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    Strategy To Attack The System Chapter 122 - STATS 122

    Chapter 122: .you Of The Galaxy 01

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    The instrument connected to the transparent experiment cabin suddenly made a continuous beep, and the green light that flashed suddenly attracted everyone in the laboratory. The three scientists headed by them showed shock and ecstasy and shouted excitedly. . ---End of this Tanmei, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance

    "Successful! Our experiment was successful!"

    The surrounding staff also cheered for it, they once again pushed the technology of the Federal Interstellar to an unbelievable peak.

    Two scientists started to record the data of the artificial human in the experimental cabin separately, and the other opened a small dormant cabin next to the experimental cabin, and then removed all the instruments connected to the person in the cabin, looking forward to watching him slowly wake up Come here.

    Suddenly, a large wave of sights gathered on the artificial man was attracted by the beautiful young man who was slowly sitting up.

    The young man seemed to have slept for a long time, rubbing his eyebrows in the obsessive eyes of everyone and said.

    "Too many people make me a headache."

    The scientist next to him hurriedly drove all the staff out, leaving only the four of them in the huge room, which was exactly the same as the scene before the experiment was carried out by the young man. It was only a short moment in reality, but he had already experienced enough in the spiritual world. Long years.

    The scientist stared at him eagerly, and the gaze made the young man almost think that he would be dissected and studied thoroughly.

    His elbows were leaning against the white edge of the dormant cabin, his thin white fingers propped his chin, and his black and clear eyes looked at the experimental cabin next door. He tilted his head and asked like an enthusiastic child, but his tone was lazy. of.

    "Did the experiment succeed?"

    "Successful! Thank you for your cooperation, you will become the greatest volunteer ever!"

    With tears in his eyes, the scientist wanted to hold his hand to express his gratitude, but the young man immediately withdrew his hand to avoid it. He pressed the button next to the dormant cabin, and the white round wall surrounding him slowly retracted.

    He turned lightly and walked out of the dormant cabin, and then stood beside the experimental cabin, staring at the artificial human still sleeping in the transparent glass, and asked casually.

    "Then when will he wake up?"

    "We need to count and analyze his brain data before awakening him. It will take about a day to transition."

    The scientist's words made the youth's exquisite face flashed with imperceptible regret. His long and thick eyelashes were hanging down, and his dark eyes were staring straight at the familiar face, as if he was reluctant to give up.

    He bent his fingers to buckle the glass, and the crisp sound mixed with the nice sound.

    "Can I touch him?"

    The scientists who were collecting the data were taken aback, seeing that he had just made a huge contribution to the Federation, and after looking at each other, they reluctantly agreed. While staring nervously at him for fear that he might accidentally damage something, they proudly explained. .

    "With the first artificial human that can derive emotions independently, we will soon be able to create artificial humans with the same data, and then we will move their emotions to the brains of interstellar residents, so there is a crisis of missing emotional fragments. It will be calmed down soon. We will also add your name when reporting, and you will become a hero that has been passed down through the ages!"

    The young man who was staring at the artificial man frowned slightly when he heard his ambitious words, and then casually refused.

    "I hope you can keep all of my information confidential, and if it is exposed, it will be very troublesome to my life."

    Once his name and appearance were exposed, those people he had deceived before would not all have to use a knife to stop him, and it would be tiring to think about it.

    Scientists originally thought that he would be extremely proud of this, but they didn't care so much. However, the volunteers who participated in the experiment could indeed choose whether to keep their information secret, so they regretted it and agreed to the request of the youth.

    The sleeping face of the artificial human looks exactly the same as in the spiritual world, but it feels cold to the touch. The young mans fingers linger along the outline of his face inch by inch, as if to burn this look into his own mind. Go inside, but the cast eyes are still idle.

    After a while, the green and white knuckles lightly touched the eyebrows of the man-made, then rubbed his hair like a dragonfly, and then retracted it.

    The young man turned and walked towards the rack where the clothes were placed, and asked lazily while putting on his coat.

    "can I go now?"

    The scientist nodded and replied.

    "Yes, I will ask you to take you to amnestics, and then send you out of here immediately. Don't worry, when you leave this building, all your charges have been revoked."

    I don't know what sentence made the young man's action pause, he raised a wistful smile, and said lazily.

    "Okay, don't bother me after that."

    After getting the scientist's promise, the young man leaned on the door frame and waited for someone sent by the scientist to come. His eyes floated around like an uncertain wind, but he never looked at the artificial human experiment cabin again.

    The scientist sent him one of his most proud students, who looked old and solid with glasses, and looked like the kind of nerd who studied knowledge.

    The moment he saw the youth, he stayed for a few seconds, then his face turned flushed, flustered and shy as if he were on a first date, he straightened his back unconsciously, and smoothed the corners of his clothes quietly. .

    After receiving the scientist's order, he blushed and led the young man to the memory operation room. He was nervous and stiff, and even tripped himself on the smooth road.

    The young man who followed gave a chuckle. The laugh was soft and moving, with a bit of coquettish nasal sound. He was already an adult, but speaking in such a sweet tone would only make people feel like a drum. , The soul does not keep home.

    "Be careful, scientist."

    The nerd was even more embarrassed by his laughter, and he wanted to dig a hole in the ground to hide it. When he got up from the ground in a hurry, a well-knotted hand supported his arm, and suddenly he approached Wen. The warm-up body seemed to linger with a light fragrance, and the voice of speech penetrated his ears like a vine.

    "Is it all right?"

    The nerd raised his head in a daze and looked at the young man close at hand. The exquisite appearance of black hair and red lips seemed to be a breathtaking mountain spirit. When he laughed, he couldn't move his eyes.

    He stammered just about to answer that it was okay, but when he saw the youth suddenly approaching him, as if to whisper something, his heartbeat choked, and the unexpanded joy was suddenly confused by a sudden fragrance.

    The extremely low voice was like a spell of a witch, tampering with his memory silently.

    "You have taken me to amnestics. After I leave here, you will complete the monitoring and data, so that no one will find out, be good."

    The strange scent quickly melted into the air, and the nerd was stunned. He found that the young man had just patted the dust on his clothes when he got close, and then asked with concern.

    "What's wrong? Did you fall anywhere?"

    Looking at the obsidian-like beautiful eyes of the young man, the book nerd reacted with hindsight. He was ashamed of his self-confidence and shook his head quickly.

    "It's okay, let's go quickly..."

    Halfway through the conversation, he suddenly stopped, a daze flashed across his face, and he changed his words after thinking about it.

    "I should send you out of here."

    The young man nodded his head without doubt, his face was lightly smiling, and the dimples on his cheeks were slightly sunken, surprisingly sweet.

    The voice was warm and soft, like a thread of sugar.

    "it is good."

    After getting on the Federal Starship that sent him away, the young man could still see the nerd standing at the door of the building from the transparent window, and he chuckled indifferently.

    The federal starship stopped at the place he requested. It was a relatively remote road. He waited boredly for a while, and then a private starship stopped in front of him.

    After the young man disappeared into the private starship, the floating ladder was slowly retracted, and then the private starship returned in the same direction as when it came.