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    Vol 5 Chapter 283: Blank Place

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    "...the spirit of convergence..."

    "Mind... unite..."

    The voice of the yellow flower raccoon seemed to sound from a very distant place, and Zheng Qing was a little confused. He also didn't want to hear clearly. Because he has a headache now, as if he had a bomb in his head and exploded. Even thinking was exploded to pieces.

    He shook his head and slowly climbed up.

    The memory in his mind was a little broken. He vaguely remembered that an outer **** with his real name Satogua had descended into the small world, and there was a battle between him and him. As for why the foreign **** descended, it was because Senior Sister Korma wanted to open up the path of wizards for the magicians through magic rituals.

    I should persuade the senior sister to give up that kind of delusion early. The wizard kneaded his eyebrows, trying to relieve the waves of pain from his forehead, while complaining in my heart, and Irina, who is usually very smart. How can I mess around with Kolma on this kind of thing...

    Thinking of Irina, the boy's hand holding the corner of his eyebrows suddenly settled in place.

    Because there was a frightening picture in his mind-Colmar's figure was imaginary, being pulled into the abyss by the force of the void; the Gypsy witch turned into a small tree, from top to bottom , There is only one head left, which can distinguish her appearance.

    The boy got up in a panic and looked around.

    There is nothing all around, there is nothing.

    There are no small trees and beautiful snakes entrenched on the trees, no seniors who are about to fall into the abyss, no big toads, no silver-haired old ladies, no yellow raccoons, and no sun and moon in the small world.


    Then he raised his hands, and his ten fingers appeared a bit clear in this white world.

    It wasn't until then that he realized that he did not know when he had lifted the transformation technique and restored his identity as a wizard.

    "This is where?!"

    The boy just came up with this question in his heart, and there was a loud and clear voice echoing above this blank space: "Where is this?!"

    "This is the place where matter and mind meet, where death is watching, and the soul is resting." A familiar voice came from above Zheng Qing's head, seemingly happy: "Of course, I prefer to call this a blank place. '."

    Zheng Qing raised his head abruptly, almost breaking his neck.

    Not far above his head, Mr. Wu is sitting on a comfortable soft chair, holding a hard-shell book in his hands, and seems to be reading with relish. There is also a small coffee table beside his hand with a plate of dried fruits and a pot of hot tea on it.

    The pearly mist slowly emerged from the teapot's mouth, and disappeared into the background of this white world.

    "Sir?" Zheng Qing just came up with this vocabulary in his heart. Before he spoke, the clear and loud voice began to echo in the empty space: "Sir?"

    "It's me." Mr. Wu took off his black round glasses, and waved at the wizard with a smile.

    Then the soft chair under him and the small coffee table next to him slowly descended with his movements until they fell to the opposite side of the young wizard, saving him the hard work of keeping his neck up.

    "Who is peeping into my mind?" The clear and loud voice accurately repeated the doubts in the wizard's heart, making him forget to greet Mr. Wu for a while:



    "...Fuck it?" The boy looked up, down, left and right frantically, while the clear and loud voice kept repeating every thought that emerged from his heart: "...only sound, no picture? Fortunately, if I have any strange thoughts, I won't lose face in front of my husband..."

    "Fuck... sir already knows!"

    "MMP...want to kill...madan..."

    "Magic, I need a magic to protect the soul...Let me think about it, Ge Zhitanxi, no, this is a binding curse... My horse, it's not right... July Flowing Fire... September Sushuang... Human In the beginning, the nature is good...what am I thinking now...if I had Xiao Xiaos notebook, it would be great...concentrate, concentrate..."

    "This is a place for truth or dare, no one will tell lies in such a place... concentrate, concentrate..."

    "Shang Meiwuya...No, under the Hengmen, there is nothing wrong with the household...No, this is the advanced spell opened in the Alaho Cave...Dont shake, dont move (nn) Dont be stunned, yes, calm down first , I need to calm down now."

    "Dont shake, dont move, dont fight (nn) dont scream!"


    "My heart is filled with Ning!"

    "Softness is neither ruthless, rigid nor vomiting; not afraid of force, majesty is strength!"

    After adding several defensive spirit spells to his body one after another, the voice that always echoed above the blank land finally gradually lowered. This made the wizard breathe a sigh of relief.

    "Is it fun?"

    From beginning to end, Mr. Wu didn't interrupt the wizard's psychological activities, but watched with interest as he hurriedly used magic on his body.

    Until the clear and loud voice completely disappeared, the husband smiled and asked, "How do you feel now?"

    "It's okay..." The boy cautiously answered the husband's question, and couldn't help but ask: "Where is this...I mean, why am I here? Is this the recuperation area of the school hospital? Satok Has Ya been beaten away? Everyone... is everyone okay?"

    He didn't dare to ask that disturbing name.

    "It is good to be young, always so full of energy." Mr. Wu sighed in remembrance, and reached out to pinch a peanut from the saucer of the small coffee table into his mouth and chewed: " Take your time, ask one by one, don't worry."

    Zheng Qing's mind was full of the problems just now, but he didn't notice the husband eating.

    "What happened before?"

    "...What happened, I think you are more qualified to answer this question than me." The husband raised his eyebrows and closed the hard-shell book in his hands: "You open the star gate and let the two foreign gods break into Phuket Island. Then he tried desperately to stop... From the perspective of the bystander, it was so contradictory."

    "Are everyone... safe?" the boy asked in a low voice.

    "You don't know until you go out."

    "Go out? Oh, ok, I'll go out now..." Zheng Qing's mind was messed up, and the question was a bit confusing: "How can I get out, can I get out now? Why am I here? How did I get here?"

    "Well, how did you get here? It involves a very complicated process... To describe it in professional terms, it is because the violent riot of dimensionality caused by the runaway of magic power, the mind cannot control the matter, so that it releases a large amount in a very short time and a very limited space. Matter and energy trigger a violent tide of magic power...In this process, because the spirit collapses before the matter, it will enter a blank place according to the general protective principle..."

    Zheng Qing was dizzy and could not grasp the main points.

    He had to raise his hand to interrupt Mr.'s eloquent description, and asked weakly: "Could... be a little simpler to explain?"

    Mr. Wu raised his eyelids and looked at him for a while, and finally replied:

    "In short, you exploded."