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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 467 - ARSIFH 467

    Chapter 467: The Awe Inspiring Night Breeze

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    "Okay, let's go."

    Ye Feng nodded indifferently, and led the team back to the ninth division's team house.

    Came to the office that Dongsen wanted.

    open the door.

    at this time.

    Dongxian is orderly arranging tasks for the other officials.

    "Yefeng, you're back, sit down first." Dongxian smiled slightly when he sensed that Yefeng had entered the door, and motioned for him to sit down first.

    After Ye Feng sat down.

    Tsen must first clean up his affairs.


    He "looked at" Ye Feng and said hesitantly:

    "Yefeng, at the team captain meeting today, Captain Neyuli of the 12th Division reported that they had detected some changes in the virtual circle yesterday. The captain hopes to send a deputy captain to the virtual circle to inquire about intelligence."

    When Dongxian wants to talk about this.

    The faces of all the officials in the office became strange.

    Virtual circle?


    vice captain?

    Captain Dongxian deliberately called Ye Feng against this background. Doesn't that mean that the person who is going to the virtual circle to perform this task is Ye Feng?


    The officers of the ninth division looked sideways at Ye Feng.

    The bottom of his eyes showed the appearance of watching the excitement.

    after all.

    That's a virtual circle!

    Let Ye Feng a rookie deputy captain pass, but he is very likely to die there.

    and so.

    They hope to see surprise, fear, regret, helplessness, and various complex expressions on Ye Feng's face.


    Ye Feng always had a calm face.

    "The virtual circle is very important, and there are many crises. It is indeed more appropriate for a Reaper with sufficient strength to investigate. I think it is more appropriate for me to go."

    Ye Feng nodded in agreement.

    He was still worried about signing in.

    right now.

    In a blink of an eye.

    Someone actually passed the pillow over.

    Ye Feng felt that God's Will seemed to be really good for him.

    "Well, I also understand that you have just joined the Gotei 13 team. It is a bit too difficult for you to perform such a task now, but..." Dongxian was about to talk but his expression suddenly condensed, he showed With an unbelievable expression, "You...what did you just say? You said it would be more appropriate for you to go?"

    A question mark appeared on the face of the black man Tsenyao.

    He was still hesitating how to explain this matter to Ye Feng.


    Ye Feng had the determination to venture into the virtual circle by himself?

    "Yes!" Ye Feng nodded, revealing a serious look on his face, and said: "I have just been promoted to the deputy captain of the ninth division, and now it is the time to undergo trials and tests. It is rare to have this now Chance, who am I not going to?"

    Hearing Ye Feng's awe-inspiring remarks.

    Dongxian was stunned.

    The surrounding officials who wanted to watch the night breeze were also stunned.

    "Mr. Yefeng! Good point! It's not in vain that I specially helped you win the opportunity to perform this mission! Your thoughts exactly match me!"

    Dongxian stood up with a look of excitement.

    in fact.

    Dong Xian Yao didn't tell the truth to Ye Feng.

    He actually thinks that Yefeng goes to the virtual circle is inappropriate until now.


    The words that Ye Feng just said coincided with Captain Aizen!

    What is this called?

    The people I follow and those who follow me have the same thinking!

    If I Dongxian is really a happy person!

    "Then when can I leave? Time doesn't matter!" Ye Feng asked solemnly.

    "Well..." Dongxian touched his chin and said, "Theoretically, you can set off now. You can go to the 12th Division to find Captain Niyuli, and he will find a way to send you to Xu. ring."

    "Okay, then I'm leaving."


    After Ye Feng accepted the task.

    He tidied up some supplies in a symbolic and simple way.


    He came to the door of the Technical Development Bureau of the 12th Division.

    it's here.

    Yefeng meets Rukia.

    "Yefeng! You really came? Are you crazy!" Rukia ran towards Yefeng, looking at him solemnly.

    "Huh? What? What are you going crazy? Lori Yu?" Ye Feng shrugged.

    Loli Yu is the nickname given to Rukia by Ye Feng in this world.

    Because she has both the attributes of Loli and Yujie.

    "I've heard Captain Fuzhu say! Your captain intends to arrange for you to go to the virtual circle to perform a mission! But do you know how dangerous the virtual circle is? You must not accept this task so easily! Be careful you will die There!"

    Rukia's face was quite worried.

    In Rukia's opinion.

    Dongxian wanted to reject all opinions and let newcomers like Ye Feng go to the virtual circle to perform tasks, which was clearly aimed at him.

    Although the night wind defeated Hisagi Shuhei and Asami Renji's two deputy captains.


    After all, his Zanpaku Sword could not be solved!

    What should I do in case of danger?

    This is the frame of change!

    Someone wants to kill Ye Feng with the help of the imaginary!

    "Rukia, calm down."

    Ye Feng smiled.

    Stepped forward and touched Rukia's little head.

    to be frank.

    Yefeng certainly knew that this trip to the virtual circle was not easy.

    He knew that there must be someone behind this incident.


    Want to promote the twelfth division to discover the abnormality of the virtual circle, and then promote Tosen to recommend the night wind.

    Except Aizen's old concealment.

    Ye Feng couldn't imagine who else was.


    Ye Feng is not particularly worried about Ai Ran, after all, he has never seen Ai Ran Jiefang Zanpaku.

    What is it?

    "But there is a virtual circle there! There are countless Daxu there, and there are even more terrifying than ordinary Daxu Yachukas and Vastod! You will easily die there with your strength!"

    Rukia looked at Ye Feng solemnly.

    In Lucia's dictionary.

    Ordinary emptiness is already very dangerous.

    Killian-level Daxu must be accompanied by officials to besiege.

    And Yachukas and Vastod.

    That's completely the captain-level emptiness!

    "Rukia, the imaginary circle is indeed dangerous, but we, as the gods of death, have to walk on the edge of danger. If we stop because of fear, then what kind of gods of death are we?"

    Although Yefeng felt that Rukia was a bit suspicious of a crow's mouth.


    Ye Feng didn't care at all.

    Because he also knew that Rukiana was caring about him.

    "But you..."

    Rukia listened to what Ye Feng said.

    His expression froze.

    Is this still the night wind she knew in this world?

    When did he have such a consciousness?

    Looked at the dumbfounded Lori Yu.

    Ye Feng smiled and said: "You don't want it, you can rest assured, I will definitely come back alive, I promised you that I will take you with you in the world in the future, I will say It's done."

    After Ye Feng finished speaking.

    The two looked at each other's eyes.

    Silent for a while.

    At last.

    Rukia finally made up her mind and said: "Okay! Then I'll wait for you to come back! You promised me to do things in the future, you must not break your promise!"

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