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    Chapter 475: Renji Abarai

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    "Captain Tosen."

    "It's not that we don't believe in the abilities of the deputy captain of the night wind, but the danger of the virtual circle, you know very well.

    Ichimaru Gin smiled and joked.


    Tsen wanted to "stare" Ichimarugin with a serious face.

    Although everyone is a real teammate.


    Ye Feng-jun is what he wants to see, the man who will inherit his will in the future!

    How can you allow them to tease?


    See this scene.

    A thought-provoking smile appeared on Lan Ran's mouth.

    Dongxian wants.

    Why really value the night wind in the mountains so much?

    It seems that he does need manual intervention.


    The gate of the twelfth division.

    Rukia meets Asari Renji.

    They also discussed the night wind.

    "Rukia, don't be so naive anymore. That guy hasn't been back for so many days. He must have been killed by Xu Qi."

    Asani Renji was slapped in the face by the night wind last time.

    and so.

    He is always brooding.


    Rukia has been waiting at the gate of the 12th division for Ye Feng to return.

    She cares about Ye Feng so much?

    This made Renji feel even more uncomfortable, even the red hair on the top of his head felt a little uncomfortable.

    "Lianji! What are you talking nonsense! Yefeng's strength is above you, how could something happen to him!"

    Rukia's brows frowned tightly.

    The night wind has not returned.

    Rukia and Ukitake Shiro are very worried about the safety of the night breeze.


    They also, like Dongxian Yao, firmly believe that Ye Feng can definitely come back safely.

    and so.

    When Rukia heard Renji say such words.

    She was immediately angry.

    "What is above me! I didn't liberate my Zanpaku Sword that day, okay?

    My Shewei Wan is very strong! My strength is not as simple as you think, Rukia! "

    Asari Renji showed a face of dissatisfaction.

    Although he is only a deputy captain.


    The deputy captain is not the same as the deputy captain.

    His Assani Renji is the deputy captain who has secretly trained as a jie.


    Renji's own mastery of Shewei Maru Swastika is still weak.

    That's why he didn't say it publicly.

    "I don't care if you are that simple or not. In short, I believe Ye Feng will come back alive! Because he promised me that he will take me with the king of the world in the future!" Lucia gritted her teeth.

    "Cut, don't say these messy things here, I think you were broken by that guy!"

    Renji's voice fell off.


    There was a commotion from the Technical Development Bureau.


    Ye Feng walked out of it with a calm expression.

    "Rukia? What a coincidence." Ye Feng looked at Rukia with a slight smile.

    this moment.

    Rukia was startled first.

    Then I was overjoyed.

    "Yefeng! You really came back alive! I knew you would be fine!"

    Rukia is very happy.

    She knew Ye Feng would definitely come back alive!

    "Of course, didn't I tell you before I left? I still want to take you to experience life, how could you die in the virtual circle?"

    Ye Feng smiled indifferently, and then he noticed Asani Renji who was gnashing his teeth beside him, and said:

    "Deputy Captain Asanjing, what's the matter with you? You want to make an appointment with me again?"

    "Yes! I wanted to avenge you a long time ago! Let's have an unlimited duel today, do you dare to fight!"

    Renji looked at the night breeze full of war.

    He is going to get back the face he lost that day.

    "Okay, I have no problem." Ye Feng shrugged and said: "It just so happens that we are in the 12th squad, so let's borrow the 12th squad's martial arts field."

    In the non-war period.

    Reaper's Zanpaku Knife is not allowed to be liberated at will.

    if not.

    Seireitei is easily destroyed.

    But the martial arts field is different.

    The martial arts field is built of murderous stones.

    Spiritual power and spiritual pressure will be suppressed inside the martial arts field.

    and so.

    In this kind of place.

    Fighting with all-out effort is allowed.


    The three came to the martial arts field of the 12th division together.

    Asanjing Renji didn't say a lot of ruthless words, and he came up directly to solve the problem.

    He holds a knife in his right hand.

    The palm of his left hand brushed lightly on the handle.

    Drink low in the mouth.

    "Roar! Shrimp pill!"

    Whoosh whoosh!

    After She Wei Wan was liberated.

    It has become a double-edged snake-bellied sword. The blade is divided into six sections and seven blades. The back half of the blade is black, and the rest of the blade is silver-white. There are many protrusions on the blade.

    Although the liberation of Sheweiwan seems to be just a physical change.


    After changing its physical form, Shewei Wan can attack at close range as well as attack at long range.


    Sheweimaru can also expand and contract freely according to Renji's operations, turning into a soft and flexible knife, and attacking the opponent like a soft whip.

    Very flexible.

    In addition.

    Renji can also add strength with the instantaneous speed that makes the Shewei Maru extend.

    Knock the opponent into the air with a blade.

    In short.

    In terms of physical attacks.

    Shewei Maru is an excellent Zanpaku knife.


    Such a good person and such a good knife have met an inappropriate opponent.

    Ye Feng gently raised his hand and directly grabbed the blade of She Wei Wan.


    The spiritual pressure in Yefeng's palm was violent.

    The terrifying spiritual pressure rubbed repeatedly on the body of She Wei Wan's knife.

    Let it emit a buzzing sound.


    The soul of this Zanpai was pinched and uncomfortable.

    "Renji, is this your true strength? It really disappoints me." Ye Feng shrugged.

    "Don't underestimate me! Ye Feng in the mountains! Next is my true strength!"

    Renji sees Shewei Maru has been clamped by the night wind.

    He gritted his teeth.

    Decided to use his big move!


    "Baboon King She's Tail Pill!"

    As soon as Akari Renji's voice fell, the spiritual pressure in his body suddenly increased.


    The Shewei Wan in his hand instantly turned into a giant under the stimulation of Reiki Pressure.

    Freed from the control of the night wind.

    "Swastika...Swastika..." Kuchiki Rukia looked at Renji in front of her, with an incredible expression on her face, "Renji...When did you learn Swastika!"

    The first solution is the first stage of liberation following Zanpakudao.

    After the initial solution.

    The knife holder can use some of the abilities of the Zanpaku knife.

    Swastika is the second stage of the liberation of Zanpaku. The liberated power is far greater than the original solution. It is the final form of Zanpaku.

    The shape of Shewei Wan after **** is called Baboon King Shewei Wan.

    Its front end is a snake-shaped skeleton.

    The skull snake's head is draped in bright red fur and has a pair of terrifying yellow eyes.

    very horrible!

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