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    Chapter 478: Aizen's Suspicion

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    After Ai Ran listened to Tsen's explanation.

    He dismissed the black-rimmed glasses from the bridge of his nose disapprovingly.

    The momentum changed suddenly.


    You can consider everything from my perspective, which makes me very touched.


    Are you teaching me how to do things now?


    Remember one sentence.

    I don't want you to think.

    I just think it's enough. "

    Aizen's voice fell.

    Dongsen Yao's body trembled slightly.

    Although Aizen didn't explode any momentum.


    But Dong Xian Yao's heart seemed to be sounded.


    Captain Aizen is like a god!

    How could his judgment be wrong?

    Why should I doubt Captain Aizen?


    Lord Yefeng... he...


    Dongxian sighed silently.

    Among the people who want to follow him and the people he wants to follow.

    Dongxian chose the latter.



    Dongxian didn't realize a problem at all.

    From beginning to end.

    He was just a poor creature chosen by Aizen and Yefeng.

    "Yes, do you really think you know Ye Feng?" Ai Ran asked.

    "I...I can feel the justice in his heart. It doesn't look like a deduction. I think I should not misjudge when it comes to justice."

    Dongxian shook his head.

    after all.

    Dongxian wanted to think that he was absolutely determined in justice.

    "However, my opinion is nothing compared to Captain Aizen's opinion. Compared to my own judgment, I am more willing to trust Captain Aizen's judgment."

    Hearing that Tsen wanted this dog-licking answer.

    Ai Ran smiled disapprovingly.


    Please remember this sentence.

    No misjudgment is the biggest misjudgment.


    None of us can be arrogant thinking that we have understood everything.

    after all.

    At this moment.

    I am waiting for the **** who has not yet ascended the sky to become the throne of that day. "

    After speaking.

    Ai Ran got up from his seat.

    "Yefeng's origin has no flaws, it is perfect, but too perfect is also imperfect."

    "right now."

    "He showed the ability to slay Goblade Neutra in the virtual circle. Then, he is definitely not as pure as you think."

    Hear here.

    A thoughtful look appeared on Ichimarugin's face and asked:

    "But, which power does such a strong person belong to? Except for us and the Guardian 13th team, no one in the corpse soul world should be able to control the power of the strong night wind, right?"

    Although Ichimarugin also knew that both Kamen and Urahara Kisuke were alive.


    Their strength should not be enough to control people like Yefeng.

    "Silver, don't forget, there are more than death gods in this world." Lan Ran brought the frame back to his face again. He looked out the window and said lightly: "Thousands of years ago, that man was not caught by Yamamoto Motoyanagi. Chongguo beheaded completely, who can guarantee that Quincy will not return."

    Lan Ran smiled faintly.

    A faint light flashed across his mirror frame.

    Aizen looked carefully during the battle between Yefeng and Neutra.

    and so.

    Although Ichimaru silver did not find it.

    However, Lan Ran discovered Ye Feng's ability to appear to be a static blood suit and the unknown cold air in his palm.


    If Ye Feng hadn't publicly displayed the ghostly thunder and lightning not long ago, it would be solved.


    Lan Ran might understand the ability of the night wind to drive the ice monster energy as the ability of the night wind zanpaku.

    But now.

    Even Aizen doesn't think that Yefeng's Zanpaku Sword will possess multiple abilities.

    and so.

    Instead, he began to wonder if the night wind had something to do with the Quincy.

    after all.

    The power of the Quincy is strange.

    "Quitizer? It seems that I haven't heard this name for a long time?" Ichimaru Silver was taken aback for a while, then restored the smile on his face, and said: "If Ye Feng-jun is really the one named The **** of death specially cultivated by the Quincy of Uhabach, so many things seem to really be able to explain."

    Uhabach is the son of the Spirit King.

    The ancestor of the Quincy.

    Thousands of years ago.

    A **** battle.

    The old man Yamamoto led the Grim Reaper's army and defeated Ukhabach's Quincy Division.


    Yamamoto ultimately failed to kill Yu Habach.


    No one knows where Ukhabach has fled.

    No one knows whether he is dead or alive.

    and so.

    If you say that Youhabach cultivated a special **** of death in a targeted manner.


    The phenomenon that the night wind is invincible at the beginning can be explained.

    "In any case, yes, Yin, Yefeng is a variable for our plan after all, you two will go and kill him together." Lan Ranyun gave a gentle command.


    He sat back at the desk again, took a piece of rice paper from the shelf and spread it out, ready to use calligraphy to cultivate his sentiment.

    "Kill him? But... Captain Aizen... really doesn't need to be tested anymore..."

    Dongxian swallowed.

    In Tsenyao's opinion.

    It is really a rare thing to be able to meet a teenager like Ye Feng.

    and so.

    He was really reluctant to kill Ye Feng.

    "Yeah, Captain Aizen, he has already hit your mirror anyway. Is it really that important to kill or not?"

    Ichimaru Gin also shrugged with a smile.

    Although he also thinks that the night wind is dead.


    Keep his words.


    Maybe it can still play some role.

    It's a shame to kill.

    At this time.

    Lan Ran smiled faintly.

    "Yes, Yin, killing him is just a signal, to tell the person behind Ye Feng not to make some small actions in front of my Ai Ran Soyousuke. Do you have any questions about this?"

    Although Lan Ran said that the clouds were light and breezy.


    His attitude is already very clear.

    Ye Feng must kill!

    Although Ai Ran didn't think Ye Feng had the ability to threaten him.


    Because of the night wind.

    Dongxian has already begun to think about the correctness of Aizen's decision.

    Both of them also started to perform the tasks that Aizen gave them less simply.

    This is something Aizen cannot tolerate.

    not to mention.

    The words that Ye Feng said to the monitor at the end of the virtual circle were, for Ai Ran, it was a provocation to eat Guoguo.

    and so.

    Instability factors like this.

    He has to get rid of it.


    Six hours later.

    Yefeng finally completed the task report of the virtual circle.

    Of course.

    Yefeng didn't tell all of his experiences in the virtual circle.

    For example, Yefeng didn't say anything about breaking the face.

    This also strengthened Aizen's determination to get rid of Ye Feng.

    after all.

    A normal **** of death, when faced with such a danger, shouldn't he get out of it all?

    Why conceal something?

    There is something wrong with him.

    He is very wrong.

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