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    Vol 5 Chapter 282: Tree

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    "The young people now, really..."

    The silver-haired old lady wearing a wide-brimmed pointed wizard hat stood in mid-air, looking at the struggling young witches under her feet, and paused for the dragon-head cane in her hand, really for a long time, but never found a proper word.

    In the end he just sighed: "...I am so bold."

    "Didn't you look the same back then? Back then, you stole the principal's access control and ran to the black jail to find someone. The trouble caused was no less than these young people." The yellow lily stood between the two ears of the black cat. In time, old-fashioned comments said.

    The old silver-haired lady gave the yellow lily a sideways glance.

    The head of the leading cane in her hand suddenly swelled, activated, turned around, snarled viciously at the yellow lily, and then slowly retracted. The whole process was done in one go.

    The yellow lily was beard twitching, his eyes squinted, his ears lowered, and his head slightly tilted away from the roar.

    The black cat was also frightened by the dragon's roar. The flesh and blood that could be controlled by the dragon was shocked by the dragon's might. In the sound of the dragon's roar, it seemed to be frozen and became completely silent. He finally felt that he had regained control of his body.

    Compared with the two cats, Satoguas reaction under Long Yin was more obvious.

    The big bat-wing-like ears on top of his head converged in an instant, and reattached to his forehead; the golden eyes on his body were covered with a silver pan in the sound of the dragon's song, and the gold in his eyes was also solidified. As if turned into amber.

    The dragon chant is unfinished.

    The yellow flower raccoon raised his paw and swiped it towards the sky.

    The earth rumbling and trembling, an incandescent sun tore the earth, slowly rising; an incomplete moon trembled, breaking free from the shackles of the toad's back, and returning to the sky; the sun and the moon did not hang upside down, the secret world suddenly It's solidified a bit.

    Satogua's figure became more and more illusory.

    This is not the end.

    Almost at the same time, the old silver-haired lady raised her hand and called the Beretta double-barreled shotgun with Jiang Yu behind her back. She broke off the two longest teeth in the mouth of the cane dragon's head and stuffed it into the shotgun magazine. .

    Then aim at Satoguas eyes and shoot.

    "Boom!" "Boom!"

    The two gunshots were shot in no particular order, and they were transmitted to the black cat's ears almost at the same time. Two dragon-tooth bullets wrapped in electric light, roaring, as if running into thunder, pierced directly at the two big yellow eyes.

    It was just two tiny spots of light that exuded a tyrannical aura of destruction. Zheng Qing was very familiar with this aura. When he encountered a pig demon in Damingfang, Thomas had used a thunder curse with a similar aura; When hunting the moon last year, there was a similar atmosphere in the hunting grounds.

    "Yin Qilei!!!"

    The black cat murmured, suddenly raised his head and looked into the air.

    The small world of the secret realm was originally empty in the sky. I don't know when a thick dark cloud has gathered. The thunder is rolling between the clouds, and the electric light shuttles between the clouds. A breeze blew into the void, swaying, and blowing through every life in the small world.

    The black cat smelled a burnt smell.

    That is the smell of the air being ignited, and the smell of thunder and anger. The black cat closed its mouth subconsciously, and closed its ears. If the two paws were not still entangled by the tentacles of the big toad in front of him, he would definitely cover his ears with his paws.


    A warm wind blew the black cat's cheek.

    Black cat doesn't know how other people feel, but he feels that the whole cat is in a state of numbness. There was silence all around, and the secret world also held his breath.

    Two points of electric light grabbed the attention of the whole world, seemingly in a hurry, and fell to the squatting monster.

    Sato Guya finally gave up the sacred laziness state, his eyes widened, his belly closed, his wide mouth suddenly swelled, and instantly enveloped half of the world.

    His mouth was pitch black, like the deepest color of the starry sky. There is no tongue, no esophagus, only a hopelessly short-breathed emptiness and darkness. Zheng Qing vaguely realizes that behind the darkness there seems to be endless souls that have died out. The shadows are brilliant, following the huge mouth, Touching this small world.

    In the next instant, two electric lights fell into Satogua's open mouth.

    The darkness suddenly dissipated, and two ray of vitality appeared in the empty place. Under the stimulation of these two vitalities, the souls that had long since disappeared screamed, fading the black smoky soul clothing, and became transparent and clean.

    But the dead souls gushing out from the depths of darkness seem endless, every moment there is a huge amount of darkness falling on those two points of life, and every moment there are countless clean and transparent spirit bodies that get rid of the darkness.

    Then Satogua shut up.

    There was a rumbling sound from his mouth, which was getting weaker and weaker with the passage of time, and was finally inaudible.


    His belly swelled up with naked eyes, and then closed it back. The outside **** burped heavily, opened his mouth again, and spit out a huge, transparent spirit body. That is the soul fragment after being purified by vitality, which has been free from the pollution of the outer god. For Satogua, these clean and pure soul fragments are like poison.

    So he vomited.

    A long slender branch interspersed obliquely, and hundreds of emerald green leaves spread out at the same time, supporting the group of clear soul fragments. In a moment, those fragments melted into the green leaves.

    The branch slowly retracted but it already attracted the attention of all the wizards present.

    The branch sticks out from between Jelena's hands.

    When the black cat noticed this, the gypsy witch had turned into a strange little tree. The height of the tree is not full, and the ruler is thick. The witchs legs turned into broad tree roots and plunged deep into the soil; the witchs skirt turned into dense air roots, extending into the void, like a strong rope tied to Kormas body. Hold her firmly to prevent her from being dragged by the force of the contract like a sinking void.

    The branches spread out in all directions, like a witch spreading her arms and stretching out her fingers. Ten branches, each with a fruit hung, vaguely look like the sun.

    There are also beautiful women like snakes, coiled on the tree trunk, with the female head hanging down, her eyes closed, and long wine-red wavy hair scattered on the side.

    The red light in the eyes of the black cat flourishes.

    His figure swelled again uncontrollably, and there was an overwhelming moan from the secret world, and mottled cracks appeared in the air, densely dense, like a broken mirror.


    Two figures, one yellow and one black, rolled, breaking through the entrance of the secret realm small world, and rushing in suddenly. The yellow figure shook slightly, and it landed on the top of the black cat's head and merged with the yellow raccoon. The black figure stumbled to his feet and shook his head, as if he hadn't figured out what happened.

    Obviously, he just accepts worship from believers, why is there a cat that cant live with him?

    And, where is this?

    The country of cats?

    What's the matter with that huge black cat?