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    Chapter 106: .dragon Couch 05

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    Soon after eating dinner alone, Yuan Chen, who was wearing a python robe and banquet, returned. ---End of this Tanmei, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance

    Jiang Fu thought he would come back very late, after all, today is the Spring Festival, the emperor held a royal banquet in the main hall, and all the princes and princesses will attend.

    Leaving the banquet so early, even if Yuanchen is a prince, it is really inappropriate. Moreover, the emperor is old and political affairs have gradually shifted to him. He should act as the leader in the palace banquet.

    The inner room was quiet, Jiang Fu lay on the bed and read a book after eating dinner. He stayed in the East Palace all the year round and did not go out, so Yuan Chen prepared many folk novels for him, which were full of absurd stories. It is also very interesting to read.

    He was too absorbed in reading, until a pair of cold hands touched his cheeks, he was startled to realize Yuan Chen's appearance.

    Yuan Chen used gold hooks to hang up the layered curtains of thin shirts, then lifted the hem of his robe and sat on the edge of the bed, putting one hand on his thin shoulder blades, and asked casually.

    "looking at what?"

    Jiang Fu obediently let him fiddle with the long hair that was loose on his back, closed the book and showed him the name on the cover, and replied gently.

    "I'm watching "Long Street Talk"."

    Yuan Chen just stopped talking with a benevolence, Jiang Fu hesitated, then put the book up, tilted his head on his arm and looked at him, asking suspiciously.

    "Brother Prince, didn't you go to the banquet? Why did you come back so early?"

    "It's boring."

    Yuan Chen's eyes moved from the little cinnabar between Jiang Fu's eyebrows to the misty eyes, looking at each other as if tacitly, but nothing had happened.

    After a while, he touched the corner of the corner with the hand that fell on Jiang Fu's back and asked.

    "Has the medicine been applied?"

    Jiang Fu looked away, a cloud-like blush appeared on his face, and he replied in a lowly shameful voice.


    Yuan Chen didn't speak, but Jiang Fu couldn't help but squeezed the bedding underneath him, and pressed his forehead against his arm dullly, trying to suppress the inexplicable sound coming out of his throat, his beautifully curved back was tight. Shaking slightly.

    After a while, Yuan Chen withdrew his hand from under the quilt, took the Jinpa on the side and wiped off the fingers of his wife, and then threw it aside.

    His voice is very flat.

    "Then raise it up first."

    Jiang Fu nodded lightly, but his body suddenly lightened.

    Yuan Chen wrapped him in a blanket and hugged him, only revealing his beautiful face. Jiang Fu saw him walking straight to the door, shrinking somewhat nervously, and asked in a low voice anxiously.

    "Where are we going?"

    "Look at the lantern."

    Yuan Chen hugged him to the courtyard of the East Palace's back hall. Just as Jiang Fu was puzzled, Yuan Chen's figure lightened, his toes lightly swept, and the two of them landed firmly on the eaves of the East Palace.

    The hanging moon hung high, the night was dark, and there was a cold wind blowing from a high place, but Jiang Fu did not feel cold, his whole body was tightly wrapped in soft bedding, and he was still nestled in Yuanchens warm embrace , It is very comfortable.

    Yuan Chen hugged him and sat down at the top of the eaves. From this height, he could overlook the majestic and towering palaces in the palace and the continuous lights that complemented each other. Not far away is the main hall, and you can faintly hear the singing from the palace banquet. Yan Wu.

    But their surroundings were silent, as if there were only two of them.

    Jiang Fu tilted his head and looked at the lights quietly. From the distance of Miyagi, he looked at the high city wall. Outside there was the folk.

    Miyagi's system is strict, even if it is to celebrate the Shangyuan Festival, there are many Kongming lanterns rising outside the city wall, shaking and slowly flying into the air, and then becoming a distant bright color in the dark night sky.

    His mood at this moment was suddenly very calm. In the interstellar, he kept cheating and evading others. Even if he had more than a chance to win, he still had a trace of worry in the bottom of his heart. After entering the experiment, he always It's patiently dealing with the consciousness of each part of the artificial human beings. It's not bored, but it's a bit tired.

    Perhaps it is because he knows this world that he has touched the real Yuanchen, so he faintly felt that he was about to end, and he would suddenly slack off, like basking in the warm sun in the afternoon, without thinking about anything. , I don't care about anything anymore.

    "During the dinner, my fifth brother came to see me."

    Yuan Chen spoke suddenly.

    Jiang Fu thought for a while, and asked what he said.

    "What's the matter with the fifth prince?"

    Yuan Chen looked down at him and said.

    "He wants you."

    This answer was in Jiang Fu's expectation. Not long ago, he made Yuanchen promise to go to the imperial garden to play in the imperial garden. It was accidental to reach the fourth prince and the fifth prince, but it was his intention to talk to the fifth prince on purpose.

    He blinked, rubbed against Yuan Chen's arms, and said softly.

    "I am the sparrow of the prince brother, as long as the prince elder brother."

    Yuan Chen's slender hands were wrapped around his long soft hair, and he asked casually.

    "What if I give you to him?"

    Jiang Fu seemed to be stunned for a while, did not speak for a long time, then replied in a gentle soft voice.

    "I listen to the prince brother."

    Yuan Chen pulled his hair suddenly, Jiang Fu raised his head a little bit in pain, and Yuan Chen buried his head on the exposed side of his neck. The sharp teeth bit him through with fierce force. The thin skin and warm blood were sucked into Yuanchen's mouth, as if they were fused together.

    On the side neck, there were traces left by Yuan Chen last night. He felt sore from being sucked. Jiang Fu was trembling, biting his lip and groaning, but he didn't show any resistance.

    When relying on his blood to survive, Yuan Chen would often scratch his wrist with a light knife, and when the blood filled a bowl, he would immediately stop the bleeding with golden sore medicine, and then heal the superficial wounds with precious cream from the palace.

    This method can minimize Jiang Fu's pain.

    But sometimes when Yuanchen is in a bad mood, he will directly bite his skin with his teeth and **** his blood bit by bit, so that Jiang Fu can feel the aggression of Yuanchen against him without any gap, and even give birth to being His horror was broken.

    Yuan Chens hand was stuck in his throat, and Jiang Fu thought he would really strangle himself when he tightened his strength. The black suffocation in front of him was intertwined with the pain of blood loss, making his hands and feet numb. Want to escape but don't have the slightest strength.

    I don't know how long it took before Yuan Chen's chewing movement gradually eased, and the hand that clamped his throat also comforted his beautiful jaw line, and the sound of the sound sticking to Jiang Fu's ear was wrapped in tide-like gentleness.

    "Tomorrow I will build a swing in the East Palace. Everything you want will be available here, so there is no need to go out."

    Jiang Fu, with a pale face, didn't hear what he was talking about at all. He felt that Yuan Chen was walking steadily holding him in his arms, and then he was placed on a familiar bed.

    Before he had any time to react, his ankles felt cold, and the sound of the lock was very clear. Then Yuan Chen, who was overlaid, dragged him into his arms with the chain.

    The bed curtain hooked by the lacquered gold hook fell silently.

    The rare opportunity to go to the imperial garden was wiped out by Yuan Chen, but Jiang Fu was not surprised. He continued to settle in the depths of the East Palace as Yuan Chens meek little bird, and lingered with him on the spacious bed. , I don't know the age day and night.

    One day, Yuan Chen, who came back from the Shang Dynasty, suddenly said that he would take him to the Quetang.

    Jiang Fu thought he had heard it wrong, and it was not until Yuan Chen held hands and walked into the bright sunlight that he slowly recovered.

    The east palace is quiet and gloomy. He is like a prisoner's bird who has been restrained for too long in the darkness. His skin becomes almost transparent under the sunlight, but his black eyes and red lips are so scorching, especially when he laughs deeply. The dimples are even more thrilling, and the cinnabar between the eyebrows is really attractive.

    Yuan Chen, who turned his head to look at him, frowned for a long while, before ordering someone to find a veil to cover him.

    The gauze was so hazy, Jiang Fu couldnt see the way, so he could only follow Yuan Chen obediently all the way. Since returning from the Yuhuayuan that day, Yuan Chen hadnt let him go to Quetang again, so he was very worried about Aniang. Their situation.

    The sparrow hall is not very simple in the remote depths of Miyagi, but it has a desolate and imprisoned confinement.

    After Yuan Chen withdrew all the palace members, he stretched out his hand to take off his veil, and then looked at him and said.

    "You send it to your mother."

    His face was too calm, as casual as he was talking about eating and going to bed. Jiang Fu was stunned for a while before he could react, then his face changed and he rushed in.

    His mother-in-law was not very young and her charm still existed, but she was weak when she was young, and she fell a lot of disease roots and became weak, and because she was frustrated for a long time, she died early.

    Jiang Fu has two sisters. The elder one went to the third prince. The second sister with the most ordinary appearance is still with Aniang. After seeing Jiang Fu coming in, she glanced at him and said lightly.

    "A-niang wants to see you for the last breath."

    Jiang Fu was brought to the East Palace by Yuan Chen since he was a child, so the relationship with Aniang and A sister is not close, but after all, blood is thicker than water, not to mention that Aniang is full of guilt and guilt for him because he left him since childhood. Pity, every time Jiang Fu came to Quetang would hold him in tears and would not let him go, so Jiang Fu was still sad when he saw A-niang about to die.

    A-niang couldn't say anything, she tremblingly clutched Jiang Fu's collar and looked at him for a moment, the look in those eyes gradually dimmed, and her body became stiff.

    The second sister was also very calm about this, but quietly brushed the hair of Aniang's sideburns to make her final makeup.

    Her face was pale, even her lips were bloodless, and she looked thin and faltering. Jiang Fu knew that Yuan Chen had been given the exclusive rights of the prince, but she and another sister were the blood source of the remaining five imperial families. So the body is very weak.

    He hesitated for a moment, then asked.

    "Sister, A-niang is gone, do you want to stay in the Sparrow Hall?"

    The second sister said indifferently.

    "You go back, my brother and I will continue to live here."

    The relationship between them is far not as close as Jiang Fu and A Niang, after all, they both live very hard.

    Jiang Fu didn't have a better way. Yuan Chen would definitely not agree to take away the second sister and younger brother, so he nodded and said.

    "Then can I take a look at my little brother?"

    The second sister frowned and was silent for a while before nodding.

    Fearing that the younger brother would be irritated by seeing the dead A-Niang, the second sister gave the little brother to the closest palace clerk.

    Jiang Fu has only seen the little brother a few times. At that time, the little brother was still a babbling immature baby, but now he can walk staggeringly.

    He knelt down and looked at Linglong's cute little brother, and couldn't help touching his fluffy hair.

    Perhaps it was the natural intimacy in the bloodline. The younger brother looked at him ignorantly. His **** eyes were like black grapes, full of innocence.

    The little brother grabbed his shirt and rubbed his arms happily.

    Jiang Fu is always full of compassion for cute and cute children, so he held him and teased him for a long time and didn't let him go. Yuan Chen, who stood with his hands on his side, silently looked at his cheerful expression, and suddenly smiled and said.

    "If you like it, take it back to the palace."

    As soon as these words came out, Jiang Fu and the second sister's face changed.

    Jiang Fu quickly put his little brother on the ground, holding him back to the second sister who was angry with his face, and then stepped back and said goodbye quickly.

    The second sister didn't answer him, so she picked up her little brother and went back to Sparrow Hall.

    Yuan Chen didn't mind her arrogance, took Jiang Fu and walked to the East Palace. After walking for a while, Yuan Chen suddenly asked.

    "Do you like children?"

    Jiang Fu didn't know what he meant by asking this, he thought about it and replied seriously.

    "I like cute children."


    Yuan Chen seemed to be very interested in this topic, and suddenly let go of the hand holding him, and then wrapped his waist, the warm breath that came up suddenly sprayed into Jiang Fu's ears through a thin veil, deep The sound doesn't know what it means.

    "Then you have one for me, okay?"

    Jiang Fu's footsteps suddenly stopped.

    Yuan Chen also stopped, his fingers lifted the veil on one side to touch his greasy cheek, lingeringly rubbing his tightly pressed lips, those dark eyes staring straight at Jiang Fu through the veil Fuzzy face.

    "My father is going to die soon. I will ascend to the throne in about a month. Then I will make you a queen, and you will give birth to a prince for me. Then the ministers will not have any objections. Everything in the world will be yours. "

    "Orange, is this good?"

    The rough fingertips pressed heavily against the soft lips, causing a rough pain.

    Jiang Fu remained silent all the time, neither resisting nor responding.

    His teeth were clenched tightly, and even his teeth trembled in fear. The chill spread from the soles of his feet to the top of his head, drowning his whole person in the chilly seawater.

    He could hear that Yuan Chen was serious.

    After waiting for a long time without hearing Jiang Fu's answer, Yuan Chen smiled, and then it seemed that the topic of stalemate was over.

    He took Jiang Fu's hand again and said softly.

    "Let's go."

    At night, Jiang Fu was still very hesitant about Yuan Chen Bairi's words. Every time Yuan Chen was hit and shattered, he would have uncontrollable fear. He couldn't stand the struggle and wanted to escape, but was caught by Yuan Chen and pierced through forcefully.

    After everything was over, Jiang Fu sank in the soft bedding and closed his eyes in a daze, feeling dimly that Yuan Chen was reaching out and touching his face.

    He subconsciously tilted his head to the side, and then opened his eyes blindly to look at Yuan Chen, and asked vaguely.

    "what happened?"

    Yuan Chen sat on the side of the bed and stared at him intently. His drooping eyes were covered by the shadow of the brow bones. He couldn't see clearly, only the gentle voice seemed to be soothing.

    "It's okay, go to sleep."

    Jiang Fu closed his eyes again.