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    Chapter 121: .uncharted 12

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    Since Jiang Fu disappeared in the private hospital, the two mermaid and a moon shark on the third basement of the experimental building also disappeared at the same time. The staff searched to no avail, so they had to temporarily put the research data they recorded in the book and closed it. ---End of this Tanmei, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance

    Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang regretted the loss of Jiang Fu. Mrs. Jiang washed her face with tears all day long, blaming Mr. Jiang for forcing their son away, and Mr. Jiang finally felt remorse, and since then they have become incomprehensible. The heart knot, even the strong body has broken a bit.

    One and a half years later, Jinhui married an alpha, and Jinhui's brother sent someone to send an invitation. They hesitated for a long time or went.

    The wedding was held in a famous city by the sea. After they watched Jin Hui, who had almost become their own family, put on the ring, they felt relieved and sad. They couldn't help but think of their missing child.

    It was very late after the wedding, and they tactfully rejected Jinhui's brother's proposal to stay here for more time to play, and planned to return to the hotel to rest for one night and leave the next day.

    The hotel is on the street next to the wedding banquet. The city is still prosperous late at night, and it is Valentine's Day today, so the pedestrians on the street come and go, very lively.

    There was a **** the side of the road selling roses. She smiled sweetly. Mr. Jiang bought one for Mrs. Jiang, and Mrs. Jiang held a clean flower branch, and her smile was as shy as a girl.

    When they passed under the overpass, one person ran down the stairs of the overpass and bumped into Mr. Jiang.

    After being hit, Mr. Jiang took a step back and barely stood still. He frowned as he looked at the red-haired boy sitting on the ground blankly with his head covered.

    Soon, another teenager hurriedly ran down from the overpass. His hair was emerald green like aquatic plants. He was wearing a hoodie like red hair. He apologized to Mr. Jiang and quickly helped the red-haired boy up. Angrily reprimanded something in a low voice.

    The red-haired young man pushed him away impatiently, and was about to continue running forward over Mr. Jiang, but his eyesight quickly grabbed the hat of his shirt. The red-haired young man was caught off guard, his face flushed, and turned around fiercely. Shout.

    "Go away! Eat! Eat candy!"

    He seemed very strenuous when speaking, and he could only pop up a few words at a time. He was as clumsy as a babbling child, but it was a bit weird to see him as a teenager who was almost in high school.

    However, Mr. Jiang did not show the slightest strange look, just couldn't help but ask worriedly.

    "Where are your parents? There are a lot of people here. Be careful not to get separated."

    The boy who was helping the red-haired boy to take the dust away from his body raised his head, smiled softly at him, showing his cute tiger teeth. He obviously looked smaller than the red-haired boy, but his speech and behavior seemed to be mature. My lord.

    "Thank you, uncle, our father and mother are going on a date, so I took my brother out for a stroll."

    After seeing his appearance, Mr. Jiang realized that his eyes were also pure emerald green, shining like beautiful emeralds, smiling cute and cute, and his eyebrows were a little familiar.

    Mrs. Jiang beside her suddenly muttered in a daze.


    Her voice was very soft, only Mr. Jiang heard it, so the Huya boy tilted his head in doubt.

    "Mother-in-law, what are you talking about?"

    Mr. Jiang stared at him closely after Mrs. Jiang's muttering, and I wonder if it was because he missed his child too much, so he could find some similarities with Jiang Fu from his eyebrows.

    Mr. Jiang's heart was sour, and he almost burst into tears, but he knew that Jiang Fu was an alpha, and there would be no children with that mermaid, so he explained with a wry smile.

    "Our child is lost. You look a bit like him, so your mother-in-law admitted wrong."

    After listening, the Huya boy was stunned, then smiled brilliantly.

    "Then we are so fate! Uncle, where are you going, shall we send you there?"

    Mr. Jiang, who was originally worried that the other party would mind if he listened, felt relieved, and then he developed more affection for him, and said lovingly, treating him like his grandson like a love house and a crow.

    "We are going to Shengting Hotel, kid, do you know the way?"

    After thinking about it, the Huya boy nodded, and then murmured something in the ear of the red-haired boy, his voice was soft, as if he was coaxing him, and his expression was gentle.

    There was an unhappy look on the red-haired boy's face. He muttered what he had refuted. He suddenly pushed the Huya boy and wanted to turn around and run, but the Huya boy grabbed his hat again, so he had to reluctantly agree with his stinky face. Up.

    The Huya boy held his hand tightly as if afraid that he would run away, then Mr. Chongjiang and Mrs. Jiang showed a soft smile and said happily.

    "Uncle, mother-in-law, my name is Yuanbi, and this is my brother Yuesha."

    Although knowing that it is very offensive to ask about other people's family affairs at the first meeting, Mr. Jiang still couldn't help but want to know him more and asked inexplicably.

    "Are you brothers?"

    Yuan Bi thought for a while, and then replied.

    "Not a real brother, but more intimate than a real brother."

    "Then your relationship is very good."

    Seeing Yuan Bi's smile, Madam Jiang couldn't help talking to him.

    The smile on Yuan Bi's face deepened. He turned his head and looked at Yue Sha, who was still muttering unhappy, his expression focused and gentle, and his emerald-green eyes contained unnoticeable paranoia.

    "Yes, my favorite in this world is my brother."

    The Shengting Hotel is not far away. They arrived in a few minutes. Even if Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang were reluctant to keep them, they carefully asked them at the entrance of the hotel for a while.

    Yuan Bi had been listening obediently, and finally shook Yuesha's hand and reminded in a low voice.

    "Brother, I want to say goodbye to uncle and mother-in-law."

    Yuesha, who had been absent-minded, knew that he could finally buy marshmallows, and immediately grinned and said beamingly.

    "Goodbye! Goodbye!"

    After speaking, he couldn't wait to drag Yuan Bi in the direction he was when he was coming back and forth. Yuan Bi quickly grabbed him and said apologetically.

    "Goodbye uncle, goodbye mother-in-law, let's go first, you should rest early."

    It wasn't until the vigorous figures of the two teenagers disappeared into the crowd that Mr. Jiang looked back. He sighed, wiped away the tears for Mrs. Jiang beside him, and persuaded him in love.

    "If you cry again, your eyes will swell, and you won't come out to see people tomorrow."

    Madam Jiang was still obsessedly looking at the direction they were leaving, helplessly buried in her alpha's arms, choked and said.

    "I...I want to fall back."

    Mr. Jiang was silent for a moment, his voice was heavy and vicissitudes of life, overflowing with self-blame, and it melted in the midnight air inaudibly.

    "I miss him too."

    The seaside of the city is a tourist attraction in summer, and there are endless tourists visiting every day, but now in February, only the seaside villas are lit.

    When Yuan Bi took Yuesha home, there was no one in the house. He had a slight hygienic addiction. He had to take a bath and change clothes every time he went home. When he went home, he would sit on the sofa and eat marshmallows with joy. It's all icing.

    When Yuan Bi walked out of the bedroom, Yuesha was reluctantly licking the stick of marshmallow, and when he heard the sound, he turned back and shouted at him with dissatisfaction.

    "No more! Want to eat candy!"

    "I can't eat anymore. I have eaten enough sweets today, and I will have toothache if I eat it again."

    Yuan Bi dampened the towel and walked over to help him wipe his hands, then pinched his cheek and coaxed.

    "Brother opened his mouth and let me see if there are any cavities."

    Yue Sha, who had already tasted his toothache, didn't even dare to move. He opened his mouth obediently to let him see, and then looked at him eagerly and waited for the result.

    After reading it carefully, Yuan Bi's expression became milder.

    "There is no moth eaten yet, but brother still has to brush his teeth every day, you know?"

    Yuesha nodded quickly, revealed a triumphant silly smile, and continued to shout confidently.

    "I want to eat candy!"

    Yuan Bi gathered the hair on the back of his head, lowered his head and licked the frosting on his face, then kissed his lips and said solemnly.

    "There is no sugar at home, only in my mouth. Would you like to eat it?"

    Yuesha licked his mouth, and he really tasted the sweetness. He stared at Yuanbi's lips suspiciously and jealously, and leaned in to kiss him again, who didn't believe it.

    It's really sweet!

    Yuesha was stunned.

    The door was opened with a click, Jiang Fu glanced at the two people kissing on the sofa, and said helplessly while lowering his head to change shoes.

    "Don't bully rustle anymore."

    Yuan Bi let go of Yuesha, with an innocent smile on his face.

    "I didn't bully my brother. My brother wanted to kiss me."

    As soon as the voice fell, he was impatiently overwhelmed with his arms around his neck to continue kissing, and he had to eat all the sweetness in his mouth before he stopped.

    After discovering that Yuan Bi's lips were not as sweet as before, Yue Sha was disappointed and turned his expectant gaze to Jiang Fu, who was about to pounce off the sofa with bright eyes.

    Yuan Bi quickly hugged him tightly with a dark face, a gloomy anger rarely appeared on his delicate face.

    "Brother, I told you that you can only kiss me alone, so don't be disobedient."

    Yuesha tried to get out of his suppression with both hands and feet, but was pressed so hard that he could only stare at him angrily and scream.

    After changing his shoes, Jiang Fu turned around and took the bag in Yuan Chen's hand, then carefully placed it on the bar next to him, and took out the clay sculpture they had customized earlier.

    The clay sculpture is in the shape of a large water tank. A man in a white coat is lying on the side of the water tank and looking inside. A silver mermaid is holding his waist intimately, with his head lazily resting on his shoulders. The tail floats on the water.

    The little shark that was watched by the white coat was deliberately shaped into the size of a little mermaid. Half of the body was leaning out of the water to try to push the hands of the white coat, while the tail of the little shark was entangled with the green fish tail. The green-haired little mermaid was holding him tightly, kissing his cheek happily.

    The clay sculptures are vivid and vivid, and look like a unique family portrait.

    Jiang Fu looked at it with satisfaction for a moment, then looked around the room and thought about where to put the clay sculptures. Yuan Chen walked over and rubbed his head and said.

    "Why don't you leave here tomorrow? I'll take this with you then."

    "That's what I said."

    After being reminded, Jiang Fu carefully stuffed the clay figure back into the box.

    Yuan Bi, who heard their conversation, raised her head and asked.

    "Where are you going tomorrow?"

    Yuesha bit his wrist while he was talking, and originally wanted to take the opportunity to run out while he was suffering from the pain, but Yuan Bi's hand still pressed him motionlessly, and the bleeding wound on his wrist seemed to exist. of.

    Yuan Bi looked down at Yue Sha in a daze, and tore the wound he was healing more deeply with gravity, then frowned and said aggrieved.

    "Brother, it hurts me when you bite."

    Yuesha stared blankly at the tears that were gradually accumulating in his eyes, forgetting that he was about to run, and said awkwardly and comfortingly.

    "Don't cry! Don't cry!"

    After thinking of the way he had been injured in the sea before, he hurriedly leaned over to lick his wound. When he found that the wound was really licked and healed quickly, he was smugly congratulating him, his bright eyes were like a ball. The dazzling fire.

    Yuan Bi's fingers wrapped around his red hair, watching him quietly without speaking.

    After wrapping the clay sculpture again, Jiang Fu answered his question.

    "Tomorrow we will go back to my house and take a look. If it goes well, you will have grandparents. If it doesn't go well, we will come back here to continue living."

    After listening to his words, Yuan Bi raised his head with interest and thought for a while.

    "Tonight, my brother and I met a very nice uncle and mother-in-law. They said that I look like their lost child."

    Jiang Fu's movements stopped, he raised his head and looked at Yuan Chen who had changed his clothes and walked out of the bedroom. After looking at each other for a few seconds, Yuan Chen said.

    "In the afternoon, I saw someone holding a wedding banquet, and I heard that one had a surname Jin.

    After a few seconds of contemplation, he asked Jiang Fu with his eyes.

    "Do you need me to check it?"

    Jiang Fu scratched his hair with some annoyance, then sighed.

    "I always have to go back to find them. It's okay to make it clear in this city earlier, so that we can be driven out by them again to save time."

    Yuan Chen walked towards him, squeezed his face and smiled.

    "Why are so sad, if they don't want to recognize you, I'm going to take you around the world."

    "What about Sasha and the others?"

    "Fend for yourself."

    Jiang Fu was amused by his cold tone, and Yuan Bi who heard Yuan Chen's words also snorted and muttered badly.

    "I don't want you to control it. I always disturb my brother and me."

    "The brat who hasn't even reached the reproduction period can only hug each other."

    Yuan Chen's unwilling sarcasm made Yuan Bi's face turn pale. He gritted his teeth and stared at his biological father, wishing to have an unscrupulous fight between the mermaid.

    Seeing that they were about to quarrel again, Jiang Fu kicked Yuan Chen's leg quickly and urged him.

    "Don't make a noise, don't make a noise, I'm starving to death, Yuanbi, let's have a barbecue tonight, you and Yuesha make room for the yard."

    Yuan Bi and Yuan Chen quarreled, but listened very much to Jiang Fu's words, and took Yuesha to clean up the yard.

    At this time, the weather was still a bit cold, and the fragrant barbecue was warm and delicious, but three-quarters of them were marine creatures that liked the coolness. Halfway through the sand, they took off their clothes and jumped into the side filled with sea water. In the swimming pool, he turned into his original form and swam happily, rubbing against the shore from time to time and opening his big mouth. Yuan Bi peeled off the meat on the skewers and fed it into his mouth.

    After eating happily, they went to rest in the middle of the night. They waited on the first floor of Shengting Hotel the next morning. After seeing Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang coming out, Yuan Bi took a look at Jiang Fu before leading the sand. Go over and say hello.

    Mr. Jiang, who had just swiped his card to check out, was very surprised when he saw them. Before asking anything, he heard the familiar voice that had been gone for a long time.

    "Dad, mom."

    Madam Jiang looked at Jiang Fu with a guilty expression in disbelief, almost thinking that she was dreaming, until she really hugged Jiang Fu's warm body and started crying.

    Mr. Jiang's eye circles were also red, and he touched Yuanbi and Yuesha's heads with relief for a while, and looked lovingly at Jiang Fu who coaxed Mrs. Jiang.

    Yuan Chen took the suitcase carried by the waiter and said.

    "Uncle, the aircraft is already parked outside, so let's talk about it if you want to."

    Mr. Jiang looked at the mermaid disguised as a human in a complicated mood, and finally he sighed, and then took the two children out.

    The originally empty home was finally filled this time. Jiang Fu confessed to them the identities of Yuanbi and Yuesha, saying that if they dont accept it, they dont have to reluctantly, as long as they dont have their own son in the future and live their own lives. .

    Madam Jiang eagerly looked forward to him for a year and a half, and she was willing to leave him again, not to mention that Yuanbi and Yuesha's appearance in human form is so cute, which satisfies her idea of raising grandchildren, and of course she is full of her mouth to keep them.

    Mr. Jiang muffled for a while, and also agreed.

    After living together like this for more than ten years, Mr. Jiang and Mrs. Jiang passed away. Yuan Bi and Yuesha continued to live in the villa, while Yuan Chen took Jiang Fu to travel around the world.

    Because the mermaid has a long lifespan, after the children and grandchildren of this city have multiplied for a round, Yuanbi and Yuesha moved to another city to avoid doubt. After the number of moving around gradually increased, he could not remember himself. How old is it, but wherever he is, Yuesha is with him.

    Later, he and Yuesha returned to the villa where they had lived by the sea. The long-standing clay sculpture was displayed on the TV set at home, which was still alive after he used some special methods to preserve it.

    After going to the playground in the city with Yuesha for a day, they walked on the beach in the evening, and fell asleep lying on his back, and the saliva soaked the clothes on his shoulders and necks.

    The seaside in this season is very cold. There is no one else except them. Yuan Biguang walked slowly with his feet on his back. He looked up and saw Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu standing not far away.

    After Yuan Bi approached, Jiang Fu said with a smile.

    "We are going back into the sea."

    Yuan Bi was stunned, then nodded calmly and replied.

    "it is good."

    Jiang Fu reluctantly touched his head, wiped the saliva from Yuesha's mouth, and then kissed their foreheads separately, and said seriously.

    "You have to take good care of Yuesha, and be happy together."

    From his words, Yuan Bi sensed a premonition that he would never see each other again. Suddenly a damp sadness surged in his heart, with a soft soreness, as if he was just born and opened his eyes and saw Jiang Fu's instinct. The source of intimacy was about to leave him, and his low voice was soft and soft.

    "Where are you going?"

    Jiang Fu turned his head and glanced at Yuan Chen, who was standing silent next to him, and smiled, a bit of melancholy in his nice voice.

    "I really want to stay with you, but no, I have to go."

    Yuan Bi suddenly couldn't understand what he was saying, because he felt absurdly that the departure that Jiang Fu said was not the same as the departure that he understood, but he was already an adult fish who knew everything about the world. He was soon hidden in the bottom of my heart.

    He looked at Jiang Fu's smiling eyes intently, and answered seriously.

    "Then you have to be happy too."

    Jiang Fu's beautiful smile appeared indistinct in the dim night. He rubbed Yuanbi's hair, but did not answer him. After He Yuanchen held his hand and walked a distance towards the sea, he finally waved to Yuanbi. Goodbye.

    The silver mermaid who transformed into its original form hugged his beloved one and disappeared into the sea in the middle of the night.

    Yuan Bi looked at the direction they disappeared for a long time, then turned his head and kissed the sand. The other party was still drooling stupidly, not knowing that the only person he loved in this world was Yuan Bi.

    Seeing Yue Sha's innocent appearance, Yuan Bi smiled and said softly.

    "Brother, we will depend on each other in the future."