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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 484 - ARSIFH 484

    Chapter 484: Upanishad Vs Upanishad

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    "Tsk tusk tusk."

    "Listening to those two means that they still control Reiatsu. If this is not controlled, how much will it become?"

    "That's right, I feel that the two-story murderous stone wall is almost unable to hold up. If they are let go, they can't even demolish the house?"

    "But it's not very scientific!"

    "You can say yes!"

    "It is inevitable to say that Captain Gengmu is strong, but how long has it been for Vice Captain Yefeng to join the 13th team? Why is he so strong."

    "That's it! It's almost like it's on the hook."

    Ye Feng's Reiatsu entry is the captain level.

    This is everyone's consensus.


    Put aside Reiatsu.

    Yefeng's sword technique and Shunbu are equally exquisite.

    I completely got rid of the several highways that they have practiced for decades or even hundreds of years!

    Throughout the process of learning.

    Hisagi Shuhei, the former deputy captain of the ninth division, sat silently on the spot.

    Although he looked still on the surface, his hands with his fists and his fingernails were almost sinking into the flesh.

    He originally wanted to learn from the pain, and then work hard to improve, defeating Ye Feng in the future, and regaining the favor of Captain Dongxian.


    It's better now.

    His Captain Tosen disappeared directly.

    Ye Feng also showed a powerful combat power that he could never match.

    this moment.

    Hisagi Shuhei lost his dream in an instant.

    "Hahaha, Yefeng, you are very powerful, so powerful that I can no longer suppress my excitement, so, for the next move, I am going to use the profound meaning of my beheading."

    It is rare for Kenhachi to find an opponent like Yefeng.

    The style of the two moves is very similar.

    There is no skill at all, there is no overt or secret move, it's just real slashing.

    The fight is speed, vision, and reaction.

    and so.

    Even though Kenpachi had restricted Reiatsu, he did not intend to restrict his moves.

    "Okay, I also have a secret trick here. To be honest, I haven't used it for a long time." Ye Feng said with a smile.

    "Come on then!"


    Gengmu Jianba let out a wild roar.

    He held the handle of the knife with both hands.

    Exhausted all his strength, he slashed towards the night wind.

    "KendoTwo Breaks!"

    The voice fell.

    I just saw it.

    A scorching golden spiritual pressure came out along Gengmu Jianba's Zanpei Dao.

    The soul in the air was even burned by this force.

    This move is undoubtedly Gengmu Jianba's strongest move.

    Cut out with one knife, everything in two!

    Faced with such an attack.

    Ye Feng did not hesitate to launch the sword.


    The terrifying sword force engulfed the powerful spirit pressure and the terrifying thunder and lightning power, and greeted the even more wooden sword eighty golden giant cut.

    The two collided.

    There was a deafening rumbling!

    This deafening and terrible sound made everyone present couldn't help covering their ears.

    The terrifying wind pressure even made them afraid to open their eyes.

    Wait until all sounds fall.

    After the smoke and dust on the martial arts field also dispersed.

    Everyone looked at them with disbelief.

    In the center of the martial arts field.

    Ye Feng's black knife has retracted its scabbard, still maintaining its light and breezy appearance as it did at the beginning.

    And Gengmu Kenpachi still maintained the posture of holding the sword in both hands.

    But a trace of blood oozes from the corner of his mouth.


    Under the same conditions as Rei Pressure.

    Even more wooden swords lost.


    Kenpachi Mengki did not feel disappointed because of the loss.

    Instead, he let out a cheerful laugh.

    "Hahahaha, I actually lost to you this trick, very good, this is very good, but this is not all my strength, I hope that one day, I can use all my strength to fight with you again." Mu Jianba smiled heartily.

    Victory is not arrogant and defeated.

    This is the basic quality of a fighting madman.

    He never cared about winning or losing.

    All he cares about is whether he enjoys the battle.

    "Captain Mengmu, you are not bad, too. I also hope that I can have a chance to fight you with full firepower in the future."

    Ye Feng smiled faintly.

    The loneliness of a master is always so similar.

    Although Ye Feng was suppressed by some special rules in the world of death.


    He has been promoted through hard work.


    Maybe it's because he worked too hard!

    Caused him to improve too fast!

    He hadn't enjoyed the joy of pecking at each other, and he would be invincible, which made Ye Feng very distressed.

    and so.

    If when the Reiki is the same.

    In Kendo.

    Gengmu Jianba couldn't even stop his words.

    The fun of fighting is completely gone.


    The match between Yekaze and Kenpachi Mengki quickly spread among the Gotei 13 team.

    after all.

    It was the first time for the 13th team of Huting to appear as an acting captain like Yefeng.

    Many people are very concerned about whether Ye Feng has the strength to hold such a position.


    This battle undoubtedly proved that Yefeng has a strong enough strength.

    Although he joined the Gotei 13 team for a short time.


    In the case of equal spiritual pressure.

    He was able to outperform even more wooden swords in kendo.


    No one would doubt Ye Feng's strength anymore.


    Mengmu Jianpachi also let go.

    In the future, anyone who dares to talk about Ye Feng's gossip behind the scenes is that he will have trouble with the eleventh division.


    The fifth division.

    Ai Ran Soyousuke learned of the news that Ye Feng had defeated Kenpachi.

    A meaningful look appeared on his face.

    Dongsen is about to die.

    Ai Ran and Ye Feng have met several times.

    However, both of them met in public.

    and so.

    The two of them seemed to have never happened that day.

    It was as if Tsen had really just disappeared.

    They also kept their personal settings as usual.

    have to say.

    Their acting skills are very superb.

    "Not only can I break Dongxian's jie, but he also possesses swordsmanship that is not weaker than that of the more wooden swordsman. This mountain night wind really makes me feel more and more surprised." Aizen stood at the desk, smiling Looking at Ichimaru Gindo with a smile.

    "So, how does Captain Aizen plan to deal with such an opponent? Do you want to avenge Dongsen?"

    Ichimaru Gin's eyes narrowed, and her mood also narrowed.


    The stronger Ye Feng showed.

    The happier Ichimaru Gin's.


    Ichimaru Gin also worried that the night wind would be manipulated by Kyoka Shuiyue.

    But that night.

    Even though Ye Feng was slightly surprised after learning that he had fallen into the mirror, he didn't seem to care too much from his expression.

    and so.

    Ichimaru Gin still has a lot of hope for the night wind.

    "Vengeance for Tosen?" Aizen smiled indifferently after hearing Ichimarugin's question, and said, "Actually, death is also a relief to Tosen, so why should we go too far? Do you care?"

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