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    Chapter 93: .hunting Game 06

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    The scenery outside the window swiftly passed by, and the cities that have not been involved in four years are now becoming more prosperous and more dangerous. ---End of this Tanmei, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance

    The co-pilot's Wang Yin glanced at Yuan Chen who was silent in the back seat. The other party was looking out the window with his face sideways. His deep gaze did not show any waves. There was neither a trace of enthusiasm for going home nor a half-hearted fight against the Yuan family. Ambitious.

    Young, but unfathomable.

    Wang Yin inexplicably felt a chill.

    The old house of the Yuan family is deeply rooted in the heart of the city like a lush giant tree, and the proliferating descendants are unwilling to be outdone in trying to occupy this incomparably attractive ownership right, but they have never succeeded in the past few years.

    When Yuan Chen walked into the living room, it was filled with everyone in the Yuan family. His nominal uncles and his children seemed to have deliberately disarmed him, staring at this fatherless and motherless but extremely hard-working. The descendants of the Yuan family can't wait to get rid of it and come soon.

    Yuan Chen walked to the center of the living room blindly and bowed in front of the old man sitting on the scarlet chair.

    "Grandpa, I'm back."

    A gratifying smile appeared on the wrinkled face of the old man of the Yuan family. He tremblingly stretched out his hand and patted Yuan Chen's shoulder, sighing with unknown meaning.

    "Just come back."

    After briefly answering the father's question, Yuan Chen walked aside and stood humblely without speaking.

    Seeing that all the descendants of the Yuan family had arrived, the old man coughed a few times, and then slowly scanned a circle of people with different faces with muddy eyes, his eyes were like torches and the sound was like a bell.

    "I called you all today because I have something to announce."

    He watched the eager eyes of everyone suddenly, and after a few seconds, he continued without hurries.

    "My health has been getting worse and weaker in recent years, so I plan to find an heir to hand over the Yuan family to him."

    Although the body of the old man of the Yuan family is indeed deteriorating, he is still in charge of the power of the Yuan family in these years. He has never clearly proposed which young man to cultivate, and also acquiesced to the chaotic struggles of the younger generation within the family, and condoned the elimination of the strong The survival principle of the weak.

    Now there are nine young people in this living room, and there are already many dead bodies scattered outside.

    After hearing the old mans words, they looked at him with scorching eyes, and the young and public faces showed undisguised eagerness, all of them like a sharp sword out of the sheath, the sharp light can easily stab others, even May hurt yourself.

    The old man glanced at Yuan Chen, whose face was as sinking as water, not far away without a trace. The complicated gaze paused on him for a moment before he returned.

    Even if he prefers Yuanchen with pure blood and sends Wang Yin and Yueqin to protect him, both of them will follow his instructions unless Yuanchen's life is truly threatened. The rest of the time is more to monitor Yuan Chen instead of the old man, to see whether he has the courage and strength of the successor to the Yuan family.

    If Yuanchen can graduate alive from the dangerous Ole Academy, then the father will include him in the consideration of the heir; if Yuanchen unfortunately disappears in the Ole Academy, then the father will only regret the pure blood of the Yuan family. Falling, but Yuan Chen, he will not have any sadness.

    Even if it is his grandson, a person who is incapable is not worthy of being Yuanji's grandson.

    The old man coughed a few more times, and the servant next to him handed him a cup of tea with a low eyebrow. He took a few sips to complete the second half of the words that everyone was looking forward to.

    "The heirs of the Yuan family must be the best in all aspects. You will all participate in the national army trials in the near future. Two years later, the three who get the most medals, I will give you the same amount of money. The more money you can earn from the business you do in the next year, then he will be the next heir of the Yuan family."

    "During this period, no candidate is allowed to use any foreign aid, otherwise he will lose his eligibility for succession."

    As soon as the formal rules were issued, the atmosphere in the living room suddenly became subtle, and the fierce confrontation was filled with silent gun smoke, some were arrogant, some were eager to try, and some were calm.

    Yuan Chen raised his eyelids and was colliding with the eyes of a competitor who was staring at him.

    The man had a fierce face, and his gaze was full of provocation, like a wild beast on an arena launching a war post against a well-matched opponent.

    He spoke to Yuan Chen while holding the winning ticket.

    I'm determined to win.

    Yuan Chen's apparent identity is like an ant that can only be easily crushed to death. It is not seen by any competitors at all, but only this Yuan Blade is aware of his hidden danger and does not hide his cold killing intent.

    During the four years in Ole Academy, Yuan Ren was the one who sent the most killers. He was determined to kick Yuan Chen out of the heirs.

    After announcing the decision, the old man was helped by the servant to return to the room, and the commotion in the living room also dispersed. Uncles who were close to each other directly invited to dinner, intending to use the usual friendship to find a temporary place for his son. partner.

    Even if only one person wins in the end, before that, anyone can form an alliance for profit.

    Yuan Chen does not have a separate house in the city, so he is temporarily living in the old house these days. When the servant led him to the room on the second floor, Yuan Ren suddenly blocked his way.

    Yuan Chen raised his eyes to look at him and asked faintly.


    Yuan Ren looked at him displeasedly with no ups and downs, pushed him hard and unceremoniously, and then threatened with a threatening momentum.

    "Yuan Chen, I know you are a wolf in sheep's clothing, but don't stand in my way, or I will kill you sooner or later."

    Yuan Chen was pushed back a few steps by him, stood still and said nothing, then passed him and walked straight upstairs.

    Yuan Ren, who played a one-man show, was like a bluffing kid at the moment, naive and ridiculous.

    He stared at Yuan Chen's back with a sullen face, gritted his teeth and ordered his subordinates beside him.

    "Give me a close eye on Yuan Chen, I must catch his weakness!"

    Yuan Chen closed the door and searched the entire room quietly. After confirming the safety, he took out the communicator from his backpack and dialed Jiang Fu's number.

    The old man sent someone to configure him with a new mobile phone, but Yuan Chen didn't check the mobile phone carefully, so he first called Jiang Fu using the communicator of Ole College.

    It was connected after only a few rings, Jiang Fu's smiling voice was full of joy, and he whispered quietly.

    "I've been home long ago, how about you, how about you in Yuan's house?"

    "It's fine."

    While chatting with him, Yuan Chen casually unbuttoned his shirt with one hand, planning to take a bath later.

    When bending over and digging out the clothes from the backpack, he clamped the communicator to his ear with his shoulder, Jiang Fu's soft voice was close at hand and pressed to his ear, like a fluffy feather gently touching Yuan Chen's heart. Soft and itchy.

    After a while, he suddenly sighed slightly and interrupted Jiang Fu who was talking.

    "Orange, I want to see you."

    Jiang Fu was startled, then hesitated to ask.

    "But you said, let's try not to meet each other?"

    Yuan Chen rubbed his eyebrows vigorously, suppressing the intense emotions that surged in his heart, he turned and sat on the side of the bed, venting some gloomy irritability in his heavy tone.

    "I will participate in the selection of the national army in a few days, and I won't be back in two years.

    It is terrible to leave the beloved treasure alone in the sun without being able to protect it personally.

    The fact that just after graduating from Ole College, he was facing two years of separation, Jiang Fu also calmed down. He seemed to have turned over, and his nasal mutter sounded unhappy.

    "I will miss you, especially."

    Yuan Chen's chest seemed to be stuffed with damp cotton, which blocked him hard and sad, so he could only give a gratitude.

    He listened silently to Jiang Fu's words for a while, and suddenly suddenly stood up, his deep voice overflowing with impatient urgency.

    "Orange, I'm going to find you now."

    "Wh, what? Now?"

    Jiang Fu suddenly turned over and sat up in surprise, his breathing was a bit short, he seemed to think for a while hesitantly, and then he couldn't help but replied happily.

    "There is a Yirong Square not far from my house, then I will be waiting for you there."

    "Meeting in the square is easy to be spotted by others. Tell me the name of the largest mall near your home. We will meet there."

    "The big shopping mall near my home is called Dinghua Shopping Mall. There is an internet celebrity store with a lot of family members on the third floor. It will definitely not be discovered. Let's meet there."

    "it is good."

    After hanging up, Yuan Chen picked up his coat and walked outside, and said as he passed by the servant.

    "If Grandpa asks, he would say I went to Changyue and I don't need to prepare my lunch."

    The servant humbly responded. After Yuan Chen's figure disappeared from the door, a figure came out from the corner on the first floor, and the servant bowed to him respectfully.

    "Mr. Yue, do you have any instructions?"

    Yue Qin frowned and looked out the door, asking suspiciously.

    "Did Master Yuanchen go out just now?"

    "Yes, Master Yuanchen said that he went to see Chang Yue, not to have lunch at home."

    Yue Qin has been with Yuan Chen for four years, but never thought he was the kind of person who would take the initiative to contact friends, not to mention that he had no friends at all.

    Yue Qin's expression became serious, he raised his foot and walked outside the door, stopped a taxi and reported an address, and after a while he arrived at a villa in the south of the city.

    This is Yuan Ren's private residence.

    Yue Qin rang the doorbell, then raised his head to let the door guard see himself clearly.

    The door was opened by the owner, and Yue Qin secretly clenched his fists with some nervousness, took a silent breath, then pushed the door and walked in.

    As his heart beat more and more violently, he walked into the living room and saw Yuan Ren who was walking down the stairs.

    The man who has just taken a shower only wraps his lower body in a bathrobe. The strong muscles contain the power to thrive, and his fierce face is as cold as a desperate Rakshasa, which can easily scare people away.

    But Yue Qin's face showed obsessive admiration. He put his posture like the most humble servant, and immediately knelt on the ground respectfully, with his forehead against the cold floor, expressing his awe and awe in the most submissive posture. In love.

    The tail trembles slightly.

    "Master Blade."

    Yuan Ren's footsteps passed in front of him without any pause, and then a lazy voice sounded.


    Yue Qin closed his eyes, and his curled up body shuddered with excitement. He bit the tip of his tongue and barely suppressed the surging sentiment.

    "Master Blade, Yuan Chen went out as soon as he returned to the old mansion, saying he was going to see Chang Yue, but I think it is strange."

    Yuan Ren raised his voice and gave an acknowledgment, motioning him to continue.

    Yue Qin's lips were trembling, and his voice was a little hoarse.

    "I think he has a guide."

    When returning to the old house, Yue Qin, who had just got off the taxi, met Wang Yin. The other party was looking hurriedly about to get into Yuan's car. When he saw his drooping look, he frowned and strode towards him. Come here.

    Since the end of the task of protecting Yuanchen, the two of them have been resting temporarily, waiting for the father's new order.

    Wang Yin stared at him with an ugly expression, and his low voice was full of sadness and anger.

    "Yueqin! I warned you not to look for Yuan Ren! The old man will find out sooner or later!"

    "You leave me alone."

    Yue Qin waved away his hand indifferently and walked into the Yuan family old house alone.

    Looking at the obsessive look of his former partner in the orphanage, Wang Yin sighed deeply, and had to get into the car to complete the new task given by the old man.