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    This is an anti-theft chapter, please support the original version~ He turned the corridor, and found that Jiang Fu, who was holding a small pillow, was curled up in the door and fell asleep. His small face was white from the cold outside, and he touched his forehead. Amazingly hot. (((Cartino Novel Network

    Yuan Chen immediately summoned the best therapist, but the therapist was able to heal the trauma immediately, but was unable to quickly solve this internal typhoid fever. After all, most people in the kingdom were strong and strong, and there was no such spoiled and grown-up as Jiang Fu. .

    Rita, who rushed over, was so anxious that she stood by the bed with red eyes and kept blaming herself for calling Yuanchen in the middle of the night.

    Jiang Fu was nestled in the thick bedding, his face blushed abnormally, and he was talking dreamily in a dazed manner, his weak voice was thin and weak, and he looked pitiful.

    Yuan Chen was distressed with chest cramps. After standing by the bed and staring at Jiang Fu who was taking the medicine but hadn't improved, he turned and left the house.

    Not long after, he came back with a bowl and raised Jiang Fu who was lying flat to feed him.

    Rita looked at the bright red liquid in the bowl in astonishment, and the **** smell between the wings of her nose could not be admitted, she couldn't believe it.

    "What is this? How can you feed Xiaofu and drink blood!"

    Yuan Chen said lightly.

    "It's my blood."

    Rita was stunned for a few seconds, then suddenly came back to her senses.

    Dragons are the most powerful and mysterious, and dragon blood is an extremely precious medicine. It not only allows people to live longer and live to death, but there are also rumors that a sufficient amount of dragon blood can even make people reborn. Therefore, dragon blood is on this continent. Always a fanatical rare thing being pursued.

    Suddenly, the liquid in this bowl seemed to weigh a heavy weight.

    Rita glanced at him with complicated eyes, and said nonchalantly.

    "Even if you don't drink dragon blood, Xiao Fu's illness will be cured."

    "I know."

    Yuan Chen stared down at Jiang Fu, who was turned away by the **** smell, and the cold outline seemed to melt into soft water.

    "I don't want him to suffer."

    Jiang Fu refused to drink it for a long time, his wet eyelids trembled barely, and his mouth made an uncomfortable grunt.

    Yuan Chen raised his head and drank the dragon blood in the bowl, then squeezed Jiang Fu's cheek, leaned over and fed it into his mouth.

    Rita's gaze suddenly didn't know where to put it, as if sitting on pins and felt silent.

    After drinking the dragon's blood, the blush on Jiang Fu's face gradually subsided within a short period of time. Only a layer of covered wet sweat stuck to his greasy face. Jiang Fu seemed to be uncomfortable. He stretched out his hand under the thick bed and was pressed back by Yuan Chen again and again twice.

    Yuan Chen glanced at Rita and said plainly.

    "You go out first, I'll wipe him off."

    Rita subconsciously responded, got up and walked towards the door. After crossing the gate, she suddenly realized that she had obeyed Yuan Chen's orders unknowingly.

    The habit of being in a high position for many years made her feel unpleasant anger in an instant, but when she turned back to see Yuan Chenzheng patiently and meticulously coaxing Jiang Fu's gentle eyebrows when she undressed, her anger was gradually diminished by the silent helplessness.

    After a long while, she sighed softly and closed the door.

    Jiang Fu's consciousness gradually became sober under the effect of the dragon's blood, but the lights in the room were dim, and he still thought he was in the middle of the night.

    He stared at Yuan Chen blankly for a while, then grabbed his neckline and asked in a low voice unhappy.

    "Where have you been? I looked for you and didn't find it."

    "I won't go out in the middle of the night anymore."

    Yuan Chen threw his sweat-soaked pajamas on the ground, hugged him firmly with one hand, and wiped it with a warm towel with the other hand.

    After Jiang Fu realized the strange temperature, he wrinkled his face and stretched out his hand to push him.

    "It's so hot, I want to take a bath."

    "Wait for you to wash before you sleep, okay?"

    Yuan Chen coaxed him softly, while gently weighing his whole person, changing to a front hug position, and his long arm went down to wipe his leg.

    Jiang Fu subconsciously clasped his neck, and whispered against his face.

    "But it's so hot, I can't sleep too hot."

    Because he had just gotten out of a damp sweat, the whole person seemed to be caught from the water, and he didn't feel very sleepy. Jiang Fu thought about it, then turned his head to look at him enthusiastically.

    "You tell me a story, okay?"

    Yuan Chen moved for a while.

    "tell a story?"

    "Yes, tell a story like a sister, and I fell asleep as I told it."

    Yuan Chen hesitated for a while, then frowned slightly and said in distress.

    "But I don't know what story to tell."

    "Whatever, you can make up your own."

    Jiang Fu urged him reluctantly, and sprayed the coquettish heat with his nose close to his ears, and kept getting into his heart.

    Yuan Chen sighed softly as if imperceptibly, and said in compromise.


    The sweat-soaked towel was thrown into the water basin, Yuan Chen took away the wet bedding at the bottom layer and hugged him and lay on the clean and warm bed.

    After racking his brains and thinking for a while, he finally opened his mouth dry and jerky.

    "There used to be a little black dragon, because it was ugly and weak when it was born, and its parents unfortunately died later, so it was driven out of the house by the tribe as a broom star."

    The greasy body becomes dry and comfortable after being wiped with a towel, and the strong and generous warm chest gives people a reliable sense of peace of mind, shielding all wind and rain and anxiety, the voice above the head is low and magnetic, gradually becoming natural from the initial rigidity But gentleness, like a faint melodious song, attracted Jiang Fu to a deeper dream.

    He rubbed his eyes sleepily, found a comfortable posture in Yuan Chen's arms, and then closed his eyes.

    Yuan Chen's hand was always touching his back, the breathing in his ear gradually became long and peaceful, and his serious words did not stop there.

    "The little black dragon who was driven away had to find a way out elsewhere, because he was too young to be able to beat anyone, and finally had to escape to a friendly-looking kingdom living on the border of the mainland, pretending to be a human being. "

    "After more than ten years, the little black dragon became a knight in the kingdom, but not the most powerful knight. One day, the queen of the kingdom summoned the top seventy knights and asked the little princess to choose her favorite knight to protect She. The little black dragon has never seen the little princess, but he has heard of it many times, and he didn't think about it until he really saw it that day."

    "Really, it's really the same as the legend. Anyone who sees the little princess at first sight will fall in love with her hopelessly."

    "The little black dragon really wants to continue watching the little princess, but he knows that he is the seventh-ranked knight, and it is impossible to be selected by the little princess, so he had to look ahead, secretly sad."

    "Unexpectedly, the little princess ran up to him and asked, are you my knight?"

    "Little Black Dragon couldn't say a word that was shy, he desperately replied in his heart, I want to be your knight, little princess, I am willing to swear by my life and guard you for life."

    "The little princess is so cute. She loves to be a baby and is very clingy. The little black dragon really wants to be with her all the time, but he is afraid that other more powerful knights will replace him, so he has to practice hard day and night. Become the most powerful knight, so no one would dare to **** the little princess from him."

    "He did it, and the little princess took off his clothes on the night he was made the chief knight and said that she was not a princess but a prince. The little black dragon thought, what does it matter? Whether you are a princess or a prince, I will always Protect you and love you, because you chose me and made my ordinary and humble life meaningful."

    "They grew up together, and then naturally fell in love. The little princess became more and more attractive, and there were too many people coveting her. The little black dragon had to solve those nasty bugs in secret, and even became crushed and shocked for the first time. They almost couldn't stop, he even wanted to kill everyone, so that no one would secretly watch the little princess anymore."

    "You see, the little black dragon is actually a very selfish and terrifying person. He has many secrets that he didn't tell the little princess, but he was afraid that the little princess would not want him if he knew about it."

    The lower and lower voices slowly mixed with fearful sadness and humbleness. Yuan Chen was silent for a long time before bending down and rubbing gently against the white cheeks of the sleeping teenager.

    The helpless voice was barely audible, falling in the empty air, floating alone, never finding a place to rest at ease.

    "Please, don't let me go."

    If you know my violence, know my terrible desires, and know my predatory nature rooted in bloodthirsty dragons, please don't be afraid, don't leave, and don't look at me with disgust.

    Please continue to smile sweetly at me, okay?

    my little princess.

    My little princess.

    Ability players are divided into different levels of ability groups according to the strength of their individual abilities. The most powerful group is the s group. The four members are s-level ability groups. They not only have extremely strong combat effectiveness, but also enjoy high treatment and privileges in the base.

    Zhou Zheng jumped out of the driver's seat, and there was still a large amount of dried blood on his dirty dark coat, but it was not obvious.

    He has a strong face of Zhou Zheng, which can give people a sense of security, which is one of the reasons why the S regiment is so admired.

    The image of a leader is often closely related to the impression his team makes.

    He waved to the people who gathered, his hearty smile was full of confidence and comfort.

    "Today we repelled a bunch of zombies and grabbed some supplies by the way. Everyone came here to collect them."

    The treacherous crowd let out cheers of rejoicing, and walked toward the truck carriage with joy.

    Zhou Zheng took a cigarette out of his pocket and bit it. He turned his head and saw Amy in the back seat was cautiously extending his hand. He screamed in fright.

    "Amy, don't move!"

    Amy reluctantly withdrew her hand and hugged the doll in her arms, still staring straight at the unconscious person leaning on the back of her chair, with a curious look on her face.

    Zhou Zhengsheng was afraid that she would accidentally kill the person he had managed to save, so he hurriedly went around and opened the back seat. He picked up the person who seemed to have been picked up from the trash can easily. After hesitating, he raised his foot towards Walk to the base laboratory building.

    The laboratory building of the base is a place for special training of early awakening abilities and the development of antidote for zombies. Generally, people with high status are allowed to enter, but members of the s group who have made great contributions to the base come here. Unobstructed.

    After Zhou Zheng strode into the laboratory building, he asked the oncoming staff.

    "Which room in District 1 is empty?"

    The staff naturally recognized him. Seeing his lifelike appearance, the staff eagerly wanted to take someone from him.

    "I just leave it to me, Chief Zhou, please rest first."

    Zhou Zheng lowered his head and glanced at the man with his dirty face. After thinking for a few seconds, he refused.

    "Forget it, after all, it is the person I rescued. I want to see his condition with my own eyes. I will send him to District 1. You can tell Professor Yuan and ask him to come over and check the newcomer."

    The staff nodded.

    "Okay, 07 in District 1 is temporarily empty, you can go directly."


    Zone 1 is a place specially prepared for abilities who have just awakened. Each room is built with special materials and can withstand the activation and training of any type of abilities.

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