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    Chapter 104: .dragon Couch 03

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    From the Yuhuayuan side, two young men with aura came over, followed by a group of palace people. +++ Girls must go to the website

    The taller ones are the fourth princes, and the shorter ones are the fifth princes. They just returned from working outside the palace and rushed back to the palace while they were dark.

    The five princes, who were still immersed outside the palace, said with interest.

    "Unexpectedly, it would be fun outside the palace, brother, let's go out of the palace again tomorrow."

    Compared with the lively fifth princes, the fourth princes appeared to be a little more calm, he shook his head disapprovingly, and replied.

    "Leaving the palace without authorization is a serious crime. Today, our father ordered us to go out to hear the urgent case. Don't listen to your father's instructions to sneak out of the palace and make him angry."

    Even though the members of the royal family are young and mature, the fifth prince still has a bit of juvenile spirit left in his body, he said in a dejected tone.

    "But I heard them explain that there is a lantern festival in the evening market. It must be very interesting."

    The fourth prince heard his unwillingness, and there was a warning in his angry voice.

    "Yuan Xu."

    The fifth prince had always been close to him, and often listened to him. Knowing that he was really angry by calling his name, he had to reluctantly replied.

    "Okay, Brother Five, I won't go out."

    When they walked around the rockery to the palace, they saw a few palace people not far away from the other side carrying shining palace lanterns, reflecting the blurry light.

    The fifth prince suddenly felt curiosity, and looked over at his head.

    "what is that?"

    The four princes sent a palace man to investigate the situation, and the palace man returned soon, bowing his head respectfully.

    "Back to your highnesses, the Prince's Sparrow is swinging over there. The sky is too dark. The palace people lighted the lanterns to take care of them more carefully."

    Prince's sparrow?

    What suddenly appeared in their minds was the little doll that appeared outside Shangshu's room many years ago. The fourth prince immediately grabbed his arm and stopped him with a deep voice after seeing the malice floating on the face of the fifth prince.

    "Fifth brother, don't be troublesome."

    The fifth prince shook off his hand cleverly, and while walking towards there with interest, he said casually with disdain.

    "I heard that the prince's elder brother brought him back to the east palace, but he never let him out. Like a rare treasure hidden, I want to see what kind of goblin looks like the sparrow who can fascinate the prince's brother."

    The fourth prince, who knew the prince's weird temperament, was afraid that the fifth prince would annoy the prince because of the sparrow, so he hurriedly followed.

    The fifth prince approached only to see that the circle of palace people around the swing were holding palace lanterns in their hands, and they watched the happy people swinging on the swing with trepidation, a pair who wanted to be close to protect but did not dare to approach. Nervous appearance.

    They were all too concerned about the sparrow, and they didn't even notice the fifth prince who came by.

    The faint candlelight from the thin lantern paper dyed the drowsy surroundings with a vague charm. There were too many people in the palace. The five princes only saw the **** robe flying along the swing, like Zhuang Zhous drunken dream. It's like a fantasy butterfly.

    The fifth prince impatiently kicked the palace man who was blocking his vision, and the clear voice broke into the silence.

    "Get out of me!"

    In hindsight, the palace people knelt down to salute in a panic, the palace people pushing the swing also quickly stabilized the swing rope, and then knelt down.

    The black gaze disappeared suddenly, and the fifth prince could clearly see the sparrow who was sitting on the swing and looking back at him.

    The bird was only a teenager, and his delicate eyebrows were already filled with an indisputable astonishment. The dark eyes were stained with a hazy squiggly by the candlelight, and the eyebrows were scorching red , It is really like the spirit of the mountains and the wild.

    But his expression was extremely innocent, and the truth that day was still mixed with unknowingly amorous feelings that had been soaked in love for a long time. Just a glimpse was thrilling and could not stop.

    The four princes who followed him frowned when they saw the dumb five princes, and they were also stunned when they moved their puzzled eyes to the young man on the swing.

    It took a full moment before the fourth prince regained his gaze like a awkward awakening from a dream, and then pushed the fifth prince hard, his barely calm voice cracked.

    "Fifth brother, we should go back to the palace."

    The fifth prince was still staring at the young man obsessively, as if even the soul had been hooked away. The wanton teasing years ago and the flirty thoughts of the talents disappeared without a trace in an instant. The only thing that filled his heart was the unexpected heartbeat.

    He unconsciously stepped forward, his heart beating a drum, and his stuttering voice was very soft and soft, for fear that it would scare a teenager.

    "Are you, are you the prince's brother? What is your name?"

    Just when he just stepped forward, suddenly a kneeling palace man hurriedly moved in front of him and said in a panic.

    "Fifth Prince! His Royal Highness has given orders"

    The four princes who turned on deaf ears kicked him violently, his obsessive eyes still stuck to the boy.

    His question is really superfluous. Every bird will touch a grain of cinnabar between his brows when he is ten years old to distinguish it from a palace person. The cinnabar red on the brows of young people is as scorching as the begonia flower liquid.

    And the five princes just found a clumsy cause in haste, he just wanted to talk to the young man.

    The boy was shocked by his deliberate approach, and immediately got off the swing, and then uneasyly grasped the suspension rope wrapped in silk, and watched him timidly without speaking.

    The fifth prince was numb with his ignorant gaze, and he was stunned for a while and suddenly turned around and ran to the palace man who followed, and then rushed to find himself from the folk market in the things they were holding. Coming gadgets.

    After throwing all the things he didnt like to the ground, the fifth prince was pleasantly surprised to find a small clay figure made by a craftsman. He walked towards the young man attentively, not daring to get too close to him, only on the swing. Stopped not far away, then raised the little clay figurine to please.

    "Do you like this? I'll give it to you if you like it."

    The little clay figurine was originally brought back in the brocade box, so it was not damaged at all. The eyebrows and eyes of the clay figurine made into Chang'e are vivid and lifelike. Although it is a common gadget in the folk, it is impossible to see it in the palace. .

    Sure enough, the boy's curious gaze immediately stuck to the clay figure, and even the fifth prince quietly approached him without notice.

    The fifth prince overflowed with love and pity on his chest, and took the initiative to bring the clay figure closer to him, lowering his voice to coax.

    "I gave it to you, you hold it yourself."

    Hearing what he said, the young man raised his head hesitantly and glanced at him. His long eyelashes flickered like a feather fan, and there was obvious joy on the carved jade face, and nice dimples were slightly concave on the cheeks.

    His voice was as thin as a mosquito, but it was soft and moving.


    The fifth prince was seen by him that he really wanted to give him all the treasures in the world, so close at hand, he even smelled the light scent of the boy, like it leaked from the bones, fragrant people The whole body is crisp.

    The fifth prince swallowed hard, his tone was gentler than ever before.

    "As long as you tell me your name, I will give it to you, OK?"

    The young man's expression showed a trace of hesitation, he seemed to be a little embarrassed, but he was really reluctant to bear the clay figure that was about to get it, and muttered in distress.

    "But the prince brother wouldn't let me tell others."

    "You tell me secretly, I don't tell anyone."

    The fifth prince deliberately shook the clay figure gently in front of him, and the boy's straight gaze also followed the clay figure, completely like a child who was bewitched by the stuff.

    The boy's tone really softened, with a bit of nervousness for fear of being discovered by others.

    "Then I will tell you secretly, you are not allowed to tell others."

    The fifth prince nodded desperately, and then the ears were wrapped in a warm breath that suddenly approached, and the faint scent came into his nose, sweet and sweet.

    The sound of trying to keep down was small, light and quick.

    "My name is Jiang Fu."

    When he was stunned, the fifth prince was empty of hands, and the clay figure was snatched by the boy.

    He raised his eyes blankly and chased after him, and saw the young man carefully holding the clay figure hiding behind the swing, looking down at the clay figure intently, and smiling extremely happily.

    The fifth prince stared at him in a daze, and then the fourth prince grabbed his arm and pulled it back, his voice full of inexplicable emotions urging.

    "Fifth brother! We should go now!"

    The fifth prince reluctantly refused to leave, and kept talking.

    "Stay a while, brother, let's stay a while before leaving."

    When the fifth prince sent the young clay figurine just now, the fourth prince not only did not stop him, but repelled the young palace man, because he wanted to see the young man more after a glimpse of Jinghong, and wanted to see if he would laugh.

    Then he saw the boy's sweet smile, which looked like an addictive poison, and he couldn't escape it after a few more eyes.

    It's just that he is older than the fifth prince after all, and he has heard more secrets in the palace. He has long known that this sparrow is the princes princes treasure, and he can no longer risk more coveting, so Promptly persuade the fifth prince to leave.

    The fifth prince stubbornly insisted on staying and continuing to talk to the young man. When he was anxious, he pushed and yelled at him. The fourth prince gradually became anxious, and his haste tone became severe.

    "Yuan Xu! Hurry up with me!"

    The fifth prince who was aroused a bit of rebellion also shouted angrily.

    "I'm not leaving! I want to play with Jiang Fu!"

    As soon as the voice fell, he noticed the sudden stagnation of the air, which made his scalp numb.

    The fourth prince's face also froze, and he turned his head subconsciously, and then a somewhat fearful panic appeared on his suddenly changed face.

    "Brother Prince."

    After the salute, he yanked the five princes who were dumbfounded, and the latter hurriedly bowed, and then hung his head with a pale face, afraid to speak.

    The person who passed them was already weak, and his handsome face was lingering gloomy, and his deep black eyes were like an unpredictable abyss that made people feel chills without even looking.

    The thin lips are often indifferently pressed into a straight line, and only when they look at a teenager will they slightly bend a shallow arc.

    But when he looked at the boy at this moment, his lips didn't smile.

    The young man who realized that the prince had suddenly appeared subconsciously hid the clay figure in his hand panicked behind him, his timid eyes dodge slightly, and then he whispered in a low voice.

    "Brother Prince."

    The prince walked straight towards him, and then touched his head. Although his tone was gentle and pampering, he was not warm.

    The low and low voice made everyone around him hear clearly.

    "Why don't you behave, I told you not to tell others your name."

    The fifth prince froze.

    The young man with his head down trembled abruptly, and then he shoved the clay figure behind him into the crown prince's hanging hands in a panic, raised his head to please him, and said expectantly.

    "Yes, I want to give it to the prince brother."

    The prince lowered his eyes and looked at the look of timidity hidden in his expectation. He was stuffed with a clay figure and clenched the young man's hand, then with the other hand he pulled the clay stick out of his hand and threw it to the ground.

    The boy's face turned pale.

    It seemed that he couldn't bear to see the pitiful appearance of the young man who was about to cry. The fifth prince gritted his teeth to resist the deep fear of the prince, and gathered the courage to take the blame on himself.

    "Brother Prince, I used clay figurines to lure him into talking, and it's none of his business."

    The thin explanation disappeared as soon as the wind blew. The prince ignored the cinnabar between the young man's eyebrows, and the drooping eyelashes covered the rolling gloom in his black eyes.

    He still only spoke to the boy, his tone of voice calm.

    "Orange, you are not obedient."

    The young man wrapped in a **** robe timidly grasped the corner of his clothes, the tears in his eyes fell like dew from the lotus leaf in the morning, and the cry of crying twitched, grieved and panicked. .

    "Brother Prince, I was wrong, I knew it was wrong."

    The prince did not speak, but stooped to hug him lightly, and then went over the kneeling black palace people and the two princes with ugly faces.

    Until the prince's figure completely disappeared into the dim imperial garden, the fifth prince seemed to be able to hear the sobbing sound of a gentle juvenile kitten.

    Fragile and touching.