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    Chapter 225: Come On Kill One Let Me See

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    Uchiha brought out the secrets of Moon Eye.

    "A long, long time ago, there was a ten-tailed beast in the Ninja World. It was a disaster for the world. It was eventually defeated by the six immortals, and the current one became a nine-headed beast."

    "As long as the old man can gather the nine head and tail beasts again, he can resurrect the ten tails, and then use the rotating eyes and the moon to perform a large-scale illusion, so that everyone can be immersed in a peaceful world without war."

    "This is the only plan that can bring true peace to the Shinobi world!"

    "It's also a great plan that allows everything in the world to become one with the old man, and the old man becomes one body of heaven and earth!"

    Uchiha's pictures of soil are very vivid and vivid.

    All the people present were also terrified.

    The deterrent power of the nine-headed beast is already terrifying.

    Now Madara is going to make ten tails?

    And what the **** is that Raoshi illusion?

    In fact, Sam has a great say in illusion.

    Although the illusion is very realistic.

    But the sense of experience is completely inferior to the real world!

    Just as everyone looked at each other.

    Ye Feng suddenly couldn't help laughing.

    This out-of-fit laughter instantly attracted everyone's attention.

    "Uh... you can just continue... don't worry about me... I just feel that you are a bit deep into the drama... so I can't hold back... you continue."

    Ye Feng straightened his posture, spread his hands, and motioned for Dai Tu to continue performing.

    "Huh! Kid! If you dare to continue interrupting the old man in the future, the old man doesn't mind killing you!"

    Uchiha took the soil and looked at Ye Feng coldly.


    The air in the entire venue gradually began to stagnate.

    Onoki glanced at Ye Feng with complicated eyes.

    on the one hand.

    He hopes Uchiha "Maara" can obliterate the night wind in the mountains.

    Who made him so arrogant just now.

    But on the other hand.

    He also didn't want Ye Feng to be "casually" obliterated.

    Because of that.

    Uchiha Madara is really terrifying!

    At this time.

    Ye Feng patted Sam and Hinata, making them stand up from themselves first.


    Ye Feng wiped his mouth and looked at Uchiha with disdain.

    "Right, Madara, kill me, come on, I'll stand in front of you, let me see if you can kill me."


    Yekaze hooked his finger towards Uchiha with dirt.

    Don't give him any face.

    to be honest.

    Uchiha belt soil possesses the power of the right eye, the main function is to teleport and blur, with full defense and escape capabilities.

    Even now Yefeng has mastered the power of all phenomena.

    I'm not quite sure about dealing with the divine power of the soil.

    after all.

    He didn't have 600 billion detonating talisman.

    How to destroy the soil?


    If you really want to talk about offensive power.

    Ye Feng really didn't put the soil in his eyes.

    There is also a bit of count for this.

    After all, Ye Feng in the mountains killed four Akatsuki members.

    Also defeated Nagato twice.

    and so.

    Uchiha Daito said that just now, it was just that he was too deep into the play and just pretended to be forced by the way.

    It's just that this forced installation failed!


    There was a little embarrassment in the scene.

    "Will you fight or not? Will I continue to eat sunflower seeds if I don't fight?" Ye Feng shook his head disappointedly.

    He has been in this Ninja for so many years, this is the first time I have met Dai Tu.

    I feel a little sorry for him not to fight.

    But I didn't expect the soil to be stunned.

    It seems that he is better than Sasuke.


    "If it wasn't for the old man's battle with Thousands of Pillars that year, he injured his foundation, and he had no strength, and only this empty shell was left. I would have wiped you all out!"

    Uchiha took the soil hesitated for a long time, and finally found himself a step down.

    " wonder! But if he is asked to gather all the tail beasts, he will probably be stronger than heyday!" Oh Yemu swallowed.

    "Hmph, Ohnoki, you are right, so hurry up and hand over Yao and Kyuubi.

    As long as the old man can regain his strength, he can become the true **** of this ninja world and bring real peace to this ninja world! "

    Uchiha took the soil more and more excitedly, as if he had already seen Lin sway in front of him.

    "Yao?" The fourth generation Raikage frowned and said, "Uchiha Madara!

    Hasn't my brother been taken away by Uchiha Sasuke? What do you mean by asking us to hand over Yao! "

    Dai Tu shook his head.

    Obviously he was somewhat disappointed with Sasuke's performance.

    He asked Sasuke to catch Yao.

    When the kid went there, the grid was full, but when he came back, he brought back a tail from his family, thinking that he had defeated the eight-tailed man Zhuli.

    It is simply too ridiculous.


    Uchiha explained the whole story concisely and concisely.

    After everyone heard it, they couldn't help but glance at Ye Feng.

    The eight-tailed man Zhuli really took the opportunity to leave the village to play by himself.

    This kid actually saw through the truth?

    Seeing through the two pillars is the truth of a scam!

    "All right."

    "I don't want to talk too much nonsense to you anymore."

    "If Yunyin and Konoha can take the initiative to surrender Yao and Kyuubi, then the old man may not start a war against you.

    Otherwise, the old man will sweep the entire Ninja World with other seven-headed beasts. "

    "Oh, by the way, besides the tail beast, there are 100,000 Ninja Army under the old man!"

    Uchiha took the earth to sit on the high platform, looking down at the people under the stage, with pride in his heart.

    Although 100,000 Baijue's combat power is generally not high.


    With the current strength of the Ninja World.

    It is definitely not an easy task for them to fight one hundred thousand whites.

    What's more, there are seven-headed beasts and an outgoing golem in the soil.

    and so.

    Uchiha is full of confidence.

    He thought he was good.

    At least better than two pillars.

    "It's a wishful thinking! Since Kiraby is fine, then I will never let him fall into your hands again!" Raikage the fourth generation looked at Uchiha with a gloomy expression and said: "As for Kyuubi, I want The character of Yefeng in the mountains, he will definitely not give in."

    Although Raiking had a rather reckless personality, he was not a completely thoughtless person.


    He couldn't make Raikage's seat either.

    Nor can it lead Yunyin Village to become the second largest village in the Ninja world.

    and so.

    Since a dangerous figure like Uchiha Madara led the seven-headed beasts and the 100,000 ninja army, there was no second option for their five major ninja villages apart from uniting.

    This critical juncture.

    Raikage will not jump casually either.

    "Yes, Naruto is my friend. I won't hand him over." After Ye Feng finished all the fruits he brought, he wiped his hands and glanced at the dirt. "Would you like to go to war? Just roll back and prepare."

    Although Ye Feng's tone was still very arrogant.


    At this moment.

    The other three shadows did not show their rejection of the night wind. They all watched Uchiha bring the soil together with a very determined attitude.

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