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    All Realms Sign In From Hokage Chapter 224 - ARSIFH 224

    Chapter 224: The Second Pillar Has Finished The Process

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    "Yefeng in the mountains! I think you are looking for death!"

    Zi Zi Zi.

    Sasuke saw that Ye Feng insulted him so publicly.

    Suddenly furious!

    Chidori flowed out from the body.

    There were waves of terrifying thunder.

    To know!

    He was the outstanding young man who killed Oshemaru and Uchiha Itachi!

    He is no longer the second pillar he used to be!


    Ye Feng is preparing to walk through the process.

    But it hasn't waited for him to act.

    Lei Ying couldn't help taking the lead.

    Sasuke Uchiha is the culprit who captured Raikage's brother Kirabi.

    Raikage wanted to hammer him a long time ago, but couldn't find him.

    right now.

    The two pillars not only appeared in front of Lei Ying, but also floated like this. Lei Ying felt that his aunt was tolerable, but his uncle could not tolerate it!

    So he was going to vent all the grievances Ye Feng had just made him suffer to Sasuke!


    The two began to sway.

    have to say.

    Don't look at Yefeng and look down on Raikage's Thunder Forging Technique.

    But the cells continuously stimulated by Thunder Dune can stimulate the human body's limit speed.

    With this secret technique, Lei Ying had already gained the upper hand.


    The fighting process is not too different from what Ye Feng remembered.

    After Raikage stubbornly resisted Sasuke's Amaterasu Black Flame, Sasuke was hit by a chaos.

    Even the Suzuo of the Second Pillar was directly smashed by Raikage.

    At last.

    Just when Raikage was about to fight against Amaterasu again, Sasuke was killed.

    A flash of thunder flashed across.

    Ye Feng lifted Sasuke's collar and lifted him out.

    "Tsk tusk tusk, your brother's heart is really big enough, but once your luck is not good enough, your Uchiha clan will be completely destroyed." Ye Feng shook his head.

    Just put on the two pillars.

    It is not easy to live till now.

    "Let go of me! Uchiha clan, you can kill but not insult!"

    A mouthful of blood spurted out of Er Zhuzi's mouth, and a pair of writing wheel eyes were extremely scarlet, as if they hated Ye Feng.

    "What are you in a hurry? Just let it go." Ye Feng shrugged and kicked Sasuke away with a skillful kick, "Uh... sorry... maybe just used to it."

    The second pillar covered the back.

    She stood up from the ground in a shame.

    no way.

    His plug-in fragrant phosphorus did not come.

    As for the incarnation of absolute.

    It was easily wiped out by the night wind when he was eating fruit.


    "Uchiha Sasuke has become like this, and you, Konoha Village, are still sheltering him. I really can't stand it anymore."

    Ohnoki Tengran got up.

    Sasuke was stuffed into it with one hand.

    Sasuke has learned a lot of cold knowledge from Osha Maru over the years.

    Of course he knows how powerful Chen Dun is.

    and so.

    Sasuke's face finally leaked a look of horror.

    "Old hidden! Don't come and save me!" Sasuke shouted inwardly.

    at last.

    Before Chen Dun's annihilation effect is completely triggered.

    Uchiha brought the soil to bring the two pillars out of the dusty coverage area with divine power.

    "Sasuke...was he killed..."

    Shikamaru swallowed.

    Looking at the empty ground, I was very surprised.

    Although Shikamaru doesn't like Sasuke very much.

    Plus what he said just now.

    Shikamaru had also completely regarded Sasuke as a traitor.


    Is Dokage Onoki so good?

    At this time.

    Onoki glanced at Shikamaru with disdain, and said, "Little devil, the old man's dust escape is unique in the Ninja world. Anyone who is hit by dust escape has absolutely no chance of surviving."

    But at this moment.

    A spiral vortex appeared in the air.

    Spiral ripples flashed past.

    Onoki felt that his face seemed to be hot.


    A cold voice appeared in everyone's ears.

    "Oh Nogi, it seems you are still as arrogant as you were before. Don't you know that there is nothing absolute in front of the old man?"

    The weird voice fell.

    Uchiha Daido with a whirlpool mask on his face finally appeared.

    The second pillar was put on his shoulders.

    Seems to have lost strength and fainted.

    "Who are you! How dare to speak to Grandpa in this tone!"

    Hei Tu had a gloomy and pretty face, and stood in front of Dokage Onoki, as if he was going to teach a new enemy.

    "My name is Uchiha Madara. The older generations of Ninja world like to call me Ninja Shura, so do you say I have a problem with your grandpa's tone?"

    Uchiha takes Tokospree to an addiction.

    Even Madara's voice is very similar.

    If it weren't for Yefeng, he knew everything about him.

    It's really hard to tell the truth from the fake.

    "Uchiha... Madara... you are still talking!"

    Onoki swallowed with a "gulp".

    He heard the name at the same time.

    It instantly reminded him of the horror he had been dominated by Madara with a look in his eyes.

    "I care who you are! If you dare to stand in my way, I will kill you!" The fourth generation of Lei Ying, like a sharp arrow, instantly rushed in front of the soil, and the big fist of the sandbag was directly arranged.

    But it's a pity.

    Although Raiking's offensive is very vigorous.

    But it penetrated the body with soil, and hit the wall of the venue with a punch.

    Almost ruined the entire venue.

    "Space Ninjutsu? Is this the power of Ninja Shura?" Terumi Mei swallowed too.

    Ninja world.

    Few ninjas can use space ninjutsu.

    But every one is a master.

    If a terrifying character like Uchiha Madara can also use space ninjutsu.

    Then his tactics will definitely be exaggerated to make opponents desperate.

    But at this time.

    An unharmonious voice appeared.

    "Hey...Have you made so much dust to keep people from eating?"

    The night wind watched the dust falling on the banana.

    The mood is a bit complicated.

    "Uchiha Madara! It turns out that you are behind Akatsuki's organization!" Onoki looked at Daito with solemn eyes, and said sharply: "What do you want to do! With your power, whatever you want to do in the Ninja world, It should be a matter of course, why do you have to spend so much trouble?"

    Oh Yemu was full of doubts.

    As a person who lived in the same period as the original Naruto and Uchiha Madara.

    Onoki knows the power of Uchiha Madara!

    The whole ninja world!

    Except for the original Naruto Senjujuama, no one is Uchiha Madara's opponent!

    Even the tail beasts that make the big villages frightened.

    It's like a pet in front of people like them!

    People like this.

    What is the reason?

    Do you need to collect all the tail beasts?

    Onoki couldn't understand.

    "The goal of the old man is naturally not understandable by you juniors! But it doesn't hurt to tell you, anyway, after I catch Yao and Kyuubi, you will know the old man's plan sooner or later."

    Uchiha took the soil and threw Sasuke into the divine space.

    Let the vortex incense phosphorus that he had installed inside charge Sasuke.

    "The old man's plan is called Moon Eye!"

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