yuan Ren's self-giving up gave him a sense of luck.

    He prefers that the two do their best to compare, so that there is no regret in winning.

    Yuan Blade's absent-minded gaze circled Jiang Fu's back, as if he could see a similar figure through him.

    "You saw it in the first half of the year. I'm not a business man. Why waste time on this."

    His eyes flickered, he didn't know what he thought of, his always proud and arrogant expression revealed a little bit of distressed sadness, and his self-deprecating voice was lower.

    "What's more, I didn't plan to stay at Yuan's house anymore. They had chosen a matching guide for me long ago, but I didn't want any guide at all."

    Yuan Chen frowned slightly and said in disapproval.

    "Yuan Ren, I didnt want to stop you because he was Cheng Chengs father. They were not biological fathers and sons. It was Jiang Qings freedom to choose a partner. But I must remind you that a sentry without a guide is very dangerous. Jiang Qing is just an ordinary person. You are confident that you will never hurt him, and can he withstand you?"

    Yuan Ren's fist clenched suddenly, he said nothing, his eyes gloomy and unclear.

    After a long while, he shook his head.

    "I can't guarantee, but I can't let him go."

    Seeing Yuan Ren's attitude so stubborn, Yuan Chen couldn't persuade him anymore, a hint of warning was mixed in his reminding voice.

    "In this case, you'd better pay attention to Yue Qin, his thoughts on you are too obvious. Jiang Qing is Chengcheng's father, if Jiang Qing is hurt because of you, then I will not let you go."

    Speaking of Yue Qin, Yuan Blade's eyebrows writhed with disgust, he drank the champagne in the glass, and said coldly.

    "I know."

    After turning around for two steps, he stopped again and hesitated to say to Yuan Chen.

    "Don't tell Jiang Fu about this, Jiang Qing doesn't want him to know."

    After seeing Yuan Chen nodding, Yuan Ren strode out of the banquet hall, and Yue Qin who was waiting at the door immediately followed him away.

    Due to Yuan Ren's absence, Yuan Chen organized this banquet alone, so the cakes prepared were all prepared according to Jiang Fu's preferences.

    Jiang Fu sipped his exquisite snacks, and many people around him focused on him, but they were afraid of Yuan Chen's identity and status and did not dare to step forward.

    Until Jiang Fu had a familiar voice on his side.

    "Jiang Fu, what a coincidence."

    Jiang Fu raised his head, glanced at Gao Ting in the suit and leather shoes in front of him, then looked back for Yuan Chen's figure.

    Gao Ting turned sideways to block his sight, and said without a smile.

    "Is it so inseparable from Yuanchen?"

    Jiang Fu raised his hand, the silver ring on the ring finger gleamed with a scorching light.

    "Gao Ting, if you harass married people again, I will send someone to drive you out."

    Gao Ting's face froze, and dark emotions flashed through his eyes.

    "Jiang Fu, you are only engaged and not married, let alone married. If the sentinel passes away unfortunately, then his guide will be assigned to other sentinels. I remember that you have always been the number one in Ole Academy. One, you wont even forget this, right?"

    Sentinels have better physical qualities than ordinary people. They are the most suitable elites to defend the country. However, they must be comforted by guides to avoid losing control. Therefore, the country attaches great importance to the combination of sentries and guides.

    After graduation, the guide has three years to choose the sentry freely. After three years, the guide who still does not have an exclusive sentry will be assigned to a high-compatibility sentry combination, and when the sentry dies, the country will save resources for better Assign the original guide of the sentry to other sentry to ensure that the guide can provide the necessary spiritual guidance to the sentry.

    Seeing Jiang Fu's silence, Gao Ting's arrogance became even more arrogant. His mental body was a python, greedily entangled from Jiang Fu's trouser legs at the command of his master.

    Jiang Fu frowned, the Persian cat that appeared in the next second waved its paw and scratched the python, and then meowed angrily.

    But after all, it is a cute white cat, just as weak and harmless as its owner.

    Gao Ting stared at Jiang Fu's drooping fine eyebrows, and couldn't help but walked a step closer to him. When he was about to speak, the defenseless spiritual realm was suddenly intruded, and his temple seemed to be severely disturbed with an iron stick. Then, he yelled in pain.

    Jiang Fu smiled and said.

    "Gao Ting, you better pray not to see me again in the future, otherwise I will destroy your spiritual realm next time."

    His voice was clear and nice, and he was as calm as usual.

    But Gao Ting clearly saw the expression he looked at him, his smiling beautiful face was like a jade-faced Rakshasa, and his black eyes with mist filled with water were full of icy chill.

    Suddenly it was very similar to Yuan Chen.

    Gao Ting's face suddenly turned pale, he knelt on the ground convulsively holding his head, watching the extra pair of leather shoes standing beside Jiang Fu, and Yuan Chen's displeased voice sounded in disgust.

    "Kick him out and forbid him to enter in the future."

    The trembling python was thrown onto the wall with a tail of the clown monster that appeared suddenly, and then fell dying.

    The clown monster glanced at the angrily Persian cat squatting next to Jiang Fu, and hurriedly ran to the wall to vent the Persian cat's anger by breathing fire and stomping at the python. After a while, he ran back happily and gathered in favor. The Persian cat giggled beside him.

    The Persian cat meowed arrogantly, and then ran to play in the small garden behind the banquet hall, where the fallen clown monster quickly followed him.

    Yuan Chen didn't know how Gao Ting got in. After he came back from the army, he tried every means to destroy the Gao Ting family's company. It was tolerant to keep Gao Ting alive. He didn't expect that he would have the courage to get in.

    "Sorry, nothing like this will happen in the future."

    Jiang Fu fed him the red cherries on the plate, then squeezed his gloomy face and said with a smile.

    "You are still holding grudges. I told you that every time he came to ask for trouble, he never succeeded, and Chang Yue protected me for you, so you really don't need to worry."

    Yuan Chen's expression eased a little, he grabbed Jiang Fu's hand and kissed the ring on his knuckles, violent and uneasy heart surging, and then gradually calmed down.

    During the two years when Yuanchen joined the army, Jiang Fu, who was alone, became the key target pursued by the sentinels. Those sentinels often went to his milk tea shop to propose to him. Among them, Gao Ting was the worst, and The Ole Academy had exhausted all his stalkers, and even deliberately messed up the business of the tea shop to force Jiang Fu.

    However, Jiang Fu's mental power is strong. Sometimes when he is impatient, he will make the cheeky sentries taste the pain of mental backlash. They dare not come again when they are scared, and Yuanchen also asked Chang Yue to take care of him before going to the army. Jiang Fu, Chang Yue often went to the milk tea shop, took the sentinels who had harassed Jiang Fu directly and beat them out, and did his best to keep his brother's promise.

    Chang Yue was upright, had a high level of force, and was the only insider who knew the secrets of Jiang Fu and Yuan Chen at that time, so Yuan Chen asked Chang Yue to take care of Jiang Fu.

    But he didnt completely trust Chang Yue. He had hired a private killer for two years before he went to the army. Once he discovered that Chang Yue had done anything wrong with Jiang Fu, Yuan Chen would deal with him without mercy. Drop.

    But fortunately, Chang Yue did not do anything extraordinary, so he gained more trust from Yuanchen. During the year when Yuanchen did business, Chang Yue also became Yuanchens closest partner for mutual benefit. win-win.