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    Chapter 95: .hunting Game 08

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    Seeing Yuan Ren's delay in speaking, Jiang Qing just looked at herself with a strange look. (((Cartino Novel Network

    It looked like a charity from a condescending superior, with a bit of contempt that he thought he was hiding well.

    As a single father, Jiang Qing worked hard to raise Jiang Fu alone, and was used to living alone for many years.

    He is neither a sentry nor a guide. He has a kind and deceptive appearance. He has been in the society for so many years because of his keen awareness of the world.

    The gentle smile on his face faded a little, and he was a little more alert and nervous. His hand under the counter gripped his cell phone tightly, planning to call the police at any time.

    Yuan Ren believed that he was the guide who kissed Yuan Chen on the seat in the window. Although he promised Yuan Chen would not hurt him, this was Yuan Chens only weakness. Naturally, Yuan Ren had to understand it well, so as not to have anything in the future. Great use.

    He glanced at the concise drink list casually, and said in disgust.

    "Just give me a drink."

    Finding that he didn't mean to pick something up, Jiang Qing's hand holding the phone loosened slightly. He hesitated for a moment and asked tentatively.

    "Do you have any restrictions?"


    After speaking, Yuan Ren suddenly paused, and added uncomfortably.

    "Don't be sour."

    Don't make it sour, it should be sweeter.

    When Jiang Qing saw him walking towards the side seat, the guard in his heart gradually retreated.

    Although he looks very fierce, it seems that there is no malicious intention to destroy.

    Jiang Qing thought it over, turned around and made him a very popular cold drink, which made him a little sweeter.

    After bringing the cold drink to Yuan Ren, he asked anxiously.

    "Do you need anything else?"

    "no need."

    Yuan Ren glanced at him, reached out to touch his pocket to get the wallet, and fell silent for a while.

    Jiang Qing had been secretly paying attention to the expression on his face, and soon reacted, and said with a gentle smile.

    "If you don't bring money, you can pay it next time you come."

    Yuan Blade's brows wrinkled, his expression stinky.

    He stood up and said proudly with his pockets inserted.

    "I don't want this cup. I don't owe you money."

    After speaking, he turned around and walked towards the door, embarrassing a bit of escape from his back inexplicably.

    Jiang Qing stared blankly at the empty doorway, but also relieved helplessly. When he took the unopened cold drink back and put it in the refrigerator, he suddenly heard a burst of anger behind him.

    "Madam! Get out of here!"

    The dark voice was undoubtedly a thunder that exploded in his ears in a pleasant afternoon. Jiang Qing was frightened, and the cold drink in his hand suddenly fell to the ground, falling to the ground overflowing with liquid.

    He turned around to see Yuan Blade with a gloomy face, and retreated somewhat in a daze, looking at him with a distracting and lingering timidity.

    "You, are you okay?"

    Yuan Ren, who walked to the counter aggressively, frowned and said impatiently after seeing his pale face.

    "I didn't talk to you."

    But there are only two of them in this milk tea shop at the moment.

    Jiang Qing tried to make her fear less obvious, tilted her head away from his sight, and said with a barely smile.

    "Is it your spiritual body? I can't see it."

    Yuan Ren looked at him with a bit more mockery, he put one hand in his pocket and said unceremoniously.

    "Don't pretend, I know you are Yuanchen's guide."

    Jiang Qing's face was innocently blank. He seemed to finally understand why Yuan Ren's malice came from the beginning to the end. Instead, he relaxed, his smile was sincere and gentle, like soft and comfortable sunshine.

    "You really admitted the wrong person, I am not a guide, and I don't know Yuanchen."

    The guard is really heavy.

    Yuan Ren groaned and did not expose his bluff, but recalled his spiritual body with a calm face.

    "Madam, come here quickly, or I will get angry."

    His mental body is a rare black panther, his temperament is as arrogant and cold as his master, and he never takes the initiative to get close to anyone.

    But now, his black panther is closely following Jiang Qing uncharacteristically, rubbing against him like an idiot.

    Of course Yuan Ren could guess what was the reason for this. His black panther was extremely sweet, and even his master was partially affected.

    The owner of this milk tea shop is dyed with the sweetness of milk tea, and is naturally loved by the black panthers.

    Seeing the obsessed Black Panther holding Jiang Qing like a child of Oedipus and refusing to let go, Yuan Ren felt that he had never been so embarrassed in his life.

    Although Jiang Qing pretended that he couldn't see the spiritual body, Yuan Ren knew his identity a long time ago, and only felt that he was deliberately watching his jokes.

    After shouting for several times without calling the Panther back, Yuan Ren's heart became more embarrassed, his face was also extremely cold, and he looked murderous.

    He strode over and grabbed the black panther's tail. He didn't pay attention to stepping on the wet ground filled with cold drinks.

    Jiang Qing subconsciously tilted his head to avoid him, and had nowhere to go against Liulitai's back, and all the sentinel aura on his face enveloped him in a tall shadow.

    Domineering, strong, full of male spirit.

    Jiang Qing frowned slightly.

    Yuan Ren immediately supported the edge of the stage behind him to maintain balance, but he seemed to hold him in his arms.

    He had never been so close to any guide before. When he lowered his eyes, he could see Jiang Qing's small auricle, beautiful profile face, and the smell that he could only smell when he got close.

    It's not the instinctively induced smell of the guide, but a clear and clean smell, like a certain shower gel.

    Although Jiang Qing had not been in close contact with the sentinel, he was not a young man who blushed and heartbeat easily. After finding that Yuan Blade was stunned, he stretched out his hand to push Yuan Blade away and turned to take the corner of the milk tea shop Mop inside.

    "Sorry, I haven't had time to clean up here."

    Yuan Blade stood on the spot, wandering around with his stunned gaze unconsciously, and suddenly moved away when he touched the clear gaze he cast, and the roots of the ears suddenly became red.

    He hurriedly blocked his mouth and pretended to have a clear cough, then vaguely angrily said.

    "Why are you so shameless!"

    There is already a sentinel to seduce/lead another sentinel, it is really shameless!

    Yuan Ren rudely carried the Black Panther by the neck, and left with a cold face and angrily.

    Jiang Qing didn't miss his gaffe just now, but shook his head with a smile, like a tolerant elder indulging the child's three-point interest.

    And those young waves no longer fluctuate him by half.

    In the evening, he received a call from Jiang Fu. The voice on the other side of the phone sounded hoarse, with heavy nasal sounds, more like crying.

    "Dad, I am sleeping at Qixiu's tonight, so I won't go home."

    As soon as the son came back, he ran to play with his friends, as if the cubs who had worked so hard to take care of the grown-up cubs also had their own lives and flew to a higher sky.

    Jiang Qing felt a bit of a loss as a parent, but fortunately, he had spent the past four years on his own, and soon he was relieved and asked with concern.

    "Your voice sounds muffled. Did you catch a cold? Did you go to the doctor?"

    "I'm fine. I got a runny nose just after eating chili, so it sounds like I have a cold."

    Jiang Fu sniffed and said coquettishly like a child.

    Jiang Qing relaxed, and patiently asked him several words before hanging up the phone reluctantly.

    The milk tea shop is usually open until ten o'clock, and everything outside is dark, only the narrow yellow light from the street lamps.

    Although there is a high school in this area, it is very chaotic at night and prone to robbery and fights. However, Jiang Qing lives in a residential building behind the milk tea shop, so he can go back soon.

    After he closed the door and unlocked, he turned to see a few smoking punks squatting on the opposite street, staring at him maliciously.

    Jiang Qing would bring home part of the income from the milk tea shop every night. After he met the greedy gaze of the punk, he felt tight, and secretly tightened the inner pocket of his clothes, pretending to be calm and walked towards the gate of the community. .

    After walking a few steps, he heard footsteps trailing behind, scattered and mixed with deliberate whistles.

    Jiang Qing swallowed, his nervous heart beating violently, his footsteps were getting faster and faster, and he almost trot.

    The footsteps behind him also became more and more unscrupulous, gradually approaching in a form of enclosure from all directions.

    The community is very old. The street lights have been broken for a long time and no one has repaired them. Jiang Qing clenched his fists and rushed into the darkness.

    When his arm was violently pulled, he immediately waved his backhand away, gritted his teeth and cursed.

    "Go away!"

    "Hey! Why are you so fierce!"

    The unpleasant voice sounded familiar, low and reliable in the dark.

    Jiang Qing suddenly stopped, and looked back suspiciously to see Yuan Blade with a dark face.

    His gaze crossed the Yuan Blade, and fell on the little **** who followed not far away, and his tight voice slowly loosened.

    "Sorry, I thought you were"

    Yuan Ren frowned and turned his head to look at the group of gangsters, his face suddenly sank, and his voice was angrily.


    After the group of bullying and fearful punks sensed the mighty aura of his sentry, their frightened expressions changed drastically, and they ran away in a panic.

    Jiang Qing was completely relieved, the clothes on his back were soaked in cold sweat.

    He smiled gratefully and said.

    "thank you."

    Yuan Ren snorted and said gruffly.

    "If it weren't for looking for Mrs. Tai, how could I have come to such a ghost place, it's so dark, it's broken to death."

    Although he said so, Li Ding didn't mean to leave halfway. After saying this explanation, he fell silent.

    It seemed that he was expecting some invitations from Jiang Qing.

    Jiang Qing seemed to perceive some inexplicable sentiment from his silence. After a few seconds of silence, he said with an apologetic smile.

    "It's late, and my house is quite messy, so I won't invite you to sit upstairs. Next time you come to the milk tea shop, I will ask you to drink milk tea."

    Yuan Ren's face turned black, as if he had been relentlessly refuted but was embarrassed and angry. He violently picked up the black panther who was pestering Jiang Qing and left a word coldly.

    "Who wants to drink your milk tea!"

    After speaking, he turned around and left, the tall figure inexplicably showing a bit of anger.

    Jiang Qing couldn't help but smile.

    Really young.

    The curtains of the hotel tightly cover the dim sky outside, and only the exquisite wall lamp that lights up dyes the whole room in an ambiguous color.

    Jiang Fu was lying in Yuanchen's arms, with the snow-white quilt covering the tip of his nose, only showing wet eyelashes and dark messy hair.

    Yuan Chen will be tucked down by the horn to reveal his exquisite lower half of his face, rubbing his ruddy lips with his fingers, whispering.

    "Don't be bored."

    Jiang Fu stretched out his hand from the quilt and rubbed his eyes, his slow voice was thin and weak, like the petals of a crabapple that had been crushed hard, and there were transparent dewdrops hung with tears.

    "what time is it?"

    Yuan Chen turned over to touch the communicator on the bedside table, took a look and told him.

    "eight thirty."

    Jiang Fu's gaze also saw his communicator, and after he lay down again, he asked in a puzzled voice.

    "Why do you still keep that communicator, don't you have a cell phone?"

    "I haven't checked the phone yet."

    Yuan Chen answered concisely and then took him in his arms and kissed him.

    They have been together for a long time, and Jiang Fu saw that he didn't mean to be anxious, but rather worried for him.

    "You stayed with me for so long without going home, are you okay?"

    "Stay a little longer."

    The heavy warm breath sprayed on Jiang Fu's forehead, wrapped in endless love and affection.

    The two people stayed in the room for a while before leaving. The sky outside was completely dark. There were few pedestrians on the road, and the shops were closed. Yuan Chen walked side by side for a while before stopping and squatting in front of him.

    Jiang Fu's legs were soft and sore, and it was really uncomfortable to walk. He secretly glanced at the surrounding areas that no one was paying attention to, and then leaned on Yuan Chen's back with joy, hugging his neck and whispering in his ear. .

    The night breeze was blowing gently, the dark night sky was lit with scattered stars, and sparse pedestrians passed by, but no one cast a strange look.

    In this world where sentinels and guides exist, love between same **** is normal.

    Yuan Chen really hopes that this road can go on forever, carrying his beloved guide on his back without any interruption.

    But Qi Xiu's home is not far from the hotel. No matter how slow Yuan Chen slowed down, he still walked downstairs to Qi Xiu's home. Jiang Fu climbed down from his back and looked up at him and said seriously.

    "You have to be good when you go to the army, don't get hurt or make trouble, remember to miss me."

    No matter what Jiang Fuxu asked, Yuan Chen just stared at him without a word. The deep affection in his deep eyes was like the airtight sea that bound him to the gentleness of the roof. in.

    Jiang Fu stopped after a while, looked at him silently and sighed, touched his head like comforting a pet, and joked with a smile.

    "Don't look at me like this, and I won't let you go anymore."

    Yuan Chen held his face and kissed every inch of his eyebrows carefully, as if he had burned his appearance one by one in his heart.

    Without saying anything, he rubbed Jiang Fu's head and said softly.

    "You go upstairs."

    Jiang Fu nodded, walked to the top of the stairs and beckoned at him. His smiling face showed good-looking dimples, and his brisk voice was sweet and clear, full of flying youth.

    "Yuan Yuan! Good night!"

    "good night."

    Yuan Chen also smiled and said goodbye to him.

    When he returned to the Yuan's old house, the servant in the living room bowed to him, and no one had any doubts about his whereabouts.

    When Yuan Chen went up the stairs, he happened to see Wang Yin coming out of his room.

    "Wang Yin, what are you going to do in my room?"

    Wang Yin looked at him expressionlessly with complicated eyes and replied.

    "The old man told me to find the former person in charge of the national army selection. I will start training with you tomorrow. I want to tell you this, but I didn't find you."

    "But found this."

    He opened his hand, and in his palm was a golden medal with the engraved "First Place of Ultimate Test Wizard".

    That was Jiang Fu's. He and Yuan Chen exchanged their respective medals as a souvenir.

    Wang Yin walked over, met his cold and murderous eyes and returned the things to him, whispering.

    "I won't tell anyone about this."

    Yuan Chen took back the medal and said coldly, looking at him.

    "If you keep your mouth shut, I will even owe you personal feelings, but if you dare to leak secrets, I will definitely kill you immediately."

    The Yuan family is really cold-blooded enough to say such decisive words without hesitation to a classmate of four years.

    But isn't Wang Yin also monitoring his chess pieces for the old man? As long as the old man orders, Wang Yin will also be ordered to kill Yuan Chen.

    They each other each other.

    Wang Yin nodded and agreed to him.

    "it is good."

    Yuan Chen passed him into the room and closed the door heavily.