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    Chapter 112: .mysterious Waters 03

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    When walking from the elevator to the front desk, Jiang Fu saw from a distance that many of the staff in the laboratory building looked at him when they passed the omega boys, although the status of abo is now basically equal in law. , But due to its own instinctive restrictions, omega still rarely appears in public, which is too dangerous for them. (((Cartino Novel Network

    After all, it was the omega that his mother sent someone to bring. Jiang Fu walked over with a headache and asked.

    "Is it Jinhui? I'm Jiang Fu."

    Omega, who was trembling nervously, immediately turned to look at him when he heard what he said, as if the eager gaze that had found a straw for life suddenly became more shy and shy when seeing his appearance.

    Jinhui bit his lip and whispered.

    "I, I am promoted back."

    After Jiang Fu thanked the front desk staff, he didn't know what to do with Jinhui for a while, so he thought about it and said.

    "It's too inappropriate for mom to leave yourself here. Everyone in the lab building is very busy. You can go to where I work with me first, okay?"

    His voice is clearer, the better, the colder tone will make people feel like a drum if they are gentler, and the gentle and patient attitude is as if they are dealing with the beloved partner, and Jin Hui's face will be flushed suddenly.

    He has never been treated as equals before. He is used to accepting all orders at home. He was immediately tempted when he saw the information of the marriage partner. Because Mrs. Jiang said that Jiang Fu was a cold-hearted person, so Jin returned After being sent to the laboratory building, the person who sent him was driven away, and he wanted to contact Jiang Fuduo privately for a while.

    Now he felt more amazing when he saw a real person. The cold and abstinent white coat showed Jiang Fu's well-proportioned and slender figure, exquisite appearance, cold eyebrows, and the exposed hands and neck were white and greasy and snowy. The whole person was like a high god. Only inviolable, only for people's pious admiration.

    Such a person was talking to him gently now, Jinhui's heart was beating, and he stammered for a long time before he nodded blushing.

    Jiang Fu did not show the slightest impatience on his face, and walked side by side with him to the third floor underground with one hand in his pocket. Because in order to fit the living habits of marine life, the overall tone of the underground ocean area is dim. The elevator door When he first opened, Jin Hui suddenly took a step back when he saw the deep corridor glowing with blue light in front of him.

    After Jiang Fu, who was next to him, noticed his only small actions, he turned his head and glanced at him, and said with a comforting smile.

    "Don't be afraid, just like visiting the aquarium, I won't let you hurt."

    The gentle words calmed down some of the fear of returning, he smiled gratefully at Jiang Fu and said in a low voice.

    "I see, thank you."

    Seeing that his face was still pale, Jiang Fu stretched out his hand and said.

    "If you are afraid, just pull my sleeve."

    He did not offer to hold hands with the omega who met for the first time, but took a compromise approach to take care of his fearful emotions.

    The act of pressing the post made Jin Hui looked up at him in astonishment, and was moved flattered in a bewilderment. The corners of his eyes were a little moist, and he quickly bowed his head in embarrassment.

    After Jinhui carefully pulled his sleeves with almost imperceptible force, Jiang Fu raised his foot and walked out of the elevator. He deliberately slowed down to match Jinhui's pace, and walked with the ocean floating around his science promenade. Biology to adjust the atmosphere.

    Walking all the way to the door, Jinhui's mood was obviously relaxed a lot, and the eyes looking at Jiang Fu were full of admiration and admiration.

    After entering the door, Jin Hui exclaimed uncontrollably at the high-tech room. This strange sound immediately attracted the moon shark who was eating a jellyfish on the single bed. He saw the man next to Jiang Fu. Jinhui was stunned, and then he noticed Jinhui pulling Jiang Fu's sleeves.

    "Wow wow wow wow wow wow!"

    Jiang Fu was hit by the young moon shark who suddenly ran over from his single bed. His chest was shaking with pain. He watched in astonishment as the extremely irritable young moon shark pushed Jin back to the ground, and then bared his teeth. A strange sound of warning.

    Pushed to the ground, Jinhui stared blankly at the fierce Moon Shark boy, his face turned pale, and then tears of fear suddenly fell out.

    Omega's nerves should be more delicate and sensitive, easy to be frightened and easy to cry, and easy to be injured.

    After smelling the faint smell of blood, Jiang Fu's expression changed, his original plan to help Jinhui retreated, his voice tense.

    "You bleed?"

    Jinhui was stunned, only then did he feel the burning pain in the palm of his hand, he said quickly.

    "I, I brought a suppressor!"

    Jiang Fu's expression eased a little now, and after he frowned Jin back up, he immediately stepped back and said.

    "Then you spray a little suppressor first, and then I will treat the wound for you."

    He dragged away the Moon Shark boy who still wanted to rush back towards Jin, and reprimanded with a cold face.

    "You give me peace of mind! Otherwise, I will return to the sea area!"

    The young moon shark couldn't understand what he said, but from his condensed expression, he felt the discomfort towards him, and he stayed for a while, and then went back to Jin with even more anger.

    He thought that Jiang Fu was so fierce to him because of the strange boy. After all, Jiang Fu had been very patient with him a month before.

    Jiang Fu didn't notice the faint grievances of the young Yue Shark under the strong force, and only felt a little irritable, so he dragged him back into the big water tank, and then gave the order to close the water tank.

    The Moon Shark boy who banged the barrier in the water tank could only watch the barrier block all eyesight.

    All the noise finally returned to silence. Jinhui, who had sprayed the suppressor, looked at Jiang Fu who was taking out the medicine box not far away, and then moved his eyes to the closed dark water tank.

    After hesitating for a moment, he asked weakly.

    "Is it okay to shut him up like this?"

    Jiang Fu turned around and replied with a plain expression.

    "He is a moon shark. Don't worry about him. Go and sit on the bed over there."

    After hearing that the hostile and irritable young man was a head moon shark, Jin Hui was shocked for a long time before reacting, and a chill suddenly rose in his back.

    Suddenly, he was full of fear in this room, and hurriedly ran towards Jiang Fu. Only by staying beside him could he feel a little relieved.

    The omega selected by Mrs. Jiang should be one that is highly compatible with Jiang Fu. Even if the suppressor has been sprayed, Jiang Fu will still be affected by the smell of pheromone overflowing from the blood when he approaches him. .

    However, his expression has always been faint and calm.

    After the scratches on the palm were dealt with, Jin Hui hesitantly looked at Jiang Fu's graceful profile when he was packing up the medicine box. He looked at him coldly, but couldn't help but fantasize about what he thought of him.

    After finally plucking up the courage, he stumbling expectantly asked.

    "When will you get off work? Aunt Jiang has reserved two seats for us in Taoju. We can go there for dinner after you get off work."

    Taoju is a well-known dating place for couples. The environment is elegant and the style is romantic. It can be said that Mrs. Jiang's intention to match them is very obvious.

    Jiang Fu sighed in his heart. Although he didn't want to hurt the fragile heart of omega, he really couldn't continue to drag him down.

    "Sorry, you have also seen the situation here. The moon shark has not been comforted yet, and a new creature has just been sent to study today. I really don't have time to eat with you."

    After seeing Jin Hui's sudden loss of expression, he pondered for a moment, and simply took the opportunity to speak his mind.

    "Although my mother is very enthusiastic about introducing me, I have no plans to get married yet. If I get busy with work, I may not go home for ten and a half months. It is really not suitable to mark any omega. Im really sorry for the trouble that caused you, I hope you can understand, and I also hope you can find someone who truly loves you."

    With a gentle tone and unquestionable determination, although Jinhui could faintly feel his indifference, his eyes were still blushing after being so bluntly rejected. He bit his lip and twisted his fingers, lowered his head and said nothing.

    Jiang Fu persuaded him in a low voice for a while before he finally asked Ai Ai.

    "If you want to get married then, and I haven't found the alpha yet, can you give me another chance?"

    Jiang Fu thought for a while and agreed to him.

    Jiang Fu breathed a sigh of relief after sending the family driver to send Jin back away, then frowned and pulled at the neckline.

    He had not been in close contact with omega before, and suddenly he was stimulated by the blood of the promotion to the alpha instinct. Even if he deliberately ignored it, his undisturbed heart gradually became hot and it was indeed a fact that could not be ignored.

    Even if Jinhui has left this room, the urge to be lured still has no tendency to fade away.

    After trying to divert attention with the experiment report to no avail, he stood up and walked over to the single bed. While frowning, he took off his white lab coat and put it on the chair. The white shirt and black trousers lined him with long waist and slender legs. The figure is well proportioned and attractive.

    The transparent barrier around the house gave him the illusion of being inside the ocean, and the floating creatures around seemed to be watching him. He turned off the observation mode of the barrier, and the roof and doorway became pitch black, and the house suddenly became A closed and private place.

    When he stayed in the laboratory building, he would usually live in the special lounge upstairs, so this room had no daily necessities except a single bed, no pillows, and no other clothing of his.

    After hesitating, he took the white coat and put it on him again, took off his pants and climbed onto the bed.

    The knee-length white coat covered the white greasy body curled up, only showing a face with eyes closed and panting.

    After a depressed shudder, Jiang Fu stretched out his hand to pull over the tissue next to him, wipe everything clean, and put it on again.

    After turning on the ventilation facilities of the house, Jiang Fu resumed the observation mode of the house. When he raised his head inadvertently, he was taken aback by the silver mermaid who suddenly approached not far away.

    The mermaid, who had been hiding in the dark of the sea area, was now close to the barrier, looking at him with arms folded silently.

    The silent expression was unchanging indifference. Even if those silver eyes stared at Jiang Fu quietly, he felt that the mermaid in front of him was not looking at him at all.

    Jiang Fu stabilized his mind, approached tentatively, and then pointed to the passage between the sea area and the house through the barrier.

    He didn't expect the silver mermaid to pay attention to him. After all, the other party's behavior was really defiant before, but this time the silver mermaid actually set off to swim past the passage.

    Jiang Fu unexpectedly gave birth to a touch of flattery. He quickly understood the restrictions on the passage, and when he then lifted the closure of the large water tank, he suddenly remembered the moon shark inside.

    After walking quickly, he saw that the water in the big tank had been stained red with blood. The huge moon shark was still masochistically hitting the tank made of special material, and the white bandages that had been entangled had already dispersed. , Floating on the water.

    "Moonshark! Stop it!"

    Jiang Fu quickly gave his red ring an order to inject a tranquilizer, and the moon shark gradually stopped, and then lost consciousness and floated in the big water tank.

    The red ring of the caudal fin led the moon shark to swim into the vessel. Jiang Fu was busy filling the vessel with the treatment solution, observing the moon shark's physical condition nervously, and after confirming that the damage was not too serious, did he relax slightly.

    He didn't know that Moon Shark would be such a paranoid character. For the previous month, he had been a bad temper and irritable child. Now it seems that this child is going crazy and hurts himself.

    When he was absent-mindedly thinking about how to deal with it properly, he only saw the silver mermaid who was lingering in front of the passage when he looked up.

    What's wrong? Didn't it work well just now?

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