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    Chapter 489: The Style Is Starting To Go Wrong

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    "Hey hey hey, you three, the speed is too slow, I have cut a circle in the West Eighty District, if you don't come again, the ronin here will probably complain to me."

    Gengmujian looked at them with fascination.

    Just when Yefeng was on their way.

    Gengmu Jianhachi has been boring to chop a lot of so-called masters in the Eighty District.


    The strength of these people is too weak.

    It's not enough for him to cut.

    "Stop talking nonsense, stand back and let me open the entrance to the barrier." Broken Bee stared at Gengmu Jianba very uncomfortably, then walked to the front of the barrier and chanted a spell.

    The spell is long.

    It also sounds awkward.

    The feeling given to Yefeng is, anyway, "one five makes five, two five ten, three five and one fifteen."

    After the spell is finished.

    Broken Bee took out a white crossing card.

    A ray of sunshine shone in all directions.

    Shrouded on the four of them.

    "Let's go, after entering the wilderness, pay attention to using spiritual power to resist the desolate spirits around, but remember not to waste spiritual power, and leave enough spiritual power to support us back."

    The broken bee's voice fell and entered the Great Wasteland first, showing a very high coldness.

    "Cut, I'm annoying to death, do I still need to reserve my spiritual power?" Gengmu Jianba let out a disdain, and then stepped into the wilderness.

    "Oh, these two captains are really a headache."

    Matsumoto Ranju shrugged and couldn't help but sigh with emotion.

    I thought my captain was already very difficult to serve.

    did not expect.

    The captains of other homes have a more weird temper.

    "Don't worry about them, after entering the great wasteland, just follow me. I promised your captain to take you back intact." Ye Feng said.

    "Yeah, then you have to protect me. After all, my position in this mission is a nanny." Luan Ju looked at Ye Feng with a smile.

    "Rest assured, your milk supply is sufficient, this position is very suitable."

    After another teasing, Ye Feng walked into the Great Wilderness with Luanju.


    "It has been detected that the host has arrived at the check-in location, and now the check-in begins. Please do not leave the great wilderness."


    After the end of the daily countdown.

    The system sent a reward.


    "Congratulations to the host for completing the sign-in and getting the reward: Shunbu-the ultimate!"

    For this reward.

    Ye Feng felt that it was just so-so.

    Although the instant step after the extreme is faster.


    It was nothing more than the same as Broken Bee and Ye Yi who used Shunhao.

    It was much slower than Fei Lei Shen who had been cut.

    After signing in.

    Ye Feng began to look at the situation of the entire great wilderness.

    Look at it at a glance.

    The topography of the Great Wasteland is not much different from the desert zone of the virtual circle.

    Everywhere is deserted.

    There is no vitality.

    But apart from these, the biggest difference between here and the outside world is that the spirits here are full of weirdness.

    Just like what Yefeng learned before.

    In the Great Wilderness, there are souls full of desolate power.

    In fact, it has a certain erosion effect on the soul.


    Around them.

    Ye Feng can also clearly feel that there are many spirits surging everywhere.

    If Rei Pressure is relatively weak.

    It is estimated that it will not take long to die here.

    "Hey... this horrible place is really terrible, my captain has asked me such a troublesome errand, so annoying."

    this moment.

    Matsumoto Ranju finally put away the playfulness on his face, and began to become serious.

    "Don't worry, stay close to me. I will help you resist external invasion." Ye Feng smiled faintly, and then released the spiritual pressure in his body, forming a special area that can also surround Matsumoto Ranju.

    "Tsk tusk, deputy captain of the night wind, you are good or bad, deliberately making this space so small, do you want to have close contact with others?" Although Matsumoto Ranju said no, his body was very honest. By Ye Feng's side.

    to be honest.

    Although Matsumoto Ranju's Reiatsu is not bad.

    But there is still a big gap compared with Ye Feng.

    She still felt a little strenuous in resisting the invasion of these great wild spirits.

    and so.

    If you can save a little, save a little.

    Since the night wind helps her resist, she is naturally happy.

    "Hey, hey, I said, what's the matter with you two? We are on a dangerous mission? Are you really good like this?" Gengmu Jianba looked back at them with straight male eyes. Perplexedly looking at the night wind.

    What's so fun about chatting with girls?

    How can it be interesting to hack someone?


    that's it.

    The four people spent about an hour cautiously exploring in the wilderness.


    They never found any abnormalities in the Great Wasteland.

    I also didn't feel the breath of virtual existence.

    If it weren't for the 12th squad, it would find a lot of witnesses.

    Broken Bee couldn't help but doubt the intelligence accuracy of this incident.

    "This won't work. I think everyone should act separately. If anyone finds an abnormality, use the special contact device that Captain Nirvana gave us to notify others."

    Broken Bee stopped.

    on the one hand.

    She feels that such exploration is too inefficient.

    to be honest.

    Although Dahuang's spirit child will not cause harm to them in a short time.


    As the time goes.

    They still have to expend a lot of spiritual energy.

    and so.

    Work in the Great Wilderness.

    Efficiency is a very critical factor.

    on the other hand.

    After all, it's time for business.

    Broken Bee no longer wanted to hear Ye Feng chatting with Luan Ju.

    She can't take it anymore!

    "Yes, I also feel boring with you." Gengmu Jianba shrugged, then looked at Ye Feng and said, "Ye Feng, shall we go together?"

    After Gengmu Jianba finished speaking, he winked at Ye Feng.

    That means.


    Let's even find a place with few people to swing with full firepower!

    Don't be with these two girls.

    It's so boring!

    "Captain Gengmu, don't you think it's too wasteful of resources if we are the two of us? You should go by yourself, I can bring Luanju together."

    Ye Feng rolled his eyes at Gengmu Jianba with a look of disgust.

    Are you fighting with me here?

    Do you still need to ask questions like this multiple choice?

    How could he choose between Matsumoto Ranju and Gengmu Kenpachi?

    Is he crazy?

    "Ahhhhhh, do you want to live alone with Jun Yefeng in this deserted and crowded place? But is this really good? I always feel a little inappropriate." Luan Ju gently covered his mouth and laughed.


    Judging from her expression.

    She was completely shy, the kind that Yu refused to welcome.

    and so.

    The Broken Bee had completely unbearable launching instant step and left the team.

    For such men and women.

    She didn't want to listen to them for a moment.

    "Then, Captain Menggi, we are also gone. If you want to fight, let's wait until the mission is over."

    Ye Feng shrugged.

    He embraced Luan Ju's brutal waist, and also launched an instant step to leave the team.

    Gengmu Kenhachi, who would get lost at every turn, messed up in the wind alone.

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