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    Chapter 491: Lei Hai Mie Xu

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    With the sound of an explosion.

    A horrible spirit swept towards the broken bee in a turbulent manner.


    this moment.

    Shattered Bee instantly used spiritual pressure to form a layer of spiritual pressure armor.

    At the same time, Shunbu was launched.

    Her reaction speed can be said to have been very fast.


    Part of the blood that burst out still splashed on her legs.

    The desolate power contained in the blood is seeping into her legs.


    The Broken Bee let out a muffled snort.

    A cold sweat came down on his forehead.

    "It's really despicable to control these souls to explode!" Broken Bee gritted her teeth tightly. Although she can resist this level of spiritual erosion, her speed of action is destined to be affected.


    Since the other party successfully attacked.

    Weakened the combat effectiveness of Broken Bee.


    Broken Bee estimated.

    The black hand hiding behind this waver should be coming out too.

    Danger is coming!


    Just when the Broken Bee encountered an enemy attack.

    Ye Feng and Matsumoto Ranju also encountered abnormal conditions.

    "Yefeng! Do you feel it! There seems to be emptiness encircling us from all directions! There are too many!"

    Matsumoto Ranju swallowed.

    He stopped vigilantly.

    Although around them, the vision was blocked due to the confusion of the spirit son, and the range of spirit sense was limited.


    Since Matsumoto Ranju can perceive the existence of emptiness.

    That means that Xu is very close to them.

    The same danger is approaching!

    "Lunju, don't panic, just follow me, and I will deal with those falsehoods, you nanny just pay attention to breastfeeding."

    Ye Feng smiled faintly.

    Although they are approaching Yefeng, there are many emptiness.


    This point is far worse than Daxu's Forest.

    After a little while.

    Various virtual roaring sounds began to get closer and closer.

    According to Luan Ju's judgment.

    There were more than a hundred heads of emptiness approaching them.

    Another moment passed.

    There have been sporadic rushes that run faster and come within the sight of Ye Feng and Luan Ju.


    Birds like this one were knocked out by the night breeze.

    "These imaginary appearances are disgusting!" Matsumoto Ranju looked at these imaginary appearances and suddenly had a cold war, feeling a little frightened.

    Xu's appearance is hideous.


    They were invaded in the great famine, with abscesses all over their bodies, and they looked more cramped naturally.

    "Yefeng, what should I do? I must not let them attack. If there is poison in their blood, it will suffer!"

    Matsumoto Ranju frowned.

    His face was very solemn.

    As the deputy captain of the tenth division, she was not weak at first.

    If this is outside the great wilderness.

    Matsumoto Ranju will not be afraid of being surrounded by hundreds of virtual people.

    after all.

    Her Zan Po Dao Grey Cat has a very flexible group attack ability.

    But the current situation is very special.

    Judging from the appearance of these imaginary.

    These voids are no longer normal.

    Judging from the liquid erupting from their bodies when the night wind used "charge" to penetrate them.

    Their blood is not normal.

    and so.

    In case you let them get close and get their blood, the ghost knows what will happen.

    "Don't worry, like this ugly guy, I won't let them approach us."

    Ye Feng smiled faintly.


    An extremely majestic spirit pressure burst out of his body.

    "Blast it, ghost!"

    Yefeng pretended to pour Reiatsu into the ghost.


    He pulled the ghost out.

    The azure blue spiritual power is attached to the blade of the ghost.

    Pretending to look like the Zan Po Dao had just solved it.


    The voice of the night wind fell.

    He lifted the ghost in his right hand.


    I just saw it.

    A series of blue thunder pillars as thick as a water tank rose into the sky.

    Go straight into the sky.

    Directly tear the haze in the sky.

    The whole world seems to be changing.

    The surrounding fog that could obscure the line of sight also disappeared instantly.

    After the sight is clear.

    Matsumoto Ranju's face showed a surprised look again.


    She saw.

    The imaginary besieging them is not just a few hundred!

    But thousands of heads are empty!


    They all look very strange.

    It looks like a biochemical warrior.

    That scene is really horrible!

    "Yefeng... they are about to rush over... what to do!" Matsumoto Ranju was completely panicked.


    Facing this terrifying virtual group.

    Ye Feng just smiled faintly, and then spit out two words.

    "Lei Hai!"

    After the sound fell.

    On the sky, countless thunder bursts, countless terrifying thunder pillars descended from the sky and hit the void ocean.

    Boom boom boom!

    Every thunder light descended.

    There are a group of people who are cruelly crushed into powder.

    Although there are thousands of heads.

    But the number of Thunder Seas of Night Wind is more.

    It only lasted for five seconds to crush all the void.

    See this scene.

    Matsumoto Ranju was completely stunned.

    She opened her mouth wide.

    As if you can put two eggs in at once.

    "Ye... Yefeng... Are you really just the beginning solution of Zanpakuto... This is too horrible." Matsumoto Ranju muttered.

    If the power that Ye Feng had just shown was his Zan Po Dao's solution.

    Matsumoto Ranju can also express understanding.

    after all.

    jie is the ultimate power of Zanpakudao.

    That kind of power is definitely not comparable to the original solution.

    in other words.

    A good jie can bring death improvement.

    What kind of ability can be said in the past.


    Ye Feng hadn't solved it just now!

    In the view of Matsumoto Ranju.

    Yefeng's Zanpakut seems to have performed a simple initial solution!

    That is not the form of jie.


    How could his Zanpaku Dao have such a shocking power?

    That's a thousand heads empty!

    Although those emptiness are not big emptiness, but if you want to destroy thousands of emptiness at the same time, what a powerful force is needed!

    This is simply more powerful than the power of others' swastika!

    Is this the true strength of Yefeng?

    Captain Hisugaya is a stinky brother compared to Yekaze!

    All aspects are!


    The other side.

    The Broken Bee has also become entangled with a large number of ronin warriors who have been controlled by the phantom.

    In the view of Broken Bee.

    Although the ronin warriors are not particularly strong in their own combat power.


    After these warriors were completely controlled by a special power.

    But temporarily gained power far beyond his own.

    Of course.

    Such a temporary increase of power is naturally at the expense of their lives.

    and so.

    under these circumstances.

    The role played by these ronin warriors cannot be underestimated.


    Because their will has been dominated.

    So even if they were hit by the broken bee.

    Also not afraid.

    Defeated not to die.


    From time to time, Broken Bee encounters the kind of ronin who can explode.

    Very difficult to fight.

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