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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 514 - ARSIFH 514

    Chapter 514: Heaven Earth Greatest Providence

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    A spirit arrow, as thin as a baby's arm, shot out.

    He shot towards Ye Feng and Matsumoto Ranju.

    See this scene.

    Rukia's heart was completely cold.

    "Yefeng! Don't kill him! He is not a bad guy!" Rukia shouted loudly.

    Now that Ishida Yulong has floated.


    Rukia could only beg Ye Feng for mercy.


    at the same time.

    Ye Feng has raised a finger.


    A blue shock wave bloomed from the fingertips of the night wind. Although this was the weakest ghost way, it still devoured Ishida Yulong's arrows and blasted him out.


    Ishida Yulong spit out a mouthful of blood, feeling as if he was hit by a heavy hammer on his chest, and his brain was plunged into a blank.


    Is this the true strength of the **** of death?

    He just raised his hand at will, and could he crush his own Quincy Master's full blow?


    This must be the ultimate trick of Reaper!


    Why have you never seen a **** of death using this trick to kill the virtual?

    It must be so!

    I was defeated by death's most powerful move!

    Not too shameful!

    "Ishida! Are you all right!" Rukia quickly ran to Ishida Yulong, helped him up, and briefly checked.

    Ichigo was unconscious.

    Now Ishida Yulong also has a problem.

    Rukia thinks she is a disaster!

    "Don't worry, Rukia, for your face, I have suppressed my strength to the lowest level. If he can die, there is nothing I can do."

    Ye Feng shrugged.

    Ye Feng is not particularly concerned about the life and death of Ishida Yulong.


    Yefeng will care about Rukia's feelings.


    Rukia will face the darkest period of life.

    Ye Feng didn't want to add to her psychological burden.

    This is Yefeng's kindness to Rukia.


    Ishida Yulong listened to Ye Feng's explanation.

    His pride burst instantly.

    "The lowest strength? Reaper! Although I am not your opponent, I can't allow you to insult my identity as a Quincy!" Ishida Yulong struggled to stand up, blood stains on his chest, The night wind let out a wild roar.


    In the eyes of the night wind.

    Ishida Yulong's power today is simply insignificant.

    Even krypton gold is useless.


    A wave of simple spiritual pressure erupted.

    The night wind directly crushed Ishida Yulong to the ground.

    Ishida Yulong felt the astonishing pressure of the night wind, and couldn't help trembling deep in his heart.

    Is this the **** of death?

    No wonder Quincy will fail!

    Ye Feng walked slowly in front of Ishida Yulong.

    He pulled out the ghost.

    A slightly playful glance in the direction of the shadows.

    "Mr Urahara, if you don't come out again, guess I will kill him?" Ye Feng tucked the corner of his mouth lightly and smiled faintly.


    As expected, Urahara Kisuke walked out from behind the coffee shop on the corner.

    "Oh, I can't imagine that Lord Yefeng's spiritual sense is so powerful that even the spirit cover clothes are useless in front of you?"

    Urahara Kisuke walked to Ichigo with a calm smile.

    Confirmed the situation of one nurse.

    Kurosaki Ichigo is not only special to Aizen, but also special to Urahara Kisuke.

    The reason is the same.

    Because Kurosaki Ichigo possesses multiple powers in his body.

    Kisuke Urahara also regarded him as a secret weapon.

    As for Ishida Yulong.

    Because of his father Ishida Ryuxian.

    Kisuke Urahara couldn't watch him die here either.

    "Ling's clothing is indeed a good thing. There are also a few captains in the corpse soul world. They like to wear them to do bad things. Sometimes I really envy them, so how about giving me one too?"

    The night breeze said lightly.

    be honest.

    Ye Feng is really interested in Ling's clothing.

    Although the night wind controls the spiritual power, the spiritual pressure can also be converged.

    But the spiritual pressure after convergence can still be sensed by the master.

    most of the time.

    This will cause some trouble to the night wind.

    and so.

    He had long wanted to get a piece of illegal equipment such as a lingshi suit.

    "Ah, this, it's okay, but it's okay to pretend to be the spirit mask, and it may take me some time to do it." Urahara Kisuke pressed the brim of his hat, and a strange gaze revealed in his eyes. Said: "By the way, Lord Yefeng just said that there are other people in the 13th team of Huting who also have spirits and clothes. I don't know which captain they are?"

    It is a prohibited item to install the spirit mask in the corpse soul world.


    It is not an easy task to make spirits to cover up clothes.

    According to Urahara Kisuke.

    In the corpse world.

    There are only two people who can make such contraband.

    One is the captain of the twelfth squadron, Nieyuli.

    The other can only be Aizen Soyousuke.

    He was curious what Ye Feng knew.

    "No more temptation, Urahara Kisuke, these are the few people you think."

    Ye Feng didn't explain much.

    Although he was very interested in the game played by Aizen and Urahara Kisuke.

    But he is not interested in participating.

    From beginning to end.

    He was only interested in signing in to pick up girls to drink.

    "Haha, well, I promise you will make one for you, as compensation for leaving both of them."

    Kisuke Urahara stroked his chin.

    Although he is not particularly sure who Ye Feng refers to.


    Kisuke Urahara felt that Yekaze must know something.


    Ye Feng will also become his important helper in defeating Ai Ran.

    "Okay, let's go."

    Ye Feng waved his hand.

    that's it.

    After the two spoke a few words both unsatisfactorily and indifferently.

    Matsumoto Ranju used the Zanpakuknife to open the gate.

    The brown door opened.

    A white light shone out.

    Rukia turned her head to look at Kurosaki Ichigo and Ishida Uryu who fell on the ground.


    "From now on, they and I will be people in two worlds. Let them live their original simple lives. Don't tell them about the Soul World." Rukia looked at Urahara Kisuke and said.

    "Well, don't worry, I will take care of them." Kisuke Urahara waved his hand and said goodbye to Rukia.

    In Rukia's opinion.

    The lives of Kurosaki Ichigo and Ishida Uryu were broken by her.

    As long as she leaves here.

    They can resume their normal lives.


    Where does she know.

    Whether it is her or they, they are just pawns in the hands of others.

    This game of chess will not change because of her existence.


    The fate of the chess piece is in the hands of the chess player.

    But what about the people playing chess?

    Are they not pawns?

    Does Ai Ran Soyousuke really think he can stand on the cloud and become a god?

    In the eyes of the night wind.

    This is a very ridiculous thing.

    After all.

    Heaven and earth are the greatest.

    This is not a joke.

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