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    Chapter 513: The Conspiracy Of Urahara Kisuke

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    According to Urahara Kisuke.

    He concealed Bengyu in Rukia's body in the way of Yiwu in order to better keep Bengyu.


    Urahara Kisuke clearly knew that there was more than double death to take out the collapsed jade from the soul.

    Isn't he worried that Aizen has overcome another method?


    Beng Yu had been hidden in his hands for hundreds of years.

    Very proper.

    Why did he suddenly take his sword away from the front and hide such an important thing as Bengyu in a Rukia's body?

    Generally speaking.

    Shouldnt the more important things be held in your own hands?


    If it really looks like hiding in someone else's body.

    It's okay to sneak a Liuhun from Liuhun Street in the Soul World.

    Why put it on Rukia.

    Rukia is the **** of death of the Gotei 13 team on the one hand, and the younger sister of Kuchiki Byakuya on the other.

    The Soul World is destined to be unable to ignore her disappearance.

    and so.

    Ye Feng felt that behind all this unreasonableness, it was definitely not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

    Considered for a while.

    at last.

    Rukia appeared in front of Yefeng.


    Rukia's mood is extremely complicated.

    She looked at Kurosaki Ichigo, who fell to the ground, her face suddenly lost its blood and turned pale.

    "Rukia, long time no see." Ye Feng looked at Rukia with a smile.

    "Yefeng... Luanju... why are you here..."

    Rukia glanced at them blankly, then stared blankly at Kurosaki Ichigo who was lying in a pool of blood, her brain blank.

    "You... why do you treat him this way, he is just an ordinary human being."

    this moment.

    Rukia felt very regretful in her heart.

    As Kuchiki Byakuya's righteous sister, of course she knew the rules of the Soul World.

    She knew that the Soul World would not let her go.

    But Rukia never thought of betraying the Soul World.

    She hid in Yimou originally intended to restore spiritual power with the help of Yimou's ability to converge the soul.

    Wait until she recovers.

    She can solve the problem of Ichigo.

    Then find another reason to explain to Seireitei the reason for her disappearance.

    After all.

    Rukia is one of the nobles after all.

    As long as the offense is not particularly serious.

    She will not be severely punished.


    Rukia knows it.

    The purpose of the special corpse that Urahara Kisuke gave her is not to gather spiritual power.

    But to dissipate spiritual power.

    The longer she has existed in this skeleton.

    The more she cannot recover.


    Rukia fell into the layout of Urahara Kisuke.

    "Rukia, it is your elder brother's intention to take back your power from this young man, don't blame the night wind." Matsumoto Ranju shrugged and said: "Moreover, we just took back his power of death, he again Won't die."

    In the view of Matsumoto Ranju.

    Kurosaki Ichigomoto is an ordinary human being.

    and so.

    It is also normal for him to restore his human body and live his original life.

    "Rukia, come with us, Urahara Kisuke is coming here, he will not let Ichigo have problems, and you should face your own problems." Yokaze looked at Rukia and said To be honest, I feel sorry for her.


    "I understand."

    Rukia's eyes drooped.

    When she assigned her spiritual power to Kurosaki Ichigo without authorization, she had already thought that there might be such a result.

    This is the iron law of the corpse soul world.


    Rukia did not expect this moment to appear so early.

    She didn't even expect it.

    Ye Feng shot and wounded a guard.

    "Well... let's go... maybe... in the beginning, I shouldn't have accepted the help of the store manager."

    Rukia sighed.

    The reason why she was lucky was because she was afraid of returning to the corpse interface to face Kuchiki Byakuya.


    This moment finally came.


    Matsumoto Ranju pulled out the Zanpaku Knife, ready to open the gate of crossing the boundary.

    But at this moment.

    A bright blue Lingzi light arrow suddenly shot from a distance.

    Enveloping a violent wind.


    Matsumoto Ranju raised his brows slightly and turned sideways, avoiding the attack.

    "Although it's not my style to shoot at women, you hurt Kurosaki Ichigo and want to take Rukia away. I won't let you go so easily."

    The voice fell.

    Ishida Yulong walked out of the shadow in a school uniform.

    His expression is cold.


    There was anger in his eyes.

    "Ishida! What are you doing here! Hurry up! The things here have nothing to do with you!"

    After seeing Ishida appear, Rukia suddenly yelled at him.

    "Rukia! What does it mean has nothing to do with me? Kurosaki Ichigo and you are my classmates after all." Ishida Yulong stretched out his index finger and pushed the frame on the bridge of his nose.

    In Ishida Yulong's worldview.

    He and Kurosaki Ichigo are the powerhouses in this world.

    And he should be slightly stronger than Ichigo.

    and so.

    How could he see others bullying his classmates in front of him?

    "Ahhhhhh, look at the bow and arrow in your hand, you should be a Quincy? Unexpectedly, the Quincy is still alive? This is the first time I have seen it." Matsumoto Ranju took a look at the weapon in Ishida's hand. It showed a surprised look.

    after all.

    She saw creatures that could only be seen in textbooks.

    "Humph! Reaper! How dare you say such a thing! It's so unreasonable!"

    At this moment.

    The anger in Ishida Yulong's eyes has spread to his body.

    The past of the Quincy.

    Ishida Yulong doesn't know much.


    Ishida Yulong knew that it was the **** of death who almost killed the Quincy Master.

    and so.

    When Ishida Yulong, a descendant of the Quincy, heard Matsumoto Ranju, a **** of death, mentioning this in front of him.

    Ishida Yulong was completely angry.

    He held the bow with his left hand and tightened the bowstring with his right, aiming at the direction of Matsumoto Ranju and Yekaze.

    "Reaper, please remember that the person who defeated you was called Ishida Yulong, a great quintessential extinguisher."

    Between words.

    On Ishida Yulong's bow and arrow, the light blue spirits began to gather quickly, and soon a blue spirits bow and arrow condensed.

    See this same scene.

    Rukia's expression became horrified.

    She yelled at Ishida Yulong: "Ishida! Don't make a move! You will be dead!"

    Although Ishida Yulong performed very well.


    Rukia is very aware of the strength of Yefeng and Ranju.

    In front of their power.

    Ishida Yulong's power is simply insignificant!


    Ishida Uryu is the "only" Quincy in Kuza Town.

    Proud like him.

    How could it be possible to listen to Rukia's persuasion?


    With a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, he felt that he was already quite good.

    Immediately after.

    Release the bowstring with your right hand.

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