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    Vol 5 Chapter 277: Blood Removal

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    At the moment when Nicholas lost his senses, the tree-like monster's cross-hitched legs underneath him forcefully, his body rises, and he rushes toward the repeater in the middle of the crowd.

    Nicholas took a step back subconsciously and closed his eyes.

    He only felt a huge cold breath rushing toward his face, almost freezing his soul. All the sounds of the real world disappeared from his ears, all the light disappeared from his eyes, and he could no longer feel any existence around him.

    "Obey me, follow me, worship me..."

    There was a frantic voice in the cold breath, as if hundreds of people shouted deep in his soul: "Abandon this shabby skin, abandon the ridiculous bottom line, give up everything to get everything..."

    "give up"

    "Give up! Give up! Give up!!"

    Intuition warned madly in Nicholas' heart, telling him to avoid and stay away from this cold breath.

    But his hands and feet seemed to be frozen souls, becoming stiff and out of control, unable to move even a step. From the body to the soul, he fell into the boundless darkness at this moment.

    At this moment, a piercing cat cry, mixed with the sound of suspected goat bleating, suddenly sounded. Even through the eyelids, Nicholas could feel a huge fireball like the sun breaking through the endless darkness, expelling After the cold, it brought a trace of warmth to the wizard's body.

    He opened his eyes vigorously.

    From the corner of his eyes, a yellow figure vaguely saw a yellow figure biting and rolling together with the tree monster, and finally disappeared behind the white tower on the small island in the middle of the lake. And the noisy and frantic people around, ignorant of the amazing picture, are still attacking Nicholas's half-out-of-control behavior just now.

    The wizard closed his eyes and shook his head vigorously. The hearing, touch, etc. that he had lost a few seconds ago were found by his soul again. Those who returned with him were also the shadowy curses:

    "So a puppy is a puppy, and when the owner pulls the rope, he picks up his tail."

    "No, you are ruining a puppy... and he doesn't have a tail."

    "Oh, my fault, my fault... The **** doesn't even have a tail after transforming, so I almost forgot about it."

    Nicholas' nose fluttered slightly, as if he could still smell the fishy odor remaining deep in his soul.

    is fishy and bloody.

    In his mind, the crazy shouts of hundreds of people have disappeared, but their lingering sounds have not been cut off. They still echoed in his ears, singing in unison:

    "Give up, give up, give up..."

    Nicholas suddenly felt a little more in his mind: Oh, that is the smell of cannibalism and after being eaten, that is the last cry of the eaten in this world, that is desperate struggle but cannot see the destination after hope .

    That was the peace he had been waiting for for a long time.

    He can also choose that destination.

    He still has the right to give up.

    The aura on Nicholas's body was completely quiet, and his eyes were filled with ashes. The onlookers thought that he had completely gotten rid of the risk of losing control, and they were relieved. Even if they saw the wizard continue to drag a heavy pace to move to the two Alpha students step by step, they were no longer overly vigilant.

    Nicholas dark pupils reflected two malicious smiling faces.

    "Oh, does this classmate have any comments?" One of the tall students gave a mocking smile.

    "There is no way to completely transform, it is really sad." The other short man also curled his lips.

    It seems that the inquisitive and vigilant gaze of the surrounding students fills them with courage and motivation.


    Nicholas breathed calmly, but his right hand suddenly showed hideous changes, sharp nails, black wolf hair that pierced the skin, and thick blue veins beating.

    The claws that a mad werewolf can possess.

    Nicholas' pupils reflected two gradually distorted and deformed faces. His heart was jumping wildly, but his eyes became calmer.

    The students panicked around.

    The tips of the werewolf's claws trembled slightly, and bursts of leaping lightning shot out.

    Nicholas calm voice resounded throughout Linzhong Lake, echoing in the heart of every student:

    "I breathe the same air as other wizards, eat the same food, and stay under the same sky."

    "But never received the same respect."

    Nicholas lowered his head, his voice looked very hollow:

    "I am not pure blood, so I am ashamed of you."

    "I'm stupid. So my efforts are laughed at by you."

    "My patience is regarded as cowardly by you!"

    "I don't care about these!"

    A trace of blood resurfaced in Nicholass dark eyes:

    "But you should not insult my mother!"

    "again, again and again."

    "Justice is where there is no justice."

    "A place of freedom, I cannot find freedom."

    "I only retain a little dignity."

    "The reality has given me cruel answers time and time again."

    "Father gave me blood."

    "Let me be humiliated!"

    "God gave me sharp teeth and claws."

    "I can't use them to get justice!"

    "In that case, why should I keep these things!"

    He roared miserably, waved his claws backhand, and plunged into his chest fiercely, then he pulled it out fiercely, pointing diagonally in the air.

    Bright red blood shot out, hitting the faces of the two vampires in front of him. A flash of lightning glided past, making those two pale faces paler.

    The air around the lake seemed to be frozen, and everyone was shocked by the scene before them, so that the scene was completely silent.

    The dark clouds in the sky are getting thicker and thicker, the cold wind suddenly rises in the square, and the rolling thunder is coming late behind the lightning, breaking the dead silence and shaking everyone's hearts.

    Scarlet blood trickled slowly down the tips of his claws, but Nicholas's violent arms were firm as a rock.

    His whispered roar is also as hard as a as biting as a cold wind:

    "Min Tian Jiwei, apply it to the soil."

    "I have blood, fangs, and claws!"

    "The head of the sheep's grave, Samsung is on the scorpion!"

    "Hold my Luan knife, take my blood!"

    The terrible voice roared and cursed in the thunder. A stream of crimson blood continued to spray out of his chest with his spell.

    Nicholass face quickly faded, but his eyes gradually showed a brilliant color:

    "There are Hans in the Uyghur days, and there is light in the supervision. I will make my wish, and I will be extravagant!"

    "I recommend this curse with blood!"

    In the sky, although it is daytime, the sun quietly recedes. In the sky, the stars flickered, and a dazzling star shone down. The blood in front of Nicholas exploded, wriggling and tumbling, turning into two complex-looking incantations and re-branding them on the two vampires' foreheads.

    The starlight dissipated, and Nicholas felt soft, so he fell to the ground.

    Four or five tall figures almost appeared around him.

    "Follow the heavens, protect the right fate!" Professor Yao, with an iron face, placed the book on Nicholas's head. A white halo enveloped Nicholas from top to bottom, and his face quickly improved.

    "Jie Er Zhaoming."

    "Jieer Jingfu." Several other black-robed wizards also imposed auxiliary spells nearby, and everyone's faces were very ugly.

    Beside the two terrified vampires, several wizards in scarlet robes also appeared.

    This is the Discipline Envoy of the School Discipline Department, and it always only appears in front of the professors.