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    Chapter 107: .dragon Couch 06

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    A month later, the emperor died, the prince succeeded to the throne, and the country was changed to celebrate. +++ Girls must go to the website

    Half a month later, the new emperor rejected the proposal of the ministers to draft, surpassing all the consensus to designate the male bird as the queen and dominate the harem.

    Since Yuan Chen became emperor, they have moved from the East Palace to Feishuang Palace where the emperor lived, but Jiang Fu did not live in the queens palace as usual, but was still raised by Yuan Chen in Feishuang Palace.

    The other princes were also given the mansion by the prince one by one, and moved out of the palace one after another, while the sparrows would continue to stay in the palace, and the princes sent their confidants to the palace to collect the sparrow blood regularly.

    The eldest sister who was taken away by the three princes before was pregnant, and later returned to Quetang to live with the second sister and younger brother.

    Jiang Fu asked Yuanchen to treat them well when he learned about it. Yuanchen sent many palace people to serve the Quetang, and they often gave some tonics and valuables. Those palace people understood that the emperor Yuanchen was unique to the Queren. After the attitude, I didn't dare to neglect anymore, and they all worked hard to serve.

    Jiang Fu had also visited the eldest sister several times, and the scorching woman had a beautiful smile, her face exuding a gentle glow when she talked about the child with her big belly.

    Once when Jiang Fu came to the bird hall, he saw the three princes who had just left. The naughty three princes of the past have grown into princes with ugly eyebrows and violent temperaments. When he saw him, he could not hide his straightforward obsession.

    Jiang Fu didn't like him very much, and walked inside when he stepped over him, but the third prince grabbed his arm, and his tone was trembling and excited.

    "Sure enough, I saw you. Did you know that although you are a female compatriot, your sister can't even match a single hair of yours."

    Jiang Fu didn't say anything. The palace guards beside him had already separated the three princes with a strong attitude. The third princes stared at his cold expression and left with a sneer for a long time.

    Jiang Fu knew that the palace people around him would report everything to Yuan Chen one by one, so he didn't care at all, and it turned out that the three princes were forbidden to enter the palace.

    The princes have all left the palace, but the princess still lives in the palace. Yuan Chen's second sister is a born woman who eats a vegetarian meal and reciting the Buddha. She has been reading scriptures and copying books in her palace for many years. Jiang Fu has never seen her.

    And the charming Six Princesses didn't like him when they saw Jiang Fuqi outside Shang Shufang. If he hadn't been in the East Palace for a long time and didn't show up, the Six Princesses might trouble him every day.

    Whats more difficult is that the six princesses who have grown up have complex feelings of awe and admiration for her princes elder brother, hoping that he can be the new emperor who will continue to dote on him, so she learned that Yuanchen insisted on holding Jiang Fuli. Because the Queen couldn't believe it, she ran to Feishuang Hall repeatedly to find Jiang Fu, but the palace people ordered by Yuan Chen stopped her and didn't let her succeed.

    It wasn't until the wedding ceremony officially ended that the six princesses finally settled down, but Jiang Fu always felt that she would not give up because of her temperament. Later, she really fell in love with her when she went to the bird hall.

    Since Yuan Chen made him a queen, his attitude seems to have changed slightly. He didn't lock him on the bed day and night, and even forgivingly allowed him to go to the bird hall at any time, but he must be protected by a group of palace people. .

    On that day, Jiang Fu visited the eldest sister who was about to give birth in the bird hall, and strangely did not see the second sister and the younger brother. The elder sister lying on the bed said that the second sister took the younger brother to play in the imperial garden, and Jiang Fu was not suspicious.

    The eldest sister sent the palace man to serve the glutinous rice porridge he liked, and then held back the palace man to chat with him.

    The glutinous rice porridge was very sweet. Jiang Fu had eaten half of it, but he gradually felt his consciousness lost while chatting, his limbs were weak, and the tingling heat came from his fingertips.

    The porcelain bowl in his hand fell to the ground and shattered to pieces. He helped the bed to get up and was about to go out, but his elder sister grabbed his arm. She looked at him apologetically and sadly, and whispered.


    Jiang Fu wanted to wave her hand, but the trembling arm was grabbed by the person behind him, and then a strange and scorching breath came close to it.

    "You sparrow, I am going to make a decision."

    Jiang Fu lowered his eyes to look at the shrinking elder sister, saw the love and pain for the third prince in her eyes, then released the arm that was holding him, and lowered his head.

    Jiang Fu closed his eyes and slammed his chest against the third prince before pulling his clothes away. Then he picked up the broken pieces of the porcelain bowl on the ground while he was in pain. The sharp edge pierced the third prince in an instant. A blood stain was left on the side of his neck.

    The frustrated third prince reached out to grab him, but he broke free and staggered towards the closed door of the Sparrow Hall and fled. Before Jiang Fu's fingertips touched the wooden door, someone pushed in from the outside, and then immediately Grabbing his almost escaped arm, the sharp red nails pinched deeply into his arm.

    The visitor pushed him back viciously and closed the door with his backhand.

    "Three brothers! Why did you almost let him run away!"

    The sixth princess stared at the third prince with hatred of iron and steel, lowered her voice and urged viciously.

    "Our people will not be deceived for long. Third Brother, drag him to the next door. Then I will lead the Prince's elder brother over, saying that he deliberately seduce/lead you, I think the prince's brother is still willing to ask him!"

    Xunxins third prince clasped Jiang Fu tightly in his arms, touching his pliable and slender body, sniffing the scent of his body, and eagerly sniffing the six princesses before dragging Jiang Fu halfway. Brought it next door.

    Jiang Fu has been struggling, the fragments in his hands trembling and dripping blood marks in the delicate palms. When the third prince pressed him on the bed, he bit his tongue to save a trace of strength, and then fiercely. The ground kicked the third prince, and he rolled to the ground.

    The medicine is too strong, and his enthusiasm just made the third prince slightly wrong. The third prince became more excited when he saw him trembling on the ground trying to crawl away, kneeling on the ground tore his clothes.

    The burning fever blurred his consciousness. Jiang Fu's face oozes fine hot sweat, and the blood from the tip of his tongue soaked his lips, but the pain was too slight to make him sober. Escape here.

    He closed his eyes, and the hot and humid sweat fell on his long eyelashes and then melted into his eyes.

    When he raised his eyes again, he saw Yuan Chen.

    In the courtyard peeping through the gap of the wooden door, he saw Yuan Chenzheng, who was wearing a golden dragon robe, quietly looking at him, his eyes were deep, and there seemed to be a dull strangeness hidden in his calm expression.

    The moment Jiang Fu stared at him, he suddenly understood.

    In the previous years, Yuan Chen tried to keep him in this world for life, but he was not satisfied with the over-docile Jiang Fu.

    At this time, Yuan Chen was trying to expel Jiang Fu, trying to expel the outsider who had troubled his mind from the flawless spiritual world of the artificial man, just like expelling the volunteers in the past, seeing that they couldn't bear it and left. Here.

    This sudden influx of transparency made Jiang Fu calm down somehow, he let go of all the strength of resistance, and even smiled softly at Yuan Chen.

    The messy clothes were torn to pieces, revealing a piece of white greasy shoulder blades, beautifully curved and sharp, like the slender bones that can be easily crushed by a young bird.

    His lips were stained with red blood, even redder than the cinnabar between his eyebrows, and the dark and moist eyes that lined his eyes seemed to contain tears, and his white and greasy skin looked a little weak and pale, and his poor appearance seemed to be crumpled. One of the flowers, the overflowing sweet juice oozes from the fingers, making people feel pity and love, but they feel lovely.

    Yuan Chen stared at him, motionless.

    The scorching breath between his breath almost burned himself, Jiang Fu's chest was tumbling with fierce emotions, and he even couldn't help laughing dull because of the joy of bone erosion, but his eyes dropped a tear unexpectedly. .

    He closed his eyes.

    There was a huge sound of a heavy body hitting the wall. Next door was the hysterical screams of the palace people and the six princesses who rushed in, but these noises became misty and distant in Jiang Fu's ears, as if they were immersed in water and isolated All the sounds.

    He could only feel the shudder of his hot skin being touched and kneaded by a familiar touch, and the overlying body carried an annoyance that turned into anger, forcing his body to stretch and open and then accommodate the aggressor who came in. .

    Jiang Fu curled up and let out a sobbing choking. The entire portrait was pierced by flames, nailed to the ground and could not move. He could only be gnawed and bitten by a little beast. He was forced by another brutal and vicious body. Swallowed into flesh and blood, he will run away at any time without worrying anymore.

    When his consciousness was almost unconscious, Yuan Chen left his body, then took off his dragon robe and wrapped him in a mess, holding him and walked to the next door.

    The six princesses, who had long lost their former graceful posture, were escorted by the palace to kneel on the ground. The elaborately decorated hair bun was shaky, and a few strands of hair hung on the forehead.

    When she saw Yuan Chen coming out, her expression suddenly brightened, and she was anxiously whispering.

    "The prince brother! Jiang Fu deliberately seduce the third brother! You must not be fooled by him!"

    Yuan Chen brushed Jiang Fu's long wet hair, and casually ordered.

    "Stop her next door."

    The palace people escorted her over. The unknown six princesses walked into the next door and saw the tragic death of the three princes' limbs. They screamed in horror, and then desperately pushed the palace people toward Yuanchen. He came over and knelt on the ground, clutching his black boots, crying and begging.

    "Brother prince! I know wrong, prince! I am all for you, don't keep me there!"

    Yuan Chen raised her foot indifferently, smashed her hand slowly, and kicked away the crying princesses like throwing rubbish. The palace man next to him immediately pushed the princesses to the next door. She collapsed. The cry was blocked next to the door panel.

    Jiang Fu, who was awakened by the harsh noise, tried to open his eyes, as if the newborn cat opened his eyes for the first time and looked at Yuan Chen blankly.

    Yuan Chen lowered his head and kissed his wet eyelids, then twisted his cheek to the bed, and murmured softly in his ear.

    "Do you want to kill her?"

    The horrified woman could only lie on the bed and couldn't move, holding her pregnant belly helplessly, and begging incoherently.

    "Fufu! Please don't kill me, my child will be born soon. You are his uncle! I didn't mean to harm you!"

    The heart-piercing begging for mercy was desperate and miserable. Jiang Fu stared at her for a long time. His divergent eyes slowly gained focus. He dropped his thick long eyelashes, trembled twice, and then closed his eyes. He didn't want to look again.

    But when Yuan Chen put his head in his arms to give orders to the palace, Jiang Fu shook his head lightly.

    Yuan Chen paused, turned and left the house.

    When passing by the door of the bird hall, he glanced at the pale female bird and the little boy hiding by her legs, and said indifferently.

    "People who don't follow the rules, no next time."

    The female sparrow stared stiffly at his leaving back, until the little boy beside her leg tugged her hand on tiptoe, and she shouted "Sister" in a milky voice, and she suddenly recovered.

    She picked up the ignorant little boy and walked into the bird hall.