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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 485 - ARSIFH 485

    Chapter 485: Aizen's New Plan

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    "Relief?" Ichimaru Gin smiled noncommitantly, and said, "Perhaps it is. After all, the justice that Dongsen pursues is too vain. Instead of letting him down in the future, it is better to let him be free now."

    Ichimaru Gin and Aizen are actually very thorough.

    Absolute justice does not exist.

    What's more, the justice that Dongsen wants to pursue is a kind of deformed justice.

    Just like the night wind said.

    Just say happily enmity is enough.

    Don't get involved in justice at every turn.


    Many things have two sides.

    Just stand on your side and make yourself cool and you're done.

    The old saying goes well.

    In the late spring of March, the Yang Huan grass grows, and the sky is freezing. Ask who feeds the wolves?

    People pity the sheep, the wolf is alone, the heaven is unpredictable, and the world is like frost.

    and so.

    The wolf has the wolf way, and the sheep has the sheep way.

    The angle is different.

    "Yes, it is also a kind of mercy to let him free." After Ai Ran finished speaking, he glanced at Shimaru Gin with a secretive look, and said: "Then, Yin, do you have anything to be free? If so, remember it. Tell me."

    "Ahhhhhh, I don't need the relief of Captain Tosen." Ichimaru Gin's eyes squinted, with an unpredictable smile.

    "Hehe, of course, because you are my most faithful subordinate." Lan Ran also smiled.

    Aizen's smile was as warm as before.


    At this moment.

    This smile looked gloomy in Shimarugin's eyes.


    Ever since Ichimaru Gin knew that Aizen knew his purpose from the beginning.

    When Ichimaru Gin talked with Aizen again.

    He could feel Lan Ran's ridicule and malice at every turn.

    have to say.

    This century of time.

    Ichimaru silver is really too bad!

    "Okay, let's go back to the problem of night wind, I am going to test his upper limit of strength, so next, I need you to go out and help me arrange some things." Lan Ran said lightly.

    "Oh? Exploring the upper limit of the night breeze?" Ichimaru Gin's expression condensed slightly, and then asked: "So, does Captain Aizen intend to take the shot himself this time?"

    Ichimaru Gin was slightly surprised.

    If Aizen wants to do it.

    Is Yefeng-kun really Aizen's opponent?

    To know.

    Although Ichimaru Gin believes that Aizen's most feared ability is Kyoka Suigetsu.


    Ai Dye without mirror flowers and water moon is equally powerful!

    In the eyes of Ichimarugin.

    Although Ye Feng is very good, he still needs to grow up if he wants to defeat Aizen.

    "I still have a lot of important things to do. At this time, I am not particularly convenient to shoot, but there will be other people to help us test him."

    Ai Ran smiled.

    Although Aizen is extremely powerful.

    But he is not a person who likes to fight.

    His favorite thing to do is layout.


    He is an excellent chess player, not a **** fighting on the board.


    The thirteenth division.

    Kyraku Chunshui and Ukitake Shiro was sitting by the pond in the courtyard.

    Enjoy the quiet time in the afternoon.

    "Hey... Ye Feng-jun's performance really shocked me more and more... He was able to defeat the fighting madman Gengmu Jianpachi."

    Ukitake Shiro threw all the fish food in his hand into the pond.

    All the spirit fish in the pond gathered in an instant.

    very impressive.

    "Yeah, yeah, I heard that they have restricted Reiki, and I don't know what kind of surprises this guy Yefeng will bring us if he has full firepower."

    Jingle Chunshui lay on the recliner, basking in the sun comfortably, with a meaningful look on his face.

    "Yeah, I regret that I didn't draw him directly to the thirteenth division. Otherwise, I might be able to live a half-retirement life."

    Fushiro Ukitake smiled faintly, and then asked:

    "By the way, what did you want from the eighth division?"

    "Dongxian wants... That's really a troublesome thing." Jingle Chunshui sighed, and a complex light flashed in his eyes, and said: "But, from the result, it seems like Ye Ye Feng Jun is the only beneficiary of this matter, I really don't know if I have been thinking too much."

    "'s impossible...I don't think Ye Feng-jun is the kind of person who pursues status, right?" Ukitake Shirirang frowned, thinking that Jingle Chunshui definitely thinks too much.

    "Perhaps, but to be honest, the captain's seat of the Gotei 13 team has been stable for a long time. If nothing happened to Dongxian, although Yefeng is strong enough, there is really no chance of promotion." Jingle Chunshui said.

    "How come? My physical condition is getting worse and worse, if Ye Feng really has the ambition to become the captain.

    In time, can my seat be vacated for him? "Ukitake Shiro said.

    "Although your words are correct, but Ye Feng-jun does not know your situation, so things seem to be getting more and more complicated."


    The tenth division.

    After Hisugaya Toshiro listened to the report from Vice Captain Matsumoto Ranju.

    He shrugged disapprovingly.

    Although the performance of the night wind is outstanding.


    What does this have to do with him?

    and so.

    Although Hisugaya Toushiro was a little curious about the night wind.

    But not particularly curious.


    His deputy captain Ranju Matsumoto was obviously interested in younger brothers like Ye Feng.

    "Well, Captain, I didn't expect Ye Feng-jun to be so fierce. I think you will be taken away by Ye Feng-jun as a little genius." Matsumoto Ranju looked at Dong Shilang with a smile.

    "Cut, I have never given myself the nickname of a genius, okay? You guys insisted on giving me that!"

    Hisugaya Toushiro glanced at his deputy captain speechlessly, then sighed:

    "Also, can you not dress like this, and then pose like this in front of me!"

    At this moment.

    Matsumoto Ranju is putting his hands on Dong Shiro's desk.

    Lean forward slightly.

    She didn't care about her splendid scenery leaking out.

    Quite awesome.

    "Oh, people are also very helpless. It grows so fiercely by itself, what can people do?"

    Matsumoto Ranju shrugged indifferently, and blinked at Dong Shilang, and said:

    "Also, Captain, although you look like a child, don't really pretend to be a child in front of me. Do you think I don't know what you did when you went to Liuhun Street in the middle of the night?"


    Hisugaya Toushiro couldn't help rolling his eyes.

    That's right.

    Although Hisugaya Toushiro has a young and upright face.



    Hisugaya Toushiro is already an old man over a hundred years old.

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