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    Chapter 103: .dragon Couch 02

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    After today's schoolwork was over, the prince said goodbye to the Tai Fu and took the little baby away. The Tai Fu looked at the high and low backs of the two leaving, but he sighed. +++ Girls must go to the website

    The royal family does not want the humble sparrow to defile the most noble person in the royal family, so the one who reproduces with the female sparrow is the least favored of the princes of each generation. It only needs to keep the sparrow with the blood of the Yuan family. Carry on.

    However, with the appearance of the sparrows, the generation is better than the generation. Some of the princes in the royal family took a fancy to the sparrows and put them in the palace to play. Later, even the male sparrows were also like this, so they gradually formed. It is self-evident tradition that the best one of each generation of sparrows must be reserved for the prince's exclusive use, and the rest of the sparrows will be picked by others.

    The prince only heard that his mother and concubine mentioned Sparrow by chance, and knew that he was indifferent even after he had Sparrow. It was only when he met him today that he developed a natural sense of possession.

    In this way, the feeling of love came very naturally. They dedicated this little baby with red lips and white teeth to the prince, and he was branded by the prince, then the prince would really regard him as his own possession, and his own jade pendant or commonly used There is no difference between hair bands.

    Perhaps the only difference is that this exquisite little doll now gives him a little more freshness.

    Sparrow people usually live in the Sparrow Hall at the end of the deep palace. If a sparrow is taken away by the royal family, there is no need to tell the other sparrow people. Even if it is their brothers and sisters, they can only obey. No one will. Ask them how they feel.

    The prince took the little doll and walked towards the East Palace. He had grown into a young boy's long stature. His steps were not fast, but the little doll who had just passed his knees obviously couldn't catch up with him. He tried hard to hold his hands and trot. Follow.

    When he reached the bluestone road in the Royal Garden, the prince suddenly stopped to look at him. The little doll's white and tender face was already covered with a thin layer of sweat, and it was dyed with a fluffy golden light under the faint sunlight. It looked extremely soft. .

    But those dark eyes were filled with timid anxiety, and he didn't dare to make a sound even if he was about to fall after the chase.

    Seeing him staring at him, Little Wawa looked up at him in confusion.

    The height difference between them was so great that the little baby had a sore neck before looking at it for a while. He wrinkled his nose and shook his head, and saw the prince in a black robe squatting down slightly, and then reached out and hugged him in his arms. in.

    When he was in Shangshufang, the prince had been listening attentively to the Taifu's lectures. When he was holding the little doll on the road, he couldn't see him behind him. Now he suddenly hugged the little doll in his arms, the appearance of the pink jade is really real. Presented in front of the prince.

    Males and females born at a young age can't argue, if the clothes of male and female sparrows are slightly different, no one will refute even if this is a beloved princess.

    Thinking that such a treasure had been owned by him, the prince's condensed expression softened a bit.

    He hugged the baby doll awkwardly, but the posture of arms around him kept him firmly, and then continued walking towards the East Palace calmly.

    After all, he was a young child, and the little baby didn't dare to move. After a moment when he found that the prince hadn't spoken, his expression softened.

    Aniang would hold him intimately like this when coaxing him to sleep, so his fear of the prince faded a little, and the child's lively nature gradually revealed.

    He looked at the crown prince's sharp eyebrows eagerly, and boldly poked him in the face.

    An illusion of softness almost like feathers flicked across.

    The prince's expression remained unchanged.

    After discovering that the prince is actually a person who is easier to get close to than the princes who laugh at him, the courage of the little doll is getting bigger and bigger. For a while, he lies on the princes shoulder and touches the hair that hangs behind him enthusiastically. Writhing inside, poking him in the face curiously.

    The attendant next to the prince saw the terrifying behavior of the little doll, and was shocked in a cold sweat, for fear that the unfathomable prince would throw the little doll off his body in anger, but the shock was that the prince went all the way. They all responded with a conniving attitude, with a cold face as if the soft body in his arms did not exist.

    The little baby who had recovered his senses was stunned when she saw Jinbi's East Palace, and then hugged the prince tightly, as if this strange and strict palace was a cannibal beast.

    The timid murmur still lingered between the Prince's ears and nose with a sweet milk fragrance.

    "Brother Prince, this is not my home, I want to go home."

    The prince kept walking into the East Palace and said quietly.

    "This is your home."

    As a young man, it was not difficult for him to hug the little doll all the way, but his arm was also a bit tingling. When he just put the little doll down and planned to take off the complicated robe, he saw a small group of little dolls nervous He ran out of the door.

    The prince's eyes suddenly became cold.

    The palace man guarding the door stopped the little doll who had finally reached the door, and then silently closed the door.

    The little doll who was blocked by the heavy door was stunned, and then pushed the door anxiously. He used the strength of milking, his white face was flushed with jade, and he beat the door in fear and shouted. .

    "I want to go home, A-niang, A-niang, oooooo"

    The childish cry was twitched, revealing undisguised fear and anxiety. It was thin and soft, like a newly-born baby bird in the palm of the hand. The skeleton was still thin and thin, just a little effort. Hear the crisp sound of broken bones.

    The prince Xijing, all the noisy things around will be dealt with by him. The huge East Palace hasn't heard such a soft and fragile sound for a long time.

    The attendant, who stood quietly in the shadow, was waiting for the Prince's order to throw the noisy baby out or cut his tongue.

    There are too many ways to make this continuous cry quiet, the fastest or the most torturous, all depends on the prince's will.

    The palace people in the empty East Palace all withdrew, the dim candlelight reflected the whole hall in half light and half dark, and the expressionless prince looked at the little baby crying and hiccuping not far away, silent. The gaze is as deep as a pond with no waves.

    After a vain shot of the door and no one answered, the little doll turned around in panic and looked at the prince who had never spoken.

    His eyes were red from crying, and the long eyelashes soaked with tears were wet with a few teardrops. One fell out in the blink of an eye. It looked extremely pitiful and very moving.

    The prince still looked at him motionlessly, as if thinking about how to deal with him.

    Little Wawa was also sensitive to the repressed stagnation atmosphere in the East Palace. He stayed at the door helplessly, and then ran towards the prince timidly, pulling the corners of his clothes eagerly and cryingly. he.

    "Prince brother, can you take me to find A-niang?"

    The prince lowered his head to look at him, his eyes dark and heavy, and he could not see any emotions.

    After a long while, he stretched out his hand and touched the head of Xiaowawa, and repeated.

    "This is your home."

    The little doll squashed her mouth and said aggrievedly.

    "But A-niang is not here, nor is my sister."

    This time the prince squatted down, and the eyes that looked at him were a little soft.

    The hand stroking the head of the little baby slowly moved to the "chen" embroidered on the frost-colored collar. The prince's voice was very flat, but his tone was an indisputable statement.

    "You are my sparrow, and the East Palace is your home."

    A little bit because she had been taught what sparrows should understand since she was born. After hearing these words, Xiaowa really stopped arguing about going back.

    He rubbed his watery eyes sadly, wet water marks were stained on the backs of his white hands, and then he sobbed sadly.

    "But I miss A-niang, the prince brother, can I see A-niang?"

    His words silenced the prince for a few seconds, and then verbally relaxed.

    "If you are obedient, I will allow you to see."

    Little Wawa's eyes with teardrops suddenly brightened like shining stars, reflecting the Prince's cold face, and even the heavy gloomy outline was softened by the thin water marks, looking unexpectedly gentle.

    The prince stared at him slightly.

    Little Wawa nodded vigorously, then carefully grasped a corner of the Prince's clothes, and said happily.

    "I will be very obedient! A-niang said I'm the best and most obedient!"

    The prince's expression was not only dissatisfied, but a little gloomy.

    He lowered his eyes, stared at the little baby's little hand holding the corner of his clothes, and then covered his palm, encircling the little warmth inch by inch.

    "You were bad, you want to run away."

    Little Wawa hugged his neck in a panic, rubbed his neck as usual with A-Niang, and then smiled at him flatly, her nasal voice soft and innocent.

    "Brother Prince, I won't run away in the future, I must be obedient."

    The prince lifted his eyelids and looked at him with a sweet smile. The finger pads on his shoulders rubbed the nape of his neck, as if lazily teasing a kitten, in a casual tone.

    "what's your name?"

    Little Wawa was pinched by him and shrank her neck, but did not dare to hide, and replied softly and honestly.

    "My name is Jiang Fu, and Aniang and my sister call me Fu Fu."

    The prince frowned unnoticeably, and a trace of displeasure of being snatched suddenly appeared in his heart, and the inexplicable thoughts didn't know what he thought of in an instant, so he involuntarily ordered.

    "From now on, your name will be Orange, only I can call it."

    The moment the unfamiliar name was uttered, his heart warmed slightly, as if some kind of burst of warm current happened to fill the gap in his heart.

    Warm and soft.

    Little Wawa nodded obediently, and replied milkyly.

    "I remember, Brother Prince."

    After ignoring the strange fluctuations in emotion just now, the prince lowered his head and pinched his soft face, a very faint smile on his face that was always moody and angered.