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    Chapter 510: Spare Tire And Dog Licking

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    "There happens to be a convenience store over there. I'll take you there to eat something simple."

    Ye Feng glanced at the No. 44 convenience store next to the road.

    Walked in with Luanju.

    "Two guests, what do you need to order? We have various sizes here." The salesperson Xiao Li said with a strange expression.

    "What mess, let's buy food." Ye Feng frowned and glanced at him, feeling that the other party seemed weird.

    "Yeah, yeah, customers are expert." The salesperson Xiao Qing said with a strange smile: "We have short-term, long-term or urgent, which one do you need?"

    "What kind of mess? We can just look at it for ourselves."

    Ye Feng shook his head.

    Isn't this a convenience store?

    Not a love shop, right?

    Is it wrong.


    Ye Feng walked to the shelf.

    Prepare to give Luanju a bottle of Nutrition Express first.

    Let her mend her body.


    at this time.

    A long, chubby ghost suddenly passed by them.

    "Oh? What's the situation with you two? Why is it like you can see me?"

    do not know why.

    The opening remarks of the ghost of Kuzacho seem to always be like this.

    "Ah...little brother, of course we can see you, because we are gods of death."

    Matsumoto Ranju took a bottle of Nutrition Express from the shelf.

    Can't wait to drink.

    "Reaper? What's your situation? Do you want to be so second?" The little fat man looked at them suspiciously.

    "Check out first, and go out later, arrange a soul burial for him." Ye Feng glanced at the little fat man impatiently.

    You are a person living in the second dimension.

    Actually say that someone else is in second grade?

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? I haven't done it for hundreds of years, do you remember how to do it?" Matsumoto Ranju asked Ye Feng with his big eyes.

    "Don't worry, my soul burial exam is full score." Ye Feng shrugged modestly.

    after all.

    It is not too long for him to graduate.

    The soul burial business is quite skilled.

    It shouldn't be a big problem to get a fat guy.


    Ye Feng and Luan Ju chose another big bag to eat. After checking out, they left the convenience store with the little fat man and walked into a small alley.

    "Let's talk about it, what is your situation? How did you die? What obsessions are there to let go, so you can't go to the corpse soul world." Ye Feng asked straightforwardly.

    "Soul World? Where is that? Why does it sound a little scary?" The little fat man made a cold war, a little beeping.

    "The corpse soul world is where people go after death. The responsibility of the **** of death is to extradite ghosts like you, but you need to let go of the obsessions in your heart, otherwise, your mind will be swallowed by evil forces, and you will change. Into a monster."

    Ye Feng briefly explained to the little fat man.

    The little fat man heard that he might become a monster.

    Swallowed in fright.


    He sighed again.

    "But obsessing about this thing... doesn't mean that you can let it go, right?" The little fat man said bitterly.

    "Well, it is true, but, fortunately, we are not the Reaper who specializes in extradition of ghosts. We have other missions and just pass by here, so we can just kill you directly. We can't let you become a monster."

    Ye Feng touched his chin and thought carefully.

    he thinks.

    In a responsible attitude towards work and society.

    They need to kill the future crisis in the bud.


    This scared the little fat man.

    "Big brother...give a chance...I think I can still rescue it?"

    The little fat man looked at Ye Feng and Luan Ju with a speechless expression.

    Although they are handsome men and beautiful women.


    Their hearts are too dark, right?

    The **** of death is really terrifying!


    This really can't blame others' Ye Feng.

    If you encounter a beautiful female ghost in the night breeze.


    The female ghost would definitely think that Ye Feng is a very heart-warming good death.


    He is such a double standard.

    "Okay, night wind, don't scare him." Matsumoto smiled enchantingly, raised his eyebrows and looked at the little fat man and asked: "Hey, little fat, since you don't want to die, don't you hurry up and tell your story and let us Have a melon? Enlighten you?"

    According to Matsumoto Ranjus experience.

    All souls who have not entered the corpse soul world by themselves.

    There must be a story in them.


    Their stories are usually more bloody.

    and so.

    Matsumoto Ranju's favorite is to eat this kind of melon.


    "My story is actually a bit complicated, it's song and tears, and it's heart-wrenching. It can't be said clearly in a few words."

    The little fat man's face showed a hesitant look again.

    A bit twitchy.

    It is clear.

    He is not particularly willing to tell his story.

    "Oh, since it's so troublesome, it's better to kill with a single knife. When your soul is gone, you will really be relieved."

    Ye Feng finished.

    The ghost has been pulled out.

    There was an astonishing cold light.

    "Don't don't!"

    "Big Brother!"

    "Please be patient!"

    "I will briefly summarize it, and it will be clear soon!"

    The little fat man quickly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, feeling that the ghost life is really hard.


    Under the coercion and temptation of the night wind.

    The little fat man finally explained his affairs clearly.

    Little Fatty is an excellent college student.

    Studying at Shuer University.

    Don't look at the ugly appearance of the little fat man, but he is not a single dog, he is a spare tire for the goddess.

    one day.

    The goddess whom Little Fatty has been pursuing told him that she especially hopes to enjoy the beautiful starry sky from the highest point of Kuza Town.

    She thinks that the starry sky seen from high places should be different from the starry sky seen from the ground.


    In order to give the goddess a big surprise.

    He was on the birthday of the goddess.

    Climbed to the antenna of the tallest TV tower in Kuzacho.

    The little fat man prepares to connect the video so that the goddess can see this beautiful starry sky.

    Have the most romantic birthday ever.


    Just when he was about to make a video call to the goddess.

    A helicopter flew by from a distance.

    Little Fatty's 3.0 vision allowed him to clearly see the picture in the helicopter.

    In the cabin.

    His goddess is kneeling in front of a handsome man.

    At the highest point of Kuza Town.

    They actually did such a brazen thing!

    that moment.

    The little fat man was desperate.

    He suddenly figured it out.

    In his mind, the holy goddess has become the licking dog of others.


    He doesn't like her anymore.


    Just when the little fat guy wanted to climb down from the antenna of the TV tower.

    The helicopter just passed by.

    A violent air wave blasted him directly away.

    Died on the spot.

    "Two gods, so you comment on me. When encountering such a thing, am I very wronged?"

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