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    Because of the strength of the Yuan family and the pressure from above, Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu were placed in the most comfortable room in the police station, waiting for the final judgment. ---End of this Tanmei, Hong Kong and Taiwan romance

    After entering the house, Yuan Chen held Jiang Fu directly to the bathroom to clean and rinse, and then changed the clothes Chang Yue had brought him.

    Sitting on the wash table, Jiang Fu dangled his two thin white legs and racked his brain to explain.

    "In fact, Gao Ting didn't do anything, and I even beat Yueqin several times."

    Yuan Chen patiently wiped his wet hair with a towel, his eyes were gentle, but his low voice was full of indifference.

    "They are more than guilty."

    After all, this is only Yuan Chens spiritual world, so Jiang Fu doesnt feel too much about the passing of human lives. He seems to be playing with the **oss of the breakthrough game. As long as Yuan Chen allows, Gao Ting and Yue Qin can even immediately. resurrection.

    However, normal development is more pleasing to the eye.

    Yuan Chen wiped his hair almost dry, then opened the family medical box next to him, took a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and squatted down to apply the wound that he had deliberately avoided during washing.

    The wound that Yueqin used to scratch Jiang Fu's calf with a dagger that day had formed a thin layer of scab. Jiang Fu felt itchy and couldn't help but stretch out his hand to scratch it. Yuan Chen clasped his wrist and moved it away.

    The knees were scratched when the ultimate mark was made in the small wooden house. The bed board in the wooden house was too hard. Jiang Fu knelt for too long, so both knees were rubbed red, appearing on the greasy skin. Extremely terrible.

    The irritating pain caused by the alcohol made Jiang Fu hiss. He looked down at his wound with a bitter expression, stretched out his leg and kicked Yuanchen unhappy.

    "It hurts, you see it all peeling."

    Yuan Chen grabbed his ankle to keep him from moving, rubbing alcohol on the wound intently, and then carefully wrapped it in gauze.

    "Don't scratch the wound, it will heal soon."

    He lowered his head and kissed the place where the gauze was wrapped, then stood up and put the gauze and alcohol back into the medical box.

    Jiang Fu tilted his head to look at his cold silhouette, poked boredly at the looming abdominal muscles under his soaked clothes, and asked curiously.

    "Will we go to jail?"

    Yuan Chen bent over and picked him up and walked outside, and asked rhetorically.

    "If you go to jail, will you be afraid?"

    Jiang Fu was stuffed into the bed by him and covered with the quilt, only a pair of jet-black eyes were revealed, watching him holding clean clothes and walking in to wash and change them.

    Yuan Chen came out in less than a minute, then got into the quilt and hugged him in his arms.

    The body next to him was warm like a hot stove, Jiang Fu rested on his shoulder comfortably, and continued to answer the question just now.

    "I'm not afraid. You will definitely not give anyone the opportunity to bully me."

    The warm breathing sounded on the neck, Jiang Fu's soft voice wrapped the child's defensive determination and happiness, and the slightly moist hair tail swept Yuanchen's chin, and silently swept his soft heart. .

    Yuan Chen tightened his arms and embeds Jiang Fu's whole body in his arms, his low voice contained a petting smile.

    "No matter where you go, I will protect you."

    Jiang Fu rubbed restlessly in his arms, his lazy tone was already a little drowsy.

    "Woo I want to sleep."

    Yuan Chen bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead. When he wanted to coax him to sleep, he suddenly remembered something. His soft voice was full of uneasy guilt.

    "Did it hurt when I marked the ultimate? I wasn't very clear at the time, I only remembered that you were crying very hard and you were shaking all over."

    A thin layer of red floated on Jiang Fu's face, he blinked, and then buried in Yuan Chen's arms and said muffledly.

    "It hurts, but it hurts for a while."

    The feeling that the soul was torn up made Jiang Fu cry immediately, sobbing to the side and fleeing and being dragged back by Yuan Chen, forced to complete the ultimate mark completely.

    But after a while, the severe pain slowly receded, and what followed was the soreness and numbness of the adaptation process. The feeling was very strange, as if each other's souls were invaded by a seamless kiss, never before. It felt like a tsunami drowned him, and in the end he even became reluctant.

    Yuan Chen's affectionate kiss fell from his eyebrows to the bridge of his nose and lips, and then he gently rubbed his head with his palms in a gentle voice.

    "Hey, go to sleep."

    Jiang Fu obediently closed his eyes and clasped his fingers around him, and his breathing soon subsided.

    They were awakened by the knock on the door after they slept for a few hours. The sleepy Jiang Fu lay on the bed and watched Yuan Chen open the door, and then asked dazedly.

    "what's wrong?"

    Standing at the door, Yuan Chen covered the door, then walked towards him, crouched on the bed and touched his face, and said.

    "You can sleep for a while, you often come to me more and more."

    Jiang Fu stretched out his hand and rubbed his eyes, staring at him with jet-black eyes, then he thought for a while and poked Yuanchen's forehead to remind him.

    "Don't do anything to go to jail by yourself and leave me behind. If you're done, you won't be separated."

    Yuan Chen smiled, his sharp silhouette softened, and his eyes were full of heavy affection.

    He took Jiang Fu's hand and kissed the ring on the knuckle, and replied seriously.

    "Don't separate, I'll be back soon after going out."

    "okay then."

    After Yuan Chen left, Jiang Fu went back to sleep, but he woke up naturally after a short time after he slept this time. Because he missed Yuan Chen in his heart, he didn't sleep well, so he sat idly on the bed and hugged his knees. It looks pitiful for a small group.

    It didn't take long for someone to knock on the door again. Jiang Fu happily ran to open the door and found that Qi Xiu was outside the door.

    Looking at him with a look of surprise, Qi Xiu dragged the clothes that had fallen from his shoulders up while pushing him inward, covering the mottled snow-white skin.

    "How come you are so unhappy to see that it is me, look at this different treatment, tut tut."

    "Are you not ignorant of the current situation between me and Yuanyuan."

    Jiang Fu climbed onto the bed again and sighed against the wall, and Qi Xiu who followed him took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed, sat cross-legged across from him, and chatted together as he did before staying at each other's house.

    Qi Xiu asked him seriously.

    "The fact that Yuan Chen killed someone has been settled. What if he is sentenced to death?"


    Jiang Fu replied without hesitation.

    This is Yuan Chen's spiritual world, how could he be so stingy to himself, and being convicted and dying would fit his arrogant and complacent personality too.

    Qi Xiu choked with his determined attitude, and then said in a mixed mood.

    "You really unconditionally pursue your sentry."

    Jiang Fu nodded solemnly, and then gave him a rational analysis.

    "Although Yuan Yuan has lost control, there are not many sentries in the country, not to mention that S-level sentries like Yuan Yuan are even rarer. He is dangerous, but it also represents his aggressiveness. It is too wasteful to be locked up in jail, and the country will surely let him commit crimes and meritorious service."

    Qi Xiu looked at him in surprise and admiration, and bowed to him.

    "You are so frustrated for me, I originally wanted to surprise you."

    "Wow, so you are the little messenger who brought luck?"

    Jiang Fu propped his chin excitedly, urging him to explain his true intentions.

    Qi Xiu was not a personality that dangled people's appetite, and replied straightforwardly.

    "Didnt I tell you that I was going to be matched with sentry by the country? The sentry matched was an officer in the army. After learning about you and Yuan Chen, he informed his superiors about the situation, so the country is likely to be Sending you to the army to serve the country is considered a crime and meritorious service."

    Jiang Fu thought for a while, then asked interested.

    "How about your sentry? Do you like him?"

    Qi Xiu: "You are worried about your life and you still care about my love life, I really thank you."

    Jiang Fu smiled and waved his hand and said.

    "You're welcome, you're welcome."

    Qi Xiu rolled her eyes helplessly, and said.

    "If you are sent to the army, then we can continue to meet."

    "What do you mean by this?"

    After asking, Jiang Fu seemed to remember the contents of the guide manual and frowned slightly.

    "Although it is said that if a sentinel who is officially in the army has a guide, the guide must follow, but don't you want to be a designer, how can you continue your career if you stay in the army?"

    Qi Xiu shrugged and replied indifferently.

    "It's not a career. It's just a little interest. I haven't made a name for it for several years. My family has long opposed it. After knowing that I matched the sentry of the army, I was very satisfied, and urged me to go with them every day. ."

    As if trying to break the dull atmosphere, he grinned and pinched Jiang Fu's face and said deliberately.

    "It turns out that you don't want to see me in the army so much. Oops, this friend of mine really failed."

    Jiang Fu didn't want to make this topic awkward, so he rushed to press him on the bed and rubbed his face, and then said triumphantly.

    "Then you just wait for me, the number one, to dominate you in the army, and promise that you will cry for mercy from my men!"

    Qi Xiu, who was struggling desperately to keep him from rubbing his face, couldn't breathe with a smile, and overwhelmed him super loudly.

    "Dream you! My husband is older than your husband, then you will obediently be sent by me hahahaha!"

    As soon as the voice fell, the door was opened from the outside. Yuan Chen, who was standing in front, walked over to them and hugged Jiang Fu aside, then leaned in his ear and whispered unhappy.

    "You were rolling around on our bed with others as soon as I left?"

    "Hey, hey! Just pray for show!"

    Jiang Fu explained in a low voice, unwilling to show weakness.

    Qi Xiu, blushing, turned over and sat up quickly when he saw someone coming in, then put on his shoes quickly, and greeted the person at the door cautiously.

    "Admiral Han."

    The man standing at the door wore an iron-gray military uniform. He looked about thirty or so. The outline of his eyebrows was like a sculpture of a sword, and his body exuded a fierce murderous air.

    He glanced at Qi Xiu, his tone of voice was a habitual command tone.


    Qi Xiu hesitated to take a look at Jiang Fu, and said goodbye reluctantly.

    "Jiang Fu, then I'll go first."

    It is rare to see the lively and free Qi Xiu being so well-behaved, Jiang Fu couldn't help but glanced at the silent military uniform man at the door, and was immediately blocked by Yuan Chen staring at him.

    Jiang Fu touched his nose and waved to Qi Xiu.

    "See you later."

    Qi Xiu smiled at him, nodded vigorously, and then followed the man in uniform.

    As soon as they left, Jiang Fu couldn't wait to ask.

    "Is that Qi Xiu's match?"


    Yuan Chen tucked his eyebrows and tidied the neckline he messed up when he was playing with Qi Xiu just now, and his face eased slightly.

    Jiang Fu sitting by the bed continued to ask him enthusiastically.

    "What's his name? How is he? Is there a large number of officers in the army? Is there any"

    Yuan Chen covered his mouth with a sullen face, his warning gaze was inexplicably aggrieved.

    Jiang Fu blinked, moved his hand away a bit, and then explained in a low voice with confidence.

    "I am concerned about the future of my good friend. I don't like him, I only like you."

    After speaking, he took the initiative to cover Yuan Chen's hand over his mouth, and looked at him with black and clean eyes, which was incredibly well-behaved.

    Yuan Chen's heart was softened by him, he let go and rubbed his soft red lips, reluctantly said.

    "The guy Han Sheng is very nice, your friend will not be wronged by following him."

    After a pause, he added solemnly.

    "But he is no better than me."

    "I know, I know, you are the best!"

    Jiang Fu squinted his neck and kissed him actively, with a helpless and indulgent smile between his eyebrows.

    Yuan Chen snorted, but his expression was full of satisfaction.

    Under the advice and guarantee of General Han Sheng, Yuan Chen and Jiang Fu successfully became members of the national army, and they had to work for the country's safety throughout their lives to make up for the crime of out-of-control killings.

    Before leaving, they saw Jiang Qing and Yuan Ren.

    The old man of the Yuan family immediately abandoned him after learning about Yuan Chen, and instead threatened Yuan Ren as the head of the Yuan family with Jiang Qing. Yuan Ren had to reluctantly agreed, but because of this he was accepted by the family from Jiang Qing. .

    Jiang Qing, who had just been discharged from the hospital, was thunderous when he learned that Jiang Fu was about to go to the army. After being led by Yuan Ren, he held Jiang Fu and refused to let go. His eyes were red and tears kept running, and he couldn't bear to be so harsh. The place suffers.

    Jiang Fu stayed with him for two days and one night and finally persuaded him to accept this fact, and then he compromised and decided to hold his wedding with Yuanchen before leaving to satisfy Jiang Qing's last wish.

    Han Sheng and Qi Xiu also held a wedding on the same day. The four of them hosted a huge feast together and invited all the friends they knew.

    Since they may never come back after joining the army, they are binging and drinking so much that Chang Yue went to the wrong women's bathroom in a daze and was laughed at by them all night.

    On the second day of the wedding, Jiang Qing quietly packed up several suitcases with Jiang Fu's things before reluctantly agreeing to leave.

    At that time, Yuan Blade stood behind Jiang Qing, patted his shoulder gently and comforted, Jiang Qing looked at Jiang Fu who was going away with red eyes, ignored him, but did not refuse.

    After entering the army, Qi Xiu and Jiang Fu, who were accompanied by family members, did not undergo rigorous training, but they insisted on exercising and trying to keep up with the progress of the army.

    Yuan Chen was unable to be promoted and paid because of the crime, but his strong strength has gradually made him from the lowest rank soldier to Han Sheng's direct subordinate. Although his name remains the same, the army advocating the strong has long regarded him as extremely Respect exists.

    The life of the army is actually very boring. Sometimes Jiang Fu and Qi Xiu would sneak into nearby towns while they were training, and they would run back panicked when it was getting dark.

    At first, they were able to pass the blunder. Later when they were dancing happily in the only bar in the town, Yuan Chen and Han Sheng, who came in with their black faces, caught them and took them back to their dormitories for education.

    But then there was no such time for leisure, because they were transferred to a more dangerous border, where a militant opponent was always harassing the security of the country.

    The confrontation between each other lasted for four years, and the only hidden danger was finally solved.

    On the day everyone returned home triumphantly, Jiang Qing, who was anxious and looking forward to it, stood at the door early with Yuan Rens company. He happily explained that he would have dinner at home tomorrow. Jiang Fu likes to eat barbecue. Jiang Qing bought it in advance. Many ingredients are piled up at home, ready to be made for Jiang Fu tomorrow.

    But he didn't wait for Jiang Fu and Yuanchen to come, only waited for Han Sheng, who had a prosthesis installed, and grief Qixiu.

    Qi Xiu's hands are holding various medals that the two have won over the years.

    That was the only thing they left Jiang Qing.

    Qi Xiu said that in the final battle with the enemy, their team had to pass a dangerous steep **** with a rushing river below.

    Yuan Chen got a bullet in his right leg, so Jiang Fu has been helping him walk. When he crossed the steep slope, his feet slipped. Yuan Chen quickly hugged him back into his arms, but was hit in the shoulder by the enemy chasing him from behind. .

    At that time, as long as Yuan Chen was only two or three steps away from his teammates who had crossed the steep slope, there would still be a possibility of surviving if he released Jiang Fu and rushed over. However, Yuan Chen found that the shot's shoulder could not exert force to hold Jiang Fu. , Jumped down and hugged him without hesitation, and then the two fell into the turbulent river.

    The enemy pursued fiercely and they had to temporarily evacuate. Later, they found supplementary materials and successfully counterattacked. They went back and looked for the trace of the two, but they couldn't find it.

    Unfortunately, there is no bone.

    Fortunately, after they said they would not separate, they really did not separate.