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    Chapter 128: .you Of The Galaxy 07

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    This is an anti-theft chapter. Please support the genuine article~ Amy's eyes widened, and she grabbed the corner of Jiang Fu's clothes in disbelief, and held the doll in her arms tighter with fear. ---End of this Tanmei, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance

    Although Shi Sang is the weakest member of the S group, and he rarely communicates with his companions on weekdays, they are also comrades who have fought side by side after all, but now they are on the side of the zombies. This is really difficult to make people. accept.

    Jiang Fu took off the communicator that was rustling in his ears and threw it to the ground.

    "Since we were attacked, the communicator has no signal, and the zombies have been specifically instructed not to harm me and Amy. Shisang, how long have you been preparing for this trap?"

    "Since I knew we were going to patrol together."

    Jiang Fu frowned and asked.

    "You are the zombie emperor, why have you hidden in the base for so long and no one has discovered it, so you want to deliberately expose your flaws in front of me?"

    Shi Sang seemed to suppress the turbulent desire in his heart, looked at him with admiration and expectation, and said eagerly.

    "Jiang Fu, this is what makes you special. If others know that I am a zombie king, they will definitely be eager to kill me, but you are still so calm. I die?"

    "Ah, you may have misunderstood. You didn't report that you wanted to work out your plan. As for you don't want to die..."

    Jiang Fu thought about the matter for a while, then said seriously.

    "Because I want to arrest you and give Yuan Yuan to study how to develop a zombie antidote."

    Shi Sang was taken aback, then a trace of envy swept across his face.

    "I have already told you, Yuan Chen is playing with you at all! Why are you still obsessed with it!"

    Before Jiang Fu could answer, he hurriedly walked forward two steps, and said with excitement.

    "Jiang Fu, those who have been bitten by the zombie emperor will maintain their original appearance, and they will not become old or ugly. When I turn you into a zombie, we will destroy all the remaining humans and let this world All become yours. Okay?"

    Jiang Fu lowered his eyelids casually, and refused without thinking.

    "I don't like zombies, zombies can't taste the taste of food, they can only eat human flesh, and it is smelly and ugly."

    Shi Sang tightened his eyebrows irritably, staring at him gloomily.

    "Jiang Fu, I don't want to threaten you."

    "Forgot to say, I also hate being threatened."

    Jiang Fu raised his chin behind him, with a defiant smile on his face.

    Shi Sang had a bad premonition inexplicably. He turned his head and saw that more and more supernaturalists appeared on the hillside not far away, and Zhou Zheng, who was supposed to have left the base, stood with a gloomy face. At the front, the gun in his hand was pointed in his direction.

    Shi Sang was silent for a few seconds, then turned around nonchalantly and smiled sarcastically at Jiang Fu.

    "Do you think they still have time to save you at such a distance?"

    Jiang Fu stared at him tightly, his lips curled slightly.

    "Then you can try it."

    He patted Amy on the head with his backhand, and Amy took out something from the package, quickly lowered his head and fiddled with it for a few seconds, then threw it at the unsuspecting Shisang, and then Jiang Fu pulled her back and turned in the opposite direction. The ground rushed over.

    The huge explosion sound accompanied by the diffuse white smoke disturbed everyone's sight, the angry howling of the zombies instantly became messy, Jiang Fu's back was cut into fine wounds by the fragments, and the hot pain gradually spread. He shook his numb ears, fumbled for Amy, got up and ran forward.

    Amy broke away from his hand and ran forward flexibly while killing the zombies, without intending to be protected by him.

    The two ran desperately in the chaos, and when dealing with the sudden emergence of zombies, they ran away unconsciously.

    The **** smell of Jiang Fu attracted more and more zombies. After a considerable wave of abilities were consumed one after another, Jiang Fu hid tiredly in a pile of ruins to rest.

    The white smoke slowly dissipated, and the abilities he could expect to be rescued had already been fighting with the zombies, and Shi Sang was missing, not knowing if he had died in the explosion.

    But he always felt that the dignified zombie emperor would not die so easily.

    After a short break, he propped his elbows and planned to get up and leave. With keen vigilance, he noticed a sudden blow of fist from behind.

    When he was about to lift his foot over the corpse of the zombie and move forward, Shi Sang's voice sounded from behind.

    "Jiang Fu."

    Jiang Fu turned his head, his frowning cold expression suddenly changed when he saw Amy carrying the tall zombie behind Shi Sang. He stared at the unconscious Amy and said in a cold voice.

    "Shi Sang, let Amy go."

    Half of Shi Sang's body was gone, only supported by the formidable white bones, but he still looked alive. He no longer concealed a pair of golden pupils, his half-bones and half-boy face grinned, revealing pointed and foul-smelling fangs.

    "Jiang Fu, if you replace her with yourself, I will let her go."

    Jiang Fu approached him coldly and stood in front of him.

    "You can let her go."

    Shi Sang obsessedly stretched out his bone-stained hand with rotten flesh to touch his cheek, like a shy teenager, pursing his lips and smiling, then licked his lips hungry, and demanded urgently.

    "You have to let me take a bite."

    Jiang Fu glanced at Amy whose blood was flowing through half of his face, tilted his head slightly, and unsuspectingly revealed a white and greasy neck. Under the thin skin is a dark blue vein, and fresh blood is flowing. Blood vessels.

    Shi Sang's hands began to tremble violently, staring at the tempting food with excitement, swallowing uncontrollably, and then slowly approaching his neck.

    When the distance between the two was almost only one centimeter, he heard Jiang Fu suddenly sneered and spoke in a low voice.

    "Fool, don't you know that even if you become a zombie, there is water in your blood?"

    Shi Sangs pupils shrank abruptly, and instantly his heart seemed to be slammed under the deep sea with extremely strong water pressure. The silent force around him almost squeezed the heart out, breathless, and his limbs seemed to be frozen. Live as out of control.

    He stared at Jiang Fu fiercely, his golden eyes erected angrily into a line, and his eyes were cold killing intent.

    Jiang Fu passed him, kicked the zombie with its teeth and claws, and then took the fallen Amy and knelt directly on the ground.

    He used the highest skill of the water system ability, exerting the greatest power, but also causing huge damage to himself. His eyes turned black and two lines of nosebleeds slowly dripped from his nose, which fell on Amys tickingly. Clothes.

    Amy, who had gradually awakened from a coma, stared at him with dilated pupils and pale face, anxiously got up from his arms and awkwardly wiped his nosebleeds.

    The sequelae of excessive use of powers are too obvious. Jiang Fu's ears are roaring, and he can't hear any sound from the outside world for the time being. He just knows that Amy will not let go.

    When consciousness slowly recovered, there was a harsh howl in the ear, and then Amy's body suddenly struggled, and thick blood splashed on Jiang Fu's face.

    He opened his eyes in confusion, and Amy, who was close at hand, was biting his neck by the zombie behind him, and his struggling hands weakly grasped his arm, as if in a silent cry for help.

    Jiang Fu's pupils shrank suddenly, his brain was blank, and his extreme anger made him stare at the zombies expressionlessly. The rapid activation of the supernatural made the zombies tremble violently and backed away a few steps, and then he slammed his brains back. exploded.

    He held Amy, whose limbs were twitching in a daze, and froze at a loss.

    Behind the ears suddenly came close to Shi Sang's voice, and the intermittent **** laughter was full of evil.

    "Didn't I tell you, I want to help you prove that Yuan Chen is a hypocrite."

    Jiang Fu seemed to have not heard him, and still hung his head motionless, holding Amy's hands extremely tight, and his white knuckles could not stop shaking.

    Shi Sang's boneless hands pressed against the heart of his chest, and his sharp nails pierced the thin skin with a little effort, and then crushed the living heart.

    As if coaxing him lightly, Shi Sang's other hand supported his chin and lifted it slightly, while lowering his voice as if he was whispering.

    "Don't be afraid, how can I bear your painful death? It's just a play."

    Jiang Fu looked at Yuan Chen standing silently in the distance, as if he hadn't expected him to appear, with a little surprise on his face.

    A hundred meters away, it seems that Yuan Chen, who has just come out of the laboratory, is still wearing a white coat, and he has not even taken off the sterile gloves. The spotless snow white and the **** battlefield are out of touch, but his eyes are cold and cold. It is enough to make anyone shudder.

    He stared at Jiang Fu, who was held in his arms by Shi Sang and with dazzling blood dripping from his nose and mouth. His remaining sanity was covered by the monstrous anger, and he just wanted to **** the young man he missed from the arms of others who were obstructive. When I came back, I ignored the facts I had concealed for a long time.

    Suddenly, the vines that soared from the depths of the ground stalked as high as a fairy, and seemed to have murderous vitality in his hands. They flew straight toward Jiang Fu at an incredible speed, and they didnt even encounter zombies along the way. Hesitantly strangling and removing, it was only a few seconds, and countless pieces of zombies were left where the vine passed.

    Shi Sang did not make the slightest resistance. Jiang Fu's abilities have almost collapsed his sex. If Jiang Fu was not stable after Amy was bitten, how could he have the force to take advantage Taking this opportunity to give Jiang Fu the final blow.

    Jiang Fu looked at the forcing vines in front of him in disbelief, as if some kind of window paper that was as thin as a cicada's wings was finally torn by the person over there, the terrible facts that he did not want to be straightforward were exposed to the blue sky and the sun.

    He closed his eyes hard, his face pale.

    The person who appeared at the door was straight and upright. He was dressed in a Baroque aristocratic dress and lined his noble and extraordinary. The blood-red high-necked shirt and the pure black cloak intertwined with a ghostly and dangerous atmosphere. The pointed fangs with thin lips showed that His identity-a handsome vampire.