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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 486 - ARSIFH 486

    Chapter 486: Yefeng's New Mission

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    More than a hundred years old and still in a high position.

    Such men generally don't suppress themselves.

    not to mention.

    In the Jufan team, every day there is a deputy captain like Ranju who dribbles the ball in front of Dong Shilang.

    The average person would not understand such a life.

    and so.

    He also needs to be decompressed.

    And the place on Liuhun Street.

    There are many places where people can decompress.

    such as...

    play football.


    Just when the various teams were talking about the night wind.

    Ye Feng is worrying.

    "What kind of ghost mission is this? You asked me to sign in at a ghost place like Dahuang? Are you serious?"

    Ye Feng sighed.

    Not long ago.

    Yefeng's system once again released a new mission.

    The sign-in location for this mission is the Great Wilderness outside Wuding River.

    About the Great Wilderness place.

    After Ye Feng joined the Huting 13 team, he also learned a lot of relevant information.

    There are extremely chaotic souls in the great huang.

    Full of desolate power.

    Although a strong person like Ye Feng survived for a period of time in the Great Wasteland, there was no big problem.


    It is not allowed to set foot in the wild place.

    "I knew that the body and spirit that Dongxian wanted should be left behind, so that it would be convenient for doing many secret things in the future."

    Ye Feng stroked his chin.

    It is not particularly difficult to leave Seireitei.

    As long as the reason is stated, it is enough to report.

    In a big deal, he said he was going to play ball on Liuhun Street.


    Wanting to cross the barrier of the Great Wilderness is a bit troublesome.

    If the eruption of spiritual pressure forcibly breaks through, it will be regarded as a traitor in the soul world.

    But if you want to apply for a token that passes through Wudinghe.

    He must have a proper reason.

    But according to Ye Feng's understanding.

    No Reaper has applied to enter the great famine for at least fifty years.

    and so.

    What is the reason?

    Too worried!

    after all!

    Ye Feng is not a person who likes to talk nonsense!

    Just when Ye Feng felt distressed because of the task.

    At this time.

    The messenger of the first team is here.

    "The deputy captain of the night wind, the captain convenes a meeting of captains temporarily. Please go to the team as soon as possible to participate." The herald said respectfully.

    "Oh? What's the matter? So anxious?" Ye Feng raised his brows.

    "I heard it was related to the Great Wilderness..." the herald said.

    "Oh? Great Wilderness?"

    Ye Feng couldn't help touching his nose.

    Is God's will so good to me?

    People were still dozing off just now, so they arranged for someone to pass the pillow over?

    This kind of life seems a bit dull, right?


    The big task is the biggest.

    Real fragrance is over.


    Ye Feng gave a brief account of the team affairs in the division, and then left the ninth division and walked towards the first division's team house without delay.

    Along the way.

    Ye Feng encountered many other team members.

    Everyone greeted Ye Feng positively.

    no way.

    This is the treatment of the strong.

    As long as you are strong enough to occupy a high position.

    There will be a lot of people who you don't know will show you good.

    Only bashing on the street will be unreasonable.

    For this.

    Ye Feng has long been used to it.

    "Vice Captain Yefeng, your speed seems to be a bit too slow."

    Just when Ye Feng was about to step into the jurisdiction of the first team.

    He suddenly heard a slightly cool female voice behind him.

    If Ye Feng remembers correctly.

    The owner of this voice is the captain of the Linglong and petite second division.

    Broken bee.

    "Yeah, yeah, it turned out to be Captain Broken Bee." Ye Feng smiled and turned around, greeted him, and said: "Captain Broken Bee said I was late, but you haven't come here with me?"

    Double standard.

    Too double standard.

    Obviously everyone is late.

    Why can you accuse me of being late?

    Is it because you are older?

    Am I not too young?

    "Hmph, I came late, because the second division team has a lot of work, so I will naturally be delayed a little bit.

    But your ninth squad shouldnt have any prisoners in it recently, is it possible that you are also a heavy team? "

    Broken Bee glanced at Ye Feng indifferently.

    In the view of Broken Bee.

    Like the ninth division, the third division, and the fifth division, these third divisions have no intention to exist at all, and they are completely retirement divisions.

    How can it be like their second division.

    "You can't say that. The management of the jail for our ninth division is also a very hard work. If I have the opportunity in the future, I can give you a detailed experience."

    Ye Feng shrugged.

    There are always some people in this world who always think that their work is the hardest and most tiring, and they always think that other people's work looks like soy sauce.

    To this.

    Ye Feng said.

    Although what you think is right.

    But its a bit too much to say it?

    "Hmph, then hurry up and hurry up, don't dawdle here." Broken Bee snorted coldly, as if Ye Feng owed him 8 million, and then used a flash step towards the atrium of the first team. go with.

    "Bingshan Lolita is indeed a well-deserved reputation, and I don't know if it can be changed in the future." Ye Feng shrugged, and also launched an instant step, following the broken bee, and came to the venue of the first team.

    Walk into the venue.


    The captains of the other teams are all here.

    Broken Bee silently walked to his position, calmly glanced at Ye Feng from the sidelines.

    have to say.

    The speed of the night wind really surprised Broken Bee.

    She herself is a captain who is known for Shunbu.

    But Ye Feng's instant step could catch up with her?

    Not simple!

    At this time.

    Captain Yamamoto saw that all the people had arrived.

    He cleared his voice, got up from the chair, and after looking around for a week, he said in a deep voice:

    "Okay, now that everyone is here, today's temporary meeting officially begins, Captain Nie Yuli, then you will explain to everyone the reason for calling everyone here."

    Captain Yamamoto's voice fell.

    The twelfth division captain Neyuli stood out from the team.

    A strange smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

    "Dear Captains, the Technology Development Bureau discovered some anomalies in the West Eighty District this morning, so please listen carefully to the next thing."

    Except for the twelfth division is the technical division of the soul world.

    They also shoulder the responsibility of monitoring changes in the corpse soul world.

    Just this morning.

    The Technical Development Bureau detected imaginary power fluctuations in the West 80 District.

    This is very abnormal.

    Because the corpse soul world should not have a virtual existence.

    Although a hundred years ago, the corpse soul world was also invaded by the imaginary and caused problems for several captains.


    Generally speaking.

    It is impossible for Xu to run from the virtual circle to the corpse soul world.

    and so.

    There has always been a conjecture within the Huting 13 team.

    That is.

    There may also be imaginary existence in the Great Wasteland!

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