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    Chapter 132: .daily Sugar 01

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    "Sorry, sorry, we will go out right away, and it will definitely not hinder you, Professor Yuan."

    Lu Tian also didn't dare to pant, and followed him counselingly. Amy pouted her mouth unhappily, and after being kicked out of the room, she lay down on the glass outside and stared at Jiang Fu intently, her eyes eagerly.

    Jiang Fu sat on the bed obediently, watching curiously as a group of staff members came in pushing a big instrument. While they were responsible for their work methodically, they couldn't help but glance at him secretly, then withdrew their gazes flushed.

    But the most calm man seemed to be unaffected by him. After debugging the machine, he glanced at Jiang Fu and ordered.

    "Come and lie on it."

    Jiang Fu let out a cry, and Yiyan slowly lay on the white operating table, his hands and feet were firmly bound by the girders at the moment he lay flat, and his head was connected with many colorful threads. of.

    He blinked anxiously and asked eagerly.

    "Will it hurt?"

    The closest to him was a female staff member. After seeing Jiang Fu's timid and wet eyes, her heart softened and she said very softly.

    "It doesn't hurt, just test your power level first."

    Jiang Fu relaxed a little.

    After a while, the man stared at the various indices recorded, his tone without emotion.

    "C-level, with three-degree configuration."

    The staff picked off the various threads on Jiang Fu's head, and finally only posted two chips thin as cicada wings on his temples, which were cool.

    Jiang Fu touched it curiously and asked blankly.

    "what is this?"

    "This is"

    The female staff member just now was unbearable. om

    Each ability player will conduct appropriate training after the ability level is confirmed, but the elementary ability player can't fully control his own ability, and it will only break out completely when life is threatened or huge stimulation.

    Therefore, the staff will use certain electric shocks for stimulation training. Although this process sounds extremely cruel, it is undoubtedly the most effective training method in a short time.

    But she looked at the young man's ignorant and innocent eyes, and she couldn't tell the truth.

    Such a good-looking person, no one can bear to make him hurt.

    Jiang Fu seemed to understand something from her hesitant dodge gaze, and the expression on her face was a little nervous.

    He is still lying on his back on the instrument, his close-fitting isolation suit outlines a clear and slender figure. The exposed skin is white and soft, his black hair is slightly messy, his black pupils and red lips are slightly messy, and his **** is weak enough to inspire Anyone's sadistic desire buried in the bottom of their heart.

    The surrounding staff stared at him with scorching eyes. Someone pretended to inadvertently touch Jiang Fus naked/exposed skin, even though it was separated by a layer of rough white gloves, the warm and smooth touch still allowed People fantasize about an extremely beautiful reality.

    Jiang Fu was panicked, struggling slightly and begging quietly.

    "Could you not tie me up, I feel bad."

    On the thin skin where the dark blue blood vessels are clearly visible, the shallow bruises struggling out are particularly eye-catching in a piece of snow.

    Almost everyone stared at him uncontrollably, even breathing for a few minutes, seeming to hesitate to agree to him, and even more so, they reached out to the button.

    "All out."

    The man in a white coat stared at Jiang Fu coldly, but he gave orders to everyone.

    Like a thunder in the clear sky, everyone was shocked, holding their breath and silent, looking at the man hesitantly. om

    "Professor Yuan, we, or how about a few people staying to help you"

    "All out."

    This time it was even colder than before.

    No one dared to refute anymore, and went out reluctantly. Suddenly, there were only two people left in the transparent room, and the group of people outside still stared at the scene in the room without blinking.

    The man glanced at the innocent Jiang Fu, turned and walked to the blue screen at the door and input a command. The transparent glass suddenly turned black, and then he slammed the door.

    People outside the door: ""

    The suddenly enclosed space made Jiang Fu's lips slightly curled up, the sunken dimples were sweet and soft, and a pair of jet-black eyes focused on the quiet man who deployed the instrument, and his unbridled eyes swept across his deep eyes. , Sexy Adams apple and well-knotted fingers.

    "Yuan Chen, can I call you Yuan Yuan?"

    Yuan Chen turned a deaf ear, and continued to beat on the instrument coldly.

    Jiang Fu waited for him for three seconds and then made a happy decision.

    "Then I will be your default. Well, you can call me Orange Orange."

    The words of intimacy were familiar as if they had known each other for a long time, and strangely, Yuan Chen's heart trembled at the moment he was chanting his name, as if the deep sea without waves was thrown into a small The stones calmed down quickly after they picked up ripples.

    Yuan Chen frowned quickly, did not answer him, just pressed a red button on the instrument, and then stared at him closely.

    In an instant, a strong electric current from the temple ran through all the nerves. The brief numbness engulfed the sharp pain as if countless needles were pierced fiercely. Jiang Fu yelled in pain, and the whole person was violent. Trembling.

    The pain came quickly, but the aftermath it brought was overwhelming for a long time.

    Yuan Chen looked at the sudden change of data on the instrument in surprise, and couldn't help taking a deep look at Jiang Fu who was sweating coldly.

    Only the lowest level of electric shock can make the c-level ability break through to the b-level. After a period of strong pressure training, then it is very possible for him to become a-level ability.

    Jiang Fu's eyes were loose, his lips turned white, and the white cloth under his body was soaked-it was caused by the ability he instinctively activated when the electric shock, even on the ground not far away, it was dripping wet. Water marks.

    Seeing that he hadn't spoken for a long time, Yuan Chen bent over and opened his eyelids to check his life. The moment he got up, the corners of his clothes were suddenly grasped by Jiang Fu's bound hands, and the face that was close at hand was filled with timid fragility, like a fragile vase that could shatter in a short time.

    "No, don't get an electric shock, okay, it hurts, it hurts Yuanyuan."

    The voice wrapped in a thin crying voice was like a little beast that Zhang Huang was at a loss. The young man looked at him expectantly and relying on him, and his black pupils were covered with a layer of mist.

    Yuan Chen's expression was still cold, and his fingers moved down to his throat, as if he was threatening or warning.

    "Don't play tricks."

    Don't think that this look can confuse everyone.

    Yuan Chen flicked away his hand and continued coldly trying different electric shock intensities. Jiang Fu's face was forced to endure painfully, his body convulsed, and soon his face was wet.

    The first attempt did not last for a long time. After Yuan Chen had a rough estimate of his situation, he untied the restraints on his hands and feet.

    But Jiang Fu didn't move, he seemed to have no energy to move again. The whole person was still stuck in the aftereffects of the electric shock. He kept mumbling vaguely. There was a lingering mist on his eyelashes and his nose was sobbing. Slight redness.

    Yuan Chen frowned slightly, and had to press his shoulders to help him up. As soon as he touched his thin shoulders, Jiang Fu seemed to have caught a life-saving straw in the drifting sea and grabbed his sleeves suddenly. Pounced into his arms, buried in his chest shivering.

    "It hurts so much, Yuanyuan"

    Yuan Chen froze suddenly, and the arm attached to his waist hugged him tightly like a koala. The shock that he had never had close contact with anyone made him forget to push him away for a while.

    And in these moments of confusion, the young man had already gotten up from his arms, with wet tears hanging on his greasy cheeks, and his soaked eyes were like beautiful obsidian, sad. When looking at a person, one can forget all consciousness.

    A shallow, hot breath spit into his ears, digging into his heart when he was defenseless.

    "I promise to be obedient and work hard to practice abilities, can you stop electrocuting me please."

    The young man's voice was soft and soft, like a kitten in his palm, scratching his heart while acting like a baby.

    Yuan Chen stared at him blankly for a while and his face changed suddenly, and he pushed him away out of control. The whole person staggered back several steps before he could stand still, his eyes like a cold star, and his face covered with a mask was extremely ugly.

    Jiang Fu was caught off guard and was pushed to the tip of the instrument. He took a breath and covered his lower waist with a pale face.

    Yuan Chen didn't look at him anymore, and quickly walked out of the room after pressing the command quickly, without looking back.

    The staff outside walked in and pushed the instrument away. Someone asked with concern after seeing his pale face. Jiang Fu just shook his head slightly, pursed his lips and did not speak. He obviously cried and looked like he was exhausted. Bullied.

    Thinking of Professor Yuan's reputation for being cold and unkind, everyone felt even more sympathetic and pity for him.

    The glass in the room is transparent again, and Yuan Chen has long been missing.

    Most of the people outside were dismissed by Yuan Chen. Zhou Zheng and Lu Tian also left beforehand. Jiang Fu sat on the ground and had a silent conversation with Amy through the glass. When the closing time of District 1 came, Amy also had to leave. In the empty silence, all the light was darkened.