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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 495 - ARSIFH 495

    Chapter 495: Night Wind Vs More Wood Sword Eight

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    Although Matsumoto Ranju does not inhale much red gas.

    But she was still somewhat affected.

    But it still couldn't reach the level of even more wood sword eight.

    "Lanju, you take Broken Bee to hide away, I'll take care of Genmu, the iron han."

    Ye Feng sighed helplessly.

    What is this special code?

    God-level pig teammates cheat people online?


    This is not the time to complain about these things.

    Because Kenpachi had already pulled off his blindfold that was used to suppress Reiatsu.

    The powerful spiritual pressure was released without fear.

    At this moment.

    Gengmu Jianba's whole body is bathed in golden spiritual power, his eyes are blood red, his mouth is open, his face is hideous, like a demon god.

    and so.

    Ye Feng knew that this battle was absolutely unavoidable.

    He has to get more wooden swords.


    Yefeng pulled out the ghost.

    Cut out at an angle.

    The terrifying thunder on the knife exploded.

    A thunderous thunder headed towards Gengmu Jianba like a mighty dragon.

    "Hahaha, you are finally willing to do your best! Let me see your full strength!"

    Gengmu Jianba Yangtian in the crazy form let out a wild laugh.

    The terrifying spiritual pressure swept across the body again.

    Golden spiritual power is flowing around him.

    As if igniting a raging golden flame!


    The Thunder Dragon of the night wind came in an instant, and directly rushed on Gengmu Jianba's body, making a violent explosion.


    The explosion set off a strong smoke.

    But the smoke dissipated.

    Even though Kenpachi had been burned by lightning in some parts of his body.


    He did not suffer any obvious injuries.

    no surprise.

    Yan Da Wu hurts even someone else is inevitable.

    At this moment.

    Shattered Bee and Matsumoto Ranju hid behind a small hill in the distance.

    They watched the battle between Ye Feng and Gengmu Jianpachi.

    The mood is complicated.

    "This...this is too horrible... Captain Mengmu actually resisted the night breeze's thunder dragon?" Matsumoto Ranju looked at them dumbfounded, saying that he couldn't believe the night breeze's fighting style.

    "The guy Gengmu Jianba directly used his spiritual power to offset the attack of the Night Wind Zanpaku. This guy is also a monster."

    Broken Bee has serious eyes.

    on the one hand.

    She was also sighing with Ye Feng and Gengmu Jianba's terrible fighting style.

    on the other hand.

    Broken Bee and Matsumoto Ranju just inhaled some red gas from the void.

    She was also worried that she and Luan Ju would become a crazy monster like Gengmu Jianba.

    If that is the case.

    Then they are in danger this time!

    "Yeah? Night wind in the mountains, isn't your strength too small? How can an attack like this make me feel satisfied."

    Gengmujian's eight pairs of pupils flashed with blood-red red light.


    He let out a grin, lifted the Zanpodao in his hand, and rushed to the night wind instantly like a whirlwind.

    have to say.

    Gengmu Jianba's speed is very fast, but he is not using instant step, but his full burst speed is so fast!


    Cut it down with one knife.

    The blade rubbed in the air and detonated harshly.


    This knife hardly has any skills, but under the action of that majestic spiritual pressure, the speed is fast to the extreme, and it does not need any skills at all.


    Ye Feng lifted up the ghost for the first time.


    The Zhan Pokhan of the two directly collided with each other, and first made a huge roar.

    Immediately after.

    A series of terrifying fluctuations centered on the two people, spreading towards the surrounding layer after layer.

    The momentum is quite terrifying!

    "Hahaha, very good, very good, such an opponent deserves my full firepower."

    Mengmu Kenpachi let out a wild roar again.

    Immediately after.

    He waved the Zanpodao in his hand and madly attacked Yefeng.

    Ye Feng also unceremoniously fought back with ghosts.

    Both are very fast.

    It was almost impossible to see the shadow of Zan Po Dao at all.

    "Captain Broken Bee... is it really okay to let them fight like this... there shouldn't be any problems..."

    Matsumoto Ranju swallowed.

    She was very worried that Ye Feng would be killed by the crazy Kenhachi.

    "Yefeng's strength has also reached the leader-level realm, it shouldn't be a big problem." Broken Bee said solemnly.

    "But... Yefeng Zanpakudao is characterized by group attack and long-range. In the face of an attack like Captain Sagagi, can he really hold on?" Matsumoto Ranju said with a bitter face.

    "The two monsters...I can't stop them, I can only observe them first." Broken Bee shook her head, and then her expression seemed a little uncomfortable. She turned her head and glanced at Luan Ju and said: "Right Luan Ju, Do you feel that your body is a little bit wrong?"

    "'s a bit...I feel like my body is a little hot and dry..." Matsumoto Ranju pulled at the mouth of the death tyrant, and didn't hesitate to let this matter go. "And I still feel a little bit Upset, how about you, Captain Broken Bee?"

    "Well...My phenomenon is similar to yours, I feel a little bloated." Broken Bee's eyes became more solemn, and said: "It seems that although we inhale less gas, there are still certain side effects."

    no way.

    In order to forcefully maintain the high-cold Yu Jie Feng, Broken Bee actually wears a belt inside.

    So there is a reason for bulging.

    The other side.

    Ye Feng fought fiercely with Gengmu Jianbazheng.

    The two fight each other.

    The impact of the collision even caused the ground to sink.

    Where they are standing.

    A large cone-shaped pit was gradually formed.

    "Hahahahaha, the night wind in the mountains, your strength is really strong, not only can you keep up with my speed, but you can also resist my strength. In this corpse world, except for Uozhihuaretsu and Yamamoto old man Besides, there is finally someone who can please me again."

    More wooden swords and eight chops heartily.

    be honest.

    He really hadn't experienced this level of combat for a long time.

    "Gengmu Jianba, your spiritual pressure is indeed very strong, but your fighting style is too rough, this kind of battle makes me a little disappointed."

    Ye Feng shook his head.

    Although he also likes to rashly past.

    But if you can only use a knife to hack, it's like slamming with only one gesture at a time.

    Although this seems very exciting.

    But over time it will be dull.

    "Huh? Disappointed? You are crazy! But I like it!" Gengmu Jianba once again burned the spiritual power in his body, and his spiritual pressure skyrocketed by one more period. defense.


    In the eyes of Yefeng.

    Although Kenhachi's offensive has become fierce, he is still not enough to let Ye Feng reveal his flaws.

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