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    Chapter 494: Keng Mu Jian Eight Of Teammates

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    It is obvious.

    Everyone has ignored this problem.

    After entering the Great Wilderness, the Broken Bees left a mark of spiritual power in many places to ensure that they could return to the Soul World along the original path.


    Gengmu Jianba doesn't have this ability.

    and so.

    What should he do?

    "It seems we were careless." Ye Feng shook his head and said, "Let me find it first."

    This was originally just an exploration mission.


    The captain of the eleventh division of the Gotei 13th team was trapped and died in the wilderness because he was lost?

    Isn't this a trouble?

    If this is the case.

    The captain is sure to go crazy.


    Ye Feng immediately opened up spiritual sense.

    Reiatsu was released.

    Trying to sense the whereabouts of even more wooden Kenpachi.


    In this wasteland.

    After all, the range of spiritual perception is limited.

    Even if Ye Feng's spiritual sense was already very strong, he still couldn't find even Mu Jianba's whereabouts.

    "Try the Eye of Soul."


    Ye Feng opened the Eye of Soul again.

    God's perspective appears.

    The night wind zoomed the screen to a certain extent.

    at last.

    Seeing that the picture is about to be zoomed to the limit.

    Ye Feng finally found the position of Gengmu Jianba in the eyes of the soul.

    "Finally found him, you can go with me." Ye Feng said with a sigh of relief.

    "What? How could you catch even the wood sword eight's spiritual pressure? Your spiritual sense is so strong?" Broken Bee frowned again.

    While Yefeng was looking for Gengmu Jianba, Broken Bee was also trying to find it.


    Just like the situation that Yefeng perceives with spiritual sense.

    Broken Bee couldn't find the whereabouts of even more wood sword eight.

    and so.

    For Ye Feng, he can find even more wooden sword eight.

    Broken Bee felt very incredible.

    Because it means.

    Ye Feng's perception ability is actually stronger than her second division captain who is good at assassination?

    This makes Broken Bee never expected.

    "I am not strong or not, you will know in the future." Ye Feng said casually, and then skillfully put Luanju on his shoulders, and said: "We have to hurry up, otherwise, Gianmu might Its almost out of my range of perception."

    See this scene.

    Broken Bee frowned.


    She also understands that there is no alternative.

    If you dont.

    They are really likely to lose the capture of Gengmu Jianba's whereabouts.


    Under the leadership of the night wind.

    The three of them quickly approached in the direction of Gengmu Kenpachi.

    Matsumoto Ranju liberates the Zhanpakuto gray cat, and uses the gray cat as a rope to lead the tiger's head, just like a dog.

    One hour passed.

    Everyone finally found a more wooden sword eight.

    have to say.

    Kendaki's luck was really bad.

    He walked all the way for a long time without even encountering an enemy.

    This made him almost boring to death as a fighting madman.

    And when Gengmu Jianpachi learned of what happened to Yefeng and theirs.

    Mengki Kenpachi expressed his envy even more.

    "Yefeng! Let's have a fight! From this place, the two of us can finally do our best." Gengmu Jian Bayi looked at Ye Feng with excitement, his face revealing a feverish battle. meaning.

    Beyond the Great Wilderness.

    The ability of the captain of the Thirteenth Team is to be controlled.

    Even in the martial arts field built of murderous stones, it can't make the captain class fire full.

    But here is different.

    This is a great famine.

    You can fight as you want.

    Who can control Lao Tzu?

    "Ah? Captain Mengmu? It's not good to do this? After all, this is a great wasteland, let's leave this ghost place first." Matsumoto Ranju smiled politely and awkwardly.

    The time has come.

    Captain Mengmu still wants to fight?

    Are you crazy?

    And it's a great waste here!

    In case you have any questions, you are being attacked by the Great Wilderness, it is not a joke!

    "Lan Ju is right! We entered the Great Wilderness this time to inquire about the abnormality here. Now, we have caught this emptiness alive, and now the first task is to go back and return to life!" Broken Bee's brows wrinkled, and his voice was cold. Said something.

    "What, it's so annoying, if you want to go, can't you go by yourself? I just stay here to fight with Yefeng."

    Mengmu Jianba raised his head nonchalantly.

    What he wants to do with Ye Feng is a pure man's fight.

    There is no need for women to be the audience next to them.



    Ye Feng is inconsistent with his ideas.

    "Captain Mengmu, Shattered Bee has been injured, I have to take them away with escort, no time to fight with you."

    Ye Feng shrugged.

    Wouldn't it be fragrant to drive back with two girls?

    Why are you fighting with bad guys here?

    am I crazy?

    "Ah? How can this work? I rarely meet an opponent like you, I won't let you off easily."

    Gengmu Jian eight held Zhan Po Dao across his shoulders, and suddenly the corner of his mouth was picked, and suddenly he slashed towards the Xu nearby.

    "Since everyone is leaving because of this emptiness, I will behead him first, so that we can all continue to stay here?"

    have to say.

    Gengmu Jianba's brain circuit is quite strange.

    With this sword, his hand moved up and down.

    Sure enough, he cut the imaginary head that was dragged by Matsumoto Ranju all the way in half.

    This show operation directly made Broken Bee look stupid.

    She was about to scold Geng Mujian a few words.

    But at this moment.

    A burst of pink gas floated out of the body of the beheaded Xu.

    Very weird!

    "Oops! There may be a problem with this gas! Be careful everyone! Don't breathe it in!"

    Ye Feng's reaction was already fast.

    He burst out a wave of spiritual pressure to disperse the surrounding air.


    Because it happened suddenly.

    Yefeng still accidentally inhaled a little bit of red gas.

    The situation of Broken Bee and Matsumoto Ranju is similar to that of Night Wind.

    All have inhaled a small amount of gas more or less.


    Mengmu Jianpachi took a sharp breath without paying attention.

    "Huh? It smells so good?"

    Gengmu Jianba, Tie Hanhan, seemed to be completely unaware of how could the gas in such an ugly virtual body be normal?


    After he took a few puffs.

    Suddenly feel the blood rushing in his head.

    The already existing fighting spirit seemed to have been strengthened dozens of times.

    His pupils directly turned blood red, and he was so strange that he let out a wild laugh, looking at the night wind like a madman.

    "Come on night wind!"

    "Swing to your heart's content with me!"

    Looking at this more wooden sword eight.

    Everyone frowned.

    "That's bad! Captain Mengmu is a bit wrong! Be careful, Ye Feng!"

    Matsumoto Ranju promptly reminded Ye Feng.

    But then.

    She also felt that her spirit seemed to be in a trance.

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