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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 488 - ARSIFH 488

    Chapter 488: Chaotic Chrysanthemum And Broken Bee

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    "Yongyin's words..." Uozhihuareel thought for a while, then shook her head, and said, "Although Yongyin is very good, her Reiki pressure is relatively ordinary, and her fighting ability is weak. I am afraid that she will not be able to perform well. Such a task."

    Although Hu Tetsu Yuon is also an experienced deputy captain.


    After all, the fourth division is the medical division.

    Except for Uozhihuaretsu himself, the other deputy captains and officials are all weak in combat ability.

    "Let Luan Ju go with him. Luan Ju's strength is not weak, and she is proficient in ghost way and knows a little about Hui Dao, so she can play the role of nanny." Hisugaya Toshiro said.

    Matsumoto Ranju is a well-balanced deputy captain.

    The overall combat power is not weak.

    and so.

    Toshiro Hisugaya made this suggestion.

    To this.

    Captain Yamamoto nodded.

    "Well, this time the task is so set, let's end the meeting."


    After the captain meeting.

    All the captains left the team house of the first division.

    On the occasion of the separation.

    Broken Bee left Gengmu Jianba, Yefeng, and Hisugaya Toshiro alone.

    "Captain Menggi, Captain Hisugaya, and Deputy Captain Yefeng, this task is urgent, so it should not be too late. I only leave you one hour to prepare, and then everyone gathers at Baidaomen. Is there a problem?" Broken Bee looked at them coldly.

    "Cut, kill the virtual, this is still a preparation? I'm going directly to the river now, you'd better not let me wait for too long." Gengmujian glanced at Broken Bee with disdain.

    He is grandiose.

    Should accept the command of a loli?

    This makes him very upset.

    and so.

    He wouldn't follow the arrangement of Broken Bee.

    "Huh, yes, but you are not allowed to break through the barrier forcibly. I will apply for a pass through the barrier, and then lead you into the great wilderness together." Broken Bee said coldly, and then launched a flash step and disappeared in place.

    See this scene.

    Yekaze and Hisugaya Toushiro shrugged at the same time.

    "Yefeng, these two people are too unreliable. After you enter the Wilderness, Luanju's safety is left to you."

    Toshiro Hisugaya calmly analyzed and thought a little bit.

    He felt that there was still a certain danger in letting Luanju enter the wilderness.

    after all.

    Although Broken Bee and Gengmu Jianba are strong, their behavior patterns are too weird.

    Still the night wind behaves normally.

    and so.

    Dong Shilang felt that it would be appropriate to hand Luanju to Yefeng.


    Ye Feng showed a sincere smile.

    "Don't worry, I will definitely bring Luanju intact and bring it back from the Great Wilderness." Ye Feng said with a smile while looking at Hisugaya Dongshiro.


    After Ye Feng separated from Dong Shilang.

    He also launched the instant step back to the ninth division.

    After briefly explaining the team affairs.

    Ye Feng rushed directly to Baidaomen.

    in fact.

    Just like the broken bee said.

    The ninth division really has no serious work.

    No one supervises them anyway.

    The ninth division was in prison just like the Tu Emperor. As long as you don't make things too much, the prisoners are still very easy to manage.

    Came to Baidaomen.

    at this time.

    Matsumoto Ranju had already waited here in advance.

    "Vice Captain Yefeng, your speed is so slow, people have been waiting for you here for a long time."

    With the emergence of the night wind.

    Matsumoto Ranju rushed to Ye Feng in an instant, and greeted Ye Feng enthusiastically.

    "Slow? Slow is not a disadvantage, right? Do you like fast men?"

    Ye Feng smiled.

    Started to look at Luanju.

    Matsumoto Ranju had long orange wavy hair, and was wearing a black death tyrant outfit with a pink shawl on the death tyrant and tied the side of the **** pants into a bow.


    The characteristics of clothing are not the biggest characteristic of Luanju.

    Her biggest feature is clear at a glance.

    For this kind of mature royal sister style.

    Ye Feng said he liked it very much.

    "Hehe, I didn't expect that the deputy captain of the night wind would still be able to drive a car. You are much more interesting than Captain Hisugaya. He is a boring man.

    Matsumoto Ranju blinked.

    I like Yefeng's driving skills very much.

    "Ah? Did I drive? I didn't? Don't talk nonsense, I'm very serious."

    There was a smile on Ye Feng's face.

    Being able to meet an interesting sister like Luan Ju makes Ye Feng feel that life has finally recovered a bit of fun.

    Although the style of Rukia and Broken Bee is also good.


    Luanju's character is more like it.

    "Hehe, the decent vice captain of the night wind, after we come back from the Great Wilderness, do you mind going out for a few drinks together? Let me see if it is as decent as you, if it will be messy after drinking...hehehe." The car rushed up showing weakness.


    to be frank.

    Girls like Matsumoto Ranju are at best verbal drag racing.

    If the night wind's car really started.

    She just can't do it.

    after all.

    She has never officially driven a vehicle.

    "Okay, but I..."

    Ye Feng is preparing to continue chatting with Luan Ju.

    At this time.

    The second division captain Broken Bee, who had put on combat attire, appeared in front of them with a flash.

    "Give me enough! You two are the deputy captains of the Gotei 13th team! Can you not say these messy things here!"

    Broken Bee looked at them coldly.

    Stopped the painting style from developing in a weird direction.

    But this is nothing else.

    Broken Bee couldn't stand others driving in front of her.


    She worries that her inner anger will not be effectively controlled.

    to be honest.

    This is the side effect of having a ban on yu career.

    Broken Bee is actually a very painful girl alive.

    The character she now shows is not her nature.

    and so.

    For the girl who lives so hard.

    Ye Feng felt.

    It is necessary to manually intervene in the future.


    Along the way.

    Under the leadership of Broken Bee.

    Ye Feng and Luan Ju both launched a flash step to follow her behind.


    Although the two of them did not delay their journey, the chat continued along the way.

    This also made the broken bee blush in front of it.

    But this is also impossible.

    Long before Sifengyuan Yeyi had an accident, Broken Bee was a cute little girl.

    But after Ye Yi defected.

    The character of Broken Bee has undergone a violent reversal.

    This became the iceberg goddess like now.

    In other words.

    At her best age, she shut out all men.

    The heart of this kind of girl is actually not right.

    and so.

    On the way, Broken Bee had a lot of opinions on Yefeng and Matsumoto Ranju, but she didn't choose to interrupt them, but secretly listened to them talking about the funny poems.

    This feeling is actually very complicated.


    Fortunately, this time does not last too long.

    It took about half a day.

    They arrived at the Wuding River.

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