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    Strategy To Attack The System Chapter 118 - STATS 118

    Chapter 118: .uncharted Sea 09

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    The private sea area was downstairs in the room where Jiang Fu was detained. He was taken by his assistant. The assistant respected and feared the former boss, and walked sullenly, afraid to speak. (((Cartino Novel Network

    Professor Xu originally wanted to go there together, but there was a problem with the data of other work, so he hurried over to check it, so when he went downstairs, only Jiang Fu and his assistant were two.

    When entering the elevator, Jiang Fu asked casually.

    "Are you doing things with Professor Xu now?"

    The assistant straightened his back subconsciously, and answered honestly.


    There was guilt in his uneasy tone, as if he felt that Professor Xu had taken over the magpie's nest, but he could only follow the orders of the new boss.

    Thinking of the little mermaid experiment that Professor Xu was preparing to carry out, he couldn't help taking a peek at Jiang Fu, who looked plain, and asked in a complicated mood.

    "Professor Jiang, you really want to be with a mermaid"

    It was only one floor away, the elevator door opened in front of them, Jiang Fu raised his foot and walked out, replying in a usual tone.

    "Me and the mermaid are indeed partners."

    The dumbfounded assistant was speechless for a long while, and stammered until he was about to walk to the private sea area.

    "Professor Jiang and Jiang, how can you be with a mermaid"

    Jiang Fu, who had already walked to the entrance of the private sea area, glanced at the sign at the entrance, then stopped and looked back at him.The eyes under his long eyelashes were familiar and cold, like the immortal ice gradually being gradually covered by the gloomy water. erosion.

    His voice was lower and his tone was the same as before.

    "Remember that I mentioned Professor Xu's genetic fusion experiment with you before? I suspect that he used illegal means, so I collected some information. In the cabinet I used in the rest area, you were included in the authority and opened After the cabinet you take away all the information, and then continue to stay with Professor Xu, and when the evidence is sufficient, you will submit it to the court."

    The understatement is like a hand in the dark that has firmly grasped the lifeline of the rampant, but the other party is unaware of it and thinks it has taken the lead.

    The assistant asked in astonishment.

    "Since you have mastered Professor Xu's secret, why did you only tell it today?"

    Jiang Fu glanced at Professor Xu who was hurriedly coming from the end of the second floor, his voice lowered as if he was confiding a gentle secret.

    The assistant has always regarded him as a cold existence like a snow-capped mountain, and has never dared to look at him. Now when he was suddenly approached, he realized that his eyes were dark, as if he was born with water mist. His softness, white and greasy skin and thin red lips are like the seductive spirits in the mountains and the wild, just a glance and a smile will be fascinating.

    The nice voice is much softer.

    "I really want to leave this position. I originally thought that it seemed feasible for Professor Xu to take over these tasks, but after a few days of close contact, I discovered that this person loves his work so much that he is a little nervous, so I definitely don't You can let him go on like this."

    Just as the elders were encouraging the young juniors, Jiang Fu patted his assistant's shoulder comfortably, a slight smile leaked from his cold eyes.

    "You work hard, this position will be yours from now on."

    The assistant stared at him blankly, his face flushed, he tried to say something to express his excitement, but in the end he just stammered firmly.

    "I, I, I will definitely work hard!"

    Professor Xu, who came not far away, was getting closer and closer. Jiang Fu turned a little sideways, put his index finger against his lips at an angle that Professor Xu could not see, hesed softly at him, and then blinked tacitly. Blink.

    In an instant, the assistant's blush was about to smoke. He was pushed aside by Professor Xu who came over and watched blankly as Jiang Fu walked in after Professor Xu opened the door, and then the door became narrower and narrower. Sewing gradually swallowed that Qingjun's tall back.

    He will rescue Professor Jiang.


    The private sea area is like a reduced version of the three underground floors. The clear sea area has only floating artificial water plants. The silver mermaid is lying on the experimental platform in the center, unconscious.

    Jiang Fu rushed over, and after a closer inspection and found that there were no scars on his surface, his face eased a little. He turned and stared at Professor Xu, his delicate face covered with layers of haze, and asked coldly.

    "What did you do to him?"

    "Don't be so nervous, the mermaid in the reproductive period will be very irritable if they can't find a partner. I just took a tranquilizer, and he will wake up soon."

    Professor Xu glanced at him excitedly, then pressed a button on the wall, and then a transparent screen slowly fell on the ceiling to divide the room into two spaces.

    Jiang Fu stood still, looking at Professor Xu outside the barrier, and said lightly.

    "You have to ensure that there is no surveillance by anyone during this period and keep it confidential."

    Professor Xu pointed to a petri dish connected to the wall on the west side of the experimental platform, stared at him with scorching eyes, and said urgently.

    "I promise you, but when the mermaid lays eggs, you must put them in the petri dish as soon as possible, and fill the vessel. Professor Jiang, I believe you dont want everyone to see a dignified alpha. The picture of being violated by a mermaid."

    Jiang Fu frowned and said coldly.

    "I know."

    The transparent barrier turned into the color of the wall under the operation of Professor Xu, blocking all sight outside the barrier. Jiang Fu turned around and looked at the unconscious mermaid on the experimental platform, calling his name anxiously.

    After a while, the mermaid slowly opened his eyes, the silver eyes were ignorant and blank, and then a cold light flashed, and was instantly filled with the dullness and fierceness of the tumbling sky, even if he jumped up and threw Jiang Fu to the ground, He bit his side neck viciously.

    The sharp teeth almost pierced the thin skin. The mermaid, controlled by the instinct of the reproduction period, couldn't control his strength. It pressed Jiang Fu and licked and bit, and the sharp teeth had to bite his skin several times. Off.

    Jiang Fu slapped his back with a numb scalp and tried to comfort him, but he felt that hot things were exposed between the hard scales of the mermaid's lower abdomen, like a blood bowl holding him immobile and letting people kill him.

    His breathing was a little bit faster, and his trembling voice overflowed with coaxing tenderness, indulging the mermaid's awe-inspiring desire to tear him apart.

    "Good Yuanyuan, don't worry, I will always be with you."

    The eggs piled up in the room glowed like pearls, but they were fragile and shattered with a slight pinch. The young man entangled by the mermaid showed a few pieces of white and greasy skin in a piece of silver. The face under the black hair was soaked with wet tears. Even the eyelashes were stained together and turned into a trembling fan. The corners of the eyes were wet and red, and the white teeth were biting the thin red lips, overflowing with choking crying.

    He struggled from the mermaid's imprisoned embrace and stretched out his hand, then grabbed the egg that fell beside him and tried his best to stuff it into the petri dish hanging on the wall, but as soon as he raised his hand a little higher, he was buckled back by the mermaid. The egg was squeezed vigorously, and the wet water mark overflowed from the gap between the adjacent ones.

    Jiang Fu turned his head to look at the mermaid, his eyes with teardrops looked lovely, pitiful and lovely.

    He sniffed, his intermittent voice was muted, full of grievances of being bullied.

    "Yuanyuan, let me fill the petri dish with eggs first, okay?"

    The mermaid didnt speak, like a lingering demon wrapped around him wantonly plundering, the long silver hair that fell like an inescapable shackle was locked layer by layer, Jiang Fu couldnt kneel down, and almost fell into a room of eggs. .

    The mermaid clasped his waist and leaned over to find his lips for a kiss.

    The first two juvenile mermaids could not allow researchers to guess the length of the reproduction period, so Jiang Fu didnt know how long he had been in the house. He just remembered that there were always slippery and cold mermaid bodies close to him. You can't push it anyway.

    When he gradually woke up from the chaotic dream, he felt the warmth of the human body beside him, and subconsciously leaned in for a while.

    The slightly rough fingertips rubbed his eyelids, then teasingly brushed the thick and long eyelashes, which were very itchy.

    Jiang Fu muttered and turned his head away, stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, then opened his eyes in a daze.

    "Yuan Yuan? Has the reproduction period passed?"


    They hugged and slept on the experimental platform. The ground was full of eggs that had lost nourishment and broke and died, like burst **** in milk tea, leaving only a mess of water marks.

    Jiang Fu only glanced at the probe, then withdrew his gaze, and continued to be buried in Yuan Chen's arms.

    Yuan Chen touched his hair, then asked in a low voice.

    "Should I go to the next room for a wash?"

    Jiang Fu was stunned, then raised his head and said.

    "We can't get out"

    He stared at the transparent barrier behind him who did not know when to put it away, and suddenly grasped Yuan Chen's arm, his face turned pale.

    Yuan Chen knew what he was afraid of, so he kissed him on the forehead and explained.

    "That assistant of yours has been here before and said that Professor Xu has been imprisoned for using illegal means to persecute human subjects. He will never come out again in this life, and you don't need to be kept here again. I will let him He took the clothes and came in. He said that the next door is the lounge, and we can go there when we wake up."

    After a pause, he said again.

    "The assistant turned his back to us when he came in. No one sees here."

    Jiang Fu looked up at him, his face regained a little smile, he relied on Yuan Chen's shoulder, and said lazily with his eyes closed.

    "I don't want to step on the egg, you hold me over."

    The huge silver fishtails have become human sturdy legs. Yuan Chen hugged him and walked steadily to the place near the door, then bent over and hooked up clean clothes to help him wear.

    Jiang Fu rubbed his eyes, his sleepiness was gone, he squeezed Yuan Chen's ear and motioned him to let him down.

    Yuan Chen had to let go of him reluctantly.

    After simply putting on the clothes, they went to the next room to wash them, and they lingered for a long time before they came out, and then changed to another set of clean clothes.

    Jiang Fu's legs were still a little soft when he stepped on the ground, and it took a while to get used to it before returning to his usual flat appearance.

    When I walked out of the room, the assistant was leaning against the wall in a daze. After hearing the door rang, he immediately stood up nervously. He didn't even dare to look at Jiang Fu. He hung his head down. A student who had good grades in the exam was looking forward to being praised by the teacher. Ai Ai said.

    "Professor Jiang, Professor Xu is no longer a staff member here. Professor Yang said that you can complete all your unfinished research experiments before you voluntarily resign, so that you will not leave a record of dismissal in your file. You can continue to find new jobs without hindrance."

    This is actually quite a good exchange condition, Jiang Fu pondered for a moment, then tilted his head to look at Yuan Chen.

    The assistant hurriedly added.

    "However, after you leave the laboratory building, you can no longer have any contact with the mermaid, otherwise you will be considered as deliberately stealing research secrets."

    Yuan Chen glanced at him blankly, his silver eyes filled with cold warnings.

    The assistant's breath choked, his hands and feet stiff.

    Jiang Fu pulled Yuanchen's sleeve, and then said to his gentle assistant.

    "I will continue to stay here."

    Although Yuan Chen's stare at each other caused his assistant to tremble slightly with fear, he still couldn't hide his joy and smiled, as he used to ask as he used to deal with work before.

    "Professor Jiang, what do you need me to do now?"

    Yuan Chen's gaze made Yuan Chen's expression unhappy, he pulled Jiang Fu behind him, blocking his assistant's gaze.

    Jiang Fu sighed silently. After the reproduction period, the mermaid will develop a more possessive desire for his partner. If he follows the biological instinct completely, he may have been dragged into the sea cave now.

    He had to hide behind Yuan Chen and told his assistant.

    "You clean up the house, and then send all the experimental reports that Professor Xu has studied these days to the third floor underground."

    The assistant responded, and then asked hesitantly.

    "Then how to deal with the petri dish with eggs?"

    Jiang Fu noticed that Yuan Chen was holding his hand and tightened suddenly. The words that originally rushed to his lips and teeth fluttered and swallowed back. He paused, staring at Yuan Chen's silent back and sighed. Generally speaking.

    "Since Professor Xu has finally developed this petri dish, don't waste it. You can also move the petri dish to the third floor underground in a while."

    Yuan Chen turned his head and stretched out his hand to stroke his cheek, his movements were gentle, his eyes were deep, and the emotions inside were so full that he almost drowned him.

    Jiang Fu smiled at him, his curving eyebrows were delicate and moving, and the dimples on his cheeks were like fruit hard candies. Sweet people wanted to hold them between their lips and teeth. They were afraid it would melt, but they couldn't bear to let them go.

    The soft voice is like a child full of fresh curiosity.

    "The conditions for survival of mermaid eggs are too harsh. Although there are many eggs in the petri dish, they may not survive. I really want to see what the little mermaid looks like."

    He smiled and shook Yuanchen's hand and said softly.

    "Let's go, I won't go back to the third basement for a long time, I don't know what happened to those troublemakers."

    Yuan Chen nodded and led him past his assistants and walked forward. Jiang Fu walked side by side with him, slightly raised his head and talked to him, with a graceful side face with an intimate smile, which was not shown in the past. Cold and alienated.

    The assistant watched them disappear in the corner with disappointment.