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    Chapter 102: .dragon Couch 01

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    There was a loud babbling sound of reading in the Shangshu room, and the Taifu standing with his hand looked at the prince and princess shaking his head with a serious face. Although he is old, the emperor who respects him very much will still teach the royal heirs. Gave it to him. +++ Girls must go to the website

    There are not many royal children. The prince and the princess have only six in total. The others who sit in the study room are all accompanied by the princes.

    There were a few unstoppable companion readers who just opened their mouths silently, thinking that the masters hadn't noticed and threw small notes at each other secretly, enthusiastically discussing where to go to play after leaving the palace.

    The masters who are good at teaching young children suddenly turned around and called out their names with a calm face.

    "If you guys don't endorse well, you will all go out to the station!"

    The fellow readers who were caught stood up honestly, and then went to the Shangshufang to stand in a dingy manner.

    The Shangshu room, which was no longer disturbed, was quiet again. Taifu was teaching the prince and princess scriptures, and suddenly heard the companions at the penalty station outside chatting lively, and laughed loudly.

    The Taifu opened the door angrily and sternly scolded them.

    "You guys stand up for me! Don't talk!"

    Seeing him coming out, the companion readers who had been around together hurriedly stood in a vertical row against the wall, watching their noses and noses, not daring to speak any more.

    Tai Fu therefore saw the little baby who was surrounded by them just now.

    The little doll looks like pink and jade, with big watery eyes and black and clear skin. His skin is soft and smooth. He wears two cute buns, and he wears a thin peach-colored shirt with a cream-colored collar. The word "chen" is embroidered with gold thread.

    Tai Fu's face changed slightly.

    He is the prince's sparrow.

    The imperial family of Yuan surnamed thousands of miles and held great power, but the Taifu who had served three emperors knew that there was a tacit secret in the imperial family.

    The ancestor of the Yuan surname who founded the dynasty once accepted a Miao Jiang woman as a concubine. When she was fresh, she spoiled the harem. When she was tired, she abandoned it, and let the Miao concubine cry in tears day and night.

    Later, in order to save the emperor's heart, the Miaojiang woman used her own clan's secret technique to put Gu on him, asking him to rely on his own blood in order to survive, thinking that he would be loved again.

    But when the arrogant emperor learned that his declining weakness was a method used by the Miao Jiang woman, he immediately ordered her to be executed, and used the blood she shed to relieve himself of Gu.

    The Miaojiang woman died with hatred. Her relatives in southern Xinjiang were furious and angry when they learned of the emperor's actions. The whole family did not hesitate to spend all their energy and blood to avenge the Miaojiang woman with extreme forbidden techniques.

    They cursed that the descendants of the emperor surnamed Yuan must live on the blood of the world's yin physique when they reach adulthood, or they will become weaker and weaker until their descendants die.

    There are very few people with the most yin physique in the world, and even if they are exhausted, they may not be able to meet them in their entire lives. The hope is like a big wave.

    The emperor who was given the forbidden technique had no time to drag the Miaojiang woman's family out to whip the corpse, so he had to dispatch countless people to find the people who died in the dead.

    The forbidden technique began to take effect after the death of the relatives of the women in the Miao area. The emperor's strong body was gradually depleted, and soon he was dying from his sick bed, and he continued his life with Tianshan snow lotus and thousand-year ginseng all day long.

    Just when he was desperate for a month and couldn't do it anymore, the guard in charge of the search killed several horses and finally brought back a woman with the genital constitution in time.

    The woman was a village woman in the mountains and she was unaware of the imminent distress that she and her descendants were about to face.

    After the emperor drank her blood, he recovered day by day. For the sake of his children and grandchildren, he took the village woman as a concubine, and forced the captured Miao people to perform some Gu techniques. All are to the Yin constitution.

    The village woman's behavior was crude, her appearance was inferior to the most inferior maid in the palace, and every time the emperor saw her, he would think of the hatred calculated by the Miao women's family, and even full of hatred for the village woman.

    Therefore, he referred to the village women and their descendants as "birds" equal to "eunuchs", and they were imprisoned in the deep palace as a secret existence that continued the lives of offspring.

    Like a weak bird in a cage.

    People are not treated as people.

    Under normal circumstances, the Yuan family would use up the blood of male sparrows and reproduce the next generation of sparrows with female sparrows.

    Perhaps it is because the blood of the royal family has been integrated into the constitution of the yin, each generation of Sparrows afterwards has gotten better and better, and even more so in this generation.

    I heard that there were three people in this time, and the most beautiful one was the little baby who was rationed to the prince.

    Unfortunately, it was a man.

    The Tai Fu could not intervene in the deep-rooted secrets of the royal family, but he inevitably felt full of pity for the innocent village women and descendants.

    She seemed to perceive that his eyes were full of kindness, and the delicate little doll looked up at him timidly, and asked milkily.

    "Uncle, I'm lost, can you take me back?"

    Although she is ignorant and understandable, Xiaohua's speech is clear and polite.

    The Tai Fu felt more compassion for him, so he bent down and said kindly.

    "Uncle is a bit busy now, let the palace man take you back, OK?"

    As soon as she heard the palace man, Xiaowa shook her head like a rattle, her face showing a trace of resistance.

    He ran towards the Tai Fu and hugged his legs tightly, then raised his head and begged him softly.

    "Don't be a palace person, uncle, will you take me back?"

    Although the sparrows are blooded by the royal family, their ancestors were extremely averse to the sparrows, so the status of the sparrows in the palace for generations was extremely low, and even the eunuchs could bully at will.

    Tai Fu was softened by his dark eyes and turned into a puddle of water, and could not help reaching out and touching his head.

    At this time, the princes who discovered that the Taifu hadnt come back for too long began to be restless. The most naughty three princes sneaked half of their heads out of the door of Shangs study, and were stunned when they saw the strange little doll. Pointing to the character "Chen" on the collar of the little baby, she shouted in surprise.

    "It's the prince brother's sparrow!"

    The royal sons and daughters of the Yuan family knew the existence of sparrows since they were young, but they would not come into contact with them until they became adults.

    Therefore, the words of the three princes made the princes and princesses inside couldn't help but run out curiously, and surrounded the little dolls.

    Even the most expensive little princess didn't have the long look of the doll in front of them. They squeezed the soft face of the little doll for a while, and then tugged the clothes on his body.

    The child didn't have any seriousness, and soon left a bright pinch mark on the white and tender face of the little doll.

    The four princes couldn't help but whispered.

    "Why is he more squeamish than the sixth sister, I just squeezed it lightly."

    The six sisters who were named had heard of Sparrows from their concubines, but they only knew that they were the cheapest people in the palace, so when she heard that she was compared with Sparrows, she was very upset and pouted and pushed the restless little doll hard. , And then said pretentiously.

    "I'm the most noble princess in the world, how can he be a sparrow to compare with me!"

    Seeing that the sixth sister was angry, the fourth prince quickly changed his words and comforted.

    "Yes, yes, Liumei is a real princess, and no one can compare to Liumei."

    The little doll was caught off guard and fell to the ground. After staying for a while, his eyes were slowly filled with watery tears, like crystal pearls rolling over the snow-white cheeks and the black pupils. It appears more and more permeable and moist.

    He didn't cry as much as other children, but with thick lupin-like eyelashes, sobbing and choking quietly, as if trying to hold back but didn't hold it, his red nose looked pitiful.

    The prince and princess looked at him in a daze, suddenly a strong sense of guilt surged in their hearts, and they couldn't say anything for a while.

    For fear that the Taifu who was about to stir up the conflict hurriedly drove them back to Shang's study, while contemplating embarrassedly how to place this lost little baby.

    After he urged the prince and princess to return to their seats one by one, he found that the sobbing little doll had also followed, dragging the corners of his clothes for fear of being left behind, looking uneasy and well-behaved.

    On the right of the Taifu who walked to the middle was the fifth prince who was a compatriot with Liumei and a mother. He just saw that Liumei wanted to vent her anger because Xiaowawa was angry, so he grabbed Xiaowawa by the back collar and took him The crown prince who was sitting in the first row squeezed forward, jokingly.

    "Your prince brother is there, don't pester the prince."

    His strength was so reckless, the little doll hit the prince's back with one end pushed, and the hard touch made little doll's tears fall.

    At a loss, he sobbed and screamed ignorantly.

    "Brother Prince Prince"

    He was crying and hiccups, and his milk was full of panic and grievances, and he unconsciously tightened the crown of the prince's shirt and did not dare to loosen it.

    In these malicious surveys, except for the kind Tai Fu, the only prince who had never seen him remained silent.

    As the only son of the queen, the prince who has been placed in high expectations since he was a child has shown extraordinary talents early on. He is young and mature, deep-minded, and quite similar to the emperor of today, so he was established as a prince when he was young. Can shake his supreme status second only to the emperor.

    The other princes and princesses are a little afraid of this overly mature prince brother, because he is indifferent and alienated to anyone, like a hard rock, without the slightest temperature.

    Even when they couldn't help running out to see Sparrow just now, the prince just continued to read the book without moving, without moving his eyes away for more than half a minute.

    Therefore, the fifth prince pushed the little baby over to see him embarrassed deliberately, because everyone thought the prince would not care about him.

    The prince who was hit by his soft body turned his head and looked at the damp-faced little doll, his deep gaze fell on the word "Chen" embroidered with gold thread on his neckline, and his brows wrinkled.

    The Taifu, who knew the princes temperament, also hurried over to relieve the siege, intending to take the bewildered little doll outside to the palace staff to take care of.

    As soon as he touched the soft tip of the little doll's hair, the prince suddenly pulled her past the little doll and avoided the Taifu's hand, and then looked at him with heavy eyes and said.

    "This is my sparrow."

    The young eyebrows still have a bit of green and tenderness, but the sharp eyebrows are already full of pressing aura.

    Although he was sitting and looking up at the Taifu, the Taifu had the illusion of being condescended for no reason, and his back was cold.

    The prince's tone was flat, but the prince could realize his imperceptible emphasis.

    This is my sparrow.


    At a young age, he has absolute possessiveness for his possessions. The Tai Fu was stunned for a while before reacting, and asked some embarrassment tentatively.

    "The prince sees this bird"

    It seems from their stalemate that the expressionless prince is the one who speaks the most. The little baby who grew up looking at his eyes from a young age looked at him timidly with wet black eyes, and showed a cautious smile. , Whispered softly.

    "Brother Prince"

    The prince stared straight at the shallow dimples exposed on his cheeks, and was silent for a while before holding him down and sitting down beside him.

    Each seat is very large, more than enough to accommodate two young children.

    Seeing that the prince had regained his gaze on the books, the Taifu knew that this was his decision, so he stopped asking, cleared his cough and started teaching the classics.

    Little Wawa was too young to see the books on the table when he sat on the couch. After sitting nervously for a while, he found that no one was paying attention to him anymore. His tight nerves relaxed, and soon he was confused Fell asleep.

    When the chicken's head almost knocked to the corner of the hard table, the prince stretched out his hand to block his forehead, then silently turned his head sideways in his direction.

    Little Wawa unconsciously grabbed the corner of his clothes, tilted his head and fell asleep, and rubbed it reliantly.

    The prince's stiff body slowly relaxed, imperceptibly.