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    Vol 5 Chapter 284: After Zheng Qing Exploded

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    "I... exploded?"

    Zheng Qing blinked and repeated Mr.'s answer, only to react after a while: "I exploded? Can I explode? Does it mean an explosion? What magical principle is this!"

    While muttering, he raised his hand and glanced at his palm and back of his hand.

    Perhaps because of being in a blank place, his palms and backs of hands look very clean, and the skin on his hands is clean and even a bit transparent, allowing people to see the bluish-black blood vessels and fine muscle texture under the skin at a glance.

    "I can serve a cat well, no, how can I blow it up by myself? I just got a little angry when I hit the toad... Why did it blow up?"

    "Are wizards so selfish?"

    "If the aura is bigger, it will explode? This does not conform to the law of conservation of magic!"

    He finally recovered a little sense of reason from the confusion and confusion, and then slowly climbed back to the sober world along with this little sense of reason:

    "The magic in the universe will neither be created nor disappear out of thin air. It will only transform from one form to another or from one individual to another...Magic power cannot be transferred spontaneously from low-dimensional individuals either. As for a high-dimensional individual, it is impossible to use magic power from a single source of magic power to completely transform it into a useful effect... That is to say, as a low-level magic activity state, it is impossible for me to trigger a high-dimensional magic tide... Two laws of conservation of magic!"

    Mr. Wu held the teapot and looked at the young wizard with very satisfied eyes.

    "Slightly smarter than I thought... At the very least, you didn't stare at me stupidly and couldn't analyze a word. It seems that it worked for you to stay in school for a while."

    These words did not answer Zheng Qing's doubts.

    "So...why did I explode?!" The young public-sponsored student took a breath, tried to free up the distracting thoughts in his mind, and focused on the most critical questions: "It's because of improper use of the spell. Did about the others? Am I... dead now?"

    After the last question, the boy felt his voice tremble a little, and he swallowed immediately.

    "Other people have the yellow raccoon watching, and it's okay for the time being. The little girl from the Jiang family...Oh, even the old lady helped a lot." Mr. Wu sipped his tea lightly, not in a hurry. One answer to Zheng Qings doubts:

    "You didn't blow up because of improper use of the spell."

    "You are not dead yet... but the angel of death is hovering outside this blank space, so it's almost the same if you stand outside the ghost gate."

    Hearing these words, the boy looked around vigilantly, as if he could see the death angels in this way. But as far as he could see, it was a vast expanse of whiteness, not to mention the death messengers, it was the edge of the blank land, which he couldn't see.

    Besides, is there really a **** in charge of death in this world? What is the relationship between him and the wizard? Is there a believer in Atlas College? Why can't the messenger of the **** of death enter this blank place? Why can my husband appear in this blank place?

    These messy thoughts kept coming and going in the minds of young public-sponsored students, without stopping for a moment.

    Until Mr. Zheng answered the original question of Zheng Qing:

    "As for why you fry... the process is a bit complicated. But the root cause is still relatively simple."

    "Because you are a forbidden curse."

    "Well, you can understand it as a big bomb. Bomb, if conditions permit, it will naturally explode."

    While speaking, Mr. Wu casually picked up a Lohan Bean from the plate on the small coffee table and stuffed it into his mouth.

    Click, click.


    Jiang Yu held the rough trunk of Huihun Yang, barely stood up, took a step forward, stepped on a dry branch, and the branch screamed when the branch broke, click, click.

    The witch's face was pale, and the arms holding the trunk of the tree trembled slightly, her smooth long hair became a little messy, and some hair tips were still curled, and at the same time she exuded a scorched smell.

    But she didn't care about this detail at all.

    She turned her head and looked around, her eyes a little panic. The last impression in her mind was a vast expanse of whiteness, like a thousand suns predominantly in the sky, full of strange brilliance. When she woke up, she had returned to the silent forest.

    There is no one around, no black cat, no Elena, no Kolma, no Satogua or the monster that broke in later, even the most insects or birds in the Silent Forest I didn't see one.

    A dead silence.

    A few steps away in the grass, lies a shabby black book. There was a burnt smell on the cover of the book, and a faint black air could be seen slowly rising from the book. That was the result of the loss of control of the spell and the overload of the book. Jiang Yu knew that the book had been completely abolished.

    I hope this accident will not cause any bad effects on my grandmother. The witch prayed in her heart, recalling the scene when the old silver-haired lady hugged herself for the last time, feeling a little warmer.

    Then her gaze moved away from the shabby book, and her arm used a bit of force backward.

    The tree she is supporting is only a few meters away from the entrance of the secret world.

    Why did you come back here? What about the rest? Is everyone okay? With these thoughts in mind, the witch staggered and walked a few steps forward with the trunk of the tree, turning around the tall and lush bushes in front of, trying to return to the small world of secrets.

    But after turning the bushes, her footsteps stopped abruptly.

    behind the bushes.

    The entrance to the small world has disappeared.

    disappeared together, and there was a large silent forest-starting from the entrance of the secret world, a large area of scorched earth appeared in front of the witch's eyes. A blank scorched earth with a few wisps of smoke.

    At the edge of the scorched earth, there are crooked black trees. The leaves on the canopy are all gone. The trunks seem to be twisted in a circle, and they are all twisted to the side of the fan. Several burnt-out glaze stones were piled up at the feet of these dead trees, covered with a faint black ash.

    Looked up.

    is a rare sky in a silent forest.

    It's just that the gray cloud layer is like a huge mushroom cover, occupying every corner of the sky, making people unable to see the color of the sun, nor the shadow of green blue.

    Jiang Yu felt black in front of him, and his heart suddenly sank into the boundless abyss.

    She thumped and fell to her knees.

    Half a step away, there was a scorched rabbit that still kept the appearance of running. Through its scorched eyes, the witch could vaguely feel the panic and despair of the rabbit when the end came.

    She stretched out a trembling hand and gently touched the rabbit's ear.


    The scorched rabbit instantly turned into a cloud of smoke and dust, fell down and piled into a small black-gray mound. The tears that the witch had accumulated for a long time finally couldn't help it, and they flowed down.