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    Chapter 109: .dragon Couch 08

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    Jiang Fu spent nine meals in the secret room, stayed for three days and three nights, and then was taken out. (((Cartino Novel Network

    A line of guards followed them, Jiang Fu keenly noticed that the atmosphere of Miyagi was a little strange, and he didn't even meet a palace man along the way.

    It seems that after seeing Jiang Fu's doubts, the five princes walking behind him explained proudly.

    "The palace city has been surrounded by our people, and those palace people have also abandoned the shadow to hide. Now there is only Yuanchen left in the main hall. Don't be afraid."

    Jiang Fu looked at the face he was holding on to victory, and said nothing.

    They opened the door and walked into the main hall. On both sides of the magnificent main hall, long bright candles were burning. Yuan Chen sat on the throne of the imperial rank in the distance, wearing the most noble golden dragon robe in the world, stepping on Black boots, one hand is placed randomly on the carved gold armrest like a royal dragon head, the other hand is lazily supporting the chin.

    His expression was nonchalant, but his silent gaze penetrated their vigilant gaze like a substance, and finally fell on Jiang Fu who was blocked. The shadow on the brow bone covered the dark and unclear eyes, and his thin lips were pressed into a strip. straight line.

    The second princess looked at her eldest brother who had been for more than 20 years indifferently, and said unceremoniously.

    "Yuan Chen, you are not a member of the Yuan family. It is time to return the throne to us."

    Her thrilling voice rang in the quiet and lonely main hall, like the morning shadow slowly fading.

    The people on the throne didn't pay attention to him, and still stared at Jiang Fu with scorching eyebrows attentively, as if thinking about something, as if in a simple daze.

    The neglected second princess thought that he was deliberately humiliating herself, and her expression became more gloomy. In order to force him to give way, she offered a justifiable explanation.

    "When the queen mother gave birth to you, another favorite concubine of the emperor father was also pregnant. She was afraid that you would steal the position of the prince of the fetus in the abdomen, so she bought the imperial doctor and replaced the child of the queen with a private one. Baby girl, I bought you by mistake. The concubine was holding this secret and planned to threaten the mother, but soon she was pushed down the river and drowned because of the dispute between the harem. This secret, I am afraid everyone will be fooled by you."

    In the end, her language became milder, and she persuaded her both soft and hard.

    "We know that you don't know either. As long as you return the Yuan family's position to us, we will treat you kindly after you abdicate."

    When she said these words, she did not really believe that Yuanchen would agree to their abdication. After all, the temptation of this throne was too great. Once she became the Ninth Five-Year Lord and enjoyed the highest status and overwhelming power, it would be difficult for anyone to continue. Easy to let go, so there have been countless people fighting and plundering for the supreme throne in all dynasties, but only one boarded in the end.

    However, she had already arranged for Yuan Chen's guards to be captured. As long as Yuan Chen showed no obedience, she could logically order the guards to shoot the counterfeit who had occupied the throne for many years.

    But to her surprise, Yuan Chen readily agreed.

    "I only need one thing, you give me, I will abdicate."

    It seemed that he had sensed a certain uneasy feeling from his words, and the fifth prince subconsciously blocked Jiang Fu completely behind him.

    Sure enough, he heard Yuan Chen say next.

    "You return Jiang Fu to me, and I will return the throne to you."

    Before the fifth prince had time to refute anything, the second princess had already resolutely refused.

    "No, he is the last sparrow in Miyagi, we can't let him go."

    "Don't you still have his sister and younger brothers, although you let them go, you can catch them again."

    Yuan Chen stood up and walked down the emperor's steps step by step, his vague face was clearly reflected by the faint candlelight.

    The fifth prince knew that his eldest brother had always been cold and steady, and he rarely laughed, but now he laughed a little bit more evil, and he looked like a completely different person.

    His words were lazy, but the second princess was lost in thought.

    The four princes glanced at Jiang Fu who was frowning next to him imperceptibly, and interrupted her expressionlessly.

    "Second sister, this is just an excuse that he deliberately embarrassed you, he is still reluctant to give up the throne, let's kill him directly."

    The brotherhood of the royal family for many years was thinner than paper in front of the only power. Jiang Fu thought the four princes were kind, and now he was shocked when he heard this. He couldn't help but turn his head and glance at him.

    The fourth prince immediately noticed his gaze, and immediately looked at him, his expression was a bit soft, and said lowly.

    "Don't be afraid, he has humiliated you for many years, and I will avenge you."

    Jiang Fu: You will only die worse.

    He pretended not to see Yuan Chen's cold gaze, and said mockingly to the Fourth Prince.

    "What's the use of revenge? Isn't what you and the fifth prince want to do is to insult me? How is it different from him."

    The four princes fell silent immediately, and the five princes who heard their whispers looked back at Jiang Fu helplessly. They wanted to explain but were really guilty. They looked warm and apologetic, but did not regret it.


    Yuan Chen spoke suddenly.

    The moment he spoke, the three people around Jiang Fu were all frozen like sculptures, then their body gradually faded, and finally disappeared.

    At this time, the whole world was dead, and only the two of them were sober.

    Jiang Fu raised his eyes and looked at Yuan Chen standing not far away, with a teasing smile between his brows, and said softly.

    "Can't help it?"

    Yuan Chen's gaze fell on the gauze wrapped around his wrist, and he lowered his eyes to wonder what he was thinking.

    Jiang Fu blinked and stretched out his hand to untie the gauze, revealing a scab on his wrist.

    He walked towards Yuanchen, stopped in front of him, and then exposed the wound to his sight, muttering timidly in his innocent voice.

    "Yuanyuan, it hurts me so much."

    Yuan Chen's gaze stuck to the bright red marks on his white and greasy skin, and his eyes flickered.

    Seeing that he was not talking, Jiang Fu took the initiative to reach out and hug him, like a domestic cat who was only wandering outside and was bullied and finally ran home and pitifully rubbed his neck to act coquettishly, muttering dullly.

    "They scratched my wrist, and they want to take your throne and take me away."

    Yuan Chen's silent breathing was gentle and gentle, and it didn't sound like her emotions fluctuated at all.

    Jiang Fu raised his head to look at his cold silhouette, sniffed his nose, and his soft voice already contained a tender and tender cry, panic and weak, like fresh and plump peaches, overflowing with sweet juice.

    His voice was lighter, but it was like a heavy drum humming, humming in people's ears.

    "And the previous three princes, he pressed me to the ground and tore my clothes. At that time you stood outside looking at me, watching me being kissed and touched by him, but did nothing."

    Yuan Chen's hand hanging by his side suddenly clenched tightly, his face was solemn and there was no gap, and his voice interrupted him flatly.

    "do not talk."

    Jiang Fu didn't listen, and looked at him close at hand, with tears in his dark eyes, one fell out in the blink of an eye, and fell along his cheek to his chin, and then slipped into the shirt without any sound.

    There was no accusation or anger in his tone, only confused helplessness and grievance, like a bruised little beast silently licking his wounds.

    "They all want to bully me, they want to take my clothes off and touch me, they want to see me crying, they want to lock me up as a canary that can't escape."

    Jiang Fu held his hand against his face, and said softly with a choke in his nose.

    "Yuanyuan, I feel so painful and scared."

    The warm and greasy touch is the familiar feeling of crazy obsession in the impression, as long as it is touched, it can't be quit again.

    Yuan Chen looked down at his delicate and fragile face motionlessly, the thick emotions in his deep eyes tumbling silently, and several attempts to break through the shackles rushed out dangerously at the edge.

    Jiang Fu turned his head and kissed his palm.

    Yuan Chen's body shook unnoticeably, and then the dark color in his eyes was almost completely covered at a crazy speed. After a few seconds, the bottomless emotion was replaced by a string of green codes glowing with gloom, which he saw with the naked eye. The unclear speed is flowing fast.

    He lowered his head slightly, moved the palms against Jiang Fu's cheeks to the back of his neck, and firmly encircled him in his arms with a gesture of absolute control.

    The deep voice has no ups and downs, it sounds cold.

    But Jiang Fu listened very intently.

    "I said before that you were an accident. I thought I would ruin the accident, but you actually made me a little reluctant, so I want to keep you and stay with me forever in my spiritual world."

    Jiang Fu felt that the delicate skin on the back of his neck was pinched by him, but it was as gentle as teasing a kitten, mixed with a bit of pampering.

    "But you just didn't do what I wanted. You deliberately made me dissatisfied with your meekness. I don't like you who have lost edges and corners. You are too boring and not interesting at all.

    Yuan Chen snorted softly, stretched out his hand to hold his hanging hand, then lowered his head to get close to the faint scar on his wrist, and licked patiently with his tongue.

    The hot and humid touch made Jiang Fu shrink slightly, but Yuan Chen's hand looked gentle while holding him, but in fact it was imprisoned like iron, firmly restraining his movements.

    He had to endure the slight itch, watching the scar gradually fade until it disappeared completely.

    Only then did Yuan Chen put down his hand, the green garbled in his eyes looked extremely gentle inexplicably.

    Jiang Fu seemed to see the depths of his soul by his gaze.

    "I am determined to destroy you and let you take the initiative to withdraw from this confrontation, but when I see others touch you, I find that I still can't stand it, and can't stand anyone other than me to approach you and take possession of you. "

    Yuan Chen's voice was calm, wrapped in a willing sigh.

    "I lost."

    Hearing this sentence from this arrogant man-made population was really surprising, but it also gave Jiang Fu a sense of accomplishment that he had never had before. He was overjoyed and asked softly with bright eyes.

    "So you promised me to wake up?"

    Yuan Chen stared at his inviting sweet smile, lowered his head and licked his blushing lips, the scorching breath enveloped him like an invisible net, **** and airtight.

    "I promise you, but I want you to accompany me to another world. In the next world, I will use my true self to meet you."

    Jiang Fu replied with squinted eyebrows, smiling.

    "it is good."