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    Chapter 105: .dragon Couch 04

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    The East Palace is still as quiet and dim as before. The silent palace people light up the long bright candle and retreat. The sound of the attendant closing the Zhumen is dull and heavy, and the hearts of the listeners are tight. +++ Girls must go to the website

    Jiang Fu shook slightly, then rubbed the corners of his red eyes, took the prince's neck and kissed his cold lips, and still whispered.

    "I think that clay figurine is very funny and I want to give it to the prince brother, so I talked to him."

    Seeing that the prince was just silent, he leaned over and rubbed the icy profile of the prince even more favorably, and the breath between his ears and temples was warm and sweet.

    "Brother Prince, don't be angry, okay, I really didn't mean it."

    The prince never paid attention to him, holding him all the way to the bed in the inner room and put him down, then pinched his chin with one hand to force him to raise his head, his calm voice seemed to have no emotion at all.

    "Orange, you don't have to go to the bird hall this month."

    Jiang Fu was dumbfounded, then hurriedly pulled on his shirt and said desperately in a daze.

    "Brother prince, tomorrow is fifteen, I know it is wrong, don't be angry, prince brother, don't be angry, okay?"

    The panicked tone was wrapped in panic begging, and the frowning and tearful young man looked lovely, but the prince did not waver at all, but looked at him quietly with an unknown expression.

    Since being taken to the East Palace by the prince, Jiang Fu has not been allowed to return to the prince hall. After he begged the prince for a long time, the prince finally promised that if he was obedient, he could return to the prince hall once a month.

    One of Jiang Fus elder sister was taken away by the three princes. Only A-niang and another elder sister were left in the bird hall, and A-niang had just given birth to a little brother. They were in a difficult time for Lingding. Only Jiang Fu Only when you come can you bring them something to take care of. If Jiang Fu doesn't go this time, those palace people who serve them will surely make things difficult for them again.

    Seeing that the prince hadn't recovered his life for a long time, Jiang Fu hurriedly pulled off his clothes, and then took the initiative to hook his neck to kiss him, docile and flattering, holding the prince's hand hanging on his side interlocking his fingers.

    He knew that the prince liked it very much.

    The long hanging eyelashes trembled nervously, the cinnabar red between the eyebrows was dripping, the kiss sent by the boy was green and awkward, even though the clouds and rain in the bed were so many times, he was very familiar with the body. There is still innocence that cannot be erased.

    This kind of bizarre contradiction exudes fatal attraction, and anyone will fall into it and indulge in it.

    The prince leaned over and buckled his hand on the silk quilt, and then pulled off the golden hook that hooked the bed curtain. The scattered tassels layered over the blurred view of the bed.

    At the time of the day, the half-opened carved windows can vaguely see the lush scenery of the water pavilion. The palace people are hanging many palace lanterns under the eaves of the promenade. The melting lacquered red lampshade adds a bit of earth to this solemn palace. Firework gas.

    When he was watching, the attendant who appeared suddenly came forward and dropped the window, saying neither humble nor arrogant.

    "It's windy outside, and the little boy will catch a cold."

    Jiang Fu, who was lying on the bed, had to put down a corner of the bed curtain and retracted his envious gaze. His sharp eyes saw the attendant holding a familiar dark red box in his hand, and he couldn't help shrinking slightly, biting his lip. Asked.

    "When will the prince brother come back?"

    The attendant's eyes kept falling on the ground, and he didn't even look at the person on the bed that was blocked by the bed mantle, and he didn't reply softly, half distracted.

    "Little son Hui, this is what the prince ordered the slave to take from the teacher, saying that if you are not obedient, then you don't have to go to the bird hall again, just learn the rules from the Muslim teacher."

    The people in the bed curtain stopped talking, and there was a thumping sound for a while, and a thin white hand stretched out from under the thin red bed curtain, and after holding the box, he retracted into the bed curtain.

    The joints of the hand are distinct, white and beautiful, but the knuckles and the backs of the hands are printed with deep hickeys, and the deeper ones are even stacked with scary teeth, like being eaten by a wild beast from head to toe. .

    On the slightly exposed delicate wrist is a thin iron chain. For fear of the tender skin being scratched, I wrap the inside with the softest snow silk, making a crisp, subtle sound with the movement.

    The attendant cast his gaze down and exited the inner room as he took it for granted.

    After living with the prince in the East Palace, the prince never allowed him to go out, as if a private bird was kept in a real captivity.

    The prince is very patient and rarely loses his temper, but he is monopolistic and forbids him to talk or meet anyone. Sometimes, for fear that he will sneak out, he will be chained to the bed room, depriving him of his freedom. .

    Such a prince made Jiang Fu very surprised, because in the previous worlds, even if Yuan Chen loved him so much that he did the same imprisoned thing, he would quickly realize it, and then blame himself and apologize to Jiang Fu.

    But this time Yuan Chen lived with him in the East Palace for more than six years, and the desire to control him has not diminished but increased, and he cant wait to imprison him day and night on a bed that no one can see and become an exclusive bird. .

    Jiang Fu was puzzled for a while, and then he gradually understood why.

    Because such Yuanchen is the real Yuanchen.

    It seems that since he deliberately didn't recognize the iron cow who lost his name and appearance in the world of cultivation, Yuan Chen's state was different from the previous world.

    Jiang Fu still clearly remembers that in the last sentinel world, when he stumbled and fell from a steep slope, Yuan Chen, who jumped down without hesitation, stared at him.

    At that time, there was a harsh mechanical sound in Jiang Fu's mind.

    Hearing 100% of the moment, Jiang Fu couldn't believe that the experiment had been successful, but he didn't wait for his joy to surface, as if he had been silent for a few seconds by the mechanical sound of lag, and then continued to ring.

    The number of last stays is not even as much as the progress of the first world. The efforts of so many worlds seem to have suddenly returned to the original point, which sounds extremely frustrating.

    Jiang Fu was also rarely at a loss for a moment, but he was hugged tightly by Yuan Chen who rushed over, and the voice wrapped around his ears was vicious, overflowing with undisguised fierce irritability.

    Perceiving deeper, it seems that there is still a trace of fear and fragility hidden for fear of losing him.

    "Don't want to leave me until you die."

    In an instant, Jiang Fu knew he was set to win.

    This man-made man has begun to find ways to try to keep himself in the spiritual world, whether it is hiding the real self in the sentinel world, or using means to deceive the record of experimental data, all these seem to be man-made. He is in charge of everything, but Jiang Fu is not worried at all.

    He was certain that the increased affection spread by interest caused the cyborg to be completely planted.

    So when Yuanchen in this world showed a different appearance from the previous world, Jiang Fu quickly accepted it. After all, Yuanchen like this is the real Yuanchen, selfish, arrogant, reckless, for his own desire The thing is unscrupulous.

    Perhaps the artificial humans thinking does not have so many emotions. Yuan Chen simply wanted Jiang Fu to stay in the spiritual world, so he used the simplest and rude method to retain him-to lock him in the deep palace with an iron chain. On the bed, and then use the data ups and downs to bring the whole experiment back to its original point.

    It seems that as long as this is the case, Jiang Fu has nothing to do.

    He was too proud, but this pride was full of loopholes in Jiang Fu's insight and was vulnerable. Jiang Fu originally wanted to expose him by surprise, but later changed his mind.

    Yuan Chen wanted him to stay in this world obediently, so he stayed obediently, but not as Yuan Chen expected.

    When the juvenile's body grew to an age sufficient for Huan Huan, Yuan Chen ordered the teacher to take the teacher to the East Palace.

    It was Yuan Chen standing beside the bed, wearing the princes luxurious court clothes, standing in a dim light looking at him.

    Jiang Fu, hiding on the bed, looked at him blankly, his thin clothes showed delicate white shoulders and neck lines, and his androgynous face was burning with cinnabar, his lips were red and his teeth were white, and he was full of gentle ignorance.

    Yuan Chen reached out and touched his face, then held his chin and stared at him intently, asking gently.

    "Orange, let the teacher teach you how to please me in the future, okay?"

    His tone was very light, not the gloomy of the past, but rather like joking.

    He knows that Jiang Fu is not a soft and deceptive cat without claws, but a beautiful flower with thorns, soft but not weak, profitable but not compelling, able to act like a baby lazily in his arms, and to treat him Everyone outside showed a sharp side.

    Such Jiang Fu is what fascinates him.

    But Jiang Fu blinked, then nodded obediently.

    "it is good."

    Yuan Chen's face was like inches of frost condensing, and the dark colors in his eyes rolled and changed several times before finally turning into a chaotic gloom.

    His hand holding Jiang Fu's chin suddenly tightened, and his bones that were almost strangled creaked, and he released it after a while, and the white and greasy skin had already left clear finger marks.

    Jiang Fu seemed to be in terrible pain. He didn't dare to touch the bruise on his chin. He looked at him aggrievedly and said.

    "Brother Prince, I hurt."

    The prince brother.

    The prince brother.

    Why isn't it called Yuan Yuan?

    Yuan Chen took a step back immediately, staring at him blankly for a long time, then turned and left without saying a word.

    In the closed room burning with strong incense, the teacher's mother blindfolded Jiang Fu's eyes, saying that it would help his body become more sensitive. He could feel that a pair of hands wrapped in things used a lot of things on him, the secrets of the royal family, and even the Western goods that made him unbearable.

    But he didn't resist at all, he couldn't stand it anymore, he just bit his lip and sobbed, trying hard to cooperate with the teacher's instructions and lessons, but his heart was as clear as a mirror.

    How could Yuan Chen let others slap him? Even though the teacher's mother was talking on the side, the hands that fell on him were very familiar, full of anger and teasing at his docile attitude.

    But Jiang Fu wanted to irritate him. He couldn't bear it but couldn't help it. When he was agitated, he took the initiative to show his true colors, and then he wanted to wake up.

    All it takes is time.

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