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    Strategy To Attack The System Chapter 124 - STATS 124

    Chapter 124: .you Of The Galaxy 03

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    Lu Tian took the form printed by the staff and grumbled bitterly.

    "Why do I, a fighter, do this kind of errands?"

    Zhou Zheng snorted and said angrily.

    "Who made your head I also take over the leadership of the laboratory now. As my little brother, shouldn't you follow my instructions with all your hard work?"

    "Listen, let me go."

    Seeing Lu Tian turned around and was about to leave, Zhou Zheng suddenly stopped him, thought about it, and walked side by side with him to District 1.

    "I think I have something to ask Professor Yuan, I'll go with you."

    After stepping into the area of Zone 1, only one room in the row of transparent rooms is completely dark, as if no light penetrates into it, and no one can see the scene inside.

    After Lu Tian glanced at the striking black, he muttered softly.

    "You said that Professor Yuan can't live in his dormitory. Why does he have to live in the room where the supernaturalist is trained?"

    Zhou Zheng also looked over unconsciously. He saw it more thoroughly than Lu Tian, and knew the inside story of Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu.

    Although Yuan Chen claimed to the outside world that he would conduct special experiments in room 07 and refuse to be disturbed by anyone, Zhou Zheng subconsciously felt that he was not the only one in that room.

    "Head, and Jiang Fu, how could they escape with Amy?"

    Lu Tian sighed, his expression showed some dissatisfaction and entanglement, and he was worried about the situation of the two of them outside.

    Zhou Zheng glanced at his unsuspecting expression, hesitated for a moment, did he tell his guess.

    On the night when the potion failed on Amy, Jiang Fu escaped with Amy.

    This was the fact Yuan Chen told all of them the next day. They also went out in a team to find the traces of the two, but there was no result. And Yuan Chen temporarily handed over the responsibility for everything to Zhou Zheng that afternoon, saying that he wanted to concentrate on researching the development and improvement of zombie potions, but the strange thing was that he didn't need any assistants, and he didn't take any potions I locked myself in room 07 alone, staying for more than half a month.

    Zhou Zheng is an insider who knows the secrets between him and Jiang Fu. When he first heard the news of Jiang Fus departure, even Zhou Zheng was extremely anxious, but Yuan Chen, who was almost inseparable from Jiang Fu on weekdays, was calm and terrifying. , And even lack of interest in looking for Jiang Fu outside the base.

    Zhou Zheng couldn't believe that Yuan Chen's emotions could change so quickly. Yuan Chen, who stood in front of him at that time, had a cold face, and his dark eyes were sharp and indifferent, like a piece of ice that no one could melt, wrapped in shocking Cold's strong hostility.

    After searching for a few days to no avail, the people in the base gradually no longer had any hope for Jiang Fu's survival. Only Zhou Zheng insisted on going out every day to continue searching.

    Until one day, when he had to knock on the door of 07 because of something in the base, Yuan Chen only showed a crack in the door to talk to him, and Zhou Zheng, who was listening attentively, suddenly heard a sound coming from the depths of the room.

    As if it was just a short-lived illusion, a sudden uplift of crying was wrapped in intolerable pain and a weak choking, like a little beast that was forced to a desperate situation and sent out a cry for help near the bottom line.

    Zhou Zheng was obviously stunned.

    Because he thought the voice was familiar.

    In that way, only one sound can make a strange and numb sound from the fingertips, only Jiang Fu's.

    Yuan Chen obviously also saw his stunnedness. After a pause, he casually moved his knuckles, with a smile on his face, gently interrupting Zhou Zheng's wandering.

    "Leader Zhou, what else do you have?"

    Zhou Zheng returned to his senses abruptly, watching him hesitantly without speaking.

    He held his breath and listened carefully again, maximizing the perception of the superpower, but at this moment, the room was silent, and there was no sound at all.

    It seemed that the short cry just now was really just his auditory hallucinations.

    Zhou Zheng frowned slightly. He was a person who believed in intuition, but he didn't know what to do at this time. After pondering for a few seconds, he spoke tentatively.

    "I don't know what experiment Professor Yuan is doing. Is there anything I can help with?"

    Yuan Chen lowered his eyelids, still a gentle smile on his handsome face, and even faintly vented a hint of secret pleasure.

    "No, it's just an experiment that needs time to rectify. I'm already very grateful to you if Commander Zhou helped deal with the base."

    The refusal had blocked his curiosity head-on, and Zhou Zheng had to say goodbye to him, turned and walked a few steps, he couldn't help looking back again at the closed room 07.

    On the other side of the pitch-black glass, someone seemed to be looking at the direction he was leaving, making a silent desperate cry for help.

    He shook his head, secretly sighing that maybe his nerves are too sensitive.

    Only shallow doubts were buried in his heart, and he couldn't help looking for possible doubts in every behavior of Yuan Chen.

    The amount of food Yuan Chen ordered to be delivered every day did not seem to be enough for one person, and he would take something out of the room every few days, and then take a new bag from the dormitory.

    Once Zhou Zheng followed silently, and found that he was burning the things he brought out of Room 07 in the wasteland behind the base. A large group of white sheets was extremely wrinkled, as if someone was struggling hard. I've scratched it, and the strangely colored white on it looks like snow spots, scattered on all parts of the bed sheet.

    Zhou Zheng, who was hiding in the dark, stared at the large piece of white for a long time. It was not until the next morning that he drowsily solved his daily needs. When he pulled the sheets to wash, he accidentally discovered that the traces on the sheets were the same as yesterday in Yuan Yuan. Chen saw exactly the same.

    His face became flushed, with a bit of embarrassment. After a while, he didn't know what to think of, and his expression became serious again.

    After thinking about all the doubts he found for a long time, he finally believed it firmly.

    There are always two people in 07's room-Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu, and the answer to what they are doing in the room is self-evident.

    Lu Tian next to him was still nagging, Zhou Zheng absent-mindedly glanced at Room 07, which was getting closer and closer, and a ridiculous impulse suddenly rose in his heart.

    With the strength of both him and Lu Tian, how about breaking in and seeing what happened?

    If Jiang Fu is really there, then question Yuan Chen confidently. If Jiang Fu is not, then explain that they have knocked on the door for a long time without responding, and they broke in because they were afraid that something would happen to Yuan Chen inside.

    After thinking about it for a while, he increasingly felt that this plan was feasible.

    "Lu Tian, I have..."

    Unfinished words came to an abrupt end when they caught sight of the green in the corner of the ground. The vines were squirming slowly. Even if there were no signs of life, Zhou Zheng felt like being stared at by the vines.

    More like a ubiquitous surveillance.

    Chad only remembered Yuan Chen's plant powers, and Zhou Zheng's face suddenly froze.

    He calmly perceives the surroundings carefully, and finds that there are plant vines piled up in every corner, hidden in the shadows and silently peering at everyone's behavior.

    The power turned the vine into Yuan Chen's eyes. Although he never came out in Room 07, he still knew everything about the entire base.

    Zhou Zheng's back was cold, and the fine cold sweat soaked his temples. He didn't dare to imagine how Yuan Chen would deal with him if he broke into the room on impulse just now.

    When those cold, indifferent eyes looked at everyone, they seemed to be just looking at the lifeless ants. Except for Jiang Fu, which has a temperature in his eyes, no one else deserves Yuanchen's heart. .

    So, even if they killed them, Yuan Chen wouldn't have the slightest hesitation.

    Zhou Zheng subconsciously classified Yuan Chen as such a cruel person, but he didn't feel any sense of violation.

    After managing the base with Yuan Chen for so long, Yuan Chen always gave him a strange sense of detachment. It seems that he didn't care about the life and death of the base at all. He just reluctantly agreed to a trivial thing in order to find a place to stay temporarily.

    The thoughts in his mind swept past the river quickly, Zhou Zheng calmly stopped at the door of the room, and rang the doorbell.

    Since Yuanchen decided to live in this room, he has remodeled the room, not only replacing the password lock with a more rigorous fingerprint lock, but also adding doorbells and various furniture.

    07 has become his exclusive site, no longer like a cold training room, but more and more like a complete home.

    A home.

    Zhou Zheng once again felt incredible by his strange divergent thoughts.

    After ringing the doorbell, they waited for a few seconds to see the door clicked open. Yuan Chen in a white coat asked them coldly from the narrow gap in the door.

    Zhou Zheng explained his intentions, and then hurriedly bumped Lu Tian with his elbow.

    Lu Tian hurriedly handed the form in his hand to Yuan Chen. Because the paper was very large, Yuan Chen pulled the door a little bigger, revealing the dense jungle-like vine roof behind him.

    Lu Tian was not as calm as Zhou Zheng, subconsciously poking his head and looking inwardly, he said jokingly.

    "Professor Yuan made the house like this, it doesn't feel like doing an experiment, but like an adventure game of hiding some treasure in the deep forest."

    What he said unintentionally caused Zhou Zhengsheng to sweat in an instant, and Yuan Chen didn't know what he thought of, so he raised his eyelids and glanced at them faintly.

    Zhou Zheng suffocated his breath and slapped Lu Tian on the back of the head quickly, stopping him with a rough noise.

    "What are you talking about? How can we understand Professor Yuan's experiment."

    Lu Tian was bitter and covered his head, daring to be angry but not speaking secretly at him.

    Yuan Chen, who was still looking at Shi Sang's record data on the form, suddenly spoke without raising his head.

    "Curious, come in and take a look if you are curious."