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    Chapter 114: .mysterious Waters 05

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    While admiring the well-dressed man with his chin, Jiang Fu suddenly remembered something. After checking his own property balance from his personal terminal, he quickly bought an apartment in the neighborhood of his home. (((Cartino Novel Network

    Nowadays, the key is no longer needed. As long as you connect to the smart system of the house from the personal terminal when you first enter, you can add other people as the homeowner, and then you can enter by scanning your pupils and pressing your fingerprints.

    After Jiang Fu finished setting up on the personal terminal, he pushed Yuan Chen into the camera range at the door and said.

    "Sweep your pupils, and then you press a fingerprint."

    Yuan Chen complied with.

    The new apartment has simple European-style decoration, bright and clean windows, and a large floor-to-ceiling window in the living room.

    Jiang Fu was very satisfied after turning around from each room, and casually said to Yuan Chen who was still standing in the living room.

    "You will live here from now on, but if I rent it to you, you have to pay my rent every month."

    According to reason, as the first man-made person with autonomous consciousness in the interstellar world, Yuan Chen does not need to worry about the livelihood issues of ordinary people at all, and does not even need to eat, just like a robot only needs to be charged.

    But this is the last world, and it is also the one that most resembles real life. Jiang Fu did not intend to wait for Yuanchen to wake up before having any intersection with him. After all, he is an experimental subject that scientists are crazy about, and he may wake up. I don't remember myself anymore, so Jiang Fu simply regarded this as the world after he woke up, and then taught him to become a real human being.

    Although this sounds incredible, Jiang Fu does not find it difficult to do.

    Yuan Chen, who has never experienced human life, asked puzzledly.

    "What is the rent?"

    Jiang Fu turned over a rubber band from the bathroom, then pulled him to sit on the fabric sofa, and while helping him tie up his long silver hair, he patiently explained the rules of human society.

    Yuan Chen absorbed quickly, and would take the initiative to ask many questions. After more than an hour, Jiang Fu saw that he had almost understood and planned to leave. Mrs. Jiang had already initiated many calls to his personal terminal, and text messages were bombarded. The inbox is filled with style.

    He knew it must be about Jinhui, so he planned to go home and make it clear.

    Yuan Chen also followed as he walked towards the entrance, bowing his head and changing shoes like him.

    Jiang Fu asked strangely.

    "what are you doing?"

    Yuan Chen replied naturally.

    "Don't you want to go out?"

    Jiang Fu took the coat from the hanger and put it on his elbow, smiling at him.

    "This is where you live, but I'm going back to where I live."

    Yuan Chen's expression suddenly changed, and he grabbed his arm, his low voice mixed with a bit of anger.

    "Aren't we partners? Why don't we live together?"

    "Your partner's relationship also needs to be cultivated, don't worry."

    Jiang Fu reached out his hand comfortingly and touched his face, reluctantly changed his words in the gloomy gaze of the other party.

    "Well, I will move over to live with you in a week. Will you live here by yourself within this week?"

    The silver mermaid was still very upset, but at Jiang Fu's stubborn request, he could only reluctantly agree.

    The community where the new apartment is located is only one block away from Jiang Fu's home. When he passed the courtyard, he saw the aircraft staying, which belonged to his father.

    When entering the living room, only Madam Jiang was watching TV, Jiang Fu asked while changing shoes.

    "Mom, is Dad back today?"

    After seeing him back, Mrs. Jiang didn't even watch the soap opera that she was chasing every day, and walked towards him anxiously, and started to whisper softly and grotesquely.

    "Fufu, I sent Xiaohui to the laboratory building to find you, and I also specially booked a seat for you in Taoju, but why did people go back so early? Why don't you eat with them?"

    Jiang Fu took off his coat and hung it on the hanger, explaining helplessly.

    "Mom, I told you yesterday that I don't want to get married yet."

    "How can you not get married? Even though you are still young, Aunt Lin's son has several children, and Aunt Cheng, her child is three years younger than you, but last month Marked my own omega. Fufu, you are always alone, mother is not at ease."

    Madam Jiang persuaded him sadly, her soft tone was full of concerns and worries for his sake, Jiang Fu was really hard to say.

    After listening to the rumors for half an hour, Jiang Fu finally couldn't help but interrupt her.

    "Mom, actually I already have someone I like, it's a beta."

    Madam Jiang was stunned and asked.

    "When did it happen? Why didn't you tell mom."

    Jiang Fu touched his nose, and there was an embarrassed smile on his exquisite face. At this moment, the indifference from the past turned into a bright spring water, a pure and innocent appearance.

    "Mom, I fell in love at first sight as soon as I met him in the afternoon. I originally wanted to talk about it later."

    After listening to his words, Mrs. Jiang's expression showed some hesitation, and she said nah.

    "I only met this afternoon..."

    She looked worriedly at Jiang Fu's uncontrollable smile and indulged in enlightenment in a low voice.

    "Fufu, mom didn't mean to stop you, but alpha and omega would fit better. Beta's pregnancy rate has always been low. Your father and I are still waiting for our grandson."

    Jiang Fu felt that they might not have a grandson, so he smiled and replied tactfully.

    "Mom, I want to try it with him, will you give me some time first?"

    Madam Jiang saw that he was so determined, even though she didn't agree with her in her heart, she suppressed it, just patted his hand and sighed.

    "Your father is in the study. Go and ask him to come down to eat."

    Jiang Fu nodded, got up and walked two steps up the stairs, and heard Mrs. Jiang stop him worriedly.

    "Fufu, it's your father's idea to marry Omega as soon as possible. You should be careful not to make him angry."

    "I see, mother."

    Mr. Jiang is an unsmiling company boss. He is busy at work, but he loves his family very much. When facing Mrs. Jiang, he is tender and gentle. He is also rare and gentle to Jiang Fu. However, he was silent after hearing Jiang Fu talk about beta. The face looked a little grim.

    He looked at Jiang Fu, slowly speaking in a deep voice.

    "Alpha's instinct is only for omega. Even if you are with that beta, you will still be attracted when you meet an omega in rut/estrus/period. Can he accept it?"

    This sharp remark made Jiang Fu pause, and his lips pressed and said nothing.

    Mr. Jiang glanced at him, then turned off the electronic file, got up and said.

    "Go down to eat first."

    In the chat at the dinner table, they did not mention the beta again. Jiang Fu could not tell them that his partner was actually a mermaid, but he could not ensure that he would really not be affected by omega, so he had to put it aside. I'll talk about it later.

    After eating, they went back to their rooms. Jiang Fu opened his personal terminal and contacted Yuan Chen in the apartment.

    Yuan Chen, who is not a human being, does not have his own personal terminal, so Jiang Fu went to the electronic store to buy him a communication terminal that could be used temporarily, and taught him how to use the most basic applications.

    Yuan Chen quickly switched on, only the dim wall lamp was on in the room, and the fluorescent light reflected from the terminal illuminated his sharp jaw and wet upper body, without clothes.

    Jiang Fu was startled and asked.

    "what are you doing?"

    Yuan Chen seemed to be unfamiliar with the operation of the terminal. He moved several times before finally allowing himself to fully appear in front of Jiang Fu. He frowned and his unhappy voice was full of questions.

    "There is no sea water, where am I going to sleep?"

    "When you are in a human form, you must try to live in a human way. I have seen the bedroom today. The bed inside is big and soft. It will be comfortable to fall asleep. I will buy a big water tank and put it in another room tomorrow. The bedroom, wait for you to use it again, okay?"

    Jiang Fu's explanation was very gentle and patient, so Yuan Chen had a dark face and was angry for a long time, so he couldn't make it to him, so he had to twist his eyebrows and asked.

    "When will you come tomorrow?"

    Jiang Fu thought for a while and replied.

    "It's eight o'clock in the morning, I'll bring you breakfast then."

    Because he was afraid that Yuanchen would not be used to sleeping in a human form the first night, Jiang Fu talked to him until late and then hung up the communication, so that he was still yawning when he arrived at the apartment with breakfast the next day.

    Yuan Chen had been waiting on the sofa a long time ago, and he seemed to be in good spirits.

    Jiang Fu shook his breakfast with the breakfast, and said hello.

    "Come to the restaurant for breakfast."

    After Yuan Chen walked over and saw the wontons he was holding in a bowl, he stood up and did not sit down, and naturally refused to say.

    "I am a mermaid, why should I eat a human breakfast?"

    "You guys are too into play."

    Jiang Fu was amused by his words, pulled him to the seat, and then coaxed.

    "Didn't I promise to try to adapt to human life when I was in human form, so I have to get used to eating human food."

    After persuading for a while, seeing that the frowning Yuan Chen finally awkwardly scooped up a wonton with a spoon and ate it into his mouth, Jiang Fu asked eagerly.

    "How is it? Is it delicious?"

    Although Yuan Chen ate human food for the first time, he felt a little familiar unexpectedly and easily accepted the taste.

    He stared at the delicious and clear wontons weirdly, his sense of rejection at the beginning had subsided a lot, but he felt that compared to the fishy corpses of creatures, this thing called wontons was a bit delicious.

    He snorted and replied awkwardly.


    After he finished eating a bowl of wontons with a complicated mood, he looked up and found that Jiang Fu was sleeping sweetly on the table and only half of the wontons in the bowl.

    He pillowed on his arm, the fine black hair on his forehead covered his closed eyes, his pale red lips let out long and gentle breathing, and his white skin was covered by a layer of golden plush by the sunlight outside the window. The velvet makes people want to touch it.

    Yuan Chen pulled away the chair gently, walked around the dining table and hugged him, then thought for a while and walked straight to the bathroom in the bedroom.

    Although he was accustomed to the cold water like sea water, he was concerned about the comfort of human beings, he filled a jar of steaming water, and then hugged Jiang Fu and sat in the bathtub.

    After a while, his trousers were torn apart by the huge fish tails that gradually turned out. Some of the huge silver fish tails were still exposed outside the narrow bathtub. The ground was silted out by the bathtub and splashed out a thin puddle.

    Yuan Chen held the sleeping person in his arms. Such an intimate posture that fits perfectly made him feel extremely happy. He looked down at Jiang Fu's thick eyelashes and asked.

    "I want to mate/mate with you, okay?"

    The answer to him was silence.

    After waiting for a few minutes, Yuan Chen smiled satisfied.

    "That's all right."

    Jiang Fu was awakened by the familiar fierce action. He hadn't realized how he was so wet. Then he was hit and slipped forward. He grabbed it in a panic, but he felt hard and wet. Slippery scales.

    The silver fish tail was shining brightly under the water, and the body next to him was cold and damp, which made him tremble uncontrollably, and then said hurriedly in regret.

    "Yuanyuan! You let me go!"

    The mermaid behind him paused, then whispered to his ear.

    "I like you calling me like that. Call me a few more times."

    "I told you to go away! Didn't you say you want to ask my opinion!"

    "I've already asked, if you didn't say anything, you just acquiesced."

    Jiang Fu was so logically speechless by his robber that he could only be bitten on the back of his neck and rubbed in the bathtub.

    Finally, the bathroom was in a mess. Jiang Fu was taken to the bed in the bedroom in a daze, still feeling slimy all over, he opened his eyes lazily, but was attracted by the few pearls rolled out of the corner.

    Yuan Chen had just cleaned the bathroom, and breathed as he walked out to see him.

    The white and greasy young man was messed up, trapped in a pile of translucent eggs, and his ignorant expression looked at him somewhat at a loss.

    "what is this?"

    Yuan Chen stared at him closely, and in an instant came the dark thought of desperately taking him back to the deep sea caves day and night, but he didn't want to see any fear and disgust on Jiang Fu's face, so he stood there and was silent. After a few seconds, he calmed down and walked over.

    He casually sat on the side of the bed and crushed an egg. The egg that was broken like a bubble suddenly turned into a wet pool in his palm.

    There was an inexplicable searing in the deep voice.

    "This is my egg."

    Jiang Fu almost thought he had heard him wrong, and looked at him incredulously.

    "...You, your egg?"

    As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly remembered that mermaid eggs were actually mentioned in the mermaid breeding manual. Each mermaid will split into countless eggs, but few eggs can multiply into little mermaid, because mermaid are used to being cold. Survive in the sea, and those fragile eggs can only survive in warm places.

    In longer records, seafarers were often attracted by the ghostly singing of mermaid, and then actively jumped into the sea to become a container for mermaids to raise eggs. When the warm eggs grow up in their bodies, they will be broken. The belly then becomes the new precious mermaid.

    But since the traces of the mermaid gradually disappeared, this kind of thing rarely happened. Jiang Fu didn't remember it just now, and now his face paled when he saw the mermaid's eggs.

    Naturally, Yuan Chen knew that he knew a lot about mermaids, so he bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead, calmly said.

    "I just want to put them in your body and get them out for you in a while. You are my partner. I don't want the little mermaid and me to **** you so soon."

    The blood connection between mermaid creatures is not deep, or even very thin. The mermaid has no feelings for the eggs that it splits. The little mermaid who survives by chance is not considered a relative of the mermaid, but a completely unfamiliar relationship, maybe a friend, maybe It is an enemy, or even a rival in love.

    After Jiang Fu realized the feeling of fullness inside his body, he suddenly tightened Yuan Chen's sleeves, his panicked voice trembled slightly, and it was hard to speak.

    "Now... get them out now, I don't want them to stay in."

    Yuan Chen stretched out his hand to touch his misty eyes, the comfort that had originally poured into his mouth suddenly changed, and his deep voice contained thoughtful considerations.

    "Why are you so repulsive? Isn't it good to have a little mermaid for me?"

    Jiang Fu immediately shook his head.

    An imperceptible dullness passed through Yuan Chen's silver eyes, but a gentle smile appeared on his lips.

    "Well, I will get it out for you now, and leave none."