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    Strategy To Attack The System Chapter 91 - STATS 91

    Chapter 91: .hunting Game 04

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    When the rain stopped in the evening, Yuan Chen removed the big rocks at the entrance of the cave one by one, and then walked in. +++ Girls must go to the website

    "Tonight at midnight is the end of the final test. These few hours may be more dangerous. Do you want to quit early?"

    The wet clothes were all dried, Jiang Fu was wearing Yuanchen's large coat, eating bread with small bites.

    His black hair is fluffy and cute, and a few strands are still curled up in a daze. His face is still a little bit of red blush, and his eyes are wet. Looking at Yuan Chen who is approaching him intently, he shook his head and refused. Tao.

    "It's not bad anyway. These few hours have passed. I want to be with you."

    "it is good."

    Yuan Chen smiled and rubbed his head, then walked aside to pack the contents of his rucksack.

    Jiang Fu ate half of the bread, and then leaned over to feed him.

    Yuan Chen opened his mouth and bit into the bread without lifting his head. He ate a clean meal in two bites, and then took the mineral water he gave him and drank it.

    He just threw aside his wife, then put his rucksack on his back, stood up and asked.

    "Are you going now?"

    "Let's go, you will be found out if you stay too long."

    The clown monster was biting Jiang Fu's trouser legs like a grinning puppy. Jiang Fu lowered his head to pick up the clown monster, but his waist was sore and his legs were so weak that he had to complain to Yuan Chen with a bitter face.

    Yuan Chen felt soft in his heart, stretched out his hand to hug him, chin pressed against his thin shoulder, and his low voice was full of guilt.

    "I'm sorry, I will make our relationship public as soon as possible."

    "It's okay, I know that you like me too."

    Jiang Fu gently patted his shoulder to comfort, then turned his head and kissed his side face. The nice voice was full of sensible softness.

    Yuan Chen's arms tightened tighter. He wanted to protect the person who was so hurt in his heart under his wings, and wanted him to completely rely on himself and never have to worry about any ups and downs.

    An approaching human voice heard in his ears, and Jiang Fu in his arms pushed him anxiously, urging him to let go of himself.

    There was an impulse for an instant, and Yuan Chen suddenly thought that it would be just like that. It would be no big deal to let others see the close relationship between the two.

    He wanted all the sentries to see the mark on Jiang Fu's body, and then he didn't dare to give birth to half coveting.

    But all the thoughts just passed away, and then he regained consciousness.

    He rubbed Jiang Fu's face with nostalgia, and then let go reluctantly.

    Outside the cave are the last remaining sentries. The road on a rainy day is slippery and muddy. They walked very cautiously. They saw Yuanchen walking out of the cave before they reached the entrance of the cave.

    "So there is another sentry."

    The leader Chong Yuanchen raised his eyebrows, then eagerly glanced at his partner, showing a provocative smile.

    "There should be only the four of us on this island. Let's decide the victory or defeat now."

    Yuan Chen nodded and accepted his challenge.


    Since it is the ultimate test, there is no need to hide your strength.

    The last team of sentinels were all well-known Class A sentries in the academy. After knowing that Yuan Chen was only a Class B sentinel, he didn't care about it, but after a few tricks, he asked with surprise.

    "You upgraded?"

    Yuan Chen moved his wrist and said lightly.

    "Well, just ascended these two days."

    The expressions of the other sentinels became serious, and they couldn't help but confront their opponents again.

    There are three of them, and they can completely surround Yuanchen and drag him down, and then eliminate him internally. However, they chose to divide into two groups one-on-one fair competition. In a moment, only Yuanchen and the leader of their team were left.

    Because the previous competition proposal was put forward by the leader, Yuan Chen had a good impression of him, and the opponent was indeed an upright, upright and excellent sentry.

    Yuan Chen only used 50% of the s-level strength to fight him, and the strength of both parties was equal. After spending some time, Yuan Chen finally won.

    When the mechanical elimination sounded, the man looked at him up and down in shock, with a bit of admiration in his undisguised admiration.

    "Unexpectedly, I would be defeated by a guy who had just been promoted to A grade. You are really amazing! It's so cool to fight with you, what's your name? I still want to talk to you when I return to the college."

    "Thank you, my name is Yuan Chen."

    "My name is Chang Yue, and I'm the monitor of the first class. Remember to come to me."

    The eliminated sentry will leave the island first, and Yuan Chen will turn around and walk into the cave after Chang Yue is taken away by the airborne aircraft.

    The clown monster is still in a fighting state, the huge dragon-shaped fur is red as blood, and the mouth is open, it can almost swallow a person.

    But it was too big. I changed several postures anxiously and couldn't squeeze into the cave entrance. I was aggrieved and slammed my head into the cave for a while, but it was still ignored.

    After flying lonely for a few laps, it suddenly saw a touch of snow swaying slowly in the messy jungle, with a proud posture like a king patrolling his territory.

    The clown monster happily swung around in the air, and then couldn't wait to fly over the white snow.

    When Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu walked out of the cave, what they saw was the joyful clown monster and the Persian cat curled up with its tail. The Persian cat meowed and screamed with furry limbs, obviously irritable and angry. .

    But the stupid clown monster obviously doesn't have such keen emotions, and thought that the Persian cat liked the feeling of flying around, just like it.

    So the clown happily threw the Persian cat into the air and caught it steadily.

    Jiang Fu felt very distressed for the clown monster whose IQ was opposite to the owner, and poked Yuanchen's arm and sighed.

    "Why is it still like this after having been with you for so long? Does it know that Master Miao will only become more and more afraid of it."

    Yuan Chen glanced at the two spirit bodies of Zheng Huan, who was not interested, and took Jiang Fu towards the end point in the center of the island.

    "We still don't want to participate in matters between spirit and body."

    Jiang Fu silently blessed them sympathetically for a while, and then obediently followed Yuan Chen away.

    After the time for the final test is over, the only remaining winners need to verify their identity at the end point in the center of the island, and then the academy will send a yacht to take them back.

    During the four years of study, Jiang Fu has always been the first among the guides, so he won the ultimate test is what everyone expected, and his insistence on waiting until the end of the test also gave him extra points and praise.

    But the winner of the sentinel surprised everyone who participated in the test. No one expected that a b-level sentinel would be lucky enough to be promoted to a-level in the test, and successfully stayed until the end.

    In everyones eyes, this is an ordinary persons fluke counterattack history. Despite the unwillingness in their hearts, the fact of Tie Zhengzheng is beyond rebuttal. They can only envy and hate watching the handsome and lucky sentry walk up. The podium.

    Since returning to the academy, Jiang Fu and Yuan Chen have regained their ordinary classmate relationship. Even if the two figures standing on the podium look extremely good, no one will doubt their relationship.

    After all, it is really different.

    After receiving the award and stepping down, Jiang Fu quickly hooked his little finger at the moment he passed by Yuan Chen, and then gently scratched his palm.

    Yuan Chen's eyelids suddenly lifted, and his pitch-black eyes stared at Jiang Fu deeply.

    Jiang Fu blinked at him from an angle that everyone could not see on or off the stage, his well-shaped lips slowly uttered silent language.

    See you in the background.

    Yuan Chen could hardly restrain himself from trying to step forward and grab him, but Jiang Fu's figure was fleeting, and in front of him were the darkened students again, unconsciously looking at him from the stage.

    The turbulent eagerness was like being poured through a basin of cold water, Yuan Chen's face was as usual, standing straight.

    After stepping down from the podium, Yuan Chen walked towards the backstage.

    He was only a few minutes slower than Jiang Fu, but he already missed him extremely, his heart beating fiercely throughout the world, and at the moment when he was dazzled by the lights of the audience, he suddenly expected it.

    He hoped that one day, he would be able to hold Jiang Fu's hand calmly under the gaze of all eyes and openly announce their intimacy.

    Jiang Fu is his guide.

    He is Jiang Fu's sentry.

    Jiang Fu, who was waiting in the background, was hugged and kissed by him as soon as he saw Yuan Chen who had pushed in. Yuan Chen kissed him fiercely, as if he was about to eat him, the breath between his lips and teeth was intertwined and involved. A more and more ambiguous atmosphere expanded.

    After finally earning a moment of breathing, Jiang Fu quickly reminded him.

    "Someone will come in soon!"

    Yuan Chen clasped the back of his neck and kissed deeply, kicking open the door of a dressing room next to him, holding him in, and pressing against the hard door panel.

    Because this is the awards ceremony of the ultimate test, they all wear the exclusive uniforms belonging to the winners. The uniforms of the guides are dark blue and gold intertwined, and there is a bit of brilliant flying in the soft and clear.

    The uniform was tailor-made after learning the test results. Jiang Fu's natural appearance is exquisite, and his waist and buttocks are more beautiful after wearing.

    His slender figure is matched with a unique temperament, no matter where he is, he is the focus of attention.

    Yuan Chen looked down at his trembling eyelashes, and muttered to himself.

    "I really want to lock you up."

    Locked in a place where no one can see, that thrilling beauty belongs only to me.

    The sudden scorching temperature in the air caused Jiang Fu to open his eyes abruptly. He stretched out his hand against Yuan Chen's chest, and said embarrassedly.

    "Can't be here, the ceremony will end soon..."

    However, Yuan Chen turned his hands up and buckled on the door panel defiantly, his tough movements brought an irresistible determination, and his dark and deep eyes were full of red-hot aggression.

    An unfamiliar dark mood suddenly rose from the bottom of my heart, as if breaking through a shackled cage, penetrating his body in a crazy manner.

    When he saw his shocking expression, Jiang Fu couldn't help but regret why he had deliberately teased him just now.

    In the background, the dean could faintly hear the words of the end of the ceremony from the microphone, and the voices that gradually became turbulent were scattered like boiling water.

    Yuan Chen was buried in his neck and bit fiercely, Jiang Fu felt a bit tingling, and there should have been traces that could not be covered.

    He softened his voice, rubbed Yuan Chen's hair like a cat, and whispered.

    "Yuanyuan, I want to put my arms around you, OK if you let go of my hand."

    The warm breath was itchy, and the nasal coquetry softened to his heart. Yuan Chen paused, and then he looked at him hesitantly, his eyes still glowing with fierce chaos.

    Jiang Fu licked his lips and murmured aggrievedly.

    "You hurt my wrist."

    Yuan Chen is always very sensitive to Jiang Fu's emotions. Even when he was about to lose control, he unconsciously let go of his hand after realizing Jiang Fu's unhappiness, clumsily and anxiously, rubbing his face around to please him. Whispered.

    "Don't be afraid, I like you, I want to hug you."

    The loosely clamped hands naturally rested on Yuanchen's shoulders, and then intimately wrapped his arms around his neck, but the fingers with distinct joints quietly touched the back of Yuanchen's head, and the transparent mental tentacles quickly drilled. Entered his spiritual realm.

    Yuan Chen trusts him completely. The s-level spiritual realm has an extremely hard fortress, but he does not hesitate to open all the familiar spiritual tentacles, allowing it to penetrate all corners.

    The tingling in his mind made Yuan Chen frown suddenly, his eyes suddenly surged with violent anger, and the hand around Jiang Fu's waist rubbed his whole body into his arms, even his bones creaked. Creaking.

    Jiang Fu stared at him unblinkingly, and the spiritual tentacles that entered the deeper realm tried their best to comfort the places where the storm swept through, but within a few minutes, a thin layer of sweat was already on his forehead.

    But to the delight, Yuan Chen's violent aura finally calmed down.

    He stared at Jiang Fu with a pale face in a daze, the darkness in his eyes faded a little, and there was panic and anxiety hidden in the hesitant questioning.

    "Sorry, did I scare you?"

    Jiang Fu was afraid that he would feel guilty again, so he quickly pulled him to the dressing table, then stuffed the puff box on the table into his hand, pretending to be angry.

    "Look at you, if you leave me with such obvious traces, you will definitely be found. Now I will give you a chance to make up for it and cover them all."

    He turned his head to show Yuan Chen the greasy neck, the messy hickeys on it were deep and heavy, especially vivid.

    The uniforms of the college are low-collared and can't cover it at all.

    Yuan Chen carefully applied a thick layer of powder on the hickey, and his tightly pressed lips looked a little low.

    Jiang Fu knew what he was guilty of.

    Wang Yin and Yue Qin thought that Yuan Chen of the s grade was always calm and composed, but in reality Yuan Chen would only lose control in front of him.

    As long as Jiang Fu reveals a slight sign of rejection, or Yuan Chen gets into the horns himself, he will easily lose his mind in front of Jiang Fu.

    All possessiveness and anxiety will be infinitely magnified, and the slightest emotional fluctuation can make him fall into a violent state, which is difficult to recover.

    He loves Jiang Fu, but he can't take it into his eyes selfishly and hide it in his heart.

    Such a dark mood made him feel insecure and insecure.

    And every time he meets, his out-of-control bottom line becomes higher and higher, and the suppressed dark impulse in the depths becomes stronger and more dangerous.

    In order to coax Yuanchen, Jiang Fu gave him a reward and praised happily.

    "It's all made up already."

    Yuan Chen's brows were still frowned, and he rubbed his red lips without saying a word, and his self-blaming voice was mixed with nervous helplessness.

    "Orange, I always have some very bad thoughts... very bad, very bad.... Will you hate me? Are you afraid of me?"

    "Will not."

    Jiang Fu held his face and looked intently into the depths of those blank black eyes. His gentle smile was full of infinite indulgence towards him.

    "I know that you like me. I like you too, so you can do too much to me."

    Yuan Chen's lips moved, as if he wanted to answer something, but he was at a loss.

    Jiang Fu moved closer, rubbing his nose with the tip of his nose, his smiling eyes curled up, filled with obvious affection and tenderness.

    The smiling murmur seemed to be revealing a triumphant little secret.

    "Really, too much is fine."

    Yuan Chen's breath choked, and the eyes that stared at him violently fluctuated, seeming to set off turbulent waves at any time, engulfing him.

    "Yuanchen! Yuanchen, you are here"

    The sudden intrusion stopped abruptly when he saw the two people who were close enough to kiss each other. Yuan Chen immediately pressed Jiang Fu's head on his chest, staring at the stunned Chang Yue with a chilling gaze. The low roar was filled with rage.


    Reflexively, Chang Yue closed the door immediately, but then sneakily exposed a crack in the door and said quickly, covering his eyes.

    "I'm sorry I have seen it just now, but I swear I will never say it! And I kindly remind you that the backstage staff are back, so come out!"

    After speaking nervously, he slammed the door shut.

    The quietness of the dressing room was restored, and the noise outside could be faintly heard, as well as the bad excuses that often stuttered to stop others coming in. Jiang Fu raised his head from his arms and said helplessly.

    "We should go out, or we won't be discovered by more people."

    Yuan Chen kissed him lightly again, reluctantly letting go.

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